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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Oresama Teacher 16

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Jul 29, 2009 02:57 | Go to Oresama Teacher

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Chapter 16

My next-door neighbor is so mysterious. // I sometimes see someone come out, / but it’s always someone different.


The only similarity is that it’s always someone beautiful. // That’s about it.


Mafuyu: I wonder if those are my neighbor’s friends… // Maybe she’s an OL that works nearby… [So pretty…]




I don’t really interact with any of my neighbors even though I’m living alone. // So I’m just a little curious. // That’s all it was…

TV: Next up is your horoscope countdown!!


TV: Today’s last place is the Sagittarius! // It’s a day where you’re going to find out about something you really didn't want to know!

Horoscope (what I can make out of it): Nothing will go accordingly. You shouldn't leave the house. You will find out something you shouldn’t have. It’s a horrible day and you should beware of balls, keys and small mistakes! Lucky item: A yellow handkerchief.


TV: Beware of balls and keys!


Mafuyu: Beware..? // How…?

TV: Next we have the weather for you…


Hayasaka: I think // it’s warning you so you don’t lose your keys.


Mafuyu: Well, I get that much… / It just makes you worried when someone picks a specific thing to be wary about.

Hayasaka: You think so? Horoscopes are random like that. [Your lucky item is a pilaf?]


Hayasaka: [Oh!] Didn’t you have a wallet chain? [Why don’t you put it on that?]

Mafuyu: [Oh yeah!] Good idea!!


Mafuyu: I won’t lose it now! [Time to go home~]

??: Oh.


Banchou: Hey, morse-code girl.


Mafuyu: Banchou!


Mafuyu: Your suspension is over? [That’s cool!]

Banchou: Yeah, / I guess so, but…


Banchou: The conditions on the self-reflection essay has gotten really strict recently… [This is my 5th rewrite…]

Notes from teacher: Rewrite! I have no idea what this means.

Mafuyu: [Ohhhh] I know what you mean. I know someone that had to rewrite it 14 times!

<She did.>

Banchou: Seriously?

I won’t ever fight again. Never! Just kidding!! Mafuyu

The spirit in me just moved by itself. By the way do you think if you put salt on strawberries, it would taste good?? I am so curious about that!!


Banchou: Oh… / And… // Uh… // About last week… [Uh…]


Banchou: FORGET IT!!

Mafuyu: He ripped it!!?


Banchou: So morse-code girl… / What do you think about Nekomata-san?

Mafuyu: Huh…? [Why are you asking me all of a sudden!?]


Mafuyu: Nekomata-san…



Mafuyu: I… / like his mustache… [Yes, I do!!]

Banchou: His mustache? / That is an important aspect. [He’s so adorable, but has this adult-side that is charming.]


Banchou: Then / here.

Mafuyu: Wha / this is…


Banchou: It’s a thank you gift. // Shut up and accept it.


Mafuyu: Wow… // He’s so thoughtful… // Thank you very much.

Banchou: No prob.


Mafuyu: Oh no…? He’s…


Mafuyu: Expecting me to…?


Mafuyu: So I’ll be taking off now… [Thank you!]


Mafuyu: Oh no!! He’s really sad now!!


Mafuyu: Oh / maybe I’ll put it on my chain!

<Guilt // Guilt>

Mafuyu: Huh…? // There’s no space to put it on… // I’ll first take this off… // Can you hold this for a second?

Banchou: Yeah.


Mafuyu: There we go!!! [Yay! Yay!]

Banchou: Woo hoo!


Mafuyu: See ya!

Banchou: Yeah. // Huh? // What do I do with this?


Mafuyu: Didn’t my horoscope say I should watch out for balls too? // I wonder what that’s about?


Mafuyu: Seriously…. // a ball…!?


Mafuyu: What is that sound?


Oh, you’re the ball from earlier!! // I can’t believe you did that and are acting like nothing happened!!


Wait! Stop! Don’t run away! // You’re not manly! Apologize!



Mafuyu: Hm?


Hayasaka: Kurosaki.


Mafuyu: He’s so bright!! [He’s got a huge smile on his face!!]


Mafuyu: Hayasaka-kun… / what’s wrong?

Hayasaka: Hey, Kurosaki. Let’s play.


Mafuyu: Huh? // You mean like… how friends play?

Hayasaka: What are you saying?


Hayasaka: We’re best friends, aren’t we?

Mafuyu: Oh!! God!!!


Mafuyu: I’m… // so happy to be alive…!!

<Catch me in the flower field!>

Takaomi: Hey.

Mafuyu: Huh?


Takaomi: Looks like you’re having fun.


Mafuyu: Ta… / Takaomi-kun…?

Takaomi: Huh? There’s no ashtray here?


Takaomi: Oh well.

Mafuyu: Wait! / Hold on a second…


Takaomi: Oh shit. / Let’s get out of here.

Mafuyu: WHAT!?


Wait!! He’s still in there… He’s still… // Hayasaka-kun!!


Mafuyu: Huh? // A dream? // Where am I? // I wonder why… / It looks a lot like my room…


Takaomi: Oh // you’re awake.


Mafuyu: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! // Wha wha what are you doing here!? / Where am I!?


Mafuyu: My head hurts!!

Takaomi: Shut up.


Mafuyu: [OWWW My armmmmm!]

Takaomi: I want to know what you’re doing here too. / Why were you passed out in front of my house?


Mafuyu: Huh?


Mafuyu: Which means this is…

Takaomi: Strawberry heights.


Mafuyu: Which means / this room is…


Takaomi: My room.


Mafuyu: No way… // My laundry!!!


Takaomi: Yeah. / I live next door. / Why haven’t you realized that yet?


Takaomi: I hinted it when I first saw you / and there’s no way I would actually jump down from the balcony. // I wouldn’t come all the way to your house to drop things off either.


Mafuyu: So / what did you do that time!? [You disappeared!]

Takaomi: I climbed over that.



Mafuyu: No… A normal person couldn’t do that…


Mafuyu: [Oh.] Who are all those beautiful women that come out of your room>


Takaomi: You really wanna know?


Mafuyu: No… [Uh…] / I think I can figure it out… [You’ll get killed one of these days… You’re awful…]

Takaomi: [I’ll be fine, I choose ‘em well.] You’re pretty sharp.


Takaomi: So // what do you want to do now? // I have no problem with you staying over there.

Mafuyu: I’m going home of course…



Mafuyu: My key is gone… // Oh right…


Mafuyu: Hold this.

Banchou: Okay.


Mafuyu: Noooooo!! // I never got it back!!


Takaomi: I’ll let you in if you beg me, / “Please Takaomi-sama.”


Mafuyu: Please… / Takaomi-sama… // But wait // you know what…?


Mafuyu: This is really nerve wracking… // It’s just the two of us!! // And I’m sleeping over! // The silence is so heavy… // I need to say something…


Mafuyu: Uh… // Takaomi-kun…

Takaomi: Oh yeah. // Here.


Mafuyu: Wah! // What’s this? [A blanket?]


Takaomi: I have an early day ahead of me so I’m going to bed. / You should go to sleep soon too.


Mafuyu: He acts so freely!! [Such freedom…]


Mafuyu: He should get a little nervous!! // And I have to sleep on the floor? [Well, I guess I can’t complain!!] // But why do I feel defeated… / No, I didn’t lose! We weren’t competing!! // I can’t sleep…


Mafuyu: This is the first time I’ve ever slept over anywhere… // Is that why I feel this way? / There’s this weird feeling…


Ever…? // Had I slept over when I was younger? //Why can’t I remember?


Mafuyu: How did Takaomi-kun and I part ways…? // How did we meet / and become friends…


My memories are all over the place and it feels weird… // It’s like someone I was friends with in a dream came into the real world. // It feels like that.


Is it because I was a child? // Or…


Mafuyu: Huh? // Waaah!


Mafuyu: What is this position!? // My head is on his arm!! // I’ve never done this before!! // Why is he so used to this!? // It's kind of annoying!!


Mafuyu: Wait a second… // Aaah!


Mafuyu: My waist!! // Don’t grab my waist!! // I have to run away!! // I’m in trouble! // Go me!! Just put all your strength into it!! // AAAAH! // RUN!! // Ughh…!


Mafuyu: Wha! // I can’t get away!!? // He’s too strong! // Okay, time for plan B!! // Rocket bazooka!!

<like this>


Mafuyu: Nooooo.


It’s useless… I can’t win… // How can he move so accurately… // What are you trying to do, Takaomi-kun… // Elbow me? // I can’t breathe… He’s squeezing me… // It loosened…!!


Mafuyu: Now!! // Yes!! // GYAAAA!!


Takaomi: What are you doing, Mafuyu?


Takaomi: You’re so clumsy. / Let's go to the hospital again.

Mafuyu: Shit… I’ll never stay here again even if I lose my key. / It would be 100 times better camping outside…


The lesson I learned today is: // There are some things that are better left unknown.

End of chapter 16

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#1. by Nemu Cheese ()
Posted on Jul 29, 2009
Thank you for always translating this. =D

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