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Bakuman 48

Page 48: Mortality and Motionlessness

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Aug 2, 2009 02:22 | Go to Bakuman

-> RTS Page for Bakuman 48

reserved for akatsuki

Page 48: Mortality and Motionlessness

Insert: The man in charge reveals the reasoning behind the shocking decision!!

Chief: It’s because Kawaguchi Taro died. // We cannot deny that his death was due to overwork as a mangaka. / Kawaguchi Taro was Mashiro-kun’s uncle.


Fukuda: Uncle…?

Hiramaru: Died? From overwork as a mangaka…!


Saiko: I know someone that worked too hard as a mangaka and died…

Azuki: Mashiro-kun was talking about his uncle when he told me that story… Kawaguchi Taro… I’ve heard of that name before…


Saiko: That’s irrelevant! / Our series and Kawaguchi Taro’s death are completely unrelated!

Takagi: He’s right! Kawaguchi Taro is Kawaguchi Taro! Ashirogi Muto is Ashirogi Muto!


Chief: We came to this decision by considering how your parents must be feeling about all of this. // He was your father’s younger brother… One could even say that he sacrificed his life to draw manga… / Your mother is very worried and has said she wishes you would stop drawing manga altogether.


Chief: It’s only natural for her to feel that way. No one wants to lose their family or the people they love.


Saiko: I don’t want to go on hiatus… I will draw. // Kawaguchi Taro used to draw no matter what! / Even when he had a high fever and was hooked up to an IV and when he hurt his back, we drew his manga lying down. / He said that the only thing he could boast about was that he never missed a deadline and he never went on hiatus!


Chief: It’s a bit old-fashioned, but impressive that he always delivered. / But we can’t always demand that from someone.


Chief: It is up to the mangaka to work no matter what condition they may be in, but if we believe the mangaka needs a break, we will ask them to take one. / The mangaka’s health is top priority.

Saiko: If it’s up to us to work, I’m saying I will draw! / If I draw, we don’t have to take a break!

Chief: That’s only if the editorial staff can prepare to continue publishing your series based on the mangaka’s persistence to draw.


Chief: But let me say it bluntly. // We would consider it troublesome to have you continue drawing.


Saiko & Takagi: What!?

Chief: The first thing to do is to get better.

Fukuda: Even if he gets better the series is still on hiatus until next April?

Chief: Yes.


Fukuda: You’re telling him to get better, but even when he is better you won’t publish the series.


Chief: The editorial staff okay-ed a series by high school students because we saw the success of high school managaka prodigy, Niizuma Eiji. // But we’ve now realized that keeping up a series while going to school full-time is not an easy feat…


Chief: Our judgment was wrong and we’re reflecting on this. We’re going to ban series’ like this from now on.

Fukuda: Ban!? This series already started so it’s different! You’re the one that started this series! It’s irresponsible of you to suddenly do this!


Saiko: Then I’ll quit school!

Takagi: Saiko!


Takagi: I’ll quit too! Then we won’t have a problem!


Chief: I won’t take your series off of hiatus even if you do that!


Fukuda: What their saying is more rational than what you’re saying! Everything you’re saying doesn’t make any sense!

Chief: I’m telling you to think of their parents!


Chief: Do you think your parents will be happy if you quit school to draw manga!?

Saiko: I’m not living for my parents!

Takagi: Yeah! We’re not drawing for our parents, but for ourselves!

Chief: Don’t be a wise-ass with me!!


Nurse: Please be quiet!!


Nurse: What are you doing? Please don’t induce stress on the patient!

All: We’re sorry…



Hattori: Until next April!?


Aida: That’s what they decided at the emergency meeting that they had yesterday.

Hattori: Why is it until April? That makes no sense.


Aida: I thought it was weird too that they were holding it off for so long so I asked the assistant chief and he just said one thing to me. He said, “We can’t have him die.”

Hattori: Die? That’s such an extreme…


Hattori: Kawaguchi Taro… // Mashiro-kun’s…


Hattori: “We can’t have him die”… I get it…


Hattori: There’s no way those two will be convinced with an explanation like that… I bet Mashiro-kun’s condition will get worse if he’s told something like that!

Aida: April is pretty tough…


Hattori: I don’t mean that…


Hattori: Do you know Kawaguchi Taro?

Aida: Of course! The one-hit-wonder mangaka that did “Superhero Legend.”


Hattori: He didn’t want his career to end just with that one series so he continued to draw names and died from overwork.

Aida: That’s just a rumor…

Hattori: I’m saying it’s not a rumor.

Aida: How do you know?


Hattori: Kawaguchi Taro’s real name is Mashiro Nobuhiro. He’s Mashiro-kun’s uncle.


Aida: I get it now… / Then it’s inevitable… We can’t have Mashiro-kun die again…


Yuujiro: That’s a horrible story.

Aida: Yuujiro-san.


Yuujiro: They’re only stopping him because he’s Kawaguchi Taro’s relative.

Hattori: That’s what it sounds like to me.


Aida: It’s the only thing we can do. If anything happens to him, another tragedy would fall upon the family. I think our superiors made the right decision…

Hattori: No, they’re ignoring Ashirogi Muto’s feelings.

Yuujiro: It’s too forceful!

Others: What’s going on? / What’s up?


Saiko: If Kawaguchi Taro wasn’t my uncle, this wouldn’t have happened?

Chief: That’s true.

Takagi: How cruel…


Hiramaru: What is all of this? // It’s nonsense.


Yoshida: Hiramaru-kun, where are you going!?

Hiramaru: Where? I’m going to my room. The only thing I can do is draw manga.


Fukuda: It’s just as Hiramaru-sensei said. / This is nonsense. // You’re a disappointment too, Miura-san. / You haven’t said a word since you got here and you’re just obeying your boss. / I’m glad you're not my editor.

Chief: Miura has no part in this. He was against it until the end. / This is my decision.

Fukuda: I won’t ever forgive you for this! // See ya Ashirogi-kun!


Chief: I’ll say it again. I won’t publish your series until April even if you draw it. / I’ll promise to publish your series again after you improve your health and graduate from high school.


Chief: Miura, I’m leaving.

Miura: I’ll stay.

Chief: Fine.


Saiko: Shit…

Takagi: Until April…? Seriously?


Miura: Takagi-kun, Mashiro-kun, I’m sorry! // I’m so helpless… There wasn’t anything I could do!

Saiko & Takagi: Miura-san…!


Saiko: I’m the one that should be apologizing. // To Shujin, Miura-san and Azuki-san… If only I hadn’t gotten sick… I’m sorry.

Takagi: It’s not your fault. It’s the chief’s fault…

Miura: And my lack of power…


Azuki: Sorry Mashiro-kun, but I’m a little relieved… // There’s no need to apologize to me. // The words that I said on the day we graduated junior high are forever… / So take all the time you need to get better.

Takagi: What did you say? / You won’t tell me anyway, will you…

Azuki: I said, “I’ll wait for you.”


Saiko: Azuki-san!


Takagi: Azuki is saying this right now because she wants him to get better and not work too hard. // That makes sense… “I’ll wait for you”…


Takagi: What do we do…?

Saiko: I won’t give up! I’m going to keep drawing until Issue 32 is out!

Miura: Mashiro-kun…


Niizuma: I can’t forgive the chief editor for doing this to Ashirogi-sensei.

Fukuda: Right?

Niizuma: It’s absurd.


Fukuda: I’m not going to draw for JUMP until this is overturned.

Niizuma: Woah!


Fukuda: But it won’t be very effective for me to be the only one to boycott.

Niizuma: I understand!


Niizuma: If TRAP is going to be on hiatus then I will go on hiatus too!


Fukuda: Really?


Niizuma: Wait, but won’t Ashirogi-sensei feel guilty if we do that?

Fukuda: We’ll have to make our move in a way that they don’t notice and we’ll tell them after the decision is overturned.

Niizuma: Oh, I see.


Fukuda: I’ll talk team Nakai and Aoki to do the same.

Niizuma: Ohh! Everyone on team Fukuda will boycott! Great!

Fukuda: That won’t be all! Hiramaru-sensei will probably join us too.

Niizuma: Hiramaru-sensei always wants to take a break. I know his contact information.

Fukuda: Okay, I’ll leave him up to you. I’m going to call Nakai-san.

Niizuma: Roger!


Nakai: What do you want, Fukuda? / Why do I have to go to Niizuma-kun’s place ?

Fukuda: Just get over here!

Nakai: I’m telling you! I’m too busy! / What? / Aoki-san’s going? // Fine fine. I’ll be there right after I shave!


Hiramaru: A boycott? Amazing! I was waiting for someone to say that! // Tomorrow is looking brighter already!


What!? You’re trying to protest?

I want to know more about what happened in the meeting and why the series is on hold until next April.

I want to know too.

Yuujiro, stop it…

Why are you stopping me, Aida-san? I can’t agree to this.

April is ridiculous!

It’s inevitable! There’s nothing more important than life!

What!? You’re on the chief’s side?

Why are we talking about life and death anyway?

It’s just to be on the safe side! We should take all precautions.

Don’t you feel bad for Ashirogi?

Yeah, they just started to get popular…

Hey! The chief is back!


Nakai: A boycott…?

Fukuda: Yeah. // “KIYOSHI,” “CROW,” and “Otter” won’t release until the decision is overturned.

Hiramaru: Agreed.


Niizuma: If it’s not overturned, I will draw for another magazine until Ashirogi-sensei can work again.

Nakai: You’re going that far? I don’t think you can since you’re contracted…

Niizuma: I’ll return my contract money! Worse come to worst, I’ll pay for all of us to move to a different magazine! I still want to draw, so that’s what we’ll do.


Nakai: But it will only hurt us to do this…

Aoki: You’re not very manly in situations like this, Nakai-san.

Nakai: What?


Aoki: The chief’s decision is unfair and we should fight.

Fukuda: Wow, Miss Aoki! We’ve finally agreed on something!


Aoki: A boycott is more effective even if it’s one more person taking part in it.

Fukuda: You’re so wonderful today!

Hiramaru: I love Aoki-san too!


Nakai: Hey, Hiramaru-san! I think you’re crossing the line… I’m worried about Ashirogi-kun too, so I’ll take part in this too.

Hiramaru: I’m sorry. I just adore young women…


Hattori: Hey there.

Miura: It’s awfully quiet.


Yuujiro: I heard about Ashirogi-kun.

Hattori: That’s awful.


Yuujiro: You don’t have to give in. We’ll all fight with you.

Aida: Don’t. You’ll get fired.

Miura: Yeah, the chief won’t change his mind just because we protest.


Yuujiro: Fukuda…? // Boycott!?


Yuujiro: This is getting interesting!

Aida: What happened?


Yuujiro: He said he’s going on hiatus too unless the chief promises to publish TRAP before April!

Miura: What!?

Aida: You’re crazy to say that’s interesting! So KIYOSHI is going on hiatus too?


Yuujiro: CROW is too. Niizuma-kun just told me.

Aida: CROW too!? That’s pretty bad…


Yuujiro: Otter is too! Hiramaru-kun just came on the phone.

Miura: CROW, Otter and KIYOSHI are all the popular series…

Aida: This is really bad…


Yuujiro: hideout door too.

Aida: That’s not too bad… / Wait! That’s my series!

Miura: You’re losing your mind…


Aida: So along with TRAP, KIYOSHI, CROW, Otter and hideout... // If they all go on hiatus, this is a tragedy!!


Yuujiro: I bet it’s Fukuda’s idea…

Aida: Where are you going?

Yuujiro: I’m going to tell the chief since they made a decision.

Aida: No, stop!

Miura: What are you thinking?


Aida: Our job is to make the mangakas draw. We can't just let them do this.

Yuujiro: I guess you’re right.

Aida: Sheesh…


Hattori: Niizuma-kun and Hiramaru-kun were all on that same phone call, right?

Yuujiro: Yeah.

Hattori: That means they’re all together right now.


Hattori: I’m going over there to talk to them so find out where they are.

Yuujiro: I’ll go too since CROW and KIYOSHI are my series.

Miura: I’ll go too, since TRAP is my series…

Aida: I’ll go too, since hideout is mine…


Yuujiro: You don’t have to come, Aida-san. You’re on the chief’s side.

Aida: That’s irrelevant right now. I’m going too so that we can be more balanced.

Hattori: How about Yoshida?

Yuujiro: He’s pretty aggressive so maybe we should invite him too…


Yoshida: Act normal when you leave the office. / We should leave separately.

Aida: That was fast, Yoshida!

Yuujiro: We need to talk about the boycott.


Yuujiro: Yeah, let’s meet at the closest family restaurant… Yeah, all five of us are here.


Fukuda: They’re up for the challenge!

Hiramaru: What happened?

Fukuda: Our editors and Hattori-san are coming to meet us in secrecy from the chief. / It’s a battle!

Hiramaru: Woah!


Fukuda: It’s good to see you all!

Insert: Mangakas VS Editors… A battle without mercy is about to begin…!?

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#1. by Amit ()
Posted on Aug 2, 2009

Not reserved for Akatsuki?
#2. by kewl0210 ()
Posted on Aug 2, 2009
Only error I saw was you put a dash in Ashirogi Mutou on Page 7. The rest of the translation looks right (though I didn't go check loine for line, only from what I remember from reading through it).
#3. by shirokuro (永久眠り姫(*゚‐゚)ぼぉー・・)
Posted on Aug 2, 2009
Thanks Kewl0210 - fixed it.

Amit - it's not reserved b/c it's too late anyway :P
#4. by VASSiLi ()
Posted on Aug 2, 2009
It's reserved for Akatsuki as always. Shirokuro was wrong :P

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