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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Detective Conan 701

FILE 701: What Red and the Number 13 Indicate

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Aug 2, 2009 03:27 | Go to Detective Conan

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Reserved for Endless Youth and Co.

FILE 701: What Red and the Number 13 Indicate


Mouri: Are you serious!?


Mouri: You were told that the bomb would detonate unless we find the sender of those red shirts?

Man: Yes… The masked person that put this bomb on me said so…


Mouri: And the sender is still on this floor?

Man: Yes… // He said as long as the sender reveals their identity, the bomb won’t go off…


Mouri: Did you hear that? // I don’t get what’s going on, but if you’re the fool that’s sending these shirts… / Come out here at once!


Mouri: Doesn’t look like they’re coming out…

Ran: Yeah…


Man: He said the escalators should be stopped and we should make sure the elevator doesn’t stop here either…

Mouri: I see… // So we’re all trapped here until we figure out who it is…


Woman: No way…

Old man: No… // I don’t want that!


Mouri: Hey, stop!! // Wait!! // Don’t get ahead of yourself!!



Mouri: Calm down!! // Weren’t you listening? / The bomber is looking for the sender of these red shirts and is positive the sender is on this floor!


Mouri: If anyone leaves this floor before we find this person, the switch goes off! // We can’t call the police either! / If anyone disobeys, we’ll end up with victims… // Is that correct?

Man: Yeah… // That’s correct…


Mouri: Excuse me… Can you call someone in charge to stop the escalators and make sure the elevator doesn’t stop on this floor either?

Staff: Sure…!

Mouri: And make sure no one uses the stairs…


Mouri: Tell them firmly not to call the police! // There’s a very high possibility that the bomber is on this floor with us to observe our movements…

Staff: I understand!


Mouri: So… // What do we do now?

Conan: Maybe we should take a look first?


Conan: Those mysterious red T-shirts… // that get sent every week!


Man: Oh? Did I say that? / That they come every week…

Mouri: We actually received a call from someone involved with the bomber…


Mouri: Someone that has been receiving mysterious red T-shirts every week will come to the Beika Department Store in the sports equipment section… // So they wanted Mouri Kogoro to hear the whole story…


Man: Mouri Kogoro? The detective!?

Mouri: Yes… So I’ll figure out this mystery and find the sender as well as the bomber right away… // So please sit back and watch!

Man: Okay…


Jodie: What!?


Jodie: A man with a burn on his right cheek just left this store?

Staff: Yes… // Right after you had left to answer your phone…


Jodie: That guy… // Was he wearing this hat?

Staff: Yes, he was…


Camel: Is that Akai-san…?

Jodie: What?


Camel: I just saw someone in the bathroom… // A man with a burn that looked a lot like Akai-san…


Jodie: What!? // He’s here!?

Camel: Yes, but I lost sight of him…


Jodie: But why is he here?

Camel: So the person you thought you saw at that bank robbery was…


Jodie: Yes, that’s right! He disappeared from that scene when it got rowdy, so I was looking for him! // I noticed that the mark on his hat was that of an original logo that they made here so I used it to investigate!


Jodie: I’m sorry… I wasn’t sure yet so I couldn’t say anything to anyone else… If he has amnesia and can’t speak, I can’t confirm either…

Camel: Um…


Camel: Couldn’t this be some sort of trap?

Jodie: What?


Camel: You said so yourself that Akai Shuichi is dead! You confirmed his body and fingerprints! There’s no way he’s alive!!

Jodie: But it’s Shu… He can think of something…


Jodie: And what kind of trap would this be!?

Camel: Well… // They might be plotting something and are trying to confuse us…


Jodie: Huh?

Camel: The riot squad…


Jodie: Why?

Camel: I heard there’s something going on on the upper level… / The customers were saying the elevator won’t stop on that floor…

Jodie: That man had to be Shu…

Camel: Huh?


Jodie: Look! // The man with the burn secretly left me this message!

<Run. This is a dangerous area.>

Camel: What!?


Camel: Akai-san knew that something would happen here…

Jodie: Yes… Which means his amnesia has gotten better…


Jodie: But what? // What is happening? / Shu…


Mouri: Hmm… // According t the ripped receipt on the bag the T-shirts were in…


Mouri: Two shirts came 5 weeks ago, 6 weeks ago and 7 weeks ago… // But 4 weeks ago… // There was only one shirt… // 3 weeks ago, 2 weeks ago and last week… // Two shirts came for each of those weeks…


Man: Does it mean something?

Mouri: I don’t know… There are 13 in all and that’s a very unlucky number…


Mouri: Please don’t come near me!! // You’re wearing a bomb!!

Man: I’m sorry…

Conan: Huh?


Conan: There’s something red on the shoulder of that coat you’re wearing…

Man: Huh?


Mouri: Red? Maybe it means something…?

Man: Oh, I think it’s lipstick… // The train I came in was really crowded…


Mouri: Sheesh… // Anyway, just stand over there…

Man: Sure…


Ran: Huh? There’s something in this bag that was holding the shirt…

Conan: What?


Ran: This is the receipt for the shirt. // It says the number of shirts too…


Mouri: A receipt?

Ran: Yeah! The bag that was only holding one shirt has a receipt for one shirt!


Conan: They’re in the other bags too!

Mouri: What?


Mouri: You’re right…


Mouri: The dates on the receipts and the dates on the delivery receipts are the same, so it means they were bought and sent on the same day…

Ran: They’re ripped so we can’t see where they were bought…


Conan: There’s something on the receipt from last week’s shirt!

Mouri: Hm?

Conan: Look, it wasn’t ripped very well… // There’s a logo…


Mouri: This is…

RanL The Beika Department store logo!

Conan: And all of these shirts were bought…


Conan: All at the same time of 12:29.


Mouri: I get it! That’s why it was obvious the sender would be here at this time! // They knew the shirts were always bought in the afternoon!


Mouri: Wait… But why are we in the sports section?

Ran: Because these shirts are all undershirts? / That’s what it says on the receipts…


Ran: You know? Those shirts people wear when they go jogging… // They absorb sweat and dry easily, / since they’re made of polyester!


Mouri: Do you now where these shirts are?

Staff: Yes, it’s probably in the fitness area…


Mouri: Please show me!

Staff: Sure…


Conan: That’s weird… // The receipts up to the ones from 2 weeks ago were ripped so carefully so no one could identify where they were from, but this one was so careless… And…


Ran: What’s wrong, Conan-kun? Did you figure something out again?

Conan: Oh yeah… / I thought this receipt was weird… // Look… If they wanted to hide where it’s from, it’s only necessary to rip off the top left… // But the top right is ripped too…

Ran: Maybe the person is just careless? // The way the shirts are folded are careless too…

Conan: Huh? / How they’re folded?


Ran: Look! The shirt that came in that week where it was the only one, there’s this weird crease… // If you fold is according to it… // It looks like this…


Squad: What do we do? // Should we go in?

Squad leader: No… Wait.


Squad leader: The bomber is saying the bomb will be detonated if we go in…

Squad: But… // According to the caller, the bomb is…

Squad leader: We can’t be sure! / They might be saying so just so they can get away! // We should wait… // We’ll have to watch how the bomber moves…


??: Hey…. // How long do we have to wait?


Chianti: For this ghost that doesn’t exist?

Gin: Be patient, Chianti…


Jin: It’s been confirmed that someone that looks like Akai has entered the building… // I want to see for myself if he’s a ghost or not… // If he’s not a ghost… / At that time…



Jin: I’ll have you become the ghost… // Kir…

To be continued in Issue 36

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