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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Detective Conan 702

File 702: The Bomber’s Plot

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Aug 4, 2009 02:49 | Go to Detective Conan

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reserved for endless youth & co.

File 702: The Bomber’s Plot


Kir: It’s a ghost… // There’s no way he’s alive…


Kir: I shot and killed Akai Shuichi… // Right in front of your eyes…

Gin: It wasn’t in front of my eyes… / I only watched through a monitor…


Gin: You were in a situation that you could fabricate… // Am I wrong, Kir?


Kir: Fabricate…? // But you saw it. You saw him get shot and he was bleeding from his head…


Kir: You told me to shoot him in the head. // You’re also the one that told me to get him to that hill…


Kir: I was being watched by other members until I met up with him… // How would I have planned anything?


Kir: Plus… If either he or I were absolute geniuses on a God-like level, we might have been able to plan something even past what you were going to say… // If we were like… Sherlock Holmes or something…


Kir: Why don’t you stop trying to unfold a mystery that doesn’t exist and just enjoy the fact that your nemesis is gone?

Gin: Yeah… // I’m so happy… // If he’s still alive… // I get to kill him again…


Gin: Vodka, drive up to the area right across the street from the department store! // Park in a spot where we can be sure to see Akai if he comes out…


Gin: What’s wrong? // Start driving already…

Vodka: Oh, uh… // The thing is…


Vodka: According to Korn, who’s standing watch near the basement exit… // There’s something going on in the department store…


Vodka: Hey, Korn! Do you know any details?

Korn: I don’t… // But I saw… // The riot squad and the bomb squad… / A bunch of ‘em went inside…


Vodka: The riot and bomb squad!?

Gin: What? // What’s going on?


Mouri: Wait a second!


Mouri: Do you understand that the bomber is asking us to figure out who among these people is sending the red undershirts every week?

Staff: Yes…


Mouri: The receipts attached to them are from this store… And the only section that carries this undershirt if this sports fitness section! // Plus, the time that's on the receipt is always 12:29!


Mouri: And you’re the only salesperson here at that time on Sundays… // Right?

Staff: Yes…


Mouri: Then why don’t you remember? // Wouldn’t someone that’s always buying the same thing at the same time every week be memorable!?

Staff: I really don’t remember…


Staff: I haven’t sold any red undershirts today…

Mouri: Did someone else take your place at one point, which could have been at that time?


Staff: Never in the last 6 months!

Mouri: Then maybe this receipt is from many years ago…

Staff: No, that receipt style is something we started this year…


Staff: I’m always responsible for taking the product and the money from the customer… // And I bring it over to Seta-san who runs the cash register… // and bring back the product in a bag as well as the receipt and change to the customer…


Staff: If there was an odd customer like that I would probably remember…

Mouri: But you know… // There are receipts that are proof that they were bought here…

Man: Uh… // Excuse me…


Mouri: AAH! // Bomb-man!!

Man: Stop calling me that!! // I’m not the bomber… // I am an innocent person who had this bomb strapped on to me!


Mouri: Didn't I tell you to stand back until we solve this?

Man: Uh yes… / But the boy in the glasses… // He’s playing with… // The red T-shirts…

Mouri: Playing?


Ran: What is this?

Conan: I’m doing what you were doing before… / I’m folding the shirts according to the creases on them…


Ran: It looks really creepy when you line them up like this. // It looks like that thing in one of Holmes’ stories…

Conan: The dancing doll?


Ran: Yeah! That code!

Conan: This might be a code too! / It might say something if you try reading it from the right…



Mouri: Sheesh! // You’re always fooling around when I’m not watching!


Ran: But if you look at the way the shirts are creased… // It might be a code…

Mouri: A code? // No way. // We don’t even know how and when the creases got there.


Squad leader: What? The sender of the red shirts?

Squad: Yes! // It seems like that is the goal of the bomber…


Leader: And? How many bombs are there?

Squad: According to what we see on the cameras, there’s one by the elevator, the escalator and the stairs… // So at least 3 of them…

Jodie: That’s odd…


Jodie: The bomber has hijacked the entire floor with the bomb threat, but the information regarding it is leaking out pretty quickly…

Camel: That's true…


Jodie: And…

Woman: What!? A bomb is on that floor?

Man: Hey, is it okay to be calling me? Won’t the bomber see you?

Jodie: The bomber hasn’t even taken the victim’s phones away…


Camel: Maybe they’re a rookie…

Jodie: I hope that's all it is…

Man: You’re stupid, don’t lie to me!!

Phone: I’m not lying! Look at this!! // You see the guy with the bomb strapped to him!?

Jodie: A TV phone…


Man: Oh… // shit!!

Jodie: Shu… // Shu!!


Mouri: Trans…. // form!! // Yah! // Hey! // Whoo!

Man: What are you doing, detective Mouri?


Mouri: I tried moving in the way the shirts look… // But I don’t get it at all…

Man: Can you just hurry up and figure out who sent those shirts?!

Mouri: Yeah…

Ran: But…


Ran: That movement you just did… // It looked familiar.

Mouri: Huh?


Ran: I know! // Conan-kun would know… // Wait… // Where did he go now!?


Conan: Oh I see!

Staff: I take it from the customer’s hands…


Conan: And you take it to that lady that handles the register?

Staff: Yes… / I say, “Just a moment please” and take it…


Conan: Excuse me!

Staff: Oh… // What? // Little… // Boy!?

Conan: WOW! // The register room looks like this!? // I’m going to borrow your computer!

Staff: What… // are you doing!?


Conan: Uncle Kogoro asked me to look something up! // He wants to know about the case of the missing people in the mountains that happened on December 29th!!


Staff: Oh… // Really…

Conan: Here it is! / It must be this one! // It’s from 10 years ago… // A professional mountain climber… // got stuck in an avalanche and passed away!!


Conan: Okay!

Staff: Oh? // You’re done already?

Conan: Yeah! I’m going to tell uncle Kogoro it was just as he thought!


Conan: Thanks, Maruoka-san!

Maruoka: Oh… // Sure…


Conan: Now I know what the sender intended to do… // Now for what the bomber was planning to do… // And the reason why they caused this scene…


Conan: I can only see how the bomber will react… // But my assumption is… // The bomber is extremely confident… // Make no mistake on that… // The bomber is absolutely sure… // The incident they caused in the past won’t ever be revealed…


Bomber: Yes… There’s no way anyone knows… // My actions were perfect… // There’s no proof and there are no witnesses…


Bomber: Who is this fool that is trying to blackmail me! // I’ll make sure they can’t do anything this foolish ever again…

Subaru: Excuse me… // So it’s the incident in the mountains as I suspected…



To be continued in Issue 37

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#1. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Aug 4, 2009
It's getting awesome *Burning* Thanks for the translation!
#2. by magicbulletgirl ()
Posted on Aug 4, 2009
Perfect! Btw, the code is "The Dancing Men" :D
Also, could you get the splash comments - the one on the cover, and on the margin of the second and last pages? Thanks ^0^
#3. by kenrick95 ()
Posted on Aug 4, 2009
WOW !!!!!!!!!!!

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