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Maid Shokun! 5

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Sep 13, 2009 04:30 | Go to Maid Shokun!

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reserved for DFCG


Arumi: You are so... // annoying! // They have to break up or one of them has to quit! // Don't you know that I'm a girl of my words!?

Choco: I do know! But please think it over!


Choco: You're so stubborn... / Maybe I'll just have to lend a hand...

Arumi: What...! // Don't threaten me!


Arumi: I... / can't reach...


Arumi: Hachiya-san...

Hachiya: Let me do it.


Hachiya: It's more convenient. // I'm tall and I'm like the man at this place anyway. / Use me whenever you need me.

Arumi: Thanks...


Arumi: Hey! // No smoking indoors!

Hachiya: Fine.


Choco: Hachiya-san...

Hachiya: What's wrong, little bird?


Choco: Um... [Little bird?] // Have you worked here longer than Arumi-chan?


Hachiya: Yup. // Haine and I have been here since it opened.

Choco: What?! // Oh... / then... // Arumi-chan can't force you to quit then!

Hachiya: Well...


Hachiya: Arumi is... // Well... / She... // She's special.


Arumi: Yes. / Hachiya-san will have to obey, even if it's my word. // This is the new schedule; you and Airi-san won't work together anymore.

Hachiya: Fine fine.

Arumi: We're a bit short on people / so it's a little hard to make it so you don't work with Pamiru either...

Hachiya: That's okay.


Hachiya: Hah. // Hahaha. // Well. // There are a lot of days where it's just you and me, Arumi.


Hachiya: That's bad. // Our customers // will be very disappointed. // Damn.


Hachiya: Welcome back home.


Hachiya: So? // How do I look? / I haven't dressed like this in a while. // Is it okay?


Arumi: [Humph.] I'm impressed.

Hachiya: It's just in case there's only one of us available to serve. // Today is practice, // for "dressing up" like a girl.


Hachiya: Please // let me know when you're ready to order.


Guy1: Uh / um... // You look good. // Your usual style / looks good too, though.


Hachiya: Thank you.


Guy2: Wowww wheee...


Guy2: So she was a girl after all...

Guy1: Well, of course...


Guy2: Yeah, but... / she always gets in between me and Airi-san / and never gives up.


Guy2: I once almost hit her because she was in my way.

Guy1: I'm glad you didn't.

Guy2: Yeah. / She is a girl, after all.

Guy1: I don't mean that.


Guy1: Hachiya-san is the daughter of a local karate dojo. // She used to be in competitions a lot.

Guy2: Damn.

Guy1: She's much stronger than I am.

Guy2: Crap.


Guy2: You know quite a lot...

Guy1: Well...

Guy2: Hey, / do you know Hachiya-san's real name?

Guy1: Stop.


Guy1: That is private information. // I said too much. // These girls are maids of "mille-feuille."/ We have no right to know anything more about them. // That is the secret to our happiness.


Guy1: We have to keep our distance. / Or else...

Guy2: Or else?


Guy2: Or else?


Guy1: We're doomed...


Maids: A regulation change?


Manager: Yeah. // We've been treating this place like a cafe, but... // We might need to make some rules.


Manager: We had that stalker issue, you know. // A lot of other cafes have made some changes too. // I rather have us prepare ourselves / instead of waiting for something to happen.


Choco: What // does it mean? // Regulations?


Arumi: Not much. // We don't have to worry about things like // how many times the customer can play games with us / or how long they can talk to us.


Choco: I don't get it...

Arumi: But / you're probably fired.

Choco: Huh?


Arumi: You're under age right?

Choco: Huh?


Arumi: It basically means we're going to be an adult-entertainment venue.


Hachiya: We're going to be...

Airi: Yeah // I heard.


Hachiya: It's probably time to quit.

Airi: Why? // It's not like much is changing. / Our cafe was always strange. // It'll be a relief.


Arumi: To put it simply // a normal cafe like this / doesn't have anyone chatting with customers / or calling them masters, right?


Arumi: So there's discussion over / if that kind of service should be for adults only.


Arumi: There’s a fine line between how long a server can chat with a customer // or how many times they can play games with us // because some of those places are adult-entertainment venues. / So some stores get shut down.

Choco: I see…


Arumi: Even if we haven’t had any problems before, // if there’s a stalker, // an incident like that could lead to our store to get in trouble. // So… // we have to be able to protect our café…


Hachiya: I said I’d stay, so we should keep it as a café. // I wanted it to stay that way // for you.


Hachiya: You quit the adult-only venue // and now you’re just a girl working at a normal café // so it’s easier to move on // to marriage or full time work.


Hachiya: Get // married. // To that man your parents suggested.


Hachiya: I’m sure he’s a great…

Airi: You’re still saying that? // Do you want to fight again?


Hachiya: It’s // getting cold. // Our time is up. // Ai.


Choco: I don’t get it. // He haven’t done anything wrong, // but we could be shut down? // But it’s okay for underage employees? / I don’t get it.


Arumi: Of course you don’t. / But we don’t get a say in it based on our personal opinions. // It’s a new kind of problem for everyone. // No one can really say what the difference between a maid café and an adult venue is so there are no guidelines. // So we have to follow the old rules.


Arumi: If the law doesn’t even know // you can’t try to make sense of it either.


Hachiya: It’s not like you can keep working / at a maid café for that much longer anyway. // You’re not a homosexual anyway. / You were just tired of men from your old job. // You stopped working there / and now you serve men that are submissive to women // so things should have changed for you.


Hachiya: You can make it. / You love children / and you would be a great mother…

Airi: This is ridiculous. / If you say anything more that’s stupid, / I’ll shove sand in your mouth.


Airi: A normal wedding? / What’s that? // What’s the meaning of it? / There is none. // Except for maybe acceptance from society.


Hachiya: It’s the same situation as our café. // You’ll have all the rights you’ll need. // It may not be perfect, / but you won’t have to worry about a sudden end to everything.


Hachiya: Let’s say I suddenly died. // Your room // and everything we share // will be taken away by my parents.


Hachiya: You don’t have any right // to have any of my belongings. // I can’t protect you forever. // I can’t be that irresponsible, // because I love you.


Hachiya: Ai… // You’re smoking…

Airi: I’m not quitting. // I’m quitting quitting.


Airi: I don’t plan on // having a baby anyway. // If your risk of dying at an early age is high // I’ll heighten mine as well.


Airi: I don’t know the law // and God might not accept up. // But in sickness // and in health // I will hang on to you forever // so you better be ready.


Airi: You want this?


Airi: Hey // oh no. // Are you crying?


Haine: Geez… // I was out for a few days and now this!? // What the hell is all of this!?

Arumi: Sorry…


Haine: They’re not getting fired // and they don’t have to break up. // It would be better to fire Pamiru!

Arumi: What?


Haine: And there’s no way we’re changing the café. / There’s no reason to. // Okay / we’re back to normal.

Arumi: No! // We have to! / We can’t maintain the discipline of our café!


Haine: Discipline?


Haine: Arumi… / Noguchi Ayumi.

Arumi: Yes…


Haine: What is the “discipline” / of this café?

Arumi: It’s… // Haine-san… / You.

Haine: Right. / So what about my decision?


Arumi: It’s // a // must…

Haine: Right.

Choco: Good morning… // oh!


Choco: Haine-san!


Haine: Hi!


Haine: Anyway // good job with the café while I was out. // Go. // Do you usual thing. / Your routine!


Choco: Kae-chan, // Haine-san came back // and // everything is now back to normal! // It’s amazing. // And now // another day starts!

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