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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Detective Conan 705

FILE 705: Kobayashi Sensei’s Love

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Sep 14, 2009 00:19 | Go to Detective Conan

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Reserved for Endless Youth and Co.

FILE 705: Kobayashi Sensei’s Love


<Metropolitan Police Department>

Satou: Whoa, whoa, whoa.


Satou: Why do you look sloppy? // You’re a cop and you should look like one.

Takagi: I can’t help it… / I was on a stakeout last night… // <yawn>


Satou: Geez! // At least fix your tie!

Takagi: It’s fine… // I’ve finished my report and I’m just going home to sleep now…


Satou: Hey! // Stop moving!!

Takagi: Oh… // Sorry…


Takagi: Huh?


Takagi: You know what? It’s fine! // I can do it myself!


Takagi: See you later… // Excuse me, everyone…


Cop1: That Takagi… He’s showing off, eh?

Cop2: I heard they’ve been going out to dinner more often…

Cop3: I heard an unconfirmed rumor that they’ve kissed…


Cop1: What!? Without my permission!?

Cop2: Hey, Shiratori! Do you know anything about this!?

Shiratori: Huh?


Cop2: About Takagi and Satou!!

Cop4: You’re the highest ranking official of the Satou Miwako protection squad!

Shiratori: Oh…


Shiratori: I think everything is going smoothly between them. // Their feelings are mutual…


Shiratori: And I’m going to step down from my position of that squad too…

Cop3: Wha… // Shiratori!?


Cop2: What’s come over him?

Cop2: I heard a rumor that he has a girlfriend now…


Cop2: And she looks just like Satou-san…

Cop3: Who is it!?

Cop1: I’m not entirely sure, but I heard she’s a teacher… // They see each other and speak on the phone a lot…


Kobayashi: Okay! // Sure…


Kobayashi: So I shouldn’t go out alone at night?

Shiratori: Right… If you can, please avoid going out after 9pm…


Shiratori: There have been a lot of muggings in your neighborhood…

Kobayashi: I saw that on the news this morning! / I heard the suspect is a woman…


Kobayashi: I’m curious as to why… // you always call me…


Shiratori: I was worried about you… // Am I being a bother?


Kobayashi: Not at all!! // Not a bother!! / I appreciate it!!


Shiratori: I’m glad… Please be careful…

Kobayashi: Yes! / Thank you so much!! // Phew… <beep>


Conan: Uhh…


Conan: We’ve said that we finished cleaning up the classroom a few times now…

Kobayashi: Oh…! // Thanks! <click>


Mitsuhiko: Was that Inspector Shiratori by any chance?

Kobayashi: Yes… // Why?


Genta: It’s totally obvious!

Ayumi: You’re all red!

Ai: So?


Ai: Has he said it yet? // That he likes you?

Kobayashi: Huh?


Kobayashi: What!? // Why!?

Ai: I guess not yet…


Mitsuhiko: Don’t you recognize Inspector Shiratori from anywhere?

Kobayashi: Recognize?

Ayumi: Like, if you’ve met him when you were a child!


Kobayashi: Now that you mention it… It doesn’t feel like it’s the first time I’ve met him… // It feels like there’s a memory somewhere deep in my heart…


Genta: I’ll give you a hint! At the bookstore…

Kobayashi: Bookstore?

Conan: Shh!!


Conan: Inspector Shiratori said that he wants to tell her directly // about the time he helped her catch the people trying to steal at the bookstore, so we have to keep quiet!


Kobayashi: Books? Books…?

Genta: Oh, right…

Conan: He’s probably looking for the best time to say it and surprise her…

Ayumi: It makes me anxious!


Kobayashi: Oh!! // Could it be…

Conan: Oh?


Kobayashi: Is today the day “The 20 Mistakes Made by Kaijin 20 Mensou*” comes out!?
*Kaijin 20 Mensou: Phantom of 20 Faces; a character in a novel by Edogawa Ranpo

Conan: Oh… / Yeah…


Kobayashi: I forgot to preorder it so I have to buy it today…

Conan: You better hurry up then! / That bookstore you always go to is closing early today because of the fireworks…


Kobayashi: Are you all going too?

Genta: Yeah! // We’re meeting up at Conan’s at 6:30!


Kobayashi: That’s a first… // You all always go to Professor Agasa’s house and go with him.

Mitsuhiko: He’s busy helping someone move today…


Kobayashi: Then you’re going with Detective Mouri?

Conan: He’s going with a friend to drink and watch them… / Ran neechan is away with her karate club members…


Ai: We’re going by ourselves… // Is there a problem?

Kobayashi: Of couse // there’s a problem!!


Ayumi: Hurry hurry!! // Kobayashi sensei!


Kobayashi: Sorry… // It was busy at the bookstore… <pant pant>


Ayumi: Oh no!

Mitsuhiko: There goes the first one!


Genta: Oh man! We would have made it if it was just us!

Kobayashi: Oh stop! It’s too dangerous! // There have been muggings lately, so we have to be careful…


Ai: Is that what Inspector Shiratori told you?

Kobayashi: Oh… // Yes…

Conan: She’s head over heels…


Kobayashi: I’m sure he’s worried because // I can seem helpless sometimes…

Ayumi: But…


Ayumi: I think being worried about someone… // Has something to do with liking that person!

Kobayashi: Re… // Really?


Kobayashi: You think so?

Ayumi: Definitely!


Kobayashi: But… I wonder what he would be like a boyfriend? // He’s a police officer… / So I have to worry about him when he’s after a dangerous suspect… // But it might be fun to be able to hear those stories! // You know how I love mysteries… // Hey! // Where did they go!?


Genta: Whoa! Look at all the shops!

Ayumi: I want cotton candy!!

Mitsuhiko: There are fishing games too!


Ai: Where’s sensei?

Conan: Hm? I told her we’re taking the short-cut…


Conan: She’s a little helpless, but… // I bet she can follow the people and the fireworks to find her way.

Kobayashi: Oh no… // Where are they?


Kobayashi: Oh yeah… Maybe I’ll send Inspector Kobayashi a message… // “Inspector, I have a case for you…” // “5 kids vanished in front of my eyes…” // Just kidding…



Kobayashi: Huh? // Someone’s fighting over there… // Could it be a mugging!?


Kobayashi: Should I call the Inspector? // But if I’m wrong, I’ll just be a pest… // I wish the kids were here at least… // What if the kids are in trouble? // I have to check it out myself…


Kobayashi: What? // What? // What was that?


Kobayashi: No way…


Ai: She’s taking a while…

Conan: Geez… / How did she get lost?


Conan: I’m going to go find sensei so you all stick together, okay?

Genta: Okay!


Kobayashi: Uh… // Are you okay?


Kobayashi: What?


Kobayashi: Ah… <AAAAAAH!>


Conan: Se… // Sensei!?


Kobayashi: No… // way…


Conan: Sensei!!

Kobayashi: Don’t come!!

Conan: What?

Kobayashi: If you come now, that person will…


Kobayashi: Huh?


Conan: That person was still here // right now… // The person… // the murderer…

To be continued in Issue 41

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