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Translations: One Piece 856 by cnet128 , Gintama 625 by kewl0210

Hana Yori Dango Volume 1

Chapter 2 - end of vol 1

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Feb 15, 2009 01:56 | Go to Hana Yori Dango

Pg 43

<scarfs down food>


Mom: Tsu…Tsukushi, this is your fourth bowl, are you okay? Your stomach okay?
T: I won’t last without my strength!

Pg 44

Brother: I think sis finally snapped from stress because she’s a normal person in a elite school?
<stands up>
T: I’m done with my meal! I’m off to school!

Mom: Tsukushiiii what in the world is wrong?

<looks stern>
T: Tsukushi is a weed right!?
A really strong plant that will grow in the spring no matter how much it is stepped on or kicked around right?

Pg 45

Mom: Ye…yes, that’s right but why do you ask me the same question everyday?
<slams door>

T: Yes, that’s me
I’m different from those spoiled brats that grew up in some warm place

--goes back in time—


<takes off paper>
N: Interesting…

Pg 46

F4: We haven’t had such a lively one in a while like her
Let’s see what she’s got

We won’t go easy just because you’re a girl


T: M…maybe

Maybe…I did something over the top

Pg 47

Tsukushi is totally cowardly
<sneaks in>

Classmate: Aah!

<everyone runs away>

T: I’m not a monster!
No one will come within a 5 meter radius

Pg 48

T: Ugh
It’s F4’s Doumyouji and Nishikado!

T recalls: “We won’t go easy just because you’re a girl”
<puts fists up>
T: I…I won’t lose!

<walks past her>
T: …

T: Uh..huh?
<a little embarrassed>

Pg 49

T: …It’s actually creepier that they didn’t say anything

T: Huh…my desk is gone

<realizes something>

<gets hit>

Pg 50

Classmates: Ha, that face

Classmates: What is a regular person doing at our school anyway?
Yeah, I wish she’d think about the trouble she causes us

Classmates: Get out of here!

Pg 51

Teacher: Good morning, we’re going to start so get in your seats
<getting into chairs, class: good morning!>

Teacher: Hm? What’s wrong Makino-san, sit down now

T: I…don’t have a desk

Teacher: Uh…okay, then go to the student office and have them order one for you
Okay, open page 26 of your textbook please

Classmates: Telling on us won’t help yooooou!
Teacher: Stop! Be quiet!
T: I won’t cry, not here

Pg 52

T: I won’t cry in front of these ridiculous people!

<opens door>

T: This…

T: Is so frustratinggggggggg!
Voice: Something’s in your hair

Pg 53

T: !!
T: Hanazawa Rui!

R: What’s that? A raw egg?

R: Did you use a raw egg as conditioner for your morning shower?
T: S…

Pg 54

T: Don’t be stupid! Someone threw it at me because of you guys!
T: Well!? Are you satisfied?

R: Ha, that voice
So it was you, the unknown person that was playing the “king’s ears are donkey ears” game



Pg 55

Wha…what is this guy? He’s a member of F4 but
It doesn’t matter but why is he talking to me

Looking at him this way…I’m reminded of what a pretty face he has
Wow his eye lashes are so long…
<snaps back>

T: Uggghh no! What am I staring at.
Oh wait!! This might be my chance

Pg 56

T: Hey, what is F4’s personality like?
You seem a little different from them

I wonder if they have a weakness

R: …Oh

R: It’s pointless to try to get that kind of information from me. Aren’t you better off just leaving the school?

T: …If I could do that I would but unlike you guys, my family is sacrificing our income so that they can pay my school expenses…
R: I don’t care about that
I don’t care about other people

Pg 57

T: Why is he phrasing it like that

I’m the idiot for thinking he might be a nice guy, stupid!

T: Huh? Everyone’s gone…

T: Oh right, next is P.E…

T: My desk is back!

Pg 58

Makiko: It was thrown away behind the school in the dumpster area

T: …Makiko-chan

M: I’m…I’m sorry Tsukushi-chan, I…
You saved me but…

Pg 59

T: She carried it all by herself…
Carefully so that no one sees her

Makiko-chan, go
You’re going to be in trouble if you’re seen with me
M: …

T: It’s okay!
I’m a weed! I won’t lose to those guys

Pg 60

M: Tsukushi-chan
T: Come on come on hurry! They’ll all be back soon

M: Okay
I’m sorry! Tsukushi-chan

T: I like myself a lot more than before
I’ve been sleeping until now

<squeezes hands>

T: I can’t turn back now!
I can only depend on myself!!

Pg 61

Nishikado: My bad for being late
Mimasaka: …the hell Nishikado, so late!

Doumyouji: Where’s Rui?
M: I called him when I was leaving but he said he’s going to bed
D: Sooo lame. I bet he sleeps like 15 hours in a day.

M: I’m getting kind of, what do you call it, tired of clubbing. Everyone looks stupid dancing together
Isn’t there something fun?

N: Yeah there is; that weird girl Makino Tsukushi came into our world

Pg 62

M: Ohh yeahh that girl is actually pretty cute
N: Doesn’t she remind you of Tsukasa’s older sister?
D: Wha, don’t say anything like that! There’s no similarity between that thing and my sister!

N: There goes Tsukasa’s sister-worshipping
D: Do you want to get knocked out Nishikadoooo

D: No woman around here can compare to my sister, she’s a great woman
M: She is indeed a great woman, but it’s not just that…

D’s sister: TSUKASAAA!
You idiot! Don’t be a wuss, you’re a man!

D: Anyway, if we don’t make that girl leave the school it’s going to affect our privacy
M: You mean, “pride” don’t you?
N: Jeez, he’s so stupid and yet he tries to use English phrases…

Pg 63


D: I’ve already thought of our next plan

D: Let’s slowly drag her down

T: There was only one of my shoes in my locker today…I want to rush home
<what the hell did I do to you all…>

<something moves>
T: !?
Guy: Hehe…Hello
T: What is this guy!?

Guy: Thanks for the letter
T: Letter!?

T: Wha…what are you talking about?
<dusts off>
Guy: Don’t play dumb, you put it in my locker

Guy: You said that the F4 are picking on you and you have no friends…so if I spoke to you you’d do…do anything for me
I don’t…know what you’re talking about!

Pg 65

More guys: Don’t play dumb, we put ourselves in danger getting here to you

T: I’ve been set up!!

T: If…if you do this and the school finds out, you guys are criminals!
<runs into desk>
Guys: We’d cover it up; this school fears those scandals you know

Guy: Yooo don’t play hard to get, you don’t even come from a good family, you play around don’t you?

Pg 66


T: Don’t get your hopes up your spoiled brats
I won’t let any guy I don’t even like, lay a finger on me

Guys: …Interesting


Pg 67

T: <screams inside>
This isn’t funny!

T: Oh no, my legs…

<pulled back>

Pg 68


Guys: Yes, we got her!
Hold her!


Voice: What are you doing?

Pg 69

Guys: Hanazawa-san!

T: “I don’t care about other people”

Guys: Doumyouji told us to do it…
R: Let her go
Guys: Huh? But…

Pg 70

Shut up. I said let her go

<runs away>

Pg 71

T: …Thank you

R: Don’t misunderstand me ok?
I just don’t like these kinds of things

T: Even if I don’t have a desk
Even if I don’t have a shoe
I’m fine…

Pg 72

T: I’ll get over it
But, I’m not used to this kind of kindness

Pg 73

D: …you failed?
You guys kidding me?

Guys: We…we’re sorry

Pg 74

D: There were 4 of you, what were you doing!?
Guys: B…but Doumyouji-san, that chick is pretty tough and we were so close until Hanazawa-san appeared out of nowhere

D: Rui?
Guys: …Yes, and he told us to let her go
We’ve never seen Hanazawa-san with an expression like that

D: Shit, that Rui. He’s a member of F4 but he’s my squashing my mencho
Guy: …Doumyouji-san, that is a pimple that is on your face
<I think you mean mentsu (face/reputation)

Guys: What’s the thing in Ramen?
That’s menma

Pg 75

D: Anyway forget the 200,000 yen reward alright!
You guys are all octopus! Die!


Classmates: Tsukushi seems even more powered up today, doesn’t she? What is that aura she’s carrying around?
Classmates: Aah! She looked this way!

Pg 76

T: How can I not be angry?

After school yesterday
I was about to get raped!

If Hanazawa Rui didn’t show up when he did

<Nooo beasts! Clothing rips>
I can’t…I can’t forgive them! F4, you won’t get away with this!

Pg 77

Classmates: Here she comes
We’re doing the egg again?
Of course, we’ll do it until she leaves the school



Pg 78

Classmates: WOW!
That’s a fly-swatter!

Classmate: …
<runs into desk>
T: If you think I’m going to fall for the same trick twice…

Just because we’re in an age with abundant food doesn’t mean eggs should be thrown, they should be eaten

T: There are things with the purpose of throwing called balls…

Pg 79

Aren’t there!?
<throws and hits hard>

Classmate: OH NO MY LEROX!
There’s a crack in my Safire glass face!
I got this as a gift! It has diamonds encrusted in here!

You deserved it

<That’s terrible! My dad’s going to kill me!>

Pg 80

The evil Doumyouji…!


Pg 81

Pg 82


D: This…

This feeling…
“Tsukasaaaaa you idiot!”

Pg 83

T: Are you really a guy!?
The stuff you do is so shallow!

Classmates: Do…Doumyouji-san! Are you okay!?
T: I…did it

Pg 84

T: There’s no need to linger!
<runs away>
Classmates: Hey, that bitch!

D: …chan
Classmates: Huh?
D: Ne-…chan…(sister)

Classmates: Doumyouji-san! Wake up!

My…legs are shakinggggg

T: I’m terrified of his revenge but
But, but…

Pg 85

T: Such pleasure!

T: Eye for an eye!
With this at heart I will continue on!

Pg 86
N: Heeey Tsukasa, wake upppp

N: …nothing. He’s in a trance. It must have embarrassed him quite a bit to have been kicked in front of everyone
Apparently he tried to get rid of Makino Tsukushi yesterday by using his minions

M: Whaat really!? That’s a little dirty isn’t it? He’s a little twisted from having grown up under the constant taunting by his sister

N: You’re just as twisted, you mother-worshipper! You won’t consider any woman a woman unless she’s over 10 years older than you!
M: Not mother-worshipper…please say ”Madame Killer”

M: Ta-da!
<jingles keys>
N: Wooooow those are keys to the “Imperial Hotel”!

Pg 87

M: I have a date with a madame at the Imperial Hotel now!
N: Uh oh, with someone’s wife!? You’re such a perv…!
M: It may be an affair but it’s pure love, Stupid. Pure. I’m not like you that changes girlfriends all the time.

N: Oh yeahhh I have a date with some girl in Aoyama
<turns pages>
Today is…an office lady named Mayuko

N: You and I
<slap hands>
M: We really

N: So…yeah Rui
M: We’re leaving you responsible, ok? I called Tsukasa’s house to get a driver to pick him up

Pg 88

R: …huh?
I was thinking of going home

N: There’s no use in trying to talk sense into us guys that live on instinct
R: Too…
N: We have no idea what a virgin is thinking…bye!

R: …

T: He’s not in the emergency exit
Maybe he’s not here today…

Pg 89

T: I wanted to thank him again when he’s not with the F4…

What is this…violin?

Wow…this is a beautiful song, it’s coming from the music room…?

Pg 90

Pg 91

T: Hanazawa…Rui!?

T: Oh, why did you stop playing!?

T: That was so unexpected! That’s amazing that you can play the violin!
What is that song called!? It’s such a beautiful…

Pg 92

R: It’s nothing to get excited over
Anyone at this school can play an instrument or two

T: …

T: I wanted to…thank you again properly
If you hadn’t intervened the worst possible thing would have happened

Pg 93

T: Thank you so much!
R: I shouldn’t have saved you

R: If I knew that you were going to follow me around like an annoying fly
All that would have happened was that you would no longer be a virgin

T: Bu…but I was happy!
It was the first time I cried out of happiness at this school!

Pg 94

T: I might go to see you at the emergency exit again!

R: Then…I won’t go there anymore

T: That’s weird…he said something so cruel, but I’m not angry at all

Pg 95

T: That melody…expressed something completely the opposite of his words
Something inside of me is numb

Pg 96

Classmates: Is she coming?
She’s coming, ready?

Classmates: Ma…Makino-san, good morning!
<peek out>
T: !

T: Goo…good morning
<scream: omg we spoke to her!>

Pg 97

Classmate: Goo…good morning!
<peek out, runs away>
T: Uh…mo…rning

Classmate: Makino-san
Good morning!
T: What’s going on!?

Classmates: Whaaaat! You too?
Saying good morning to Makino Tsukushi without getting caught by the F4 is so thrilling!
Alright, I’m going to say something more than a greeting tomorrow!
T: …

Pg 98

T: Don’t use me as a point of the game you idiots…
Classmates: But, Makino Tsukushi is so cool right
No one else could stand up to F4 like that

T: Well…I guess it’s okay

Pg 99

Classmates: Doumyouji-san!
There were more people speaking to Makino Tsukushi today
You’re losing control this way

D: Shit…
That bitch…

Pg 100
Unknown guys: Makino Tsukushi-san
<surround her>
Please come with us

T: Huh?

Unknown guys: If you come quietly, we won’t go rough on you
T: What…stop…

<notices Doumyouji>

T: Do…Doumyouji!

Pg 101

D: You’re going to pay for what you did

T: I wanted to ride in a Bentz once in my life

But not like this!

Pg 102

Pg 103

Guy: She bit me!
Be quiet!
Oww please do something, sir!

Pg 104

T: Let me get off Doumyouji!
What are you going to do with me!

D laughs and smiles

T: …

Pg 105

NOOOOO this guy is totally insane
I have to get away!
Guy: Hey, you
<tries to unlock door>

Guy: It’s no use young lady, it’s locked from the outside
T: !!

Guy: Too bad, let’s have you sleep
<pours liquid>
Hey, hold her down


Pg 106

Dad, mom, please forgive me for leaving you two behind
I tried really hard but it as a mistake going to Eitoku after all
I have no regrets
Oh…that song
I wonder what it was…

Pg 107

<mumble mumble>
She’s not too bad looking
Let’s tighten her up a bit
Using low frequency

T: Uh…
<opens eyes>

<they grab her>
Woman: Okay, let’s take this off

Pg 108

Woman: Wow, what cheap underwear

<throws underwear away>
T: S…stop!

T: Stop it!

Women: Don’t move, you won’t get clean this way
Your waist is a little fat so let’s tighten it a bit
T: Wha…what is this!

Pg 109

T: Noo wait
That tickles!
Women: Stop moving!

T: …
Women: Okay, you’re very clean and pretty now! Good job!

T: My skin is so soft
Was this the rumored spa treatment!?

Voice: Are you done? It’s my turn now

Hair stylist: You haven’t cut your hair in a while have you, that’s bad you have to go often
T: I’ve seen this hair stylist and make up artist in a magazine

Pg 110

Hair stylist: How about we perm your hair a bit, let me get my curlers

T: I don’t know what’s going on
Where in the world am I?
Hair stylist: Since you’re very pale, let’s choose pink make-up

Hair stylist: When we’re done here please put this on
T: Thi…this was on this month’s Cutie Girl magazine! I’ve wanted it but it costs 70,000 yen so I couldn’t buy it!
<rubs face on it>

Pg 111

Hair stylist: Okay, we’re done!
T: Wha…what
This is me!?
…I can’t believe it
It’s like I’m dreaming
Guy: Please wait over here

Pg 112

T: Wow this room is amazing!

T: Wait
T: Is this…Hanazawa Rui?

D: That’s a picture of us F4 in Kindergarten

Pg 113

T: I…
Completely forgot

That he was here!!

D: What, do you like Rui or something?

D: Just to tell you, you can’t have Rui
<turns red>
T: It…it doesn’t matter, where am I anyway!

D: <boasts>
It’s my house

T: House? This is your house?

Pg 114

T: Oh my god!
T: He has a spa in his house!
My house would fit inside this house!

D: How was it, a top notch spa experience? You could never afford it you know

D: Altogether 420,000 yen
T: 420,000 yen!

D: Look at this portrait

T: What a beautiful woman…
D: She’s my married sister

Pg 115

D: You’re like dirt compared to her (he uses a phrase wrong)
T: Stupid…you mean that there’s a tremendous difference right (she corrects his phrasing)

D: <coughs>
Anyway! I proved that even a regular person like you can get cleaned up a bit like so

T: Umm so what are you trying to say huh?
<getting angry>
Why are you doing this to me? What are you thinking?

D: Ugh, you idiot. I’m trying to tell you that I’m going to lower my standards a whole lot so you can hang around me
But I’m reminding you that you can’t surpass my sister
T: Huh?

Pg 116

D: Of course, I’ll ignore you at school
But if it’s just the two of us we can talk
T: Wha…what is he saying, freak?!

D: How’s that?
Aren’t you happy?

T: …Uh, did something happen to you from the shock I caused by kicking you in the head?

T: You really think that’s going to make me happy?

D: …? What are you dissatisfied by? If you come here you can have everything you want
How slow are you?

Pg 117

D: I’m the son of the Doujyouji group
There’s nothing I can’t get in the world with the money I have
I could even buy a department store if I wanted to

<throws and hits>
D: OW!

T: I’m going to change out of this
So give me my uniform back
<rubs face>
I’ll pay you back for the haircut

Pg 118

D: Don’t be stubborn
T: Don’t make fun of me!

T: You’re trying to buy me like some object?
Unfortunately, I am not the kind of woman that can be bought with money!

T: I’m leaving
D: Wha…who do you think you are you poor girl!

D: I am a walking brand! What are you!?

Pg 119

T: I am an un-branded woman
Don’t lump me together with those women around here

<slams door>

Pg 120

Butlers: Sir, she just left
Is that ok!? Letting her go?
<in a trance>

<snaps back>

D: Sh…shit that bitch!
I’m going to make her life even more miserable starting tomorrow!
T: Bentz
Hair styling and make up I dreamt of…

Pg 121

T: Full course spa treatment
70,000 yen clothes
buying a department store
It all made me dizzy for a second
T: Wow…this house
<shakes head amidst instinct and greed>

T: …maybe it’s true that there isn’t anything that can’t be bought

Pg 122

R: …what are you doing?
T: Ha…Hanazawa Rui!

T: You too! What are you doing here?
R: I’m on my way home

Pg 123

T recalls: “Just to tell you, you can’t have Rui”

R: Bye
T: Uh, wa..wait

T: Aaaah, why does this person always glare!?
R: What?
T: Uh…um

T: Uh….so…
T: What should I do, I can’t tell him I didn’t stop him for any reason in particular

Pg 124

T: I have to say something…
T: Do…do you think there’s anything in the world that can’t be bought with money!?

R: <shocked>
T: Oh noooo I said something weird!
T: Ne…never mind, forget it!

R: Air
<falls over>
It wasn’t a riddle or anything….!

Pg 125

R: What a weirdo

T: Wow…
…I found it

Pg 126

T: Something you can’t buy with money

Pg 127

Pg 128


Pg 129

Girls: Omg it’s F4!
F4 arriving at school together!
Such a presence!
They’re so attractive no matter when you see them!

Girls: The flower four is the perfect name for them
Ahhh Nishikado-san is so hot
Noo Mimasakasan is more sensitive and beautiful

Girl: There’s something spiritual about Doumyouji-san
<scratches head>
T: Heh…

Pg 130
T: Mysterious? He’s just a rich brat with no brain
Girls: But Hanazawa Rui is a puzzle
I’ve never seen him smile

Girls: Yeah, he’s always expressionless
T: Well, I’ve seen it…
It made me dizzy
I didn’t know a smile could be that meaningful when I comes from someone who rarely does

Pg 131

<snaps back>

T: Uh oh
Our eyes locked

<turns red>
T: Oh no
Why am I turning so red

<turns away>
T: Ing…
It’s okay, it’s the same as always

D: <laughing>
M: Wha…what’s up you’re scaring me?

N: Why is your face red Tsukasa?
D: Her face turned red when she saw me

Pg 132

D: Makino Tsukushi has fallen for me
<creeped out>
*Mr. Completely Misunderstood*

D: Shit, that stupid bitch!
I would never go for her!

N: Le…let’s just go
<so embarrassing>

Pg 133

T: I’m being watched!?

T: …
Just my imagination?
I felt someone staring at me

Classmates: Did you hear?
I did, I did! That’s crazy!
People that come from a regular school do some weird things…

Classmates: Le…let’s go!
Omg wait!

<people talking>
A regular school…that means me?

Pg 134

T: What the hell is next…
<talking: wow I can’t believe it>

*Makino Tsukushi used to be a gang leader at her junior high. She’s a slot that loves guys and has had 2 abortions*

T: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!

Pg 135

D: So, what should we do next!?

M: Next? For what?

D: For what? Of course I’m talking about Makino Tsukushi. What should we do to torture her next?

M: …oh, I don’t really care anymore
N: Me too

Pg 136

M: First off, if it were a guy, maybe but torturing a girl isn’t really our thing
N: It’s not like we were involved in the beginning anyway it was that you got kicked and you got mad

D: …

D: HEY what’s going to happen to F4’s menchi!?
M: You mean mentsu, please learn that already…

R: Uh, here she comes

Pg 137

T: ……….

T: How can I have an abortion you idiot!
I’m still a VIRGIN you know!?

<runs away>
D: …

Pg 138

M: …What was that?
N: No idea

D: She came all the way to tell me she’s a virgin
She’s not anyone’s girl
She wanted to tell me, equals!
Maybe…she wants to give me her virginity?

N: No way you simple minded fool!
D: Ow!

T: Unbelievable
These tricks are just disgusting

Classmate: This is a little over the top

Pg 139

T: Asai-san
<dusts off>

Asai: If we talk here the F4 won’t find us so we can take our time
When we came to school, we saw that written and we were in shock

Asai: But, as a girl we couldn’t like forgive that you know?
Ayuhara: If it was written about me I wouldn’t know what to do!
Yamano: Yeah, you’re so strong Makino-san

T: …strong?
This is so bizarre
I’ve never even spoken to these girls

Asai: I’ve always wanted to sit down and talk with you Makino-san
Ayuhara: Me too!
Yamano: You’re so cool. Wild!!

T: Th…thanks
Wild…hmm ok

Pg 141

Asai: I know! There’s going to a dance party tomorrow that’s for members of the Lionel group, that we’ve been a part of since we were young
Why don’t you join us!?

T: Lionel group?
Asai: Yeah, the party isn’t a big deal really
It’s a casual and kind of rough party, you can totally come in jeans

Asai: There’s actually a cover of 20,000 yen but…
T: Whaaaaaaat 20,000 yen!!
Uh, there’s NO way I can go!

Asai: Don’t worry about it, it’s on me!
T: But but but 20,000 yen!
Ayuhara: Yeahhh let’s go together! It’ll be a relaxed party too
Yamano: It’s decided! See you at 6pm at Roppongi!

Pg 142

T: …
*They’ve peer pressured it on me*

T: Well, even though sometimes the things they say are a little snotty
They don’t seem like they’re too bad

Yuuki: AND!? Your going to the dance party tonight?!
That’s so glamorous! You Eitoku students are only in high school and you’re hanging out a Roppongi!

Pg 143

T: You just reminded me of the 20,000 yen. That’s a month’s salary here.
Y: Hmmm yeah, a 20,000 cover is pretty expensive

T: <sighs>
It’s a little daunting, out of the three, I think I could be friends with Ayuhara-san but the other two are in totally different worlds then me

Y: I bet they were moved by your struggles
They might become good friends if you hang out

Y: You might be saying it’s daunting but you look a little happy
T: Re…

T: … To be honest, I started to wonder if I ignored the rich kids too much

Pg 144

T: I can’t keep up with them financially, but maybe we can form a friendship on a mental level…I hope
Y: Lo…look look!
T: So I’m reflecting on myself…
Y: Come on LOOK!
These especially hot guys are looking into the shop!
T: This girl…

<door opens>
Nishikado: Heeey it is you, Makino Tsukushi
What are you doing here?
T: Nishikado and Hanazawa Rui!

Pg 145

T: Woooow what a surprise
Y: You…know them!?
T: What am I doing? I work here!

N: Oh reallyyyy, you work here? You’re a hard working girl huh?
Wait, in your case, you’re a hard working virgin (pun on shojo and shoujo) I guess

T: <screeches>
N: You’re the one that brought it up

Y: Wa…wait! These guys are F4!?
T: Yu…Yuuki, calm down…

Y: Oh, I’m Tsukushi’s friend from junior high, my name is Matsuoka Yuuki! Thanks for taking care of Tsukushi all the time!
T: Wait! Don’t greet them so strangely!
They’re not taking care of me!

Pg 146

Rui: …Can I have one of these pink treats
T: Huh?

N: Why are you buying that, we’re about to go out
Plus, don’t you hate all things sweet?

R: Yeah, I can’t eat it
But it’s cute

N: This guy is such a weirdo, he even gets emotionally attached to pebbles sometimes…
R: Enough Nishikado!
How much?

T: …it’s 237 yen
Wow…he’s getting embarrassed

Pg 147

N: See yah!
T: Oh, your change!
R: Keep it

T: …
Y: Tsu…ku…shi!

T: Wha…what is that face!
Y: It’s him isn’t it? The one that's different from the other three F4 members that you were talking about

Y: Did you wish that he’s get emotionally attached to weeds (pun on Tsukushi) growing on the sidewalk too?
T: Wha! What are you saying! Stupid! Don’t be rude!

T: It’s nothing like that!
Y: Come on, you look at him differently
T: You were looking at them differently too!

Pg 148

T recalls: “Just to tell you, you can’t have Rui”

Y: But if those guys are so beautiful I wouldn’t mind getting totured by them!
T: …Pervert (Hentai)
Oh, I have to go soon or else the party will start without me!

T: I wonder what that meant…his words

Pg 149

T: Is there really a casual jeans party in this area?

Asai: Makino-san over here!
T: Oh…Asai-san

Asai: You’re so laaaaaate!

T: Wha…what!
Everyone is dressed up!

Pg 150

Yamano: What's wrong? You look upset

T:Uh…you said it was a casual jeans-ok party
Yamano: Nooo way! It was a joke! Do you really think there would be a casual jeans-ok party at Roppongi’s newest club?

T: A joke!?
Ayuhara: Wait, don’t laugh! That’s mean.
Asai: But…look what she’s wearing!

Pg 151

T: What are they plotting?
Asai: I’ll take care of your 20,000 yen cover charge

T: It’s fine, I’ll pay for myself
Asai: You don’t have to force yourself, don’t you work for it?

T: …I’m going home

Asai: I guess it is a little impossible for you to join us, Makino-san
Yamano: Yeah…she’s rejecting our offer
<Tsukushi gets mad>

Pg 152

Asai: Look, look. The son of a politician is here.
And over there, he’s the son of M corporation
And he’s the son of Company S

Asai: Isn’t it fun? You get to meet these people you’d never have a chance to meet.
T: Yeah…
There’s no way I’m having fun!

<comes over>
Guy: Here.
T: ?

T: A used plate…?
Asai: OMG Makino-san!

Pg 153

Asai: No one thinks you’re a guest here because of your clothing!
Oh that’s too funny! If it were me, I’d die!

T: What is this? I feel so bad.
Why are they laughing so hard…

Yamano: Come on, you paid 20,000 yen so you should eat a lot for what it’s worth
Ayuhara: You’ve never had foie gras or caviar have you?

Asai: Wait a minute, don’t recommend all these foreign foods to her, she might get a stomachache because she’s not used to it!
Ayuhara: Oh, you’re right…

Pg 154

T: …

Guy: Hello, ladies

Asai, Ayuhara, Yamano: Helloooooo

Guy: Which college do you go to?
Ayuhara: Ohhh we’re high schoolers at Eitoku School
Guy: Really? You’re so sexy and beautiful, I thought you girls were in college
Asai: Ohhh you’re too nice!

Pg 155

Guy: You’re unique and kind of wild, that’s nice
Other guy: You’re Eitoku too?

Guy: Oh yeah? I thought everyone at Eitoku was kind of the same but there are different girls like you, huh

Guy: What’s your name, hm?
Asai: Of course she’s a little different! She used to be a gang member at the public junior high

Pg 156

Guy: Gang member…?

Asai: She’s a slut
And had 2 abortions, she’s so unique right?

Guys: Let’s…go
<slowly retreats>
T: The…the chalkboard

Pg 157

Asai: That’s right
We wrote it

Asai: It seems like you love attention Makino-san
So those full blown rumors are your style right?
T: Wh…why?

Ayuhara: We’ve spent a lot of time and money to become the perfect woman
We’re going to marry the perfect man
Yamano: Like the F4

Pg 158

Asai: So we can’t have a weed or whatever like you get in our way and go after our men

Asai: It looks like you’ve taken an interest in Hanazawa-san

Asai: But Hanazawa-san has been in love with someone for a long time, so you’re hopeless
He would never go for a regular simpleton like you anyway!

Pg 159

Asai: Ohhhhh what a waste! You could never drink champagne of this quality!
T: I…I can’t believe it!
Asai: You should lick it off the floor!
T: Girls torture in the worst way possible…

*To be continued

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