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666 Satan Oneshot


+ posted by shrimpy as translation on Jan 17, 2009 18:07 | Go to 666 Satan

This was a request. It's the one shot for 666 satan, a title i'm not particularly fond of. The raws are...i have no idea from where, i'm assuming the 6th volume of the series. page numbers may not match.

"Debut work 'TRIGGER'"
Since trust was the central theme of this work, I suppose that's why I ended up writing it as a father-son (family) tale. Since there weren't that many pages, I remember struggling to fit the whole story into it. I still like the story to this very day. (It begins on the next page)

The protagonist (Cig's) outfit with that long scarf became the basis for Jio (although Jio's was muuuuch longer). Not only the title Trigger, but the locations and characters' names, too, were taken from guns--I think they fit perfectly. Anyway, this was the work that started my life in manga. I hope you enjoy it.

scribbly writing: If the author were to wear Cig's helmet, it'd look like he had underwear on his head
guy is laughing "ehehe"

-"War changes people." Yes, this planet suffered a tragic war

-Soldiers who piloted mechanical weapons called Triggers produced even more weapons
-And a war that lasted nearly 10 years enveloped the planet

-Everything was destroyed. Green vanished from the face of the planet, and the surface was transformed into a desert
-However, in an abrupt twist, the long war was declared a victory for the nation of Steyr...

-...all due to the use of the Ultimate weapon, dubbed the "Gauntlet"*
-After the war, all sorts of rumors surfaced about it, such as the fact that it had been dismantled or sealed, even though no one really knew where it was...

(* t/n - although gun names have been rather simple to figure out, i cannot find a gun that matches ガンドレット. this is my next best fit)

-This one's HUGE!!

-C'mon, Cig! Quit messing around!
-Get down here right now!

-I'm gonna demolish it!!
-And you with it...

-I'm comin'!!


-HMM MMM (help me)
-Sa (sfx)


-You're much safer in the sand, anyway (and you're much louder than the blast to boot)

-za x2
small - You didn't get hurt so all's well, right?


-Our "Fireball" was just blown to smithereens!!
-Who the hell're you?!

-hmm...sure are a lot of you scoundrels...former soliders, i mean
-Shut up!! Answer my question!!

-Because there are people like you attacking small villages
-using the weapons abandoned from the prior war,
-we hunt down those weapons before you Triggers can
-You could say we're something of a "cleanup crew"

-Bastard!! You'll pay for this!!

-I wouldn't if I were you. Y'see, there's a mountain of explosives right below your feet
-Just try it, and I'll send the both of you sky high!
-Keh!! You're bluffing!!

-Dang...they figured it out from that last explosion...?

-Shit!! Let's get out of here!
-The weapon's gone so there's no point in fighting!

-Whew...that was a close one

-YEAH-HOO! You saved us!!
-Actually, it's the opposite

-What are you talking about?


-T-there really WERE explosives!!

-hup x3

-okay, i'm ready!

-Wait up Tariq!!
-What the heck are you doing all the time?

small - haa x2
-If you need to ease nature, get behind a rock or something

-That's not what I'm doing!
-When we get to town I want food!
-My stomach's growling!

-I know

-All right, here's your cash!

-Can't you spare a little more?

-Don't be ridiculous!
-That one was an ancient model
-had it been a much bigger one, the story'd be different
-Take care now, you two
-I heard there's other Triggers heading this way

-Well, this city is surrounded by rocky mountains so it's not like it's easy to find
-I'd recommend you quit the cleanup job and take care of your cute kid there

-You're mistaken. This ain't my kid
-So you're single?
-You free tonight?

-oh c'mon


-Your face is a complete mess!
-who cares, daddy


-Hey, Tariq!

-Stop messing around and finish your food

-...you jerk!!

-Finally asleep


-Are you alive? say something! Quit sleeping!
-A desert isn't the place to be taking a nap!

-O-oh!! You're up!
-Gnn...who're you?

-Look, I already said goodbye at the last town
-so would you quit following me?

-A-aaaah!! What's that!?

haa x3

-I'm sure I lost 'im!
small - tap x2

-UWAH! x2

-are you...??

-Who am I? Who, right?
-My name is Cig!!




-he's not here!
-not here!!
-Tariq!? Eh?! No way!! There's only this kid!!

-kiran (glimmer?)

-Building a town inside of the mountains...
-gajigaji (bite bite?)
-Gotta hand it to them, these people are clever...

-Wow, who do we have here~

-This man is...!!

-gone! x4

-Tariq is gone!! He tried to leave me behind again!!!

-I...I knew it. He hates me
-There isn't a single person who believes in me...

-It's not like I want to follow him anyway!! Damnit!
-I'm just...I just have one last thing to say to him!!


-Wha--!! What's going on!?


-An RX-107...I can't believe one of them survived
-Its armor can deflect missiles and explosives!!

-Who the heck is onboard this thing?
-No ordinary Trigger can manage to pilot one...!!

-Tariq!! x3
-Kuh...that idiot...

-Why did you follow me!?
-Are you blockheaded or what!?

-Don't you get it?!
small - wa--
-Because the fact is

-Just scram!! Get lost!!

-As heartless as always, I see~

-Don't tell me, this voice is--!!

-How's it hangin'...

-Commander Tariq
-gajigaji (bite x2)

-You bastard!! I thought we all swore back then!!
-To protect our honor as Steyr's Trigger corps!

-Our squadron were elites capable of piloting any weapon
-Those of us left in this world who aren't using their talents are putting it to waste!

-I've improved my skills even further since then
-I should even be able to pilot Steyr's "ultimate weapon"!
-I'll find it! And I'll kill all those people like insects
-for treating us like insects after we risked our lives for their sake!!

-You may be a legendary Trigger, but without a weapon you're just an ordinary idiot
-haa x2

-a legendary Trigger!?

-Legendary Trigger?? What a joke!

-W-what's wrong, Tariq?!

-...I killed them

-killed who?

-For the sake of my "ego"
-I killed my wife and child!!

-We received orders to use a town we should have been protecting for bait, in order to attack the enemy from behind
-And as the commander, I carried out the mission faithfully for the sake of victory...even though I knew my wife and child were in that very town!

-I'm not the man you think I am!! I'm a worthless traitor!!
-I don't have the right to be acting like a parent for anyone!!

-Tariq, I'll give you a chance
-If you escape and leave that kid to die,
-I promise to spare your life
sfx - gakon

-After all, I'm just a...

-There's no need to think about it. Just leave the kid behind, like you betrayed your family in the past!


-Don't follow me!

-Yes, I'm talking to you Cig!!


-Hey, daddy! Look at this!

-Hey, Tariq!!

-Don't make me repeat myself...

-Get the heck out of here! I mean it...
-because...because I can't stand you!!!

-This is no good, no good! You gotta leave the kid behind!

-But it's not like I'd let either of you live anyway!!

-Starting today,
-I'M the Legendary Trigger!!



-uhyahahah! You're swiss cheese!!




-I understand

-what it means to trust

-In people important to you

-shuu x2


-And I will never again...


174 **this is a double page in the raw but only one page number given**
-H-he ripped right through that armor...!!
-As if he was a steel bullet...!?

-...A bullet with a will...?? wait!!

-Steyr's research into a humanoid weapon was supposed to have failed...
-But this RX-107 was...t-that kid can't be...!

-The former nation of Steyr's Ultimate Weapon

-Bastards like you...can't move my Trigger

-Before my eyes were always metal scraps and fallen humans
-I thought it was something normal...researchers' glaring looks made me feel alone. And then I learned...

-I wasn't even human. I was a "tool"...

-So I escaped the facility...and later, I met Tariq

-He was the first to look at me kindly
-I can't believe it
-How could you have been the ultimate weapon

-Forgive me, Cig. I was so afraid of betraying anyone dear to me ever again
-In the end, I couldn't even believe in myself

-Back there,

-I heard you say "like"!
-You said you really like me!


-I never asked you this yet, but
-After I finished a demolition, what exactly was it you would always do?

-Ah, don't worry about that right now. You need to get better first
-Ch! I'm not saying it again!

-If we all can learn to trust,
-then one day...


178 the comic is over but now there's these yon-koma
right: Seishi Dries his hair (t/n - seishi is the author)

-Fuuu~ What a nice bath
-This thing's brand new?! It can't be busted!!



Seishi drinks Cola

-When he was in elementary school...
-i'm home
-There's a bottle of cola!

-I'll finish this cup!

-Shortly after, he went screaming in tears to mom
bottle: soy sauce
small txt lower part: on closer inspection, it's a measuring cup

below all:
*these are works of non-fiction

...the rest of the pages are ads and misc stuff i'm not transing.

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