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Gintama 98

Gintama The 98th Reading

+ posted by Silver_Sea as translation on Jun 28, 2007 14:24 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 98

[Gintama] [shounen] Gintama The 98th Reading by Silver_Sea
Frame1, Hijikata Toshiro
- Oh~
- Katsura and Takasugi?

Frame2, Yamazaki
- Katsura, who used to be a militant extremist, has since become a moderate.
- It is rumored that he restrains the rowdier of the Joi ronin from causing havoc in the city
- That’s the reason behind his spectacular clash with the militant trouble maker Takasugi.

Frame3, Yamazaki
- Both camps appear to have sustained great losses. They have approximately 50 people dead or MIA.
- The infamous “Man-chopper” Nizo has also vanished…I don’t think both sides will be able to move in the short-term.

Frame4 Yamazaki
- What I don’t understand is, that compared to Takasugi who commands the fiercest knights on this side of the Okada river, Katsura should barely have decent pawns.
-What strategy enabled him to end up evenly matched with Takasugi?

Frame5 Yamazaki
- I have some startling news related to this
- Katsura’s side had a strange supporter who arrived with reinforcements…that guy…

Frame1, Yamazaki
- brought two mysterious brats with him
- He was white haired, wild and carried himself like a bushi

Frame2, Yamazaki
- Do you think that man could be—

Frame3, Hijikata Toshiro
-……That bastard?
- It figures. The last time Katsura caused a ruckus with the Ikedaya Affair, he was also involved, although he managed to slip through our fingers.

TN: In the Ikedaya Affair of 1864, the Shinsengumi prevented the burning of Kyoto by the Joi faction and delayed their eventual victory by a couple of years.

Frame4, Yamazaki
- Shall I probe into him?
- Vice-Captain

Frame5, Hijikata
- Well, that guy was already suspicious to begin with. I think you can tell that he’s the type who would just show up with a record the moment we probe into him.

- He hasn’t done anything major, so it’s probably fine to leave him alone…However, in the worst case scenario, he could be lying in wait for his chance.

Frame6, Hijikata
- Suppose that we actually discover that the boss of Yorozuya is also involved in Joi activities…
- Then doesn’t that settle everything?

Bottom right text:

Hijikata: Whether he is a moderate or an extremist, without a doubt he is our enemy

- Execute him

Frame4, Yamazaki
…Is this the place?

Frame5, Yamazaki
-…the compound is bigger than I expected

Frame6, Ms. Otose
- Eh? Gintoki?
- That bastard got cut up so he’s over Shinpachi’s house to nurse his wounds.

Frame1 text
R: More and more suspicious
L: He’s probably cut up because of his clash with Takasugi’s faction

Frame2, text
R: But for me to execute him…

L: Doesn’t the Vice-Captain know how ridiculous he sounds?

Frame3, text
R: He even lost to the boss himself. So what chance do I have against him? What was he thinking about…?
L: “Do it matter what”. He actually ordered me to do it. Do what? How can I accomplish this mission?
Kagura: WHO IS IT!!

Frame4, text
Am I discovered!?

Frame5, Kagura
- My, my, my. So you’ve really come
-KU KU KU. I just knew you would come

Frame6, text
R: How can it be? Is he really that powerful?
L: Has he seen through everything?

Frame7, Kagura
- Are you here to avenge your fallen comrades?
Text: What the—Mascotta?

Frame1, Kagura
- Are you talking about Maririn!!

(TN: Kagura is reading from Dragon Ball)

Frame2, Kagura
-Uwaaahh, owowow, guuuu, Gyaaahhh!!
- Ah ~Ah, oh~oh, ah~oh ah~oh

Kagura: Ah~oh, ah~oh UGYAAAA rumble rumble <Ah it’s BLEEDING again>
Gintoki: Hey--- you’ve totally lost me there. C’mon, pass the book over, I can read it myself.

Text: Ah, she was reading JUMP…Y’know that by doing this you can easily create misunderstanding!

Kagura: You’re not allowed! It’s too much excitement for an injured person to read JUMP. I’LL read it for you.
Gintoki: That’s why I said that if you want to read it then read it in a way I can understand.

Text: Whatever, I’m better off hiding under the floorboards first.

Kagura: “Ah-ha~, Manako-dono, please turn off the lights”
- Nishin ignored Manako’s request and started to approach her slowly, savagely…
Gintoki: AH AH AH AH AH! Stop! Stop it right there! It’s too early! You’ve not reached that age…

TN: Kagura starts to read Ichigo 100%

Frame1, Shimura Tae, Otae

Frame 2+3, Gintoki + Yamazaki

Frame4, Otae
- Oh dear, Gintoki, how many times do I have to tell you?

Frame5, Otae
- Your injuries are so serious that the next time you move you will definitely
-…DIE. I will kill you~

Gintoki: I’m sorry but could you let me stay at the hospital? I think I’m hearing things.
- I heard Otae with two voices and she even said “I will kill you”. Ah, no no no, it’s not your fault, my bad my bad.
Otae: No, that’s not allowed. If we let you stay at a hospital you will run away. But if you even think about running away from here you will be executed.
Gintoki: Listen! I heard it again! Like execute me! How can anyone talk like that to a patient?
Shinpachi: Gin-san, you are not hallucinating.

Frame1, Yamazaki
L: I almost got myself killed

Frame2, Otae
- You must be hungry now
- I’ve been cooking
R: But thanks to the cut, now there’s a hole
L: for me to spy at what’s happening inside.

Otae: I made egg porridge
- But Gin-san you are not allowed to move, I’ll feed you.
Gintoki: Is this an interrogation?

Kagura: Let me do it, big sister
Otae: Oh Kagura-chan, you’re a good mommy
Text: Are they having dinner?

Kagura: Ah
Yamazaki: Eh?

Kagura: Ah ah, it fell over! I’m so sorry big sister.
L: MY EYES! What’s poked into my eyeeeee!?

Frame7, text
R: My eye is burning! My eye, my eye!!
L: This is potent stuff!! It’s definitely some kind of weapon!

Frame8, text
R: I think they must have…
L: detected my presence long ago!

Frame1, text
R: If I don’t leave now
L: It might be too late
Otae: There’s more in the kitchen, I’ll go get it

Frame2, Kagura
- Ah!

Frame4, Otae
- Haven’t I told you NO MOVING!!
Gintoki + Yamazaki: GYAHHHH!!

Frame5, Gintoki
- Hey quit it!
- At this rate I’ll die!

Kagura: Stop! Surrender to your fate!!
Otae: Shinpachi, fortress MODE ON!

Frame1, Shinpachi
SFX : Whoosh

Frame2, Otae
- Ahahahaha! Do you think you can escape!?

Frame3, Gintoki

Frame4, Otae
- has endured innumerable attacks by perverted stalkers and also to prevent thieves

Frame5, Otae
-It is armed to the teeth~
Yamazaki: Shit!

Frame6, Otae
- It is equivalent to a fortress

Frame7, Otae
- Not even a mouse can think of escaping

Frame8, Shinpachi
-So what about the revival of our dojo?

Frame1, Yamazaki

Frame2, Yamazaki
- That moron of a Captain!!
- Its all because of his monkey business…

Frame3, Kondo Isao
- Miss Otae, you are too cute!

Frame4, Kondo
-“Don’t even think of leaving”--- is this a secret reply to me?
- Miss Otae, do you want to build an iron-clad fortress of love with me?

Frame5, Kondo
- Yes! That’s got to be it! Think positively, Isao, think positively
- Under these circumstances, if I have a single negative thought then I shall melt away like the poor Haagan Dazs.


Kondo: This voice! Yamazaki-kun! Is that you, Yamazaki!!
- Dammit, of all the people to come to my rescue why does it have to be that “curse of death”?
Bottom right, Yamazaki: I’m going now. I’ll call for Zaoriku-kun to help you out.
Bottom left, Kondo: No! I was just joking!! Luckily its not Zariki-kun! Luckily its not Kenpachi-kun! Isao-kun!

Kondo: Hurry up and pull me up! This is serious! I’m shaking like mad…ah, just like a new born gorilla…
Yamazaki: You mean a new born baka, Captain
Left top, Kondo: No! No! It’s not a mistake, I mean spiritually! Anyone would feel insecure when they are newly born!!
Left bottom, Yamazaki: How are you insecure when you are already 30 years old?

Frame2, Sarutobi "Sa-chan" Ayame
-Ho ho
-You’re so naive

Frame3, Sa-chan
- Miss Otae, do you think that just by setting these traps you can sever my feelings for Gin-san?
- Conversely does this mean you are afraid of me? That I have a chance with Gin-san?

Frame4, Sa-chan
- Yes! That’s got to be it! Think positively, Sa-chan, think positively
- Under these circumstances, if I have a single negative thought then I shall be smashed like those poor glasses, Sa-chan.


Sa-chan: Isn’t this Gin-san’s voice! I’m so sorry to make you rescue me. What I wanted to do was to take care of you that’s why I came here. But instead this happened…

Yamazaki: You’re mistaken, baka! Did losing your glasses affect your hearing as well?

Top left, Sa-chan: Oh ho ho, of course it is you, Gin-san. Only you know how I like to be teased like this, you can’t trick me.

Bottom left, Yamazaki: Why is it that only annoying people have fallen into the holes!?

Kondo: Yamazaki-san! What’s keeping you! If you don’t hurry up the baby gorilla will die!
Sa-chan: You must be Gin-san, you know it feels delicious to be anxious. Alright then, I will play along.
Middle, Yamazaki: SHADDUP!!

Kondo: What did you say!? The Yorozuya bastard and Miss Otae are actually living under the same roof!?
Yamazaki: This is not the main point! It’s the investigation! We are here to investigate the boss of Yorozuya!

Kondo: You are playing with my feelings! How can this be true! You devious woman! I’ve come here so many times and each time I’ve only slept with bamboo poles!
Yamazaki: This is no good. Hey, did you hear what I just said?
Sa-chan: What’s wrong with you, discouraged by this little thing? A perverted stalker has to have a hard shell.
Top left, Kondo: What did you say, you sick woman!!
Bottom left, Yamazaki: Hey, hey, when did this place turn into a forum for perverted stalkers?

Frame4, Sa-chan
- In this world, the only thing I live for is him. I don’t think you have taken enough punishment to appreciate this.
- For example, even when I heard that Gin-san had a kid, not only did I did not mind, I was even glad for him.

Frame5, Kondo
- Hey, stop calling me perverted stalker this, perverted stalker that! Stop comparing me with you!
-I’m a normal guy, just a little bit dumber at dating, much more clinging and likes secrecy!
Yamazaki: That IS a perverted stalker.

Sa-chan: This is classic ---- you mean you never realized that you were a perverted stalker?
Kondo: I am definitely not a perverted stalker! If you have to, then call me a seeker --- a seeker of love
Yamazaki: Captain…enough is enough. This is not the time for this kind of discussion

Frame7, Yamazaki
-“According to the situation, carry out the execution”
- That was the order, now what should I do?

Frame1, Kondo
- Isn’t it obvious that cutting him is the solution!!
- I’ll be more than happy to carry it out personally!

Frame2, Sa-chan
- Just you try it
- I’ll let you know the consequences of touching Gin-san

Frame3, Yamazaki
- Hey, hey, listen to me
- Stop it you two…

Frame4, Kondo + Sa-chan

Frame5, Gin-san
- Dammit, I have the worst luck
- Why do I have to suffer like this?

Frame7, Yamazaki

Kondo: Gintoki!!!
Sa-chan: Never!!!

Frame3, Kagura + Otae
- FOUND---YOU~!!
- Surrender to your fate!!

Sa-chan: WAHHHHH!!
Kondo: UGWAHHH!!

PAGE 15: No words
PAGE 16: No words

Frame1, text

Frame2, text
R: I think that the boss of Yorozuya
L: Is not someone to be understood by the likes of me

Frame3, text
R: No matter how I try, I still don’t get it.
L: There are those who love him and those who hate him

Frame4, text
R: Even though he drags those around him into chaos
L: They still continue to gather at his side

Frame5, text
R: Ah, will you say that this is ridiculous? That he’s a Joi patriot?
L: I don’t think so… even though I can’t exactly say why

Text: But…
Tetsuko: Um, hey…

Frame1, Tetsuko
- Ex…Excuse me
- Em…Gin-sensei…Is he there?

Yamzaki: Huh?
Tetsuko: …You live here don’t you?
- I heard that Gin-sensei is here, but no one answered the door

Frame3, Yamazaki
- You’re better off not going in, it’s very dangerous right now
- Goodbye

Tetsuko: Well…then at least, could you help me pass a message?

Frame5, Tetsuko
-Many things have happened recently
- But, I am living happily now

Frame6, Tetsuko
- I just want to say thank you
- That’s all

Frame1, text
R: The Joi movement? That type of thing would be too complicated for him to understand.
L: He is just that kind of guy

Frame2, text
I think it would be so nice to see her smile.

Frame3, text
Your subordinate reckons that the boss of Yorozuya is not involved in the Joi movement. Because the girl said so. I think it would be so nice to see her smile.
Yamazaki Sagaru

Frame4, Hijikata

Thank you Teqq-san, your suggestions have been incorporated! :P
Thank you for reading and any suggestions will be appreciated.

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#1. by NotTekk ()
Posted on Jun 28, 2007
even match? I don't have the JP or KR raws with me... a "draw"? or "evenly-matched with .."?

bushi.. samurai (unless you want to leave it with the Japanese word)

Otae: I made tamago porridge
tamago = egg

Frame5, Kondo
- ........like the poor Hagan Daaz.
the ice cream is spelled: Häagen-Dazs

......Anyone would feel insecure when they are new-born!!

I suggest "when they are just born!!" or "newly born"

I'll read the rest later (at work)

p.s. not -kun ;)
#2. by Silver_Sea ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2007
Hi hi! Er...Teqq-san? XD

Thanks for picking up the awkward points in my text, its much appreciated. This is how I responded:

1. What strategy enabled him to end up evenly matched with Takasugi?
2.He was white haired, wild and carried himself like a bushi
3. Otae: I made egg porridge
5 Kondo: No! No! It’s not a mistake, I mean spiritually! Anyone would feel insecure when they are newly born!!

Yeah, "evenly matched" and "newly born" do flow better.

I kept "bushi" as it has better association (IMO)
"Samurai" = stereotyped armoured guy with horned helmet
"bushi"= informal image like a tattered but proud ronin

I tried using "tamago" first because I wanted to add interest to the script but if you did point it out as odd, then it might not have the effect I intended, so "egg" would be better :P You think so?

Thanks to your suggestions, 1 &2 are definately much improved.

I hope you won't hesitate if its an entire phrase that strikes you as "weak" or "soft" etc even if an alternative doesn't spring to your mind, if you just copy and paste out the parts I will look them over as well. :D

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