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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Gintama 100

Gintama The 100th Reading

+ posted by Silver_Sea as translation on Jun 30, 2007 19:04 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 100

Text, bottom right

Frame2, Gintoki
-It’s almost the start of another year.
-That was fast, the days pass faster and faster for me. I mean, it’s already a year…

Frame3, Gintoki
Bubble top right
-If things go on like this, by the time I am middle-aged, will the days race by like an F1 racecar? What an annoying sensation!

Bubble top left, Kagura
-Stop it, Gin-san, stop scaring us!

Bubble bottom, Gintoki
-I’m just being honest, my days are already running as fast as Ben Johnson. Ah, there’s no escaping the inevitable, even Ben is already here

Bubble top right, Gintoki
-Remember kids, don’t act smug just because you are young. Once you act smug, Ben-san will show up right away.

Bubble top left, Kagura
-Really, is Ben-san here? But I still think Carl Lewis is better, he’s much cooler

TN: Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis are American world champion sprinters

Bubble bottom, Shinpachi
-Alright now guys, I think the main point is that the year we are sending off has been jam-packed and fulfilling, isn’t it

Bubble top right, Gintoki
-We’ve really been through a lot this year.

Bubble top left, Kagura
-Yes we have. Since this is our 100th reading, shall we spend a few moments reminiscing about the past?

Bubble bottom, Shinpachi
-Well then, to mark our 100th Reading “This Thing, that Thing and Everything” SPECIAL conclusion episode STARTS NOW !

Frame3, Gintoki
-...Hey…Didn’t you say we were making a special conclusion episode?
-Didn’t you want to reminisce about the past? Who’s going to do it? Hey!

Frame 4, Shinpachi
-Ahem. Someone’s got to look after the fire.
-Let me do it then, while the two of you can concentrate on presenting.

-It’s alright, I'll take care of it. Shinpachi, you carry on the reminiscing. Didn’t you once say you had the confidence to be a chairman?

(Bottom) Shinpachi: No, I can’t, even if I have said that before, I think we should let Kagura do it.

Frame5, Kagura
-No, I don’t want to
-Because if I look away from the pot, then all the meat will be taken.

Frame2, Gintoki,
-Oohhh… that really hurt. Watch what you say guys, don’t go too far.
-How could I do such a despicable thing?
-(bottom)For goodness sakes, this is a New Year party. Could you not say things that hurt my feelings?

Frame3, Gintoki
-Its true…it’s true that we don’t often get the chance to eat Nabemono at our house.
-But I’ve put in so much effort, to allow us to happily share a meal as while we send off the old year and welcome the new. Ah, how can you…ah…when have you become such a cold person…

(TN: Nabemono=Sukiyaki=steamboat=hotpot)

Kagura: …………
Shinpachi: …It WAS cold of you Kagura. Go on, apologize

Frame5, Kagura
- …What did I do, you animals-----
- I’m wrong, okay. What I said was mean…

Text, top, slanting upwards

Text, bottom left
Chapter 100

-The precious meat has all disintegrated
-That’s because the two of you keep fighting over it. You’re over-excited! Just like the nabe!

(left) Kagura
-You animals! How dare you trick me! It’s all your fault that my soul has become darker and darker.

(bottom left) Gintoki
-That’s how adults are made. This is wonderful, you are one step closer to being an adult.

-I remember I taught you that the dinner table is also a battlefield. Don’t forget it.

Top left, Kagura
-I’ll never believe Gin-san again. We are all enemies, I can’t trust anyone.

-How enlightened. Go on, hate me with your guts. Use the power of your hate to survive in this corrupted world!

-What’s corrupted is your brain.

Frame4, Shinpachi
R: ---This is bad
L: Its situation has developed as expected.

R: The way we eat Sukiyaki at Yorozuya IS exactly like throwing Matsushima Tomoko into a lion's cage and leaving her alone.

L: At this rate, before a single piece of meat lands in my mouth, they will be torn and devoured

TN: Matsushima Tomoko is a 60 year old lady who appears on Japanese TV.

The first issue is to protect the meat from the wild animals and rather than trying to eat more than them. However they are both fuming mad right now, a clumsy way of stopping them will bring a backlash.

Frame 1
Text, Shinpachi
R: Hmm, although they are both idiots, they are also egotistical. If I direct my aggravation on this point…
L: This is a gamble. But in order to protect the meat, this is all I can do…

Frame 2
SFX: clatter

Frame3, Shinpachi
Enough, I’m not eating
SFX: sigh

Frame4, Shinpachi
-We are actually fighting with each other over food. How cold is that? I’ve completely lost my appetite

-Besides, Otae and I already ate roast meat yesterday.
-Maybe I’m bored of the same food… maybe because I can get it so frequently…but enough about me, please go ahead, you two.

Frame 5, Shinpachi
L: …C’mon!
R: Take the bait!

Frame6, Gintoki
-You guys are so difficult to please
-Forget it, I didn’t buy this because I specially wanted to eat meat! From the start it was all about the gathering

SFX: clatter
(Bottom left) Now that the situation is so bad, I’ll rather not eat. I don’t have a problem, but how about the two of you, can you really handle it?

Frame 7, Kagura
-This is just as I wished, dammit!!
- I don’t want to eat MEAT. I’m a vegetarian, VEGETARIAN!!

Frame 1
Gintoki: I’m not eating, I’m not eating, what freakin’ nabe
Kagura: Nobody wanted to eat it from the start, you animal

Frame2, Shinpachi
R: However, could have been too much of a good thing
L: If I don’t do something we might have to split and go home…

Frame3, Shinpachi
Uh-oh…But I just said those words, how can I propose the re-opening of the nabe? It’s too unnatural. For starters, it’s too embarrassing

Frame4, Gintoki
R------this is troublesome, I actually wanted to cool things down so I went along with Shinpachi’s suggestion.
L: But who knew that Kagura would refuse to eat as well…

Frame 5, Gintoki
R: In this atmosphere, it’s too difficult to propose the re-opening of the nabe. That would make me feel so embarrassed I could crawl into a hole.
L: However, if I let this drag on, I can forget about eating today. Dammit, I haven’t tasted anything yet, if I don’t stop this situation…

Frame6, Gintoki
R: “I want to eat meat” Say it, someone, anyone! I want to eat so badly I can’t take it anymore! Please sense this, Shinpachi! Sense it quickly and say something, I will give you 300 yen!
L: Who will say it! Please detect this quickly. I really want to eat meat. I’ve not known the taste of meat for over half a year! I think the case is the same for everyone. We are all calculating the same thing right now!!


Gintoki: Ah…Hey? Hey…Kagura What’s wrong? Are you hungry?
Shinpachi: Of course not, it’s a fart.
-No, no, that was a growl from the stomach. I wouldn’t have mistaken that. What’s wrong? Do you feel that hungry already?

Gintoki: If…if you are really that hungry, shall we eat then? I’m good at the moment, how about you guys?

Shinpachi: Kagura-chan, its better not to force yourself. I’m also good for now.

Frame4, Kagura
-…I AM hungry but that’s not a problem
-I can eat Sukonbu

Gintoki: YOU IDIOT---!!
Shinpachi: You’re still growing! Do you know what will happen to you if you eat that stuff all day instead of proper food!!

Shinpachi: C’mon, I’ll get rice for you
Kagura: Can I?
Gintoki: Yes, of course, of course, I bought it for you from the start. Now hurry up and eat up. Don’t space out or I’m going to kill someone

Gintoki: Iyaa, this is nice~ How about we join in as well? But I’m not really that keen to eat, what a pain.
Shinpachi: Isn’t it? Even though I’m not that attracted to the meat, it would be a shame to waste it.

Frame 1, Shinpachi
Text: …we have finally escaped from the stalemate

Frame2, Shinpachi
R: However, it remains as difficult as before to get the meat
L: Because I said I didn’t want to eat sukiyaki, it would be impossible for me to reach out and put my chopsticks into the pot.

R: Whether it’s Sukiyaki, Shabu Shabu or Genghis Khan Barbeque, whenever people gather around a pot to eat…
L: The first one…well, the first person to reach into the pot will definitely feel embarrassed.

R: That’s why, if I can scatter these feelings of shame, to play it smooth and naturally dip in my chopsticks
L: Then I can control the nabemono!

R: In one word, become the Nabe Shogun!!
L: In this battle, the one who controls the first hand is the winner!!

Frame 7, Shinpachi
R: Right now, its actually Kagura-chan who is closest to the Nabe Shogun
L: Although she still hasn’t put her chopsticks into the pot, she has the very natural right to do so once she’s finished her noodles.

Frame8, Gintoki
R: Even so…I don’t think that little girl will pose a threat. Just look at her face indulging in the texture of the noodles. A lot of silly girls her age would rather eat noodles than high fat food like meat anyway.
L: The problem is Shinpachi. He immediately saw through Kagura’s ploy and pretended to very naturally fill her bowl with rice…Not too shabby, Shinpachi

TV: Ole~

Kagura: Ah~ Kato-Ken is on Kōhaku again
Shinpachi: I thought his popularity dropped, but now he’s red-hot again after he made his HG image change.

TN: Kōhaku ( lit. trans Red-White) is A special New Years Eve show aired by NHK TV station featuring a song battle between the "Red" for female vocals and "White" for male vocals. Only the most popular idols and enka singers can be invited to perform on this prestigious show.

TN: HG refers to Hard Gay. A character created by Japanese wrestler/comedian/celebrity Masaki Sumitani aka Razor Ramon HG who dresses up in gay fetish wear and punks unsuspecting bystanders with charity performances accompanied by trademark pelvic thrusts and yowls, often to Ricky Martin music. Check out Gintama episode 30 to see Otsu admit to having a crush on Hard Gay.

Shinpachi: However, you know,
- For singers to appear on that show isn’t such a status symbol anymore, because…

Shinpachi: The first hand is mine!!

Gintoki: Oops
-How come the flame suddenly got smaller?

Frame3 Shinpachi
-What the…

Frame4, Gintoki
R: Shinpachi…
L: I’m the one to be…


Frame6, Gintoki
Eh, chopsticks…?

Frame7, Gintoki
R: I didn’t expect
L: that in that split second…

Frame8, shinpachi

Frame 1, Kagura

SFX: clatter

Frame3, Kagura
-Ah, sorry
-I might have caught a chill~

Frame 4, Shinpachi
R: What…
L: What did you say!?

R: Without using hands or chopsticks, just by sneezing…
L: Has the first hand been won?

R: Is there actually this ridiculous way…
L: to control the first hand!!

R: NO…
L: In truth, no one can eat a pot like that, SHE’s the only one who can touch it now

R: Such innocence…
L: Her pure and wholesome spirit guided her ….towards victory

R: NO…
Kagura: Ho ho ho

Frame 4
R: Ho ho ho
L: The Nabe Shogun is, mademoiselle!

R: This little wench… is not F innocent!
L: Noodles are dangling from her nose!

Frame6, Kagura
Ho ho ho ho. A new discovery, gentlemen? From the time my stomach growled to my chance to eat noodles, it had all been my acting…so I could trick you innocent babes to let down your guard and enable me to attain the title of Nabe Shogun…

R: Bite your fingers as you stare! Stare at how your precious beef is guzzled down by this little girl
Shinpachi: GYAHH

Otose: Hey guys, how come
-You started your meal without us?

Otose: That’s cold of you guys
-I told you to wait for us to finish work first
Catherine: I think it would be a miracle if they actually waited.

Frame3, Kagura
-Ho ho. Sorry aunties, your plot to get the beef is foiled …

Frame4, Otose
-Wait a minute you guys, how could you, this meat…
-Why are you still using pork for the nabemono?
- For goodness sake it’s New Years Eve. You’ll make people cry

Frame 5, Kagura

Frame6, Kagura

PAGE15, Kagura
R: How…I don’t get it…How can it be pork…
Small text, Otose: Move it, this is my seat
L: Im… impossible…That definitely…definitely tasted like beef…Just like the beef in the beef bowl that we had before…

Don’t tell me…

R: Your suspicions are correct! Up til now what you have eaten at this table, what you thought was beef was entirely…
L: Cheap PORK!!

R: Did you think that a high quality meat like beef would end up on our table, little girl?
L: Even I don’t get to eat it!!

R: No…this is too much! My deeply held belief was a lie…
L: My life has been a work of fiction, holding no relationship with all real life characters and organizations. How can this be?

R: ------ At that moment, I felt an indescribable insecurity, as if the ground beneath my feet collapsed
L: I no longer believed anyone, No one can be trusted. He is a pig. The pig is he. What? You bastards will all break your pinky toes…!!

TN: Apparently these are the lyrics from j-pop band GLAY’s “Heavy Gauge” with the exception of one word. @_@

Frame2, text
One down…

Otose: It’s the last day of the year for godssakes, we have to eat something nice
Text: Win or lose…
Otose: No matter how shoddy this year was, if you can eat something nice on the very last day, then you can banish all the bad things and welcome a good year

Otose: I’ve specially invested my money to get the best ingredients
Text: The battle starts now!
Otose: Let’s eat of the best, drink of the best, refresh ourselves and welcome the New Year!

Frame5, text by Shinpachi
R: An old lady with one foot in coffin
L: A middle aged lady with one foot previously on the black path

R: This is no competition
L: The problem is him

Frame 7
R: Gin-san…
L: Don’t we have one last duel before the New Year?

R: We don’t need to any more miscellaneous moves
L: Considering the number of pages left, we have to decide right now

R: The person who touches the pot first will be the winner
L: The Nabe-shogun shall be…

R: Master here…
L: Junior here…

R: What…
L: What trickery is this!!

R: No, impossible
L: Is this actually happening?

R: Forget about the meat…
L: I can’t even touch the pot with my chopsticks…!!

R: These…These guys are beyond the league of Nabe Shogun…
L: They belong to the Emperor class, Nabe LEON !!

Frame 1
R: As far apart as heaven and earth!
L: The pot is so far away…can’t reach. Dammit why did the two come here for? Looking for trouble?

R: Compared to this, our so-called battle was pathetic!
L: Had our tragic internecine fight been totally meaningless?

R: …NO

What are you doing!?

-That is the reason…in order not to let the battle lose its meaning…
-This battle…


Frame7, Gintoki
-Attack, Kagura!!!
-Transform yourself into NabeLEON!!

Frame5, Kagura
-……How should I put it
-I had to bear with the smell of milk
- PORK is still better

Frame7, everyone
-You bastard!! Get that look off your face!!
-Spit it out! Spit out all the meat that you just ate!!

text : Humans are so ridiculous
additional text bottom, slanting: Yeah really…

I am translating from [c-e], I have some questions on Japanese names. Any suggestions will be appreciated, Thank you:amuse

PAGE2 Frame 4, Gintoki:
-It’s alright, I’ll take care of it. Shinpachi, you carry on the reminiscing. Didn’t you once say you had the confidence to be a *** ?

[spoiler text=""]

PAGE3 Frame3, Gintoki
-Its true…it’s true that we don’t often get the chance to eat *** at our house.
(Which one should I choose? Nabemono=Sukiyaki=steamboat=hotpot)

[spoiler text=""]

PAGE5 Frame5, Shinpachi
The way we eat Sukiyaki at Yorozuya IS exactly like throwing *** into a lions cage and leaving her alone.

[spoiler text=""]

PAGE10 Frame2:
Kagura: Ah~ Kato-Ken is on Red-White*** again
Shinpachi: I thought his popularity dropped, but now he’s red-hot again after he made his HG image change. ( What does HG stand for?)

TN: Red-White Song Battle*** A special New Years Eve show aired by NHK TV station featuring a song competition among the hottest stars.

[spoiler text=""]

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#1. by Mangasearcher ()
Posted on Jul 1, 2007
Thanks very much for the translation and I hope your questions get solved :).
#2. by Silver_Sea ()
Posted on Jul 1, 2007
Thanks for your support. ^^
#3. by Trickless ()
Posted on Jul 1, 2007
Thanks for the translations! I'll see if i can help you with your problems:

PAGE2 Frame 4, Gintoki:
I have no idea what a '司会向' (shikaimu, しかいむ) is, but '司会' means something like 'Chairman'? (or 'Chairmanship' in babel fish). Sorry.

PAGE3 Frame3, Gintoki:
I'm not sure what the highlighted text mean, but I know Gintoki mentions about Sukiyaki (スキヤキ) so that's probably it

PAGE5 Frame5, Shinpachi:
Matsushima Tomoko (松島トモ子), some 60 year old lady. She's done TV work, but i don't know much about her. (Matsushima is the family name, so you could say 'Tomoko Matsushima' if you want)

PAGE10 Frame2, Kagura:
The 'Red-White' song battle you mention is more commonly known as Kōhaku(or Kouhaku) (紅白), which does literally mean 'Red-White'. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K%C5%8Dhaku_Uta_Gassen

PAGE10 Frame2, Shinpachi:
HG= Hard Gay aka Razor Ramon HG. This crazy guy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_gay
#4. by Silver_Sea ()
Posted on Jul 2, 2007
Oh gosh, HG means HARD GAY! LOL, a sight for sore eyes... "Kato-Ken" as HG IS pretty controversial...DD:

Thanks for your great suggestions, they help a lot :D
The chinese meaning for, 向 as in 司会向' means "directed" or inclined...I'm still thinking about it, but I guess I'll go with "Didn’t you say that you had the confidence to be a chairman?"

BTW, How accurate was PG 15, Frame7
R: ------ At that moment, I felt an indescribable insecurity, as if the ground beneath my feet collapsed
L: I no longer believed anyone, No one can be trusted. He is a pig. The pig is he. What? You bastards will all break your pinky toes…!!

TN: Apparently these are the lyrics from j-pop band GLAY’s “Heavy Gauge” with the exception of one word. @_@

I read it here...and it looks very different?

HEAVY GAUGE kanashimi no kiwa ni tachisukumu futari ni
ima sejou no ame ga furisosoide...
ato ikutsu no yume wo fumeba yasuraka ni nemureru no ka?
mou dare mo aisenai... aisubeki mono wo motanai
OH mijime de mukuchi na kono yoru ni
itsuwari demo soba ni ite yo yaseta te wo...

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