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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Gintama 102

Gintama the 102nd reading

+ posted by Silver_Sea as translation on Jul 24, 2007 10:30 | Go to Gintama

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//o// Gambete to all the Gintama translators ^^ o\\


Bubble: 14hrs 17mins
-Taken into custody for the obstruction of public events.

Gintoki: Em…?
-Is this for real?

Gintoki: How did we end up like this? The obstruction of public events…but what have we done?
Hijikata: Stop making excuses!! You’re the one who came here in order to sabotage our parade!!

Gintoki: Listen to me, we came here at Miss Otsu’s request!
-We came here to do our job, not to volunteer to help you out.
Hijikata: Help? You’ve only helped to make things worse!


Shinpachi: Miss Otsu specially hired us to help her do her best as the Shinsengumi’s Captain for a Day.
Kagura: She was so generous as to pay us out of her own pocket, just for this day.
-It pains me to think that her effort has been wasted, ruined by guys like you!
Kondo: I think you’re the ones who ruined it for her!

Shinpachi: I don’t want to argue anymore, let me speak to Miss Otsu! We’re not going anywhere with this conversation.
Kagura: That’s right, let us see the Captain. You bastard! Don’t tell me Miss Otsu is only a gorilla on show today?
Kondo: There’s no such thing as a gorilla just for show~ A gorilla is twice as capable of making a living as you.

Hijikata: Che! Sogo, where’s our Captain for the Day?
Okita: That’s true, I’ve not seen her for a while now, where could she have gone?

Kondo: Guys, don’t you realize that when a girl suddenly disappears without a word, it means she had to take dump?
Hijikata: You speak so crudely, no wonder you fail at getting girls.
Kondo: Really, do you know the real reason why I can’t get girls?

Shinpachi: I won’t allow you to continue to insult Miss Otsu!! Miss Otsu will never fart or take a dump!
-Everything comes out in the shape of a cute egg!! Just like a goose.
Kondo: Do you think that you’re protecting your purity like this? What you think is even more disgusting!


Kondo: Even an idol has to fart and take a dump. Look at reality in the eye and live, you retard.
Shinpachi: So you reckon my sister farts too, huh?
SFX: ring ring (Hijikata’s cellphone)
Kondo: Of course I can accept that fact. Only I believe that Miss Otae’s fart should be pink colored.
Shinpachi: You’re the one who refuses to face reality, you jerk!!

Hijikata: Yes.
-What? It’s Yamazaki? I’m real busy right now. I’m hanging up.

-…Yamazaki should be investigating the case of the serial kidnapper at this moment.
-He said he wanted to have Miss Otsu’s autograph.
-Don’t worry, I’ve already written it. Speaking of the devil, where is that girl?

Okita: Wouldn’t it be shocking to imagine that Miss Otsu got kidnapped at the one moment that we were distracted?
-It’s unbelievable such a thing could happen under our very noses.
Hijikata: Don’t joke about it. If it really happened our reputation will be utterly ruined.

Hijikata: I’m sure she’s got to be taking a piss or something.
Okita: You’re just as crude as Kondo-sensei, no wonder the both of you can’t get girls.

Hijikata: Che, how about you?
Okita: Well, I met a couple of girls the other day…
-What do you say I fix up a date for you next time?

Shinsengumi: Vice-Captain, I can see her!
-Over there!!

Heavens’ Dogs: Ladies and gentlemen. Do you really think that the Shinsengumi are capable of protecting the peace in Edo!?

-The answer is: NO!! They are weak, inefficient parasites of tax-payers money!

-The evidence is here. We have easily kidnapped their captain for a day under their very noses!
-All the girls here as well as Otsu is the evidence that they are unable to take care of anyone!!

-The Shinsengumi are scum! The Bakufu controlling them are also scum!
-The world is getting more and more corrupt!! Shouldn’t we stand up to change it?

Newscaster: -----The criminal organization currently occupying Iboji //thks Bombaa-chan
-have been identified as a group of Joi ronin behind the recent serial kidnapping of women, namely the Heavens’ Dogs Gang!

TN: The kanji for Iboji reads "Temple of the Alternative Buddha", a pun on the ronin dressed as members of a Buddhist cult. But spelled with different kanji, it means "hemorrhoids". //thks pecology

-Most shocking of all, popular idol Miss Otsu, who was acting as the Shinsengumi’s Captain for a day was also kidnapped right in the middle of the parade!
-The kidnappers have taken over the tower using the women as hostages

-What? The gang demands that the Shinsengumi release the Joi ronin they have caught.
-As well as to disband their organization!
-If their demands are not met,
-all the hostages will be killed!

-What---What is the Shinsengumi’s response to their demands?
-The Shinsengumi have already been criticized for their brutal investigation methods. Now that Miss Otsu has been kidnapped under their very noses their reputation has taken another heavy blow…We shall stand by to observe their further movements.


Newscaster: AHH!!
-They’re here, the Shinsengumi are here!

Press: Who’s going to take responsibility for this incident!?
-Please answer our questions!

Press: Kondo-sensei! At that time was Miss Otsu was under your care? Didn’t you find out at all?
-The criminal organization demands that the Shinsengumi disband!! How will you respond to that?!

Gintoki: I did it---Hey…I really did it you know.
-I never imagined I would be caught.

Press: AHH!! Who are you? What is your conection to the Shinsengumi!?
Gintoki: We have been unlawfully captured~
Press: Unlawful custody!? By the Shinsengumi? Can you elaborate on what happened?
-AHH Look! The little girl on his back is… is dead!! What has happened!

Gintoki: It wasn’t an investigation, it was an interrogation~
Hijikata: Are you only content to shut up after adding more fuel to the fire!!

Hijikata: Knock it off, you three bastards. From the beginning if it hadn’t been for the three of you appearing there would never have been this kind of thing happening!
Newscaster: Did you see that? Did everyone see what happened? They are exactly like hooligans!

Hijikata: I’m going to kill him!
Kondo: 14!! Don’t do it! If our rating drops even further…

Kondo: Don’t do anything rash with the mass media all around.
-Those bastards already look down upon us.

Otsu: Everyone!!
Heavens’ Dogs Leader: Ho ho…So the Shinsengumi have finally arrived! Have you signed the papers to disband your group?

Shinsengumi: What? What did you say?
-Sorry! Can you repeat that in a louder voice!
Otsu: Everyone!!
Heaven Dogs: Ho ho …So the Shinsengumi have finally arrived! Have you signed the papers to…hey, it’s embarrassing to repeat twice!!

Kondo’s Sign: We still can’t hear you. Let’s communicate by writing.

Frame 2
Terrorist Sign: I hope you don’t have any problems releasing our comrades?
If you don’t fulfill our request, the hostages will die.

Hijikata: Do you guys understand? Delay them as much as possible.
-Group 2 and Group 3 will use this chance to circle around the back.
Okita’s Sign: Your letters are too small, we can’t see it.
Heavens’ Dog: You bastards! That’s an exaggeration!!
Hijikata: Pretend you can’t hear, pretend you can’t hear.

Heavens’ Dog reads from sign: We are in the process of negotiating with our superiors about their release, this might take a few moments, thank you for waiting---this is what they wrote.
Heavens’ Dogs leader: Hmph, Can we believe their words?

Okita: We want evidence that you have already become our loyal dog.
Spin around three times and shout “woof!”-- that’s what they wrote.
Hijikata: Those bastards.

Okita: And also wrote: “We nominate Hijikata”
Hijikata: Liar! It’s obvious that you’ve just added that on!!
Kondo: No choice 14, do it for the sake of Miss Otsu.
Gintoki: Yes, there’s no choice, 14.
Hijikata: Who gave you permission to call me 14!?


Bubble: woof

Press: HAHAHA He really did it!! The one called the Devil Vice-Captain, the one who terrified everyone, Hijikata Toshiro! WAH HA HA HA WAH HA HA
-What a humiliation! He tried to do it in a stylish manner but instead it looks even more embarrassing!

Okita: Hijikata, I’ve read it wrong. I confused the words with: “We’re hungry, go make some curry.”
Hijikata: How the heck could you have read it wrongly!?

Hijikata: They look entirely different!!
Kondo’s Sign: Do you prefer spicy? Or sweet?
Shinsengumi: Captain! In a time like this any curry would do!

Press: This is indeed a sight for sore eyes!
-The Shinsengumi, once feared by the Joi ronin are making curry!
-They are at the beck and call of the terrorists!


Heavens’ Dog leader: Ho ho, this is AWESOME!
Otsu: Everyone…
Heavens Dog leader: Hey, shouldn’t we order some entertainment before dinner?

Terrorist’s sign: Dance like a robot.

Hijikata: What the---KUSO. They’re starting to enjoy toying with us! Now they want us to dance like a robot.
- and wrote “we nominate Okita.”
Okita: Did they really, then I guess I have no choice.

Hijikata: HO OH!!

TN: A power move in Computer game “Mega Man” known as “Rockman” in Japan because of its parody of rock music.

Hijikata: Did they ask you to dance!? Or to make a power move!?
Okita: The dance opens with a ROCKET PUNCH, you know.
Heavens Dog: Brilliant! Who is that guy! He doesn’t have any weaknesses!

Terrorist’s sign: Do Simon Says

Hijikata: Do Simon Says…no one identified.
-What a bunch of jerks. Well, let me take care of this one.


Hijikata: I’m imitating Okita!!
SFX: duck

Okita: I’m imitating a prawn!!

Hijikata: …Hey, let’s discuss something…I’m really counting on you. Let me have a punch.
-I promise it won’t hurt, I’m already begging you.
Okita: No way.

Hijikata: Take me on, you stinking brat!
Newscaster: Hey hey, now they are fighting among themselves!!

Press: The Shinsengumi… are falling to pieces! They’re totally disorganized!

Shinsengumi cook: Captain, our image is getting from bad to worse!

Kondo: Would you like more rice, Sei-chan?
Sei-chan: They did it, they’ve finally did it, those guys.
Kondo: They also have no choice but to do it, Sei-chan.


Kondo: Sei-chan, you can go home now.
-Whatever that happens, I’m sure we can handle it.
Gintoki: I’m afraid I can’t do that. After all, I am your mascot.
-I’ve accepted the deposit from Miss Otsu, so I’ve got to keep working.

Kondo: What kind of mascot are you?
-Is this really the impression that we give to people?
Gintoki: This is really the impression.
Kondo: And what is this impression?

Gintoki: Foolish, disorganized and protects the peace of Edo. Yup, exactly this impression.
Kondo: Only you make people feel foolish and disorganized.

Gintoki: Ok, I’m going now.
Shinsengumi cook: Hey, the curry is ready.

Kondo: Where are you going, Sei-chan

Gintoki: I already said that Sei-chan is your mascot.
-Foolish, disorganized and protects the peace of Edo.


Terrorist’s sign: Kill the Captain

Shinsengumi: Their demands are getting more outrageous!
-To ask for the execution of our Captain….
-Don’t be ridiculous, how can we do such a thing?

Otsu: I beg of you, please don’t do this!

Heavens’ Dogs leader: If you refuse our orders,
-Then this girl will be executed in the place of your Captain!

Heavens’ Dogs leader: If you can’t even protect one person, how can you protect the peace of Edo?
-Have you forgotten how harshly you attacked the Joi in order to protect Edo?
-You’re not just giving up like that, are you?


Gintoki: Yes~Sir!

Heaven Dog: The curry has arrived!
-But who are you?
Gintoki: I am just a worker, dressed up as a mascot, and got dragged into this mess by accident.
Heavens Dog: Exciting things are happening right now, get out of our way! Just leave the curry here.

Gintoki: You mean here?

Kondo: That is fine.

-Take me on.


Shinsengumi: Captain
-What are you thinking of doing!
-Please don’t joke about this!!

Kondo: Miss Otsu!
-I’m sorry.

- Thank you for putting so much effort into us, but we’ve remained the same.
-No matter how much we try, its true a leopard can’t change its spots.

-We are still a bunch of stupid, barbaric, and annoying men!
-Our problem is not something that can be corrected in a single day!

- But I have still tried to learn from Miss Otsu.
-You gave me a new perspective, letting me understand that…

- No matter how much people despise us.
-No matter how much they mock us, we will not mind!

- However,
-To be unable to protect what is our duty to protect. Only this kind of useless man,

- I absolutely refuse to be one of them!


Kondo: Pull out your swords!! Guys!!

-Even if you have to step across my dead body,

-you must all have something that you are willing to protect at all costs.

-C’mon, take me on!

Gintoki: This is the curry delivery!

Heavens’ Dogs: Ah, right, just put it over there.

Gintoki: Over here?
Heaven Dog: Shh! You talk too much! We’re watching the most exciting part!
Gintoki: Oh, sorry guys.

Kondo: Ah…

Otsu: CAPTAIN!!!

Terrorist: What are you doing, you bastard!!
Gintoki: Ah~ I did it~ I did it~

Terrorist: What are you trying to do? Kill him! Kill him!

Yamazaki: Oh man, the wig was making my head itchy like crazy!
-Miss Otsu, could you sign an autograph for me later on?

Terrorist: Has this guy been hiding among the women all along…?
How can it be…!!


Shinsengumi: Party’s over ~ for you there~ dude without a face

Heavens’ Dog: Gasp!



Newspaper Sub-heading: Temple half-wrecked

-It’s the Shinsengumi again--- temple half-wrecked, hostages rescued, nobody hurt…these guys are still pretty efficient.
-Shinsuke… I’m afraid that our ambition won’t be so easy to achieve.
-SFX ring ring

SFX: *push*
-Yes yes, I am
- Tsunpo //thks Bombaa-chan

TN: Probably a parody on Tsunku, a music producer in Japan. //thks pecology

-Ah, its Otsu-chan
-Oh, oh really?
- Awesome lyrics appeared in your mind?

-Ah, what a coincidence, I’ve just thought of a wonderful melody as well.

-I feel so HAPPY ~

TN: Thank you Bomber D Rufi and pecology for your helpful suggestions! ^_^

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