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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Gintama 103

Gintama the 103rd Reading

+ posted by Silver_Sea as translation on Jul 29, 2007 17:45 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 103

:fangirl Every fangirl has this moment… my favorite doujin artist replied to my message!!! :faint Since she was the one who got me interested in Silver Soul in the first place, I’m inspired to release this chapter today! Enjoy~ :lovebunny

Frame1, text by Shinpachi
R: Ah? Where am I?
L: The sky is so white…

R: Wait a minute…?
L: I’m the one covered in white.

Center text, slanting to the right:

R: Why? Why am I lying here?
L: Ah? Hasn't something like this happened before?

The 103rd Reading:
Only children get excited when they see the snow.

Frame1, Otose
- I’m not sure if this winter is a result of the climate change,
-But the feathery snow blowing down the streets of Edo are thicker than I’ve ever seen before. Everywhere's covered in snow.

Frame2, Otose
- People huddle in the streets with miserable faces…
- For shame!

Frame3, Otose
-If rain falls from the sky we shall play in the water,
-if guns fall from the sky we shall have a bamboo dance!

-In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we never forget to enjoy the simple pleasures! That’s the style of the children of Edo…
-That’s why…
In the hustle and bustle of daily live, we never forget to enjoy the simple pleasures. That's the nature of the children in Edo...

Frame1, Otose
I have organized the very first Big and Shiny Kabuki-cho Grand Snow Festival!!

Frame2, Otose
-It's just a snowstorm, so what’s the big deal?
-It’s not that easy to cover Edo in the color of white! We shall use our neon lights to stain Edo in all the colors of the rainbow!

TN: Kabuki-cho is the entertainment district of Edo, also a red-light district…

Frame3, Otose
-In this pleasure-loving city, another festival is born!!

Frame4, Shinpachi

Shinpachi: I’ve brought the snow.
Gintoki: Eh, put it there.
-Wow, everyone’s putting out impressive pieces, just look at those ones…
-And we can even engrave our shop name in the snow, pretty good for advertising.

Frame2, Gintoki
-However this is indeed a street in the pleasure district...
-The subjects are all seductive …Although this shows the true character of Kabuki-cho.

Shinpachi: So, what are we making for Yorozuya?
Gintoki: Well, it's this baby right here.
-The next thing we need to do is fix a pole down the middle of this...

Frame4, Shinpachi
-Do you intend our anime to get taken off the air!!

Hey, hey! What'd you do that for, you little bastard? Do you know how much time I spent making that ball?
-Shinpachi: I can't help but wonder what's going on in that mind of yours. You don't HAVE to cater to the disgusting tastes of the people around here, you know...
Kagura: Gin-san, I’ve finished making the pole.
Shinpachi: Gahhh!! What are you carrying, Miss Kagura?!

Gintoki: What's the matter, Shinipachi? You mistaking this thing for something else?
-This happens to be the "Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Canon", y'know.
Shinpachi: Whatever! You repeated the word "Armstrong"! How could a canon possibly look as wrong as that?

Gintoki: All you care about is anime! It's always "anime this, anime that". You're too sensitive. You're over-reacting.
-Tch, just because you're going through puberty, you get your brain flooded with hormones, and once you see a pole and two balls, you immediately start associating it with THAT.
-I'm hard at work here, if you couldn't tell. So can you not talk to me?

Shinpachi: I was just pointing out how suspicious it looks. If it's not THAT, then what IS it?

Frame4, Madao
Hello there! Look who’s here! You guys came for the festival, too?
Well look at who's here! You guys came for the festival, too?

Shinpachi: Ah, Uncle Hasegawa, help me stop these two from messing around, would you?

Madao: Let me see... Isn’t this the Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Canon? It’s very well detailed.
(Bottom right)Shipachi: Whhhhhhat? How did you know about this thing?! Is there really such a canon in existence? Am I the only one who doesn't know about it?

Gintoki: This is the ultimate weapon that was used by the Inuit tribe to smash Edo’s Tenshou Tower and forced Japan to open our country.

TN: Obvious phonetic equivalent of the Inuit people, the Eskimos indigenous to the far north of Canada and Alaska.


(bottom left) Shinpachi: What? Our country was defeated by such an ugly canon?

Gintoki: Well, how about you? Why are you in a place like this?
Madao: Ah, well, I came here with a sculpture to enter in the festival. If I'm not wrong, there's a reward for the best sculpture on display.

Frame2, Shinpachi
-What is that thing?! I have no idea how you created it, but it's simply amazing!

Frame3, Madao
You're too kind. it's but a modest work of art.
-I love art, so once I got into it, I just kept going until it was done.
-The title is “Flight”.

Shinpachi: YA HA, it’s amazing! Isn’t this going to win the prize for best sculpture?
Shinpachi: Haha, it's amazing! You think this is going to win the prize for best sculpture? Or: Don't you think this is going to win the prize for best sculpture?

Gintoki: Yeah, It’s amazing. But this subject... Were you the model?
Madao: Eh? Oh, I must have poured too much passion into it. That's why it bears such a close resemblance to me.

Gintoki: But compared to you, aren't the muscles here too developed?
-I think it needs to have a little bit taken off about here.
Madao: Hey!! What do you think you're doing?!

Madao: Wait, just spare me will you? This pose is maintained by a very delicate balance, you know. Hey!
Gintoki: Ah, well this part does look a lot like yours.
(bottom right)Kagura: Hey, Uncle Madao, that part looks a lot like Uncle Madao’s thing!
(bottom left)Madao: Hey! No! You can’t point over there!!

Gintoki: Dammit! How can you let our little sister Kagura see such a disgusting thing?!
Madao: Wait, wait, wait, its got artistic meaning. Think about it. You see a lot of nude paintings in art, right?

Gintoki: Dammit! How could you let our little sister see such a disgusting thing?! OR: Dammit! How could you let Kagura see such a disgusting thing?!

Gintoki: This is nothing but a criminal display of an offensive object.
Madao: Really? I believe the truly offensive object is what you were making.

Gintoki: Dammit! How can you sabotage my road into the world of anime!

Madao: Hey! Watch where you’re aiming that snowball! AHHHH!!

AHAHAHAH! My Lil’ Madao's broken off…

-Stuck…It's stuck on top!!

Frame1, Yakuza
Do you wanna die?! Look at what you just stuck into our sculpture!

Madao: UWAHH! They’re coming! Think of something!

Frame2, Madao


Text: >Flight< ( text is crossed out)
Hey, lady, ha ha!
There, this should do it…
Hey, lady, ha ha!

Otose: This piece is pretty good.
Madao: Ah, is it?

Shinpachi: You two are just too much... You did this on purpose, didn't you?
Gintoki: Of course not. If we let that kind of disgusting thing appear, our anime will be cancelled.
Shinpachi: But what you two are making is exactly the same.

Gintoki: Well, no matter how hard they work, the final victory will be ours.
Kagura: This is a great way to generate publicity for us! After this, we won't have to worry about running out of jobs.

Gintoki: Hey I just had a really great idea. Shall we stick on a pair of wings on him?
Kagura: Gin-san, you’re a genius. How did you come up with such a great idea?
Gintoki: Ahh... I don't know I came up with it either. It's just inspiration, y'know, inspiration.

Katsura: Eh? You guys are here too?

Katsura: Let me guess, you're after the prize money, aren't you?
Shinpachi: Katsura-sensei

Katsura: Eh? Isn’t this the Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Canon? And it's pretty well detailed.
Shinpachi: How on earth did you know that?

Gintoki: Nicknamed “Shooting thunder”, it is hellish weapon that ignited the tragedy of the “7 days of Flame” in the Baergan Campaign.
Shinpachi: That's not what you said before.

Kagura: Zura, what are you doing here?
Katsura: I came here for my health, I have to relax too, sometimes.
-How 'bout it, Captain? Why don’t you come and play too?

TN: Check out the 69th Reading to find out why she is the captain.

Frame1, Shinpachi
-Awesome!! You can even play in it!!

Frame2, Katsura
-This sculpture was not born to satisfy my creative urge …
-Don’t you agree that it exists to bring joy to children?

Katsura: This is not just a sculpture: it is a gift to society, for the children who hold tomorrow in their hands. In order to link them to the future we have to straighten out the world.
Gintoki: Isn’t this just a slide? How did you drag in the Joi into it?
Katsura: I now am full of hope for the children who holds the keys of tomorrow. Feel free to use it how you please.

-Hey, Captain, that’s not the way you’re supposed…

-Is it like rock-climbing?

Katsura: No, this is a slide.
-Don’t slide like that!!

Gintoki: Hey, Zura, where’re the stairs on this thing?
Katsura: You bastards, how much longer do you intend to climb? I can still see your footprints on the steps.

Frame1, Katsura
-Ah, the slide is full of scars now.
-Here I come to smooth out your scars. If I don’t hurry…Eh?!


Frame3, Katsura
-You bastards!
-Are you trying to get me to quit so you'll win? Don't think it's as easy as that!


( Bubbles from left to right)
It's a bungee tower?
-It's not. I didn't hear anything about it having a bungee tower.
-Well, it's not exactly usual to make a tower like this, is it?
-That's why its got to be a bungee tower.
-Yeah, it looks dangerous. If kids were to fall off from there... That's why
-It can only be a bungee tower.

-…Eh, isn’t this brilliant?

-Are you a genius, or what? Would an ordinary person have thought about adding a slide up there?
- I dunno... The idea just struck me out of the blue.
Shinpachi: A sudden flash of inspiration? The anime's going to be scrapped for sure.
Sa-chan: Oh my…

-Gin-san, You’re here, too... What a coincidence.
-I really didn't know Gin-san would be here too! ...Of course I didn't come here especially to see Gin-san... though I've done that before.
Shinpachi: No one’s listening to you, Miss Sa-chan.

Sa-chan: Oh my, isn’t this the Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Canon? It so detailed.
Shinpachi: This has got to be its original form! How did you know about it?!
Gintoki: In the galactic battle between the Tsezarn planet and Kashan planet, this weapon was the complete opposite of the Misseltor canon that led the Tsezarns to victory, it was the legendary weapon that remain stored in the warehouse.
Shinpachi: Whatever, man. You’re too long-winded!! // Thks pecology

-……does this mean that Miss Sa-chan has also made something?
- Eh, it's nothing special.

Shinpachi: ... Don't you think it's a little too obvious? You're the only one who would create such a thing... though I have to say, it's pretty good.
Sa-chan: No, of course it isn't Gin-san. This sculpture has no relationship to Shueisha and its author.

Kagura: I think there’s something wrong with it. Its leg is really long. Gin-san’s leg is much shorter.
Shipachi: Ahh, well, you've put a lot of imagination into it, even a bit of Fantasy.... But I guess it was too much of a bother to make the long legs?

Gintoki: I think this is excellent, it’s the spitting image.
-Heh, you think this'll win the grand prize? Even I can't bring myself to destroy it.
Sa-chan: Oh, Gin-san, are you lying? Are you actually complimenting me?
Gintoki: It doesn't matter if it's a compliment or not, I'm speaking from the heart.

Sa-chan: Originally I wanted the legs to be 15cm longer.
Gintoki: Oh my, no, leaving it like this instead, it's more realistic instead.
Shinpachi: You’ve said “instead” twice. Means you haven’t said anything.

How come the position the hands are in is so unnatural?
-Ah this?

-It's because of this.
-This is the only way it could be complete.

SFX: tumble
-GYAAHHH!! What are you doing?

Sa-chan: Gin-san’s hand! I’ve got to glue it back on, quickly! Glue it back, quick!
-I’m so sorry, my glasses--

- I have to stick it back on, and fast!
Small Text: Hey, where are you going?

SFX: Rub rub

Frame2, Otae
-What are you

Gin-san: Why IS IT ALWAYS ME?!

Otae: How strange…I don’t know why I felt molested by Gin-san, I’m so sorry.
Shinpachi: Big sister? Why are you here?
Otae: Ah, our shop has also put out a piece. I just came here to help out.
Otae: How strange... I don't know why I felt that I was being molested by Gin-san. I'm so sorry.

Otae: Oh my my, isn’t this the Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Canon? It's very detailed.
Shinpachi: Wrong! It’s obviously NOT this one!
Otae: Its so silly and so crude, it’s the definitive Armstrong Canon.
Shinpachi”: What? What the heck is an Armstrong Canon? Seriously.

Otae: Forget about it, this is a rare opportunity. Come over here, Shinpachi-kun.
-Our entry took a lot of effort…

-What do you think?
-Impressive, isn’t it?

-We may have only girls in our shop, but we started making this early in the morning, once we got off from work.
-We have a slide and sculptures too--all the works. Of course, it's not as good as the others...

Frame3, Otae
-But it’s too far-fetched to get the grand prize. Everyone’s work is so remarkable. How in the world did they create it?
-Right, how about Yorozuya? Did you guys come up with something?

Right Text: It’s too…
Left Text: It’s too embarrassing, I can’t say it
Gintoki: Er, That, it’s...y'know~
Kagura: Some…something like a mascot, y'know.
Otae: Oh, that means it's Sadaharu…
Shinpachi: Far from it. It's the epitome of a certain obscene object.
Otae: Huh? What? “The room, the shirt and me?”

Right text: So what have we been doing up to now?
Left text: What “Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Canon” Isn’t just some obscene object?
Shinpachi: Ooops. You two have accidentally revealed the truth.

Right text: That kind of thing, how can we even think about the grand prize, even the participation prize…

Left text:……let's leave, before we totally look like idiots, let’s get out…
Otae: Hey where are you two going?
-C’mon, look over there, everyone’s spent a lot of effort.

- What is that! Something weird on the sculpture.

Right text: That…
Left text: Isn’t that…

-HOHAHAHAHA! What grand prize?
-Once I destroy all the snow sculptures, there won't be anything to give the grand prize to!

It's made of snow, so they'll all melt eventually!
-So, disappear now!! All of you disappear now!

-GYAHHH! What are you trying to do, you perverts!!

Everyone, protect the sculptures! We must protect our hard work, sweat, and tears!

-Look at you! Stop wasting your time! You’ve even built a slide!
-Who wants to play on that kind of thing!!

-The only people living down these streets are dirty-minded old farts, and the little perverts that they've educated.
-What slide… it looks better like this, I prefer all the slides in the world to break now!!

-Ohh, everyone’s fighting. It's such a mess.
-Otae, what should we do? Looks like we have to give up on the grand prize now.

-Hang on, what are you doing?

- This isn't some kind of joke. We HAVE to get the grand prize!
- Didn’t we agree to share the 100 boxes of Haagan Dazs?

-You say "we have to get the grand prize", yet you throw the sculpture we need to get it?

Frame3, Gintoki
-…Haagan Daz
- The Grand Prize? Haagan Daz?

-DAMMMIT! Are you kidding me?
-The only reason I bothered to work on this thing was because you said there was a reward.

-Rot in hell, all of you! To think that you actually dared to trick me.
-There's no limit to your arrogance.

Frame 4
-Ma-madam Otose,
-What is everyone doing?
-Is this a snowball fight?

Frame 5
-EH.. yes.

Frame 6
-It’s a celebration! :tackle

TN: Thanks for your great suggestions, pecology~! ^_^
Thank you Belle for proofing

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#1. by Belle ()
Posted on Jul 31, 2007
Lol. Well, that was an interesting tidbit of history. Nice to know you got a reply. ^_^ Awesome translation, too, as always! Be on the look out for some Gintama proofs from me, as Sai's going to proofread your Kekkaishi stuff first, now.
#2. by Silver_Sea ()
Posted on Jul 31, 2007
More Gintama proofs~!! :nuts Thanks!

As for the doujin artist...her website is closing in ten days, so I HAD to say something, though it was scary since I wrote to her using Babelfish...:faint

If you're curious, this is what she's about, and I am forever grateful to HBK for helping a fangirl out...^^

Genre: Josei-shounen?!?! Whatever it is, I love the vibes her work gives off. It would be a breath of fresh air if more doujin could move in this direction.... :P :shakefist
#3. by Nami (Queen of The Damned)
Posted on Jul 31, 2007
Er..HBK? was wondering who's that till i saw the post. :p
Why was her site closing down? Talking about doujin, have you seen those on Gintama yet?

And thanks a lot for doing Gintama steadily still! Think you've gotten the hang of it now. So in the end, did Otae beat anyone up? That's the part i like about her. :D
#4. by Silver_Sea ()
Posted on Aug 1, 2007
hi Nami! Thanks for the support for Gintama...yes, I'll be making at least 1 new Gintama a month, and we will see our new Gintama translators posting more of their work, too~!

Gintama doujins...hmm, actually I haven't been searching for them as I don't find anyone in Gintama HOT...as in pairings. I'd say Gintama is the antidote to romance, its totally unsentimental, even crude. XD;;; :lmao

But Sorachi has revealed in an interview Gintama will continue for another 10 vols, making the collection 30 in total. Since there are still like 100 more episodes to go, and Gintoki has to face-off Takasugi..., maybe the drama might escalate and provide fodder for romantic doujin???
#5. by Hissori ()
Posted on Aug 7, 2007
Hey Silver Sea, I just read this and it looks pretty good. :) I just have one small nitpick: in the Japanese version, the name of the cannon is actually the "Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Canon". I know neo and new mean the same thing, but I think "Neo Armstrong" sounds better because it makes a better pun with "Neil Armstrong".
#6. by Silver_Sea ()
Posted on Aug 7, 2007
in the Japanese version, the name of the cannon is actually the "Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Canon". I know neo and new mean the same thing, but I think "Neo Armstrong" sounds better because it makes a better pun with "Neil Armstrong".

Ahh-- thanks for pointing that out! ~:lovebunny

I agree, Neo Armstrong sounds better, and I was worried if I got the weapon's name correct, since it was written in chinese in the RAWs. I just remembered the name from the anime, esp the one with Sakamoto and the giant-sized "Just-we" XD''

Thanks for checking thru my trans, let me know if anything else is missing~ *
#7. by GintokiSugar ()
Posted on Jan 9, 2008
where i can download the scans of this chapter? please help me thank you very much :D

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