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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Gintama 86

Gintama the 86th reading

+ posted by Silver_Sea as translation on Oct 25, 2007 16:35 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 86

A couple of days ago, I realized that between UraKaiScans, MangaSearcher and Yorozuya, we have the whole of Vol 11 complete - except for this chapter. So that's why it's here. :D

UraKaiScans will release the full volume on Halloween's Day, so watch for it. :nuts
It will contain 3 unreleased chapters: Chp 86, 87( by Bomber D Rufi) and chp 88.

Page 1
A greeting card aimed at my colleagues, the editors of Japanese Shonen Jump.
(Thank you for continued guidance and support in the new year!)

Page 2

You don’t need a guidebook for romance.

Page 3
Be sure to choose the appropriate subject matter for comedy.

Page 4

After saving a cat-eared girl from being hassled by a drunken man on the tram, Shinpachi went through certain events before meeting up with her.

…. … Okay, will that do?

What do you mean by “certain events”. Could be more specific and tell the audience why we're following him?

Well…Shinpachi never told me the reason, so I’m not too clear.

I’ve never heard a prologue as vague as that.

I’m already tired, if you couldn’t tell.

Don’t say that you’re tired

Sister, a wuss like him isn’t up to the job. Let me take over.

The cake was delicious.

That’s your personal opinion.

Food, that’s all that you lot care about!

But the cake was really delicious.

That’s enough, I’m taking it from here.

Page 5
Samurai country.

That’s what our nation used to be called.

Hey, which page are you at? Do you know how many tankobons we’ve already released?

I’m just refreshing according to sequence.

Just be quiet!

No, you’re the one who should be quiet.

What are those people doing?



That’s your eye…Shinpachi-san.

Oh God it’s hot!

Oh no! I’m so sorry, could I have a napkin?!

Are you okay? What came over you?

You didn’t get scalded, did you?

No, it doesn’t matter.

Page 6

Your sincere gaze,

has ignited a fire in my heart!

Dammit, its not fair! Why does such a cute girl like her have to ornament herself with kawaii things?!

In a sense, those things are weapons.

In another sense… I am also a weapon.

(Harlequin books)

Bro, I can finally understand why you went crazy over those cat ears! Cat ears are Awesome! BANZAI to cat ears !!

I’m such an ignorant bastard, I’m the one who deserved to be thrashed.

A scumbag like me isn’t even worthy of sitting here…

Hey, Shinpachi-san

I’m really grateful to you for earlier.

I never expected you to agree to this meeting.

I just had to thank you in person.
“ Dribble dribble”

But I didn’t really mean to just say it, I meant to…

Page 7
Hey, that’s your eye…

What? Oh snap! What on earth was I thinking?


I don’t know what came over me!

Weird, I’m feeling so awkward and my heart’s racing.


(female psychology)

Stop it! Stop making such adorable gestures!

(What’s gotten into both of you?)

Like a chiropractor, you’ve pressed all the right spots!

I’m so glad you wore those cat ears I gave you.

I chose them specially for you.

It’s been my dream to stroll down the streets with my boyfriend wearing matching outfits.

Ooops! I’ve let it slip out…

(What the-? Control yourselves, ladies.)

Page 8
What the heck was that about…that girl is getting on my nerves!
What am I supposed to do now? What should I do?!

I feel something black clogging my heart!
Get that black stuff outta me now!
(Ow you’re killing me!)

No worries. We’re just walking together, right? No big deal…

So… shall we go now?

Really? Do you mean you agree?

Oh my god, I finally found the courage to do it.

Why is my vision clouding up?

You should just stay blind for the rest of your life!
Ow Ow Ow!
What’s that gotta do with me! You should take it out on her!

That hurts!

Can I hold your hand?

Er…em…yeah sure!

Page 9
What’s this?

Your wife figured she didn’t need a satyr for a husband.

She said: that pansy is too weak to commit seppuku, so just allow him to end it with a bullet.

That woman doesn’t understand me at all.

Since I’m such a weakling who’d tremble at the slightest sound,

How could I have the guts to do such a thing?

I can’t stand your wriggling any longer, sir. Rather than live on in shame,

Why don’t you just die honorably like a samurai?

I know a lot of kids like you who yell seppuku over every silly little thing.

But face the facts, life is not honorable. Real honor means having the strength to live on even after a shameful thing has happened.

Page 10
…did you have to be so dramatic?

I just can’t watch that man…grovel any longer.

Why?! Hijikata-san…

Why are humans so…

…did you have to be so dramatic?

Why are you trying to make it look like I fired the gun? Why are you sweating? You make me feel sick!

Help me, everyone! Hijikata…Hijikata’s gone crazy! I can’t stop him any more!

That’s a lie! Stop this nonsense! I’m not the one who did it, don’t push the blame on me!

My guidebook…

I can’t find it anywhere

Since the day I got framed for sexual harassment,

My police guidebook went missing along with my wallet.

What do you think?

Page 11
We look like we’re going out.

I’m not only holding hands with her, my hearts beating wildly.

Without realizing it,

Have we wandered somewhere inappropriate?

Now everyone’s going to think that I’m up to no good.

Um Aitorishi-chan, this alleyway is kinda boring

Shall we head in a different direction? The main road’s much better…

Shinpachi-san. I’ve been so nervous that I feel drained now.

Can we stop and rest up for a bit?

That hotel doesn’t look expensive. Can we go there?

Page 12
Is she for real?

Im-impossible?! How can I suddenly feel this way?
(Oops…I’m let it slip out!)

But we’ve only just met each other…is this the kind of feeling I’m supposed to have?

Just seconds after opening the door – and we’re there?

I’ve heard a lot about the slack morality of the youth nowadays.

This is as bad as the chaotic times of war!

No! I can’t do this! Even though doing it with such a cute girl would be awesome…

But I’m still underage! And this is a shonen manga! If I start doing stuff like this from the first chapter, what are the chances of Gintama being adapted into anime?! All my hard work would’ve been for nothing!


But I just said that! Where am I now?

This is bad, this can’t happen! I’ve gotta stop…

Em…your it’s your turn.

I’ll…be waiting for you in bed…

until forever.

Page 13
Who cares if Gintama will be adapted into an anime!!

I’ve reached the point of no return! If I let a chance like this get away, I’d be humiliated for life!

So what if this is a shonen manga. They’ve got techniques of drawing that can hide everything !

Relax. Everything is under control.

I, Shimura Shinpachi, a boy.

Shall now be transformed into a MAN.

Give me the cheapest room.

No! I want that one with the rotating bed!

That expensive room? You’ve gotta be joking. Just spin around yourself.

What’s that supposed to mean?

Er, sir, we provide accessories too. Would you like some candles or perhaps a whip?

Page 14
I’d like a missile please.
I’d like to blow up the girl pretending to be cute.
Oh sorry, you don’t provide missiles here.

Hey, stop talking nonsense!

I’m sorry, the missile she’s referring to is mine, although I would describe it as a vibration canon!

By any chance, did you notice a pair of teenagers wearing cat ears check in here?

Sorry, I’m not at liberty to disclose such details.

But uh, could you please make arrangements for that first?

I suppose you’re the ones who brought her here?

This place is adults-only, you know

That’s why I hate adults!

Dirty minded! Shameless! Fornicators!

I hate daddy the most!

So what’s going on here?


Hey that’s -

Page 15

Hey, where’d she go?


This card….

How the heck did you end up with this card!

What’s so funny?! The whole thing was set up to make me look like a sex offender!

At the start, I was drinking alone in the bar. Then a girl walked up and started flirting with me.

She was a good conversationalist, almost like a mind-reader, and soon I was telling her my life story.

She told me about this amazing place that I just had to check out,

So I eagerly got on the tram with her.

Page 16

When I regained consciousness, I had been branded as a pervert.

My police guidebook and wallet had disappeared, replaced by this card.

Your heart and your wallet have been stolen by me.
Catseye the demon thief

Imagine that! I had gotten conned - at my age!
But let me make a disclaimer: my heart was not stolen.
My heart had already been stolen by my wife thirty years ago.


Stop right there ----!

You dirty brat ---!

Page 17

Didn’t I tell you…
To stop right there?!

Are you related to that boy? Are you his big brother?

Did you follow us because you were worried about him? You should see how retarded you look right now!

Don’t worry. I didn’t lay a finger on him

His purity is still intact.
( Lady, your underwear is showing)

I’m only after love, I’m the stealer of hearts. I’m Catseye the demon thief

Page 18
The most beautiful thing in this world is love. I have no interest in money or jewels.

But love is invisible, so I have to take the wallets of men, as proof that I have robbed their hearts.

shinpachi’s wallet?

What kind of excuses are those? Aren’t you just a thief?

Your brother’s classic. How can naïve kids like that still exist?

He was so gullible that he actually put on those cats ears after a bit of teasing.That just killed me!

I inadvertently felt the sweetness of puppy love!

Because of that, I could not resist robbing from him.

Hey, do you mind not pretending to be cute?

Even though I personally enjoy it .

Guys are so stupid. They judge everything by appearance.

“ooops… I let that slip out “ Silly me!


You’re too noisy

Page 19
Have you lost control of your anal sphincter?!
Quit your verbal diarrhea!

Hehe… a woman who talks behind a mask is always hiding something bad.

Take that ---

Wow…, how true.

Page 20

Stop picking on her!

…. Don’t people say that your beloved will steal your heart?

Just let it go guys, I’m not mad at her.

…in fact, I’m very grateful to her

Because even if for a brief moment, she allowed me to feel the bliss of having a girlfriend.

So please let me take this chance to say to her…

Page 21
That was fake, you retard!
( awesome, cool!)


Even a tragic romance can allow a person to grow.

I will be stronger in the future.

Small things don’t have the power to affect me anymore.

My heart has developed an inner strength.

A woman is not attractive because of superficial things like acting cute and wearing cat’s ears.

But because of what lies deep inside.

Hey, turn down the volume,guys! You’re disturbing the passengers!

But captain….take a look for your self!

Otssu’s new single -

She’s cosplaying in cat’s ears!

Thank you for reading.
Sorry about the lack of formatting, I will be typesetting this myself so I got lazy. ^_^

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#1. by Nami (Queen of The Damned)
Posted on Oct 26, 2007
You mean hardworking?
Thanks! Now looking forward to your volume release! :tem
#2. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Oct 26, 2007
Yaaay!! Thank u very much for your awesome scan silver! :amuse Keep up the good job! :thumbs
And i'll be waiting for the halloween's day release!! :nuts
#3. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Oct 26, 2007
#4. by Silver_Sea ()
Posted on Oct 26, 2007
Yayy! Thanks guys!

It will be a milestone for Gin because its taken 6 months to get this far, since Yorozuya opened the field. That's why I got the idea to make Vol 11 a special release. :love
#5. by Belle ()
Posted on Oct 26, 2007
Thanks, Silver! ^_^ Looks wonderful!
#6. by Silver_Sea ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2007
:P Thanks Belle. Could you help me post the announcement on the website, too?

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