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Jabberwocky Volume 1

+ posted by sodiumswirls as translation on Jun 9, 2009 06:24 | Go to Jabberwocky

Box: The two-headed eagle...
is the Russian Tsar's coat of arms.
This symbol was passed down to Ivan III after the Byzantine Empire collapsed in 1453...
and it has been passed down through the generations of Tsars.
But why does the eagle have two heads?
It is actually a hidden reference to the image of “Saint George Slaying the Dragon”.

Undersecretary: Yes, I heard about you from Mr Dorian Grey.
Hallward: You were with him in Paris?
Undersecretary: Yes, I heard your skills are of the utmost excellence, Gaspadin (*Russian for Mister) Hallward.
Hallward: Why thank you, Undersecretary Vachesrov Preiv.
Ah, I'm so sorry but... That Orb in your left hand...
Could you lift it a bit higher please...?

Hallward: Your Majesty.
Box: Ekaterina (*Catherine) Palace, Petersburg, the Russian Empire
Amber Room
Hallward: That Orb...
I've only ever seen it in the portraits of previous Tsars but it's smaller than I expected.
It looks like some kind of egg.
Th... That's preposterous!
It's part of our coat of arms!
It's a symbol of Christendom that's been passed down since the Byzantine era!
It's also a symbol of the Tsar and
his power to rule both the heavenly and earthly realms.
It's very important that you draw it clearly and make it bigger!
Now that the previous Tsar has been assassinated by the bombs of those idiots who talk of revolution,
the people need to be shown a great symbol of strength.
Hallward: “The People's Will”, wasn't it? That radical group...
It seems your government is trying to crack down on it.

Hallward: But if, by chance, those radicals got hold of a power greater than bombs... You'd have a real problem, wouldn't you?
Undersecretary: Wha... What do you mean?
Hallward: Oh, it's just a hypothetical question.
Ah, could you lower the egg – I mean, Orb – please?
Thanks. It's pretty light, isn't it?
Is it empty inside?
Undersecretary: Your Majesty!
I'm sorry but that's all for today.

Butler: Excuse me, Gaspadin Hallward
Are you comfortable with painting in your room?
Hallward: It's fine.
Thanks to the Russian climate I've made good progress in colouring.
In fact, I've finished this piece.
Butler: Then I shall serve dinner now.
Hallward: Alright, I'll be there soon.

Spy: There it is.
The Rimbaud-style colour coded message.
Damn, he's always making these hard-to-decipher paintings...
It says:
Box: “Orb is fake. Has been stolen from palace.”

Dorohov: I have the Orb.
Clan Leader: It's the real thing, isn't it? There's no problem then.
My clan will follow you.
The “strongest weapon” is no longer the Tsar's.
The one who holds the Orb commands its power.
Dorohov: Hm.
Even if it's a dodgy person like me, huh?
Well, the mask is really for both our sakes.
I've got a bit of a disease so... It isn't a face you'd like to see.

Lily: It's cold...
But I can put up with that.
Problem is -
the cold prevents me from staying drunk.
Sfx: Glug Glug Glug

N: Ivan Mihairovic Dorohov
Assassin of the previous Tsar, Alexander II, and member of “The People's Will” faction.
That's what we've heard from the Russian side.
Now that you've heard this, you know what to do with him, don't you...?
Miss Lily Apricot.

N: According to Russian intelligence,
Dorohov infiltrated this village three days ago.
Since it's not on home ground, you don't have to worry.
Another thing -
This man is holding a treasure stolen from Petersburg.
You must get it back and return it to Petersburg.
I don't care if you fail and get killed, but please make sure the item is returned before that happens.
Ah, I'm sorry if I made a bad joke.
But it wasn't a joke.
Any questions?
No, right?
Lily: Oh yes I do!

Lily: If...
it's a Russian criminal in Russian territory... Why does the British secret service have to kill him?
It's a request from Russia, so why can't they kill him?
In return for killing him, what does Britain get? A concession in the Afghan region?
But, I'm just a pawn.
It's pointless for a pawn to know anything about the manoeuvring that goes on outside of the board.
Sfx: Jump

Clan Leader: I will gather the people of the village.
Dorohov: Alright.
We will depart straightaway.
Lily: A pawn is a pawn.

Lily: If I don't want to become a sacrificial pawn there are two things I must do:
Kill this man
and return that item.

Clan Leader: Everyone, gather in the square...

Dorohov: Ow, hot!
Guy: Mr Dorohov!

Dorohov: Tuzo, your first assignment:
Protect me!
Tuzo: Yes sir.
Lily: A bodyguard?
But just one...

Sfx: Crack!
Lily: What?

Lily: Wha.. What was that?
It wasn't human?!

Lily: It has...

Lily: Those disgusting scales...
I've seen them before...
That's right.
In London...
Sydenham Park's Crystal Palace...
That huge statue in the garden...
What was it called?
That's right...

Lily: Dinosaur.
What?? Dinosaur?? What the?!
I only drank two bottles... I can't be drunk!
Sfx: Glug Glug Glug

Sfx: Jakin!
Dinosaur: Heh.
Sfx: Zaaa-

Clan Leader: Has everyone gathered?
Dino guy: Yes, leader.

Clan Leader: Kill her.

Lily: Huh?
Sfx: Bang!
Dino guy: Geez...
this is why I hate guns.
Dine guy 2: Ouch!
Sfx: Glug glug
Lily: Guess I have no time to drink.

Lily: Ah, what a waste!

Lily: This is impossible...
“Le Lys Dans La Vallée”
I haven't drunk any so I'd better not smash it...
Sfx: Click!
Bang bang!
Gara gara gara

Boothroyd: The calvary team has arrived, M’am!
I forgot to sound the trumpet of attack, though.
Lily: Who the hell are you?
Boothroyd: A stranger with good intentions.
Dino guy: Bastard! Were you the one who fired at us?

Sfx: Dash!
Lily: Ah! It's no use firing at his hea...
Sfx: Baki!

Sfx: Shuffle...
Dino guy: Heh.
Damn Pachycephalosaurus (*Boneheaded dinosaur)!
Sfx: Bang!

Sfx: THUD!
You bastard...
Sfx: Jakiii (*Machinery sound)
Hop on!
Boothroyd: Alright! Let's go, Sabata!
Lily: There's someone else?
Boothroyd: Yeaha!
Sfx: Rumble...

Dorohov: Trying to escape?
You're out of luck, woman.
Sfx: Squeeze
Bu (*Throw)
Pashi (*Catch)
Dorohov: A farewell gift? I'll keep this then!
Sfx: Goooo
Dorohov: We're withdrawing. I want everyone out of the village in 10 minutes!
Dinos: No way!
Aren't we going to pursue them?
Dorohov: This is an order.

Sabata: Alright! They aren't pursuing us.
I'm really surprised that you infiltrated the village of the “Final Army” alone.
I'm Sabata Van Cleef.
Call me Sabata...
Sfx:Boku! (*Bash!)

Lily: You broke it! My Le Lys Dans La Vallée...
Do you understand...
Sfx: Koten (*Clunk)
Sabata: It's alright, it's alright.
Lily: WHAT THE?!

Sabata: Our goal is the same as yours -
to get the Orb back and return it to Russia.
Lily: Eh? You're a dinosaur, too!
Sabata: That's right. That we were extinct is a little bit of an exaggeration.
Boothroyd: Ha, you fell for it!

Lily: You, too?!
Sabata: Ah, that really is his head.
Lily: Eh?
Sabata: He's a human.
His name is Boothroyd.
He's a pretty outstanding inventor, too.
My “head” was one of his inventions.
Lily: What the hell's going on?
I just came to Russia to assassinate someone... This is-
Sabata: I know... Look, those guys are evacuating, right?
When Boothroyd comes round we'll go back to the village.
It's easier to understand when you see it for yourself.
There should be a church there, too.

Sfx: Creek
Sabata: Yeah.
It's here.

Boothroyd: Do you know the Russian coat of arms?
Sabata: It used to belong to the Byzantine Empire
The two eagle heads sharing the same crown...
What that image implies is “one kingdom with two kings”
In the past, there existed a secret kingdom
within the Byzantine Empire.
Boothroyd: In exchange for providing emergency military support to the Byzantine Empire,
the secret kingdom was given its own land within the empire.
It was called the “Final Army”.

Boothroyd: Along with the coat of arms, the empire was handed over to Russia.
This mural shows the crowning of the Romanov family's first Tsar, Mihail.
In Moscow, there is a different version.
Do you know what the difference is? The person on the far left, behind the Tsar.
Lily: Ah.
Boothroyd: That’s the king of the secret kingdom.
The king of the dinosaurs in Russia.

Sfx: Puff
Boothroyd: And the prince of the dinosaurs is also in that mural.
The one who commands the “Final Army” is not the king, but the prince.
Lily: Where?
Boothroyd: Our agent who infiltrated the Petersburg Palace confirmed this.
The prince has been abducted by Dorohov.
Lily: So don’t tell me...

Sabata: That's right...
It's an egg – that's the prince.

Sabata: It started in 1822... A town doctor, Louis, was on his way to see a patient when he picked up a fossilised tooth of a then-unknown prehistoric animal.
In 1841, a great biologist postulated that these giant iguanas were now extinct because they had not been on “Noah's ark”. He named them “dinosaurs”, and received a knighthood for his work.
In 1854, the town doctor's claims that dinosaurs walked upright were discredited and the biologist designed a grotesque life-size model of a dinosaur that crawled on all fours. It was displayed in the Crystal Palace gardens.
Lily: But, it seems the biologist made at least two mistakes...

Lily: It seems they managed to get onboard the ark
and surprisingly, they walk upright!

Lily: He's lucky that he only made two mistakes...
Sabata: It’s not just Russia; there are dinosaurs all over the world.
Their numbers are small, though.
Lily: Because I don't think he said anything about dinosaurs not smoking cigars or speaking English...
Sabata: I was actually born in America.
And there are some dinosaurs living in your country - London, in fact.
Lily: In London?
No way...
Sabata: It’s true. They live in the depths of the slums in East End. I don’t think any humans know of their existence.

Sabata: There are dinosaurs hiding in practically every country.
They are treated like the “Jabberwocks” of the forests.
But things are quite different in Russia.
The Russians have a pact with the dinosaurs.
In an emergency, the dinosaurs will take to the battlefield as soldiers of the Tsar.
In return, the dinosaurs are allowed a stable place to live within the vast lands of Russia.
That’s why there is a dinosaur king in Russia,
with his own clan of followers.
Somehow or other, they’ve managed to retain the semblance of a “country”.
Lily: So why are they following the orders of a terrorist like Dorohov?

Boothroyd: That’s because he stole the Orb from Petersburg and is now in possession of it.
The Orb isn’t a jewel or anything like that. It’s the dinosaur king’s egg – in other words, the dinosaur prince.
And the power to command the “Final Army” lies with the prince.
Lily: The dinosaur prince... is an egg?
So the power of command...
Sabata: Look at the Russian coat of arms
In the centre of the eagle with two heads representing the human and dinosaur kings is
“Saint George Slaying the Dragon”.
You can see the power relationship behind the pact, can’t you?
Officially, the power of command rests with the prince, but the one who holds the prince is

Sabata: The Russian Tsar.
That’s why the Orb is always featured in these portraits.
It says “Now, we are the ones who hold your reins”.
Lily: But on the other hand, it doesn’t matter who it is, as long as he holds the Orb.
Even if it’s Dorohov.
I finally understand.
Sabata: Hm?
Lily: I understand why Russia requested us to kill Dorohov.
The theft of the egg was an oversight on Russia’s part.
And as long as the pact exists, they won’t want to pick a fight with the “Final Army”.
Sabata: I see.

Lily: So how about you guys? Why do you want to return the egg?
Which country’s orders are you under?

Sabata: No, our organisation is not under orders from any country. That’s not our style.
We’re more of a secret society
by the name of “Château d'If”.
Boothroyd: That’s enough, Sabata!
Sabata: It’s fine, it’s fine…
Boothroyd: No it’s not!
Sabata: The “Final Army” is divided by clan, and scattered throughout the “unmapped villages” in Russia
like this one.
Dorohov has four clans on his side right now
And he’s attacking nearby human villages as a form of “military training”.
It’s clear that he’s not acting in the interest of the people.
We want to stop that.

Sabata: We’ve been keeping a lookout on the clans we’ve been able to locate.
We finally found Dorohov today,
but now we’ll have to start looking from scratch.
Lily: And whose fault is that?
Sabata: It’d be great if you could help us.
Lily: I know...
Sabata: What?
Lily: I mean, I know where they are headed.
Sfx: Gara gara gara

Dorohov: Hm.
Dino guy: What’s wrong?
Dorohov: I can’t open it.
Oh well, once we get back I can get hold of a corkscrew.

Sabata: Are you sure this string won’t break?
Lily: Of course.
It’s a special fibre woven by Manchurian craftsmen.
Practical tests have shown that it can withstand up to 200kg.
Boothroyd: That’s amazing. What are its specs?
Lily: It’s 0.1mm thick, and about 100km long.
Right now the distance between us and them is about 15km.
Wicked! As expected of the British Secret Service.
Sabata: Did you know, Boothroyd...

Sabata: The clans following Dorohov are Copra, Henzo, Cantore, and Tuzo.
The biggest clan is Cantore, which has about 40 in its army alone.
In the Tuzo village, there were about 30.
Cantore is a village of Tsintaosaurus. There are some Stegosaurus, too.
Henzo is a small clan of Monolophosaurus.
Those are a little harder to deal with.
Lily: What are you guys talking about?
Boothroyd: The different “races” of dinosaurs... Or something like that.
In the last village, the boneheaded dinosaurs were Pachycephalosaurus.
And the ones with the frill around their heads were Protoceratops.
Lily: Hm.
How about you, Mr Van Cleef?

Sabata: I’m an Oviraptor.
Boothroyd: Ah, M’am...
Can I can you Lily?
Lily: Sure.
Boothroyd: Your bottle’s empty isn’t it? I have more below, why don’t we go get some?
Lily: Yeah, I’ll come along.
Sabata: Boothroyd,
you meddlesome...

Boothroyd: I need to tell you something.
Lily: Eh?
Boothroyd: About a hundred years ago, fossils of native dinosaurs were discovered in Mongolia.
The skulls of those dinosaurs were peculiar – they had no teeth, only two protruding beaks.
They seemed well-suited to crushing hard objects, much like a nutcracker.
Lily: What sort of objects?
Boothroyd: That's a good question.
A palaeontologist tried to search for the answer through some fossilized Protoceratops eggs discovered nearby.
Research on dinosaurs is strictly controlled, so the results are only made public much later but
the palaeontologist concluded that this dinosaur stole and ate the eggs of other dinosaurs and hence gave it this name:
Oviraptor (*egg thief)

Boothroyd: Of course, that discovery doesn't affect us humans.
But how about Sabata's kind, who were determined to be descendents of the Oviraptors?
“The descendents of a vile race, who were defenceless without scales and resorted to snatching the kids of other dinosaurs and eating them.”
That's how they were labelled.
The dinosaurs had found a way to vent their feelings of pressure and oppression
from having to live in secrecy amongst human society.
Do you know what happened?
Genocide. In just a few decades, almost all the Oviraptors around the world were
massacred. Including Sabata's family...

Boothroyd: If Sabata had not come to “Château d'If”, he too would have...
Sabata is my friend.
I'm not asking you to sympathize with him, but please show him some consideration.
Lily: He's not the only...
Flashback: Mommy is sorry, Lily. I...
You murderer... Just how many people have you killed?
Because of your father, countless British ships have been sunk!
Mommy knows, if I quit this “job”, you'll be next...
You lied to us?!
You whore! Kill her!
The wife of that traitor to the country has been allowed to continue living in the country?
It’d be troublesome if we received complaints about that...
Sfx: Glug glug glug

Flashback: I trusted you! Give me back my husband!
Ha! I said that so I could carry out my mission... Anyway, stop that disgraceful crying.
I can't take it anymore... Sorry, Lily.
Mommy is giving up.
Sfx: Glug glug splash

Lily: To be discriminated against just because of what flows inside one's veins...
He's not the only one who's experienced that.
Where's the window?
Ugh.. Bleurgh...
Sabata: Hey
It seems
those guys have stopped.

Sabata: That village...
it's not on the city's files.
Boothroyd: Hey look!

Boothroyd: The toes of these footprints are large and round.
Could they be Mamenchisaurus prints?
If they are, this means another yet-unknown clan has joined them...
Lily: Mame..?
Boothroyd: They are a formidable bunch, very large and strong.
Sabata: With this many of them... This is bad.

Boothroyd: Yes but these could also be prints made by Protoceratops treading on tip toes.
In this cold snow, it's normal to walk on tip toes.
Sabata: That's poor logic, Boothroyd.
These are definitely Mamenchisaurus prints.
Boothroyd: Eh? Why?
Sabata: Just have a look.
It seems like they're having a little after-dinner exercise.

Boothroyd: “Have a look”...?
Sabata: Many have gathered.
They won't be easy to handle.
Boothroyd: Geez, just how good is your eyesight, Sabata?
Lily: He's like a hawk.

Sfx: Gacha

Sfx: Kokiki

Singing Dino: Knock hard on the chalk floor...

Dino 1: I'll have a cup.
Singing Dino: Even after 60 million years... I'll never forget...
The comet in the sky...
Dino 2: Made your rounds?
Dino 1: Yeah.
Oh wait,
I've got something to report.
Where's Mr. Dorohov?
Dino 2: Hm?

Dino 2: Ah,
he's in that broken tower.
The one that's full of icicles, with the wind blowing through it.
Dino 1: Aren't humans afraid of the cold?
Dino 2: Hmm.

Flashback: A farewell gift? I'll keep this then!

Dino: What's the matter?
Dorohov: The enemy is approaching!
Prepare for attack!
Enk! (**Pass the message!)
Enk! (**Pass the message!)

Dinos: The Donoma and Copra clans will hide in the shadows of the buildings and prepare for attack.
The rest will gather in the tower.
Daruma onnoru issaiha (**This is not a drill)
Daruma onnoru issaiha (**This is not a drill)
Sfx: Gara gara gara

[**Note: I transliterated these phrases phonetically because there are meant to be spoken in Russian(?)]

Sfx: Gara gara gara
Dinos: Hey, hurry up!
What's all that?
It's cold in the tower so I brought some corks to be used as fuel.
They're here!

Sfx: Zazazazazaza

Sabata: Four in the house on the right

Sfx: Bun
Boom! Boom!
Sabata: And
In the house behind...

Sfx: Click Click Click
Sabata: Three!

Dinos: He took out 3 guys with one hit?
No, I only heard one gunshot but there were three hits.
Dorohov: That's strange...
Even though we are hiding in ambush, the speed of their attacks has not dropped.
Dinos: What a quick shooter!
Dorohov: He's not even missing a shot.
Does he know our locations?
Sabata: Three guys!

Sabata: They say “Alcohol cures a hundred ailments”
Dorohov: What are those bottles doing there?!
You’re using them as mirrors?
Who put them there?!
Do we have a mole...?
Sfx: Gou!

Sfx: Ga!
Dinos: Hey...
That crest...
There's no mistake...
An Oviraptor?!
You dirty egg thief!
Dorohov: An Oviraptor...?

Dinos: Bastard, you even eat kids!
Toothless ****!!
Don't point your stinky gun at us!
Sfx: GOU!
Lily: It's hot!

Lily: Phew!
I guess that should do it.
Sfx: Paki Paki Go
Dinos: Just one person against all of us...?
This water...
The icicles are melting...?
Sfx: Bun

Sfx: Don
Dorohov: Damnit!
Sfx: Bam

Sabata: The frozen river season is a little late this year, it seems.
Dinos: It hurts...
My arm...
Where is it?
Sabata: Now then...

Glossary of Technical Terms I
P06 Dorian Gray - The protagonist in Oscar Wilde's novel “A Picture of Dorian Gray”. Thanks to the portrait Hallward painted of him, he gained eternal youth.
P12 Rimbaud-style Colour Coded Message - A reference to the first line of Arthur Rimbaud's poem “Vowels”: “A black, E white, I red, U green, O blue”.
P15 Lily Apricot - The literal English translation of Japanese idol, Anzu Sayuri's name.
P27 Crystal Palace - A glass building originally built in London to house the Great Exhibition. Later, it was moved to Sydenham Park. During World War I, the iron structure of the building was used for the war effort and today it no longer stands.
P35 Le Lys Dans La Vallée - “The Lily of the Valley”, the name of a novel by Honoré de Balzac.
P44 Sabata Van Cleef - Named after American Western movie star Lee Van Cleef, and one of the movies that made him famous, “Sabata”.
P55 Louis the town doctor – A reference to Gideon Mantell, who discovered the fossils of the Iguanodon
P55 Biologist – A reference to Richard Owen, one of the founders of the British Natural History Museum. His feud with Mantell was well-known.
P58 Jabberwock - The “dragon” featured in Lewis Carroll's nonsense poem “Jabberwocky”, from his book “Through the Looking Glass”.

Sabata: Your little game of revolution ends here,
Dorohov: Revolution?
Is that what the girl said?

Lily Apricot – British Secret Service
Under orders to assassinate Dorohov, who stole the Orb from the Russian Empire.
N – Chief of British Secret Service
Ordered Lily to work on the case following a request by the Russian government.
“Final Army”
The Russian Empire’s Biggest Secret
The group of surviving dinosaurs who have a pact with the Russian Empire to provide military assistance in times of emergency. In return, the dinosaurs are allowed to maintain a “country” within Russian lands.
Dorohov the Terrorist – A masked man who stole the Orb from the Russian Empire and now commands the “Final Army”.
In fact it is the egg of the king of the “Final Army”. The power to command the “Final Army” lies with this “prince”.
Sabata Van Cleef – Works for the secret society “Château d'If”.
A descendent of the Oviraptors, he is persecuted by the other dinosaurs. He is working with Lily to get the Orb back.
Boothroyd – Works for “Château d'If”. An inventor.

Sabata: The “Final Army” you worked so hard to gather won’t be able to fight for a while.
Dinos: It hurts…
Sabata: You’re finished.
Dinos: Ugh…
Dorohov: What rubbish…
As long as I have this, I can gather more soldiers.
Sabata: That’s why I’m returning it.
It’s not that I want to protect the Russian Empire or anything.
If you were working for the good of the people, you could do as you wish and overthrow the Empire.
But you’re attacking innocent villages.
Dorohov: That’s military training.
Sabata: That’s not how you carry out a revolution.
Dorohov: I never said that.
You seem to be mistaken.
Sabata: Huh?
Dorohov: “For the good of the people”??
Do I look like a Bolshevik to you?

Dorohov: We are the same,
You and I.
Sabata: An Oviraptor?!
Dorohov: That’s right.
You are an Oviraptor, too so you should understand
How I was treated, when I was in the “Final Army”.

Dorohov: But how things have changed
Just by wearing a mask and showing them the Orb,
those guys who used to treat me like trash are now following my orders like a bunch of idiots.
How about joining me?
Sabata: Huh?
Dorohov: It’s rare to meet someone of the same clan.
I don’t want to kill you
What’s your real motive anyway…?
Sabata: We’re talking about some important things today.

Lily: Get back!
Sabata: Miss Apricot!

Sfx: Gu Kaiin
Lily: Whoa
Sfx: Chun Jari
Lily: It’s over!

Sabata: What’s up with this room?

Sfx: Gui

Sfx: Gag a
Lily: Eh? Eh?
Sfx: GO!
Crunch Crunch

Dorohov: Do you know what that crunchy stuff under your feet is?
Sabata: Dorohov!
Dorohov: Eggshells.
Long before I escaped from the “Final Army”
I was imprisoned in this cage and forced to work.
Do you know what my job was?

Dorohov: To kill unwanted kids.
Did you know?
There is a rule in the “Final Army” that only one of the king’s eggs is allowed to exist.
Even though it’s called a country, it’s really a fragile group.
If there are fights over the issue of succession or the country gets split into two, dinosaur lives will be lost unnecessarily.
This could lead to extinction.
But the lustful king keeps breaking the rule by producing one egg after another.

Dorohov: The eggs were brought to me steadily,
and I destroyed each one completely
A fitting job for the one whose ancestors stole and ate others’ kids -
a wretched egg thief.
There were some that were just about to hatch.
Can you imagine how their soft skulls felt when smashed with a hammer?
this blanket of kids…
Kids that I killed.

Dorohov: Isn’t this cage a work of genius?
If they are “killed in the abdomen”, it’s as if they were never born.
Lily: What
Are you proud of this misfortune?
Dorohov: Humans will never understand.
I don’t know what your burdens are but
only we have had our shitty fates decided for us.

Flashback: The wife of that traitor to the country has been allowed to continue living in the country.
It’d be troublesome if we received complaints about that.
Because of your father, countless British ships have been sunk…!
Hurry up and kill him.
Or do you want to die young?
I said that so I could carry out my mission... Anyway, stop that disgraceful crying…
Just how many people have you killed?
You killer!
I didn’t kill…
Mommy can’t…

Lily: …Childish.
Dorohov: So how about it?
It’s a sight to behold.
With the Orb on me, I can have villages attacked.
Those dinosaurs who oppressed me
and those humans who oppress dinosaurs end up killing each other.
The scene before my eyes is a soup of blood and flesh, mixed and cooked together.
And I am the spoon that stirs it.
You understand that our history exists for the sole purpose of hearing their hellish screams
If this continues,
all the dinosaurs and humans in Russia will be at our mercy.

Sabata: Ah, about that…
Unfortunately, I have much more tasteful interests in my life.
I reject your offer.
Hand over the Orb.
Dorohov: I see…

Dorohov: Ah!
Sfx: Piki Piki (*Claws)
Sabata: Ku!
Sfx: Ba!
Sabata: Damn

Lily: Ugh!

Sfx: Click!
Piki (*Claws)
Sabata: Damn,
you’re pretty good.
My last gun...

Sabata: This
is bad...

Sfx: Pichi
Lily: Mr. Van Cleef!

Sfx: Pin (*gleam)
Dorohov: Because I’m an Oviraptor like you, you underestimated me and took it easy.
But I’m not like you.
Lily: You...
Really make me sick
Dorohov: Hm?

Lily: You’ve said many things but
if I don’t say anything, I won’t be satisfied.
The crimes that you were made to carry out
and the brutality you suffered don’t give you a right to make people kill one another.

Lily: You’re just committing the same crimes.
By the way, you didn’t drink the farewell gift I left for you?
“Ron de Fuego” (*Rum of Fire in Spanish)
Do you know what it means?
The Spanish call it that because its alcohol content is so stupidly high.

Sfx: SM
Sabata: It’s “Fiery Alcohol”.

Dorohov: It’s useless.

Sfx: Twirl

Sfx: POW!
Dorohov: H..

Sabata: You’re not the only one...
In America Oviraptors are treated the same way
I won’t say that you’re lucky
to have all your limbs intact...

Flashback: Hey
How many points is an arm worth?

Sabata: But you’re not the only one...
And it’s not just us Oviraptors

Boothroyd: How did it go?

Boothroyd: Here.
Sabata: Hm.

Boothroyd: I’ve sent a telegram to the Russian government.
They’ll be here soon.
Sabata: Ok.
Boothroyd: Any injuries?
Sabata: I got shot in my artificial arm, hit my head and lost consciousness for a while.
And I have a nosebleed.
Ah, Lily...
Here’s your gun.
Boothroyd: “Lily”?!
Sabata: It seems to be a memento from your mother...?
Lily: Eh?
Flashback: I can't take it anymore... Sorry, Lily.
Mommy is giving up.

Lily: You knew?
Sabata: Yeah.
Why you’re working as an assassin…
And stuff.
It’s not just Oviraptors
who get screwed by fate when they aren’t looking.
Lily: Sabata…
Boothroyd: Sa...”Sabata”?!
Sabata: But you’re different from Dorohov in two major ways:
One, you’re still holding on to hope and you bear your fate with integrity.
You’re not one to succumb to fate, are you?
Lily: I.. I’m not all...

Sabata: And the other difference...
You’re so my type.
Lily: E...E...EH?!
Boothroyd: You know what he’s trying to say...
That’s how he is.
Sabata: Anyway, about the Orb...
It doesn’t matter to me whether you hand it to the Russians or if I do.

Sabata: I’d like you to listen to
the story of our Organization.

Undersecretary: Yes, it’s the real thing.
Sabata: Well then, I’ll be off...
Undersecretary: Hang on...
You pulled off this huge job on your own?
And you returned the Orb to us unconditionally...
What are your true motives?

Sabata: All for the sake of hope.
N: By the way, did you see a British woman?
She should have been chasing after the Orb as well.
Sabata: Ah, that girl.
She was getting in the way of my job so I killed her.
Is that a problem?
N: No, not really.

Count: “Now wait, and have hope”.
Those were the words of my grandfather, the founder of this organization.
You are now a person who has died.
Everyone here has “died” as well.
The organization's members do not belong to any country.
We are not British, nor Russian, nor Oviraptors. We are neither dinosaurs nor humans. We just are.
My grandfather's goal was revenge.
Our goal is still the same.
For Marcus Aurelius once said, “The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury”.
Miss Apricot, you have known the lies, the irrationality, the injustice of this world.
Despite that, are you able to take “revenge” on the world...
while continuing to hold on to hope?
Lily: Yes.
Count: Very well. Welcome to my island.
I am the commander of “Château d'If”, Count Monte Cristo III.

Lily: Ah...
Nice to meet...
This is...
“Le Lys Dans La Vallée”!
It's a welcome present from Sabata.
He attached a note, too:
“Don't drink for the sake of puking anymore.”
Lily: Alright.

Man: Huh?

Man: Huh?

Sfx: Bong Bong Bong

Sfx: Bong Bong Bong
Box: Signoria Square

Man:What do you think, Inspector?
According to a beggar who was sleeping in the square, the victim spontaneously combusted...
A suicide?
Inspector: Suicide?
How did he do it if he didn't even have a match on him?
It was a man, right?
Man: Probably.
Sfx: Bo
Man: Hm?

Man: Hey! Get the press out of here!
An incident of spontaneous combustion at Signoria Square...
It can't be Savonarola's curse...
In 1498, a Dominican priest, Girolamo Savonarola, was executed for trying to impose his religious strict doctrines in Florence.
He was hanged and burned in Signoria Square.
Box: In Florence, where schemes and art are ancient, light and shadow co-exist.
Once the capital of the Kingdom of Italy, the city's coat of arms
is the lily.

Sabata: Welcome back, Lily.
Lily: Savonarola's curse, huh?
It really is inexplicable...

Sabata: But this Rosso was murdered.
Last night, someone found out that Rosso was going to receive some information,
and wanted to prevent him from getting the information.
We don't know what kind of information it is but...
It doesn't have anything to do with the guy who was burnt 400 years ago.
Box: The day before...
Count: Mario Rosso...
He's a contact for “Château d'If” in Florence.
Tomorrow, he will be receiving some information from an informant.
It's unclear what kind of information it is but we usually receive information on events that might endanger the future of humans and dinosaurs.
For someone to have contacted Rosso, we can assume it was something important.
Sabata, Lily, you must go to Florence as soon as possible
and meet with Rosso after he has obtained the information.
Lily: But by the time we arrived, Mr Rosso was already reduced to bone and ash.
You can turn on the lights now.
Now we have to find the informant and get the information from him ourselves.

Sabata: However, this might all be a trap.
The informant might have been the one who killed Rosso.
Here you go.

Lily: No, the informant wasn't the one.
Sabata: How do you know?
Lily: Mr Rosso was killed even before he met the informant...
According to my judgement, he had yet to receive the information.
Sabata: “Your judgement”, huh...?
Such a wise conjecture.
Lily: What?
Sabata: Nevermind.

Lily: That's right...
As a member of the British Secret Service,
the only jobs I did were the ones where I stabbed men while being “stabbed” by them in bed...
So “my judgment” is unreliable, isn’t?
Sabata: No, that's not what I meant.

Sabata: Tell me what your view is.
Lily: Look at the photo I took. In Rosso's left hand...
is a watch.
Sabata: So? We don't know if 2 o' clock was the arranged meeting time.
Lily: Hmph.
I mean, the fact that he's holding his watch.

Lily: He died as he was looking at his watch.
In other words, he was still waiting for someone...
So the informant was not the killer.
If it was the informant, Rosso would have been killed only upon meeting him.
Therefore, someone else killed Rosso before they met.
Sabata: I see...
Lily: The informant is probably still somewhere in this city.

Lily: He wants to pass us the information...
And the person who wants to stop him from doing so killed Rosso. This means, that the informant is also being targeted.
The city's entrances are definitely being monitored.
Sabata: It's best if we find him soon.
But, how?
Lily: Our chances are slim,
but there is one way.

Lily: Look at his chest.
There's almost nothing left of it but it's a rose.
Even if you say it's because Italian men are style-conscious, this is clearly
a sign.
Let's pray we don't fail because he gets a shock and flees when he sees you.

Lily: Speaking of roses in Florence, doesn't that bring to mind Botticelli's “The Birth of Venus”?
Informant: Who're you?!
Lily: I work for “Château d'If”.
Can you tell me anything?
Informant: Wh...Why are you here?
Lily: I read about it in the guidebook.
The old Medici family built passageways between the palace in the city centre and the living quarters across the river so they could come and go in secret.
It has no other entrances except for the ones at either end of the passageway.
Of course, the precious metals market beneath us that was once lined with houses is now completely abandoned.

Lily: To be able to come and go unseen...
The only place that could contain such a secret passageway is a bridge as strange as this one.
Box: Vecchio Bridge, Arno River.
Lily: My partner is waiting in front of the entrance on the Uffizi side, so don't worry.
Informant: You work for “Château d'If”?
Not the “College”?
Lily: College?
Do I look like the age where I have to go home and do my homework every night?
Informant: Sorry...

Informant: A few hundred people are going to die!
Lily: I was shocked...
At how big the news was.
But how...?
Informant: I'm sorry!
I didn't mean for this...
Even though I knew I could use it I didn't use it!
That they would use that plan is...
No, I'm not the only one at fault...
It's that guy called “Tesslar” who discovered the principle!
If only that note didn't exist!
Lily: Hang on, calm down...
Please tell me the story in chronological order.

Informant: Two years ago, I was inducted by the “College”.
It's true!
They said I would work purely as a scientific researcher.
I'm actually a physics researcher.
Lily: Really...?
Informant: More than anything, I idolize Galileo...
Lily: Galileo?
You mean that Galileo?
Why did he bring up Galileo all of a sudden?

Lily: Please, speak coherently...
Just now, you said a few hundred people are going to die, right?
Informant: That's just a mere demonstration.
If it is sold, many more will...
Lily: Get down!
Sabata: Oh.
Sfx: Bo!

Sabata: Lily!
Lily: Over here!
They've taken him.
Sabata: Eh?
Lily: They're on the roof.

Lily: Over there.
Let's give chase.
Sabata: No.
I'll stay here and back you up,
so you can focus on running.
Lily: Ok.

Sfx: Gachi!
Lily: I've got you!

Sfx: Biki!

Sfx: Bang!

Cosplay-san: Hold them off!
Sfx: Bii

Sfx: DA! DA!
Bisu Bisu
Cosplay-san: Ugh!
Lily: Meow.
Sfx: Tan! (*Bam!)

Cosplay-san: Already?!
Sfx: Bichi

Sabata: Those guys...
What are they trying to do?
Wait, Lily!
Leave the rest to me...
Sfx: BOOM!
Sabata: Argh, too early!

Sfx: Pachi!

Sabata: No!
Sfx: Kari Kariri

Sfx: Gakuu

Lily: Sabata?
Sabata: If you were planning on kissing the ground, why don't you kiss me instead.
Lily: What the hell are you doing?
Sabata: Huh?
Lily: How about those enemies?
You've got more important things to do than rescuing me!

Sabata: Idiot! You were about to die!
Lily: You're the idiot!
I'm fully prepared to die for the sake of “Château d'If”!
A pawn killed is a pawn sacrificed. If you have time to save a pawn, you might as well use it to send in another pawn!
Sabata: Hey Lily.
You're wrong...

Lily: You're a cold-blooded animal aren't you?!
Then be more rational!
Cosplay-san: Hurry!
Guy: Behold! What an amazing view!
Sfx: Goun Goun
Lady: Hey, did you hear that?
Guy: Hear what?
What on earth?
Sfx: Goun Goun

Sfx: Goun Goun Goun

Sfx: Goun
Goun Goun
Informant: Ah!

Sfx: Gako

Lily: What the...?

Glossary of Technical Terms II
P69 “ ...the results are only made public...” - It was recorded in our history in 1924.
P91 The huge hammer the Mamenchisaurus is holding is in the shape of a Saichania's tail.
P115 Bolshevik - A member of the communist party started by Lenin.
P163 Château d'If - The place where the Count of Monte Cristo and Edmond Dantès were imprisoned. (*Note: Actually Hisa-sensei got it wrong. The Edmond Dantès IS the count. Maybe he meant Abbé Faria, his mentor.)
P185 “...no other entrances except for the ones at either end...” - One of the entrances is at the Signoria Square, where Rosso was waiting.

Dinosaur Gentlemen File (*Note: Hopelessly ungrammatical. Maybe you could just ignore this)
The clan of Pachycephalosaurus, Tuzo, was originally living in Alaska. However in 1867, Russia sold Alaska to America, so to remain in the “Final Army” the clan crossed the Bering Strait into Russia. After they made the crossing, they merged with the Protoceratops clan. That's why the Tuzo village is a mix of two species.
The Oviraptors' practice of stealing the eggs of other dinosaurs was discovered through fossilized remains and hence they were given the name “egg thief”, and continue to be oppressed by other dinosaurs. In recent years, however, a new discovery has been made which adds a dramatic twist to this story. If readers were to research this and read the book again, they will be surprised.
The myth that Stegosaurus have two brains is this: once, the fossilized head of a Stegosaurus was discovered in a Jurassic-period stratum. The brain in that head was so tiny that it led to the conclusion that there must be a second brain in the lower body. This myth has now been disproved. Perhaps the Stegosaurus themselves perpetuated this myth to protect the reputation of their ancestors.
I still don’t know what sort of “saurus” Galileo Galilei was. The strongest argument that can be made is that he was a Scipionyx since the Scipionyx fossils were discovered in Italy, although this is quite a weak link. The Scipionyx that belongs to the organisation “Invisible College” claims to be Galileo’s descendent. But I don’t know if it’s true.
Introducing Loco the Saichania, a member of “Château d'If” and the captain of the submarine “The Agnasa”. Many Saichania are good swimmers. It’s possible that their ancestors were semi-aquatic animals like the hippopotamus. The Sachania, who were swimming in the rivers of Japan up to the Meiji period, are covered in horns. They are sometimes not thought of as dinosaurs and referred to by their other names - “plated head” or “armoured back”.

Lily! Who's that child in her arms?
What’s this room that's full of little doors?
A new page in history is revealed in volume two -
Now on sale!

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