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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Body Double puts on a Skirt! Oneshot

+ posted by soranokira as translation on Apr 19, 2012 15:00 | Go to Body Double puts on a Skirt!

Reserved for Village Idiot Scans

[] = box, narration or thoughts
"" = speech
// = split bubbles
() = small text, either outside or inside bubbles.
<> = sfx (if I tl it)

Line break = different panel. Bubbles in the middle might belong to either panel on my whim.

---page 1---

[] Right now, the me in front of my eyes is,
[] strong, cool,

(top left text) Kagemusha wa Skirt wo Haite!
(bottom right text) The identity of the girl who appeared gallantly is...?!
[] and very beautiful.

---page 2---

[] But...

"" Str...strong...
"" Hmph!
"" Urgh...

"" Are these people after my life as well...?

"" Ah, that's right, damned pigs that get carried away are a hundred years too early to be my opponent!
<> *stomp*
<> *stomp*
[] But, this definitely isn't me...
"" Nigyaaahh!
Alternative: Gaaaahhh!
T/N: I'm not sure if Nigyaah is a 'character' trait of yelling or not.

<> *impact*
"" Bu-!

"" What are you doing, Princess!?

---page 3---

"" That's my line! I won't use such coarse language and I'm not that violent!

[] That person is a "body double" with my appearance,
"" ...
() Not that violent...?

"" Got it, Kotarou? You need to behave more femininely like me, ok?
"" Eh~~ more femininely? But you know,
[] and

"" I think that I'm more feminine than you, Princess <3
[] a guy.

---page 4---

Title: Kagemusha wa Skirt wo Haite! (Body Double puts on a skirt!)
Top left: The other me is...
Left: a guy!?
Bottom: Cooler than that cute appearance,
Bottom: it's the grand entrance of the latest action comedy!
Bottom left: Aoki Aki

---page 5---

[] Why did we end up in such a complicated situation...
[] Houjou Family Main Residence

<> *katonk*

"" Ageha,
"" you are being targeted.
[] Houjou Group President Houjou Hideo

"" It's completely spring now, huh...
"" It's the season where there's an increase in the no. of people uttering strange things. It's troublesome isn't it, father?
[] Houjou Ageha (Real)

"" ...
<> *katonk*

---page 6---

"" Don't group me with those group of sugar-high people making merry*!!
T/N: She's saying he's sugar-high and has gone a little crazy, and is making up stories to be festive.
() Noooooo!
<> *smack*
"" Then, what sort of reaction do you expect me to have?! // In the first place, what's the point of telling a mere high school girl that she's being targeted?!

"" It's a long-awaited meal together too...

"" Forgive me, Ageha.
"" But, it's the truth.

"" In the unknown side of history, the bodies of the females of the Houjou family have always been entrusted with and protected the "inheritance". // The Houjou family's, which has been destroyed once during the warring states period, prosperity is due to the power of this "inheritance",
"" and, the one that is entrusted with the "power" that gives prosperity, is you, Ageha.
[] Somehow, it seems like a Zashiki Warashi...*
T/N: Google it if you seriously don't know.

---page 7---

"" That Grand Advisor Hideyoshi* is also after the "inheritance", and wants to attack and decimate us, the Houjou family as well.
T/N: *I took some liberties here. Taikou(Grand Advisor) refers to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, but also appears to be his title, 'father of the Imperial advisor'.
"" That damn annoying monkey!
<> *grr*
[] Eh? Father sure is irritated about it even though he married into the family.*
T/N: He married into the family so he's like an outsider, in Japanese custom.
(Note below panel 1:) *Toyotomi Hideyoshi is not a monkey, he's a human.

[] Grr...talking about Hideyoshi makes the wound that I received from a monkey when I was young hurt.
[] Unjustified Resentment

"" Then, I don't want that "inheritance" of mine. Who should I give it to?
<> *munch*
<> *munch*
"" I'd rather not die after all.
<> *doomed*
[] Apologize to your ancestors right now, my daughter!

"" It's not such a simple matter. // Once the "power" has been entrusted, it can only be retrieved when the host dies.
"" What's with that...?

"" In order for this mighty "power" to not be misused,
"" it is sealed with the power of the Houjou female's blood.

"" I see, so in order to release the seal, I'm being targeted...?

"" That...that's right.

---page 8---

"" It's enough, I no longer know what to retort after you.
() As I thought, when spring comes, your head becomes messed up...
<> *turn*
"" Like I said, all of it is true!

"" Looks like the information was correct.

"" What? Who is it?!

"" Oh, it's just a maid.

<> *fwip*
"" Houjou Ageha, I'll be taking your life!

"" Wha-?
"" No!

---page 9---

<> *chink*

<> *blocks*

---page 10---

"" Tch, I was under interrupted.
[] What? What? Did a ninja event show start or something?

<> *charge*

<> *chink*

<> *fwip*

<> *clang*
<> *clang*

---page 11---

"" Curses~ I'll have all the SP's members' necks for letting the assasin infiltrate.
[] Ah...I really am being targeted...

"" ...so, who's the other black haired girl?
"" That is the Fuuma* Ninja who worked for us Houjou family for generations. // Also, he isn't a girl, you know.
T/N: *Fuuma = Wind Demon

"" Eh?

"" He is part of the Fuuma Clan, the 15th generation head,
"" Fuuma Kotarou-kun!

---page 12---

"" Yup, good job Kotarou-kun.
<> *click*

"" Erm...
"" Thank you for saving me.

"" Hmph. You should feel more thankful, receiving protection from this super first-class expert shinobi,
"" princess!

[] Uwah. What an elitist gaze.
"" Prin...cess...

"" ...wait, father, are you serious about making this guy my bodyguard?!

"" That is so, but it's slightly different.

"" He will...
<> *pon*

---page 13---

"" be your body double, Ageha.

"" HUH?!!
"" The great me is suitable for anything. But you know, the problem seems to be that I'm even cuter than the real thing.

<> *vein pop*

---page 14---

"" Father! My eyes and personality aren't that bad! I'm also taller than him by 2 millimeters! // We don't look alike at all!
"" No, that is...
"" But, princess,

"" Wh-what?

"" our bust size are the same.

<> *kaboom*

(Letter in background) Kill
[] Certain Kill - Chopping Board Crush!

---page 15---

"" I'm not crying ok. It's just that water is flowing out of my eyes.
"" To be able to defeat me in one strike...you're pretty good...
<> *twitch*
<> *twitch*

"" In the first place...

"" if my body double is around, what am I going to do?
"" I didn't overlook that.

<> *next to*
"" Huh?!

"" Then, I'll be counting on you guys.
<> *thud*
<> *thud*
"" Eh? Eh?! What's going on?!

[] Elegant* glasses
T/N: Can also be 'Just-for-show', but kanji play here is probably giving it dual meaning on purpose.

[] Hair color change

[] Hairstyle change

---page 16---

"" Hm...hmph. Well it's pretty ok. But I'm still a hundred times cuter.
[] Why are you even comparing...?

---page 17---

"" Wait a minute, that means, I have to live as someone else?!
"" Yeah, starting from the high school entrance ceremony.

"" How can that be?! I wanted to be with my middle school friends!

"" I beg you, Ageha.
"" Fa...father...

"" I'm powerless. I had the same duty to protect your mother, but I failed to protect her and caused her death...
"" Now that I've lost your mother, I can't lose you as well.

"" If that's going to be the case, I'll use the Houjou Group's approximately 15 million elite bodyguards to protect you!

---page 18---

<> *clench*
"" I...I understand already.
<> *rises*
"" Really, Ageha?

"" So, stop having bodyguards over at the entrance to the Tokyo Metropolitan area!
() How am I going to live like that...
"" But it's better to be perfectly and completely safe...

"" Hmph, be at ease. I alone will be more than enough.
<> *thud*

"" I'll protect you even if I have to give up my life,
"" Chopping Board Princess!

"" That's right, I'll be relying on you,
"" Pervert homosexual-kun!

<> *threatening atmosphere*
"" Kukuku...
"" Fufufu...
[] Eh? It looks like the things I have to worry about have increased...

---page 19---

"" Though, to be attacked on the first day of my high school life... // Ninjas and assasins really exist, huh.
"" ...or rather, where are you walking on, you stupid ninja.
"" That's because I am one with the shadows.

"" Shinobi is an occupation that has existed until now, undertaking dirty work that is not recorded down in the history textbooks.
"" Rather, in this modern information age, it is the government and businesses who need us.

"" If they exist, then it is only a matter of time before we are busted...
"" Perhaps. Well, even if we're busted,
<> *jump*

"" I'll just beat them until they forget about it!
<> *smack*
"" Stop that...

"" If that's no good, I can freely use Fuuma Ninjutsu* to brainwash or modify their memories.
T/N: *Ninja Techniques
"" But, if it fails, their memory until now will be completely wiped <3
[] What's with the refreshing smile when talking about heresy things as though it's normal girls talk...

---page 20---

"" Ah.
"" Morning, Ageha.

"" Morning, Suzu.

"" ?

[] Crap! I did it unconsciously by habit!
[] The me right now is meeting Suzu for the first time!

"" Sorry, Suzu.
"" That girl is a little 'that' because she was a little high about becoming a high school student, but don't mind it.
[] What?! How does me being a very pitiful child follow at all?!

"" Oh, so that's what it was!
[] So you were convinced my friend.
"" Speaking of that, you didn't come for the entrance ceremony, right? Introduce us, Ageha.

---page 21---

"" This girl is my distant blood relative, Suzuki Himeko-san.
<> *nervous*
<> *nervous*
"" My family is looking after her because both of her parents went overseas to work.
"" Ni-nice to meet you.

"" So you're Hime-chan, nice to meet you! I'm Fujiwara Suzune, // just call me Suzu.
"" Ok.
[] Sorry, I know you very well.

"" and, Hime is my house's maid and has been my manservant <3
(BG text) I'm sorry, Master...
"" Who's a manservant?! I've not heard of such an inner setting!
"" Maid and manservant?!
"" Setting?!
<> *Heart Throb*

"" As expected of our Ageha, the adult, knowing things that high school students don't. Although you don't have breasts.
[] What are you talking about, my friend.
"" That's right! Why don't you show me how you look as a maid when I go over to play next time, Hime-chan?
"" Ok... // su-sure...

<> *guhh*
[] Anyway, it's shocking that my identity wasn't busted by my friend...

---page 22---

<> *thunk*

"" Wow.
<> *spin*
<> *spin*
<> *stop*

"" Was Houjou that athletic?
"" You were from the same middle* as her? Introduce us.
T/N: *same middle school, but abbreviated. (Onaji Chuugaku -> Onachuu)

---page 23---

"" When did that Ageha...is that her high school debut?
"" Is that so...?
[] That idiot is standing out too much...

"" Next, Suzuki!
"" Here.
[] Ok, me too.

<> *slip*

<> *roll roll bang*

"" Owwie...

"" Deja vu! It's like seeing Houjou when she was in middle school again!
<> *murmur*
<> *murmur*
"" That girl is cute too! Who is she?
[] Crap...so princess had such amazing athletic sense*...
T/N: This is him thinking sarcastically.
() Even though it's still too early to be the straight man.*
T/N: Google for Manzai/Tsukkomi.

---page 24---

"" Are you ok, Hime-chan?
"" I'm fine. Before we change, let me go get a plaster from the classroom.

"" Houjou-san, isn't it bad for you to be changing here?
<> *wow*
<> *slam*

"" But it's troublesome to go to the changing room.

<> *woohoo*

"" Besides, I don't mind being seen at all <3

---page 25---

"" But I mind!!
<> *clunk*
"" Ah~

"" Suzuki~ damn you~ (tears)
"" A guy's romance~
"" Hime's so mea~n (monotone)
"" Shut your trap!
[] Although they don't know about his real identity, for their bodies to get this excited, boys really are idiots.

[] 1-A

"" ...and the two disappeared.
T/N: lit. 'and the two's appearance were no longer there.'
"" That was an excellent translation, Suzuki-san.
"" Thank you very much.

---page 26---

"" Then, let's move on and have the top student of the entrance ceremony, Houjou-san, translate the next part for us.
[] Come to think of it, is Kotarou ok in his studies?

"" Before that, Sensei, can you please look into my eyes?
"" Oh, did something get into your eyes?

"" ?

"" Ei!
<> *shine*

<> *dizzy*
"" Ah...

---page 27---

"" H-how foolish of me to think of teaching someone as outstanding and beautiful as Houjou-san! I was too presumptuous, // I should be sorry I was even born.
"" No no, I'm glad that you understand, Sensei.
[] Wait a minute!! What did you do now Fuuma Ninja?!

"" Seriously, doing messed up things like that,
"" he's not acting like my body double at all.

"" That is regrettable.
<> *shock*
"" Wait...wha...
"" What are you doing here Kotarou?!

---page 28---

"" You want a girl to say such embarassing things out loud?
<> *blush*
"" Shut up you homosexual.

"" Why are you here in the girls toilet you pervert, pervert, pervert!!!
<> *snap*

"" kukuku...a pervert, huh.

"" Then, it's fine if I go into the boys toilet in this appearance and get the pervert treatment?
"" Yo.
<> *threatening atmosphere*
"" Urgh.

"" ...what's with that...

---page 29---

"" Anyway, you're doing it to make fun of me because it's amusing isn't it?! Idiot!!

<> *shock*

"" Kotarou you baldie!
<> *slam*
<> *Nervous*
"" Bal...baldie...

"" She didn't have to get so angry, right?
"" I was also fairly nervous about entering the girls toilet, you know.

---page 30---

"" Aha, she's finally alone.
"" *croak*

<> *ding dong dang*

"" Ah~ 6th period is over. To think I ditched class on the first day...

"" I guess I said a little too much~...
"" He is taking my place to protect me from those targeting me after all.

"" But he did so many extra things that's not his job...
<> *roll over*

---page 31---

"" Even though all I want is to live a normal high school life.

"" Oh well...
"" I should go back to where everyone is.

"" Ah, Hime-chan, where did you go?
"" Ditching class so quickly is bad.

---page 32---

"" Why is everyone staying back?
"" Well,

"" Hime-chan couldn't come to the entrance ceremony, right?
"" We should at least take a class group photo.

"" Ageha said that.

[] What's with that...
[] I thought he was just making me look absolutely foolish.

[] Even though he is in danger
[] and can die any time...

"" But, I'm glad.
[] What's with him, acting cool like that...
"" Eh?!

---page 33---

"" Ageha is still the same nice person she was
"" in middle school!

[] He really
[] is an idiot...
"" Yup.

---page 34---

"" But you know, Houjou, who said that, has been missing since 6th period.
"" Eh?!
"" But I don't think she's the type to ditch class...

"" What's wrong, Hime-chan?
<> *dash*
[] Don't tell me, another assasin...?

"" Sorry everyone, please wait a while longer!
"" I'll go and search for Ageha!

"" Wait for me, Ageha-chan!
<> *flop*

---page 35---

<> *hop*
"" *croak*
<> *thud*
"" Wait for what?!

(Eyepatch bandana text) Poison
"" Ah~ I want to kill Ageha-chan so much that my body is itching <3

"" As if I'll die from an ambush by a catfish monster!
[] Which syndicate hired the Watari Ninjas?
"" That's rude, it's not a catfish but a tadpole you know.
"" As a ninja, you should be accompanied by either a giant frog or snake you see.
"" Then come after at me when it becomes an adult! And also...

---page 36---

"" don't be so conceited!

"" Here!
<> *fwip*

<> *thunk*

<> *fsshhh*
"" Hm~m, so Ageha-chan was a ninja too~<3

[] What?! The kunai...this guy?!

---page 37---

"" ?!
<> *suddenly appear*

<> *bam*
"" Wha-?!

<> *fsshhh*
<> *fsshhh*
"" Fufu, you know, I love to kill girls slowly.
[] Damn it, I can't gather my strength, this guy's body is dampened with poison.

"" Kotarou...?!

"" ...wait, what are you hugging?!
<> *smack*
"" You're mistaken!

---page 38---

"" That catfish monster and weird woman are assasins?
"" ... // you idiot!! If you are here then it's meaningless!
"" What do you mean by idiot?! You don't even have a weapon!
"" A girl's tears is already a weapon by itself!
"" Don't say meaningless stuff that I don't understand!

"" Besides...
<> *slow movement*

"" there's a lot of secrets in a girl's skirt.
<> *ta-dah*
"" Girls don't have such a disturbing* secret!
T/N: Some kanji wordplay here, it can mean both disturbing and dangerous.

---page 39---

"" Hold on, your chest can be seen. Wouldn't it be good to somehow cover it first?
"" It's fine even if I'm seen.

"" Ahahahaha, that's right, there's no value in seeing such a small chest!
<> *doom*

[] Such a small chest(omission)... there's no value...there's no value...no breasts die...no breasts die...(people with) no breasts should die?!
<> *doom*

<> *bam*
<> *foam*
"" Eh? Why are you angry?
"" I'm just thinking of my friends and getting pissed off for them!!!

---page 40---

"" You are my type of cute girl as well, but I'll be troubled if you interfere so I'll make you be good!

"" Kyaa!
<> *crunch*
"" Princess!

"" I'm alright, so quickly defeat that guy,
"" Kotarou!

"" Yeah!
[] Even so, attacking the poison lady directly will be like the kunai just now all over again...

"" Then, I'll start by defeating that catfish!
"" It's a tadpole!

---page 41---

<> *slip*
"" Eh?

"" Damn~ looks like it was skillfully repelled.
"" Ahaha, you're mistaken. We didn't move a step at all.

"" I scattered a poison in the air which disrupts your senses, that's why you couldn't grab the sense of distance.

[] Looks like a more difficult opponent than I thought.

"" Now you should understand how futile it is to resist?
"" Fufufu, I'm looking forward to seeing the sort of voice a cute girl like Ageha-chan would cry out with <3

---page 42---

[] This guy...?!

<> *bounce*
"" Now, come into my breasts and cry out with a cute voice, Ageha-chan <3
"" *croak*

<> *squeeze*
"" I've caught you!

"" Kotarou!

"" ?!
"" This is a decoy?!

"" My bad, but I can't meet your expectations.
"" That's because, I am

---page 43---

"" a boy!

[] Why (did you reveal) your identity...*
T/N: Words in brackets are not said but hinted.

---page 44---

<> *bam*
"" Iyaaaaaahhhh, a boy...?!!
[] Really no bust
[] Underwear for males

"" Eh...What's going on?
"" Hmph, as I thought.

"" Since you kept going on and on about girls, I wanted to see what sort of reaction you would have towards a boy.

"" Aaah~~I've been touched by a boy, I've been tainted~~I'm gonna rot~~and die~~!!
"" Stop saying that already, poison lady.

"" Now then,

"" prepare yourself, poison lady, gehehe...
<> *inch forward*
<> *inch forward*
<> *panic* x3
"" Uwah~ stay away from me!
() Even (though it's) a girls outfit...*
T/N: Words in brackets are not said but hinted.
[] Like this, all I can say is he's nothing but a pervert...

---page 45---

"" I understand, I'll stop going after you.

"" My motivation has withered knowing that Ageha-chan is a cross-dressing pervert.
<> *sigh*
<> *twitch*
"" That recognition is troublesome but...

"" Oi oi, you can't be seriously thinking that you can just go back like that right,
"" poison lady?!

"" Scary, that smile is scary, // but there's the matter of you not being able to land an attack on me, right?
"" You fool, once I understand the root of the problem here...

"" Wind?

---page 46 & 47---

"" Dressed in wind, howl, Onimaru Kunitsuna*
T/N: The name of his sword.
"" Wha...how is this...

<> *howl*

"" The poison that I scattered is wound up by the wind...

() Fuuma Zangeki Jutsu - Zero-Shiki*
T/N: Fuuma Slashing Technique - Style Zero
() "Kazaguruma"*
T/N: Insane Demon

---page 48---

<> *smash*
"" She probably won't appear again...
"" The sunset is beautiful.

"" ...Sorry Kotarou, for putting you in danger.
"" What are you talking about now. This is my job.

"" Then is proposing to take a class group photo part of your job too?

"" Th-that is, to put it into words*, to sell an obligation to princess which I will make you return it tenfold after...
T/N: lit. How do I say it. (But it sounds odd when combined as a whole sentence)
() *sweat*
"" Even so,

---page 49---

"" thank you,
"" Kotarou.

"" Y-yeah.
<> *thump*

---page 50---

"" Th-that's right, I have to free princess.
"" Yeah.
"" Ageha, Hime-chan...

"" Erm...sorry, was I intruding?

[] Ah...my friend...
[] Sexy half-naked girl
[] Tied up girl
[] you'll definitely misunderstand, huh...?

"" Hime-chan...so you really are Ageha's manservant... // but you two are a little daring to be doing this at school.
<> wow
"" Is that how it is? Are you two in such a relationship?
<> wow
"" Between two girls...
[] And so the destruction of the school building is overlooked.
[] Ah~ my normal high school life has become abnormal...

---page 51---

[] That's right! Fufufu, if we use Fuuma's memory modification...
[] ...wait, what am I thinking about?!

"" Kotarou, do something about it!
"" ...
"" I understand.

"" We~ll, everyone, this is our relationship, but please watch over us kindly <3
<> *shyness*
<> *shyness*
<> *Ohhhh~*
"" Nyaaahhh! Why are you admiting to it you idiot!

"" Today in the afternoon, there was a mysterious phenomenon where
"" a giant tadpole fell from the sky onto the field owned by Tanaka-san...
"" I wonder if those 2 are getting along...?
(Text on the left) The formation of the princess and body double combo?! We await your thoughts!

---Translator's Notes page--- (If there's not enough space on the manga itself to insert the notes)

page 6, panel 1: She's saying he's sugar-high and has gone a little crazy, and is making up stories to be festive.

page 6, last panel: Zashiki Warashi - A Japanese Youkai said to have the appearance of a child. It is said that once a zashiki-warashi inhabits a house, it brings the residence great fortune; on the other hand, should a zashiki-warashi depart, the domain soon falls into a steep decline. (from wikipedia) Ageha is referring to the part where the power grants fortune/prosperity.

page 7, panel 1: I took some liberties here. Taikou(Grand Advisor) refers to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, but also appears to be his title, 'father of the Imperial advisor'.

page 7, panel 1: He married into the family so he's like an outsider, in Japanese custom. The actual word used here is 'son-in-law'.

page 11, panel 2: Fuuma = Wind Demon

page 15, panel 6 (with the glasses): 'Elegant' can also be 'Just-for-show', but kanji play here is probably giving it dual meaning on purpose.

page 19: Ninjutsu = Ninja Techniques

page 22, last panel: *same middle school, but abbreviated. (Onaji Chuugaku -> Onachuu)

page 23, last panel: About the athletic sense: This is him thinking sarcastically.

page 23, last panel: Retorting/Tsukkomi: The straight man in Manzai (Japanese stand-up comedy) that retorts the boke (funny man).

page 25, panel 4: lit. 'and the two's appearance were no longer there.'

page 38, last panel: Some kanji wordplay here, it can mean both disturbing and dangerous.

page 43, last panel: Words in brackets are not said but hinted.

page 44, last panel: Words in brackets are not said but hinted.

page 46, panel 1: Onimaru Kunitsuna is the name of his sword. Which translates to Perfect Demon Country Rope, if you will.

page 47: About the skill name, it can be interpreted as 'Berserk Wind Demon' or 'Insane Demon'

page 48, last panel: 'to put it into words' is lit. 'How do I say it.' (But it sounds odd when combined as a whole sentence)

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