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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Is a Zombie-Bitch considered a Bitch? 1

Zombie Girl in Love, Sakina.


-> RTS Page for Is a Zombie-Bitch considered a Bitch? 1

Reserved for VIScans

[] = box, narration or thoughts
"" = speech
// = split bubbles
() = small text, either outside or inside bubbles.
<> = sfx (if I tl it)

Line break = different panel. Bubbles in the middle might belong to either panel on my whim.

---page 1--- (Volume Summary at the back)

Line 1: Nikaidou Sakina is an ordinary high school student that is everyone's role model.
Line 2: ...or at least she was supposed to be, until she lost her life in an accident.
Line 3: However, her heart started beating again thanks to having erotic delusions at her moment of death.
Line 4+5: Since then, she has to keep herself excited with erotic delusions, or her heart will not be able to beat, making her a Zombie as well as a Bitch, a Zombitch!
Line 6: Sakina mistaking things as erotic situations is cute,
Line 7: in Zombitch Volume 1!!

---page 2--- (Author's comments)

Hiiragi Yuuichi
Thank you very much for getting Zombitch volume 1 in your hands!
I think this one volume probably won't influence the lives of you readers too much,
but I'll be glad even if you only use this to waste away your leisure time.

---page 3---

---page 4---

---page 5---

---page 6---

Chapter 1: Zombie Girl in Love, Sakina.

Chapter 2: Zombitch, goes to a cafe.

Chapter 3: Zombitch, admiring the first death of the year.*
T/N: pun on "watching the first sunrise of the new year."

Chapter 4: Zombitch, dies?!

Oneshot 1: Zonbicchi wa, Bicchi ni Fukumaremasu ka?

Oneshot 2: Zonbicchi wa, Bicchi ni Fukumaremasu ka?

Omake: Sakina, watches a Zombie Movie.

Collab: <Akame ga Kill!> Collaboration Manga

---page 7---

Chapter 1: Zombie Girl in Love, Sakina.

---page 8---

"" ...Nikaidou-san's so great... // She's so smart and her character's great too...
"" Does she have a boyfriend--?

[] Nikaidou Sakina // Teitoa High School 1st year.
[] ...
() How embarrassing...
[] She heard them.

[] Currently has a crush on one of the opposite sex--
[] ... // A boyfriend, huh...

"" Sakina!

---page 9---

"" Are you free now?!
[] He is Hatsuno Koharu, // Sakina's childhood friend and...

"" What's wrong?! Being in a hurry like that...
"" Ah...no, sorry.

"" I just had something important that I forgot to tell you...
"" Eh?
[] Something important?!
[] also her crush.

[] Don't tell me that is...
"" Over here is a little...Can we talk on the roof?
[] Don't tell me...?!
"" That is...Sa- // Sakina,
"" go out with me!

"" Im...the important thing is...?
"" Ahh, // the truth is...

---page 10---

"" I didn't do my // Maths homework!!

"" Lunch break isn't the time for playing basketball!
"" Won't you let me see your answers?!

"" ...

"" Jeez...sit down here. // I won't let you see my answers, but I'll teach you the way to solve them.

"" Thanks, Sakina! // My bad for always doing this.
"" ... // It's only because I don't want to Koharu to be held back a year and become my junior or something...
"" Yea- // yeah.

[] For Sakina, nothing can replace her normal days-- // However, those normal days will fade into the shadows.

---page 11--

[] Because she // has a "secret".

[] Ah...my heart...

"" Sakina? What's wrong?!
"" I...I'm fine...Give me a moment...

(Text on book - top) France Shobo*
T/N: Pun on a H manga publisher, France Shoin.
(Text on book) After School Lewd Number Analysis
~Immorality's Formula~

---page 12---

[] Her secret--that is // if she, Nikaidou Sakina, doesn't have erotic delusions,
() Heart Rate
() Sakina's heartbeat rate display gauge. If the gauge is empty it means her heart has stopped beating.
[] her heart would stop beating; In other words-- she is a zombie.

[] As to why she would become a zombie-- // we have to go back to before a week ago, after school---...
() Q1: Age of first sex is?!
() Q2: How many times a month?!
"" It looks like 45% of girls // have their first experience in high school!

"" ...
"" Is-is that so.

---page 13---

[] No matter what, there's no way I really wanted...
[] to do something ecchi with Koharu...!!

"" ...How...I definitely won't tell Koharu.
() It'd be too embarrassing...

"" ...I wonder if it really // hurts during the first time...

"" But, Koharu will
"" definitely be very gentle...

---page 14---

"" You're the same as usual, Sakina-chan. // You don't have interest in such things, right?
"" Erm, well, // I guess...so.

"" Since Sakina-chan has many suitors after all... // You aren't worried and won't panic, huh...
() I'm so envious...
[] Miyauchi Yuuhi: Classmate and Friend
"" Eh?! Th-there's no such thing, or even if there is, that isn't it!

"" It...it's just that I think we shouldn't compare people on such a thing like early or late. // Besides, I myself don't have an interest in it yet...

"" As expected of Sakina-chan... // You're so firm about it~

---page 15---

[] Definitely...
"" Does it hurt, Sakina...?
"" Yeah... // I-I'm fine...

() Stare...

"" ...
() Turning red~...

[] What was I thinking about!
"" ?! // Ojou-san?!
[] During daytime! On the road!

[] Luckily the one beside me was a stranger...
[] If I <that face> was seen by Koharu...
T/N: <that face> is furi for 'I'

---page 16---

"" Watch out! A truck's pulling in over there!
[] Nikaidou Sakina is hit by a truck that day, // and died by being ran over--

"" It's going to run you over!

[] However, at that moment,
[] what the girl saw was...

---page 17---

[] her not yet experienced affair with Koharu, which // excited her despite being on the brink of death--
[] and her heart which stopped began beating again.

[] The result: She lives again as a --living corpse-- zombie.
"" Koharu, I like you!

[] Since then, if she doesn't have
[] erotic delusions to keep herself excited, her heart will stop-- and signs of something like decomposition will appear on her body.
() Heart Rate

---page 18---

[] "I want to do ecchi things with Koharu."
[] That was awesome... // doing it in the locker...
() Heart Rate

[] That thought made her live again, // a bitch on top of being a zombie,
[] I'd like to try it... with Koharu one day.
[] Nikaidou Sakina is a Zombitch--

[] She's slow, that Sakina.
() I totally can't solve them at all...

---page 19---

"" Impossible! I was beaten by Nikaidou in the End-of-Term Exams as well...!

"" Why! I, who wanted to leave the name of child prodigy in middle school!
"" EN, JJ, Maths; I'm inferior to Nikaidou in all of them...
[] Nogami Renjirou: Classmate and Friend

"" To me, the both of you are amazing, // to be 1st and 2nd in the level.
"" Ahh, they seem to be heavenly people or something...?
"" "Heavenly people", huh...

"" There's no meaning if it isn't 1st place!
"" Doesn't "World's strongest" sound cool and "World's 2nd strongest" sound humorous?!

---page 20---

"" I pledge! I will conquer the next periodic test!
"" His rant can't be helped, huh.

"" I don't really have any intention to compete... // rather than that, Koha...
"" ...ru.

[] Ah...?! This is...bad.
() Heart Rate
[] My heart is...!

[] If I don't refill it with ecchi things...
[] I'll die...

"" Now that that's decided, // I'll be going to Sakai Bookstore!
"" Are you going to buy something?

"" It'll be even more necessary now, // a Reference Book.

[] ...Wh...?!

---page 21---

[] Let's have an orgy...?!
T/N: She misheard "Sankoushou" (Reference book) as "Rankou shiyou" (Let's have an orgy)
() Heart Rate
[] Let me explain-- // When her heart is in a dangerous state, in order to cause her heart to beat, Sakina's defensive instinct kicks in and she unconsciously put all sorts of situations through her ero-filter.

[] What are you suggesting on the way home from school...!
[] I originally thought that you were just an oddball, but soon, you'll become a pervert!
[] Sakina Vision

[] Ah...but if I take part in the orgy...I'll be sure to get very excited...! I won't have to die...!

[] ...
[] But...!

[] If I do that, I will...
[] be hated by Koharu...!

---page 22---

[] This is something that happened in Koharu's house--10 years ago.

"" Hey~ Koharu, I'm bored. // Rockman can't be played with 2 people!
"" We'll switch after completing this level.

[] Sakina (6 years old)

"" Koharu! Look over here!
"" Eh?

[] Koharu (6 years old)

"" Here.

[] That was the trend in kindergarten.
[] To make fun of boys and make them flustered by showing them panties...

---page 23---

"" You turned red, you turned red! You pervert!
"" Fueh, I- // I didn't!
"" Lies, you did! Koharu is ecchi!

"" Ecchi is ecchi! // Koharu is ecchi!
"" I'll tell everyone tomorrow-
"" St...

"" Stop it, Sacchan!
"" Isn't Sacchan who let her panties be seen more ecchi?!

"" Stop it already. I...
"" hate an ecchi Sacchan...!

"" ...

[] The "I hate an ecchi Sakina" words that day // strongly shocked Sakina.
"" I'm sorry, Koharu. // I'm sorry, ok?

---page 24---

[] Since then, in order not to be hated by Koharu, // Sakina became a "serious character".
"" Letting your panties be seen is no good.
[] Kindergarten
() How's that?
"" ?

[] Primary School
"" Sakinaa! Let's go play bomberman at my house!
[] Gradually, it was no longer an act, becoming her nature about that time--
[] Koharu and bomberman...?! I want to, but...
"" After we finish homework, ok?

[] "Koharu hates ecchi things", "I also hate an ecchi Sakina"; // these words became carved within Sakina's mind <heart> as trauma.
() End-of-Term Exam outstanding achievers
1. Nikaidou Sakina
2. Kishida Shigeo
3. Yamaguchi Jirou
4. Ganda Yuniko
5. Kurusu Oomari
[] Middle School
"" That's amazing, Sakina! I'm countable from the bottom... // I wish you could share some of your points with me.
"" ...If I could share, I'd like to share too, you know...

---page 25---

[] Even if I participate in the orgy and survive...
[] if I'd be despised as a "filthy girl" by Koharu...

[] It might be better if I just
[] die right here...?!

[] ...But...

[] If I'm dead, I won't...be able to hear Koharu's voice again...
[] or see his face or do ecchi things with him...!

[] Either way it's...!
"" I'll go along with Nogami-kun, // what about you 2?

"" ...

---page 26---

"" Wait! // I will...
"" I will go as well...!

[] If there's even 1% probability of connecting with Koharu...
[] I'll bet on living on...! <this way>
T/N: <this way> is furi for "living on"

[] Koharu is...?!
"" Sakina-chan wants it too, huh.
() A reference book.

---page 27---

[] Sakina's going to buy as well?
[] Sakina Vision
[] You were a bitch who would do it with anyone, huh...I'm gonna stay away...
[] No, that's not it... // This is, this is...I don't have a...!

"" Fufu...it wouldn't be interesting otherwise.
"" However, Nikaidou! No matter how much you tag along...

"" EN, JP, Maths; I will definitely make you submit in all of it!

[] E...Eikokusuu?! What do you mean?!
T/N: EN.JP.Maths is pronounced here as 'Ei.Koku.Suu' as in short for 'Eigou (English), Kokugou (National Language) and Suugaku (Mathematics)'
[] The things this pervert is saying...is definitely ero-related...

---page 28---

[] A Strip Suck?!
T/N: A (Ei), Strip (Koku), Suck (Suu)
() Heart Rate

"" Wai-idiot! Stop it!
"" Why do you have to say such things in front of Koharu!
"" Eh, m-my bad...?!

[] Sakina Vision
[] To announce that he'll discipline me <make me submit>...!
T/N: <make me submit> is furi for "discipline me".
"" There isn't anything to cry about, is there...?
[] This sadist...flawed personality failure...!

---page 29---

[] But...no matter how much you make my body like it...
[] you'll never make my heart submit...!

[] S...she's angry...
[] Did I provoke her too much...?!

"" I...I know! // Let's confirm how much money we have...

[] Wh...with the bag...
[] Standing bag practice has started---?!
"" Errr the wallet is...

"" How about you use your heart to remember how this hip movement taste like?
[] Is that what you're gonna say?!

"" I-I definitely won't let you do as you like!
"" Eh?! Ah, // i-it's just the way I wanted...!

---page 30---

"" Er, you know.
[] Koharu?!

"" What's the matter, Koharu?
[] You're disgusting so...stay away from me, ok?

"" Well, // I was wondering if I can go (to buy reference books)---...as well?

[] ...Eh...?

[] Ehhh
[] hhhhh--?!

"" Sure! You can also defeat Nikaido-...
"" W-w-why?! Don't you dislike such things...?!

---page 31---

"" Well--...I know it's a little unreasonable, but // I'd like to get closer below Sakina...
() 1 Nikaidou Sakina
2 Hatsuno Koharu
3 Nogami Renjirou
4 Mogito Souichi
5 Wakitani Hisami
6 Ou Asae
7 Azafuki Shin
8 Mitou Takeshi
"" since you're always teaching an idiot like me in my studies...

[] Condemning from below?!
T/N: She misheard "get closer below" (Shita kara semaru) as "Shita kara Semeru" (Condemning from below)
"" Is it painful?
"" Yeah...I'm fine...
() Heart Rate

"" Th-th-that's not unreasonable at all!
"" Is that so?!
"" Yeah, you can definitely do it! In fact, you can do it very well!

---page 32---

"" Ok, I'm gonna do my best! I'll also
"" join Sakina and the others among the top level!

[] Did he say he'll join us as a topless comrade---?!
T/N: Top level (toppu reberu) misheard as Topless (toppuresu). Among other stuff. Puns are annoying me by this time now, pain in the ass to translate.
Koharu: Player shows nipples-! <enters> // Joining the orgy!
T/N: <enters> is furi for "shows nipples"
Nogami: Hahaha, you sure are impatient huh, Koharu!
Yuuhi: Koharu-kun has already stripped, you know?
Sakina: Jeez, Koharu... // you can strip, but you should strip slowly, ok...<3
() Heart Rate

---page 33---

[] I didn't know...
[] that Koharu could be so aggressive like this towards sex!!

[] Don't tell me, I can do H with Koharu today...?!
[] I'm so glad I'm alive...!

"" I...am extremely happy that Koharu is saying that...! // I will also try my best...let's do it from the bottom until the end, ok?
"" Eh? // Ahh yeah!

"" Hold it hold it....!
"" This Nogami disagrees with what you're saying-

---page 34---

[] Shut your trap!!
[] Gyaaahhh!

"" Now, let's go Koharu! Let's not waste even a single second!
"" Ok?!

"" Ara? Wait up!
"" ?!

---page 35---

"" Sakai Bookstore // is this way, isn't it?

"" Saka...eh...?!
"" What is...?!

"" Were you planning on going to another bookstore?
"" But you can buy them over there too, right? // Reference books, that is.

() Hey
"" What are you talking about, Koharu too?!
"" Why are reference books necessary right now...

[] Wai...a min...eh...?!
"" Let's have an orgy.

"" Rankou shiyou ka

"" sankoushou ga
[] Don't tell me...at that time that was what...

---page 36---

[] he was referring to?!
"" A Reference book.

[] When her heart beat rate stabilizes, // her defensive instinct releases her from forcefully deluding herself.
[] Sakina who regains her composure at this time--
[] realizes that she had made // such a vulgar misunderstanding.

[] Ahhh I, in front of Koharu, // made such a misunderstanding...!
[] I'll be despised by Koharu!

"" Sakina?
[] Gyaaahhh!

---page 37---

"" Ah...no...
"" I...

"" ...

"" ...

"" So-so-something urgent cropped up! I-I'll be going back, k!
"" Ah...eh?! // Sakina?!

(doorplate) Nikaidou

---page 38---

[] ...Why did I make such a misunderstanding...
[] I'm, definitely hated by Koharu...

[] Maybe I should do nothing like this
[] Following Day
[] and wait for my body to rot away...

[] ...!!
() Calling

---page 39---

"" Kohar...

[] About yesterday...what was that about?
"" Well...that is...
[] That was very attention-grabbing...I was shocked...
"" Ko-Koharu?!

"" Ng~~~~h!

() Connected

"" ... // Hello...

---page 40---

[] Sakina? // Did you settle your urgent matter?
"" ... // ?!

[] Since you went home in a hurry, // I was wondering if everything was alright.
[] ...Eh...?!
[] After that, the 3 of us bought reference books, but...

[] Does this mean that... // Koharu didn't notice...

[] Well, it's fine that we bought them but...
[] my strange misunderstanding...?!
[] Well, eh? Sakina?

---page 41---

[] Is it ok? I don't have to sleep anymore...?

[] Th-th...thank goodness!
"" Yeah I'm fine, // sorry for making you worried.
[] Ah, I see, then I'm glad.

"" Yeah, then, // see you in school.

"" ...
"" Ok!

---page 42---

[] Let's live on...!
[] Live and continue to live on... in order to get married to Koharu!

[] For that objective, so that I do not seem like an ecchi girl...
[] I'll have to take care not to appear like today again!

[] Now that I've decided on that...

[] Today I'll replenish myself with plenty of ero...!
() Terra-Store
() Temptation Private Beach (It's covered by the hand though)
[] Not letting herself be seen as an ecchi girl but having no choice but to have ecchi delusions-- // Can Sakina who is walking on a faily risky tightrope, bring her love to fruition?!

---page 43---

---page 44---

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#1. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2012
Talk about awesome title.....
#2. by soranokira ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2012
Official title is 'Zombie-Bitch Sakina is in Bitch-girl?'
which does not make sense. so I opt'd to use my own tl of the jp title, though it's a little awkward. (Hell, it doesn't even include the name of the main character, Sakina)
Original JP: "Zonbicchi wa bicchi ni fukumaremasu ka?"

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