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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 8

The Demon World and its Gateway

+ posted by soranokira as translation on Feb 10, 2013 16:23 | Go to Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

-> RTS Page for Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 8

Reserved for Village Idiot

---page 1---

After Yuusha left for the Demon World <Makai>...
Chapter 8: The Demon World and its Gateway


It is now that the demons will be smiten by the hammer of justice
of our Holy Key Expedition Army <Seikenenseigun>!!

Shortly thereafter-

---page 2---

the Holy Key Expedition Army occupied Demon World's Gateway City.

The chosen heroes blessed by the Holy Spirit of Light!

---page 3---

We have now cleansed this accursed land // of the Demon World from the hands of the evil demons!

The general of nobility blood has been stationed there as a "Hero", huh. // Hmph.

Thanks for your work. Please continue to supply information.
Hah, // also...
(TL note to proofer: Hah here refers acknowledgement, please replace with an english word you find suitable here considering facial expression/situation)

So it was like that after all. // This is all thanks to your support. Thank you.
No no, I should be thanking you for the kind treatment all this while. // Well then.

---page 4---

Seinen Shounin-dono.<Young Male Merchant>

Large orders came from the advancing troops of Holy King Nation and various Southern Nations this time...
In accordance with your command, we will use this land route.

However, may I ask why not to use a boat...
Currently, the world as a whole is embroiled in the flow of trying to keep up with Yuusha.

Anyway, be it wielding weapons, // or prayer contributions,

money is in the center of the world.

---page 5---

Oi, Seinen Shounin! <Young Male Merchant>

You are Chuunen Shounin-dono. <Middle-aged Merchant>
Did you hear?
The demons have once again advanced upon the human world <our side>....Aurora island! // Like this, the sea route is...

What! This is a disaster.

information is very much like money, eh?

---page 6 & 7---

Chapter 8: The Demon World and its Gateway

---page 8---


What happened to the reinforcements?
All efforts were concentrated into the attack on Gateway City so...

---page 9---

Damn...this is the end, huh...
() Ahhh how mortifying...really mortifying...

Bring out the ships!
But there are troops that still have not returned...

How dare you lowly peasant question me who has the blood of nobility!
Do you know which is more important, the life of 100 of you wretched fools or my life!?
Save me!

I beg your forgiveness.

---page 10---

Aiming for the Demon World and its Gateway when we're short-handed...

But I'll definitely avenge my subordinates!
First I have to retreat to regroup and make my stand...


What's with this blizzard!?
Ah, // the surface of the sea has been frozen...

---page 11---

What are you...
Leaving behind your subordinates and running away is a disgrace to a warrior.

A fool like the current Maou <Demon King> (or Queen. since it's a gender neutral term it doesn't say)
My name is South Arctic General, // the one who will rule South Arctic Sea once again from today onwards.

---page 12---

Be careful not to let the cargo fall over.


---page 13---

Damn it, the compass isn't working.

What's that? Is it a crag mortar?
How's that possible...


---page 14---

Aurora Island has fallen...?
TL note: wow, this version's prince dude's a beard guy.

Impossible! What were our colleagues in the south doing!
Were we distracted by Gateway City?
Damned demons, using underhanded methods to...

Useless Southerners!

Well, the thing affected is the western sea route...
There's not much loss for us Central to aid them.

---page 15---

A blessing amidst disaster eh, Outei Gensui-dono! <Royal Prince Marshal>
Hmm? // Ahh, I guess so...

Good, good.
And the defensive pieces have been reduced...are you bunch of fools getting impatient?

...to think that the other day, the requested goods came from land as that person said...

...as if that's possible, // it's a coincidence.
If there's a merchant who could predict like that...

---page 16---

I would preferably like to hire an army commander.

A cold, Seinen Shounin-dono? <Young Male Merchant>
Probably just someone gossiping about me somewhere.

I also have some gossip myself.
Predicting the fall of Aurora Island and preempting the use of the land route, // that rumor of yours has become the hot topic within Doumei. <Alliance>

You're steadily drawing closer to the 10-man council.
I suppose so...

---How worthless.

---page 17---

What sort of meaning is there in that position?

Everyone revealing their ugly faces in the face of money.
The nobles,
and even the clergymen.

That's right-in front of money, all man is equal.

I have bet my life within that against money and won.

However, I found no satisfaction.
I continue to thirst for something-
Is there something I can drink to quench this thirst?

---page 18---

Will the day to fulfil that come...?

Today is tedium as well... (use boring if tedium doesn't work, I'm not too familiar with the grammar for tedium)
Seinen Shounin-dono. <Young Male Merchant>

The nobles sent a letter and this thing.
What's that? It's pretty big...

This... // this is...!

---To be continued in Volume 2---

---page 20---

TL: It's a Touno Mamare comment/atogaki/author note kinda thing.

---page 22---

Oh! This is!

I hope I've not kept you waiting. // I am this mansion's mistress, "Crimson Scholar".

Mid Text: Fated face-off

reprinting next week, new releases on 2nd and 4th friday!
Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
Manga: Asami You ___________ Original Work: Touno Mamare ____ Supervision: Masuda Shoji
____________________________ Character Illustrations: Mizutama Keinojo, toi8

---page 23--- (bubbles only)


Nice to meet you for the first time. // I am Seinen Shounin <Young Male Merchant>, who's in charge of "Doumei"'s <Alliance> South Arctic Sea transactions.


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