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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Bleach 298

Bleach 298

+ posted by spacecat as translation on Nov 2, 2007 16:03 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 298

My translation, thanks/cred to pocketmofo for giving me some tips. Corrections are always welcome.

Colour page:

Ichigo: Ken….

Sidetext: A sudden entrance from…Kenpachi!!

Ichigo: Kenpachi…..!!!

Colour spread:

Through electronic waves our hearts are connected.

Bleach 298: INTRUDERZ3

Page 1:

Ichigo: Is this really…

Ichigo: this is Kenpachi!?

Kenpachi: Eh?

Kenpachi: Of course it is.

Kenpachi: Did they beat you so bad that you lost your damn mind?

Page 2:

No Text

Page 3:

Tesla: Who

Tesla: are you?

Tesla: Not gonna bother replying?

Tesla: Then I will make you disappear.

Page 4:

Nnoitra: You fool!!!

Nnoitra: Get out of there Tesla!!!

Page 5:

No Text

Page 6:

Tesla: Nnoi…tra

Tesla: sama.

Page 7:

Kenpachi: Next.

Kenpachi: Well bring it on

Kenpachi: I will dispose of you now.

Page 8:

Ichigo: Huh…Kenpachi…

Ichigo: How come you are here?

Ichigo: Soul Society said

Ichigo: they wouldn’t be involved in this fight.

Ichigo: Ughh

Inoue: Ku…Kurosaki kun!?

Kenpachi: It’s an intrusion

Kenpachi: get out of the way.

Ichigo: huh

Ichigo: huh

Ichigo: damn it…

Ichigo: this guy…

Page 9:

Kenpachi: Urahara Kisuke

Kenpachi: That guy received orders from old man Yama back when we decided that the major battle would be in the winter.

Kenpachi: One of those orders was to stabilize the Garganta

Kenpachi: so that shinigami at a captain's level could pass to Hueco Mundo safely at full power.

Page 10:

Kenpachi: Firstly, we planned for it to be finished in 3 months

Kenpachi: but that guy said he can finish it in just 1 month.

Kenpachi: What’s more..

Kenpachi: that girl over there was suddenly kidnapped.

Yachiru: Yay!

Yachiru: And because of that Ken can finally fit through the hole!

Kenpachi: Yachiru! Just leave it!

Kenpachi: Really..

Page 11:

Szayel: And just who

Szayel: might you be?

Kenpachi: Well me alone would have been enough

Kenpachi: but it’s not the case.

Page 12:

No Text

Page 13:

No Text

Page 14:

LeRoux: May I ask

LeRoux: who you are?

Unohana: I am the 13 divisions 4th squad captain Unohana Retsu.

Isane: And therefore that makes me assistant captain of 4th division Isane Kotetsu.

Execution leader: Captain….!!

Page 15:

Unsure? I think Szayel: Judging from that haori you are a captain I suppose?

LeRoux: I am the 7th Espada Zomari Le Roux.

LeRoux: Identify yourself intruder.

Mayuri: kukuku

Mayuri: such a guy..

Mayuri: That question

Mayuri: doesn’t need an answer, if it was indeed a question?

Byakuya: I do not need to answer.

Page 16:

Byakuya: We are your enemy.

LeRoux: Indeed.

Unohana: We are simply here to heal injuries

Unohana: and have no intention of fighting with you.

Mayuri: Arrancar, Arrancar, Arrancar.

Mayuri: kuku

Mayuri: An espada!

Mayuri: kukukuku how amusing! Indeed!

Mayuri: Hueco Mundo

Mayuri: is filled with treasure!

Byakuya: I also have one thing

Byakuya: I would like to ask you.

Page 17:

Byakuya: The one who did that to her

Byakuya: was it you?

LeRoux: I am not the one

LeRoux: however

LeRoux: I was just about to

LeRoux: finish it off.

Byakuya: I see.

Page 18:

Kenpachi: Finally he strikes and it’s not bad.

Nnoitra: What is your name

Nnoitra: shinigami.

Page 19:

Kenpachi: I am the 11th division captain Zaraki Kenpachi!

Nnoitra: I am the 5th Espada Nnoitra Jiruga!

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#1. by bludshock (Scanlator)
Posted on Nov 2, 2007
Thanks spacecat :)
#2. by Hardysmidgen (Registered User)
Posted on Nov 2, 2007
Thank you for the trans! ^__^

Hopefully an accompanying RAW and scan will be out shortly. :)
#3. by Obxist (Scanlator)
Posted on Nov 2, 2007
>,< wow so fast,..
#4. by ChaosCloud (Registered User)
Posted on Nov 2, 2007
#5. by imintheradio (Registered User)
Posted on Nov 2, 2007
this is such a cool intrusion!!walauweh!!!
#6. by He-man (Scanlator)
Posted on Nov 2, 2007
so how did you do the translation? you have a raw?
#7. by Serpent (Registered User)
Posted on Nov 2, 2007
yey :)
#8. by He-man (Scanlator)
Posted on Nov 2, 2007
omg cam raw?
#9. by niphredil (Translator)
Posted on Nov 2, 2007
waaa so quick.. thanks so much spacecat!! I too am a big fan of this Intrusion XD;
#10. by Tamahomy (Registered User)
Posted on Nov 2, 2007
Soo Good ! I like it soo much !
#11. by ginousuke (Intl Translator)
Posted on Nov 2, 2007
Thank you XD
#12. by OrangeRat (Registered User)
Posted on Nov 3, 2007
Thank you
#13. by coungpow (Registered User)
Posted on Nov 3, 2007
thanks space and pocket
#14. by hatsuharupeace (MH Senpai)
Posted on Nov 3, 2007
#15. by leejinsung (Registered User)
Posted on Nov 3, 2007
gre-yat! :D
#16. by Gold Knight (MH Senpai)
Posted on Nov 3, 2007
Thanks! :)

Only problem I have is...

if you had just taken out "can" out of

Yachiru: And because of that Ken can finally fit through the hole!


Yachiru: And because of that Ken was allowed to finally fit through the hole!

I think it would have made more sense (funny way of saying it though)... I think by saying "can" you implied that Orihime had something to do with Kenpachi's being able to come to Hueco Mundo.
#17. by jaimacando (Registered User)
Posted on Nov 4, 2007
thanks for the translation!
#18. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz (Intl Translator)
Posted on Nov 5, 2007
Yaaay! Thank u very much for the trans! :whoo
#19. by destinator (MH Senpai)
Posted on Nov 5, 2007
Thanks for the translation spacecat :D

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