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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Beelzebub 6


+ posted by squirrellord as translation on Mar 28, 2009 02:06 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 6

Sorry for the delay! I got caught up reading the last few chapters of Umineko no Naku Koro Ni 4, then someone mentioned "Maou" and I went "Oh crap, Beelzebub!"

01/1/1 Somebody beat Kanzaki!?
01/1/2 100 Points-> Shit power (TL:in the urinal)
01/1/3 At the Information Exchange Base (Toilet)...
01/2/1 By who? Himekawa?
01/2/2 By Oga, Oga
01/2/3 Child Carrying Oga
01/2/4 That guy's bad news
01/2/5 He's repainting Ishayama's whole hierarchy of power
01/3/1 Se... Seriously...
01/3/2 Yeah, and even worse, this place is getting really messed up
01/3/3 There's a rumor going around that after he's been somewhere, grass won't even grow, just like a drawing of Hell
01/4/1 Yo...
01/4/2 You're kidding me~
01/6/1 Aaa
01/6/2 Tired


03/1/1 Drawing of Hell....!!
03/1/2 All those in the way are planted!!
03/1/3 "That" (TL: 2 and 3 are a Double page, but I'm putting it down as the draw was divided)

04/1/1 Huh?
04/1/2 Where is this?
04/2/1 Aaah, crud, Since everything was getting fuzzy
04/2/2 I came to a weird place
04/3/1 Shiiit... Baby BL's crying got so bad last night I couldn't sleep...
04/3/2 I can't even laugh at it...
04/3/3 ... You son of a---
04/3/4 Sleeping so soundly
04/5/1 What the?

05/2/1 Blood?
05/2/2 Oooo... That's
05/2/3 That

06/1/1 Hohou
06/1/2 Certainly, that is...
06/2/1 To come out so wonderfully
06/2/2 It's that huh...
06/2/3 Yup
06/2/4 It's that
06/3/1 How clever
06/3/2 I never expected it to come out this fast
06/4/1 ... Why are you guys here
06/4/2 More importantly what!? What is "that"...!!
06/4/3 What is this creepy thing!!
06/4/4 Yuup
06/4/5 He jumps back like a crayfish...
06/4/6 How clever
06/5/7 Quite

07/1/1 Don't be so loud
07/1/2 We just came to bring you something you forgot
07/1/3 The young Master's milk
07/1/4 *whisper whisper*
07/2/1 What is that
07/2/2 Gothic Lolita?
07/2/3 That's Oga's bride isn't it?
07/2/4 Seriously?
07/2/5 She's on a different level
07/3/1 UHA, Hot Bitch found!!
07/3/2 Amazing, treasure, treasure!!
07/4/1 What'd you come here for?
07/4/2 You alone?
07/4/3 You shouldn't come to this place all alone~
07/4/4 Hm?

08/1/1 O
08/1/2 OGAAAAA!!!!
08/1/3 Hm?
08/2/1 S... Sorry
08/2/2 We didn't know it was your woman
08/2/3 Ha?
08/2/4 Bowing
08/3/2 This isn't enough to appease me
08/4/1 Stay quiet
08/4/2 He?
08/5/1 Dokaaaaaaaa
08/6/1 Let's go
08/6/2 Y...Yeah

09/1/1 No doubt about it
09/1/2 His bride
09/3/1 That is what is called a.... Contract Spell
09/3/2 You could call it the Contract's seal
09/4/1 Contract...?
09/4/2 A human who has made a contract with a Demon
09/4/3 Will get that Curse Mark engraved somewhere on their body
09/4/4 ---... Even on the inside

10/1/1 That seal is the Fly King Seal (Zəbûb Spell) Royal Family Crest
10/2/1 Think it an honor
10/2/2 You can't even count how many humans in the past thousands of years who've been engraved
10/4/1 --- In other words, You have been accepted by the Young Master
10/4/2 It means you've formally created the contract

11/1/1 Uuum--- It's kinda pointless now but
11/1/2 Why does the Demon Lord even need a parent?
11/2/1 ---Well
11/2/2 Eh?
11/2/3 Huh?
11/3/1 I mean, you came here with orders from the Great Demon Lord to destroy humans, right?
11/3/2 And yet you were told to make a human the parent. Isn't that kinda weird?
11/4/1 If you just say it's in place of the parent, Hilda-san's here already
11/4/2 So isn't that good enough...
11/4/3 He's right...!!
11/4/4 Just now noticed
11/5/1 It's a catalyst
11/5/2 In other words, the Demon King's parent is

12/1/1 In order for the overly young Young Master to display Magic Powers in the human world
12/1/2 The help of a human acting as a catalyst is needed
12/2/1 No matter how much electricity you have
12/2/2 Without powerlines to carry it, there'd be no meaning, right...
12/2/3 It's just like that
12/3/1 ----Exactly
12/3/2 And the higher that powerline's conductivity increases
12/3/3 The more power the Young Master can pull out
12/4/1 That seal on your fist is that Parameter
12/4/2 The more you're in tune with the Young Master, the more complex it will become

13/2/1 ---In short
13/2/2 The more you treat the humans around you like raggedy dust rags----...
13/3/1 The more like a True Demon King you'll become...!!! (TL: This was a dangling verb. She didn't say "become", it was more literally "The True Demon King towards")

14/3/1 Geeeze---- That was scary earlier
14/3/2 What?
14/4/1 Oga's bride, his bride!!
14/4/2 She's as beautiful as all hell, and a foreigner
14/4/3 Seriously?
14/4/4 Plus, she's super violent

15/1/1 Enough to put even Oga in his place
15/1/2 Haha, how pathetic
15/1/3 I guess even the Raging Ogre is a human too
15/2/1 And him beating Kanzaki was just a fluke wasn't it?
15/2/2 Could be
15/2/3 Definitely, definitely definitely
15/3/1 Eh, regardless, Kanzaki wasn't that strong to begin with
15/3/2 Yeah
15/3/3 All he did was push his family's influence
15/4/1 He's the lowest member of the Touhoushinki
15/4/2 Hyahaha
15/5/1 Touhoushinki huh...
15/5/2 He might not be called that anymore
15/5/3 Natsume

16/1/1 Ishiyama's 4 strongest
16/1/2 Toujou (東条), kunieda(邦枝), Kanzaki(神崎), Himekawa(姫川)
16/1/3 Taking the first letters of their names, you get Ishiyama's Touhoushinki (東邦神姫)
16/2/1 Even if it's called that
16/2/2 Kanzaki-kun's been beaten
16/3/1 It'll be bad if we don't find somewhere else to stick too
16/3/2 Natsume

17/1/1 If you want to leave, then go
17/1/2 I'm staying behind
17/2/1 But if it's like this
17/3/1 The one to be scared of is Himekawa
17/3/2 Yeah
17/3/3 With Kanzaki beaten
17/3/4 He'll seriously come and take Isihyama
17/3/5 Oga's a dead man, HELL YIEAAAA
17/4/1 ---er, UWA!!!
17/4/2 OGA!!!
17/5/1 Yo... You feel like hitting me!?
17/5/2 Hiie, wait....

18/1/1 ---- I
18/1/2 Hate violence
18/2/1 So let's all be friends
18/2/2 wut?
18/4/1 Himekawa-san
18/4/2 It took this picture today
18/4/3 Aaa?
18/4/4 It appears to be Oga's bride

19/1/1 How nice
19/1/2 The slightly bad feeling Touhoushinki's Himekawa appears!!

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#1. by Lukedono (Registered User)
Posted on Mar 28, 2009
Thanks ^_^ now just have to wait on my cleaner and i can have it released :D woo+ oh, any idea if you'll translate the one shot?

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