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Kinnikuman Lady 1

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on May 8, 2009 23:31 | Go to Kinnikuman Lady

-> RTS Page for Kinnikuman Lady 1

Submitted for your approval: Meat, trainer to the great Choujin superhero Kinnikuman. He thought his job was done helping his greatest subject become a master Choujin and king of his homeworld. But...what if upon waiting for his next subject, the little trainer was sent to another world...where Kinnikuman has yet to become a great hero yet...and is...female!? Welcome to the world of Kinnikuman Lady!

Kinnikuman Lady
By Masashi Ogawa (based on characters by Yudetamago)

Fight 1:

Voice: Meat…Wake up, Meat…
Meat: ……A voice is calling me…
Meat: My brain has witnessed many battles…I need to have it…
Meat: But I’ll answer this voice…HUH?

“Suguru”: AH--!! YOU’VE FINALLY AWOKEN---!!!

“Suguru”: Huh?
“Suguru”: I’m sorry—Um—well…
Meat: …Princess, pardon me, but can’t you please get me my Wanpan?
(TN: Wanpan is a brand of bread)
Lady: Um—I can’t do that.
Meat: So it’s fine if you just pinch me.
Lady: Ri~~ght.
Meat: OWW?

Meat: It’s not a dream!
Lady: Are…you OK, coach?
Meat: Coach?
Lady: Isn’t Meat my coach?
Lady: It’s great I was chosen to be the Choujin representing Japan this year, but I have no idea how to fight—that’s why I asked papa and mama to call up a fighting pro—
Lady: Do you know…how to fight?
Meat: Uum…well, for the moment……
Meat: It wasn’t a preservation capsule…! Was it merely a cold-sleep bed…!?
(TN: The “preservation capsule” bit is actually a reference to sequel series “Kinnikuman Nisei”: essentially after his job was complete with Suguru, Meat locked himself away in a preservation capsule in the run-down house of Suguru and does not awaken until Mantaro (Suguru’s son) arrives on Earth at his dad’s old shack to train another generation of Kinniku royalty)
Meat: Prince…Princess…
Lady: N?
Meat: What’s the name of your predecessor?
Lady: Mayumi.
Meat: What are Perfect Choujin and Devil Choujin…
Lady: What--? Are they?
Meat: And the Choujin Olympics…
Lady: Um—uh…this year…the 20th!
(TN: This whole mini-conversation between “Lady” and Meat essentially establishes the timeframe of the series Meat woke in: the 20th Choujin Olympics in 1979/1980 were the first Choujin Olympics in the series that Suguru…well, the real Suguru took part in. Further, the battles with both the Devil Choujin and Perfect Choujin don’t occur until later, after the 21st Choujin Olympics in 1981/1982)

Meat: Is this…A PARALLEL WORLD!?
Meat: Perhaps…just my spirit was released as a secondary effect of the preservation device…and I entered the spirit of another Meat in another world…! For the moment, that’s all I can…assume……
Voice: …um…
Meat: With that said…I don’t know when I’ll be able to return to normal…
Lady: …Um, well~~can you hear me? Meat~~?
Meat: Ah, yes.
Lady: Teach me how to fight immediately~~
Meat: …Well she’s somehow positive, different from Prince…(out loud) Well…Princess, you have no fighting experience?
Lady: Nope!
(TN: A bit of a side comment: the original Kinnikuman actually did have fighting experience compared to Lady, with Suguru making money fighting Kaijuu and saving Japan for a long while prior to getting involved in Choujin vs. Choujin combat)
Meat: Fine then, first we’ll go to an ideal place!
Meat: Beyond fighting, the most important thing is “courage”. Have a heart that can face an opponent directly without fear...by starting with that feeling, the “technique” will exist. Now…think of me as your enemy and please come at me.
Lady: Um? Um? ??? Directly? U~~~h?????? (scratches: Am I prepared? Eh, what? It’s suddenly hard~~? Oh? Right!? Eh?)

Lady: WILL THIS DO---!??
Meat: !!?

Lady: Hya--…
Meat: Pri…prin…cess.
Meat: Just…a bit…wrong…
Lady: WHA--! MEAT!

Meat: N…
Meat: Aah……I’m still in this world……N?
Meat: WHA!? …UM?
Lady: Sorry…
Lady: Sorry…I’m clumsy…and stupid…but…I can do this…
Meat: What can I do from here…I don’t know what this world is but……for the moment I…believe I’m choking in this……matching power.

TN: Let me get this off my chest: when I started translating this of the first two chapters, I actually had this crazy thought that this was going to end up being a two chapter parody thing. But in actuality, there is a real "Kinnikuman Lady" series running on a web-version of the seinen magazine Ultra Jump..and they just put the first two chapters online! Which means...we here probably won't get any more unless we get any further chapters in print form. With that said...yeah, it's Kinnikuman...but female. This is going to be a strange series. (can't say I'll do it all but I did do the first two chapters)

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#1. by Maxy Barnard ()
Posted on May 9, 2009
ah this series is pretty good, remember seeing it over at littlerubberguys or something. great work ataru
#2. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on May 10, 2009
Wow. Hats off to you...no furigana, and you still got through it. I don't think I'm that good yet. O_O

Great work Ataru!

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