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Desire 29


+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Sep 13, 2009 14:45 | Go to Desire

-> RTS Page for Desire 29

The following script is approved only for English usage by "tarahbee scans". Any other usage must have approval by the translator and can not be done without such.

Desire is a peculiar matter that varies by person and experience. When Takashi goes on assignment to get a photographer's work for them, he may end up giving a hand to awakening her own lusts...


Voice: KAZUMI.........This is a volume of her work. Her series of works where she chases after youth street culture had her achieve great praise at an exhibition in New York last year.
Voice: Now she's a photographic author representing young visual creators. Our satellite broadcaster had commissioned an announcement poster from her, but she's so busy that she's seemed to have rejected us.
Takashi: So you've come to me to undertake this...?
Voice: With the rumors of you being No. 1 at good will with females in the company, you can do this.

Kazumi: Kate, lower your gaze more, make your expression like that.
(TN: I'm assuming that "Kate" is supposed to be "Kate Moss", notable for ushering in the "waif" era models of the 1990s)
Takashi: MASE Kazumi, 24.
Takashi: Since we were rejected once, I left directly for the studio without taking an appointment so I could talk to her directly.

Kazumi: Thank you--thank you very much.
Takashi: Pardon me for a moment.
Kazumi: .........

Kazumi: Thanks.
Takashi: Nice to meet you, I'm Fujii from Marubishi's Information Department. Our satellite broadcasater had comissioned an announcement poster.
Takashi: You said that it didn't fit your schedule, but our company is strongly asking like this for you with whatever it takes...
Kazumi: .........
Kazumi: Well...then, I'll look again at my schedule later. I'm Mase, nice to meet you.
Takashi: Ah...thanks for doing so.

Kazumi: ......
Takashi: .........
Takashi: What...?
Kazumi: Ah...I've got to take a picture.

Kazumi: A picture of you.
Takashi: Ah! Well, go ahead.
Kazumi: Then, when I confirm my schedule, I'll call tomorrow.
Takashi: Thank you very much.
Kazumi: Ah...well, please go and eat with the others...then I'll have your number.
Takashi: Pardon me.

Takashi: The next day......I got the call: she told me to go to her home and I went there immediately.
Takashi: Mase-san, do you live here alone?
Kazumi: Yeah: both my parents were photographers; they're retired now and have moved to Australia.
Kazumi: Actually, I...want you to be my model here.
Takashi: Huh...!?
Takashi: Yo...you're joking in making me a model. I can't do that.
Kazumi: My works now are centered on the commercial, but continuing to take pictures of men is my life work. I'm not joking or anything.

Kazumi: How about as a barter condition for doing the Marubishi work? It'll be fine since I'm not planning on taking nudes.

Kazumi: Uhuhu, minor things I use for photographs. I relied on a special make-up artist from America to make these.
Takashi: .........
Takashi: I was surprised; they seemed so real...
Kazumi: So, shall we begin? Our other model will be a mannequin.
Takashi: ......

Kazumi: So then, put your left hand slowly on her thigh and your right on her shoulder.
Kazumi: From her shoulder to her breast...yes, slowly.
Kazumi: Grab it like you're surrounding her nipple from below.
Takashi: .........

Takashi: Well, are we done? How about a bit of a break?
Kazumi: I'm thirsty. I'll get a drink.

Takashi: .........?
Takashi: Wh...what!? She's only taking my hands. I'm modeling my hands...?
Kazumi: The hand is the root for all creation.
Kazumi: You have beautiful hands that I've rarely seen. To take pictures of beautiful men hands around the world is my life work.
Kazumi: Even just one hand is fine; if you could buy them with money.
Kazumi: I'll pay anything for them.

Takashi: I don't have a reason to sell my hand but if my hands were useful, then anything would...
Kazumi: Then can your hand brush my hair?
Kazumi: ...!!
Kazumi: Ho...hold on a moment.
Takashi: ......?

Kazumi: Now touch my face.........
Takashi: ......
SFX: ER--......
Kazumi: Soft like this......

(And here's where the hands get...busy)

Kazumi: N...next is...the thigh...
Kazumi: The...photos are complete. Now continue...
Takashi: My "hands" spurred her desire this far...A strange kind of experience.

Kazumi: A long, supple hand...
Kazumi: And these beautiful fingers
Kazumi: On my nipple......
Takashi: Aah, yes. Where is your next designation?
Kazumi: N...no, not there...!

Kazumi: No......
Kazumi: St...
Kazumi: AH...AH...
Kazumi: AAH

Takashi: !?
Takashi: .........

Takashi: Ma...Mase-san.
Takashi: Mase-san, are you alright!!
Kazumi: ..........
Kazumi: Ye...yes.
Kazumi: Did...did I faint now? It was like my first...

Kazumi: ......I was 16. I first encountered it with a molester.
Kazumi: There was the hand of a man who touched my thigh unexpectedly were beautiful in their length and suppleness. I really didn't have any feelings of disgust; I was truly staring at that hand.
Kazumi: We didn't exchange even a word to each other...this occured over a week...I didn't see on the train the man with the beautiful hand and I hadn't seen him ever again...
Takashi: .........
Kazumi: That's all. I did tell you too much; so then, how about digging around my body?

Takashi: Even the personal form of desire in someone varies by person...Of what I know of the deep world of desire, this was a day that I couldn't forget--

TN: I think I can sum up this chapters in three particular ways:
1. Bad experiences can awaken sexual lust
2. Takashi's "experiences" are making him famous in his job
3. Kate Moss looks just as scary drawn as she is in real life during this era.

Aside from the stupidity, this chapter somehow reminded me a bit on my previous translation works when I did "AiKola" for a while...well OK, AiKola didn't have any fetish-based sex scenes, but considering that there was some matter regarding hand fetishes and the fact that the female in this chapter is named after a girl in "Mahou Sensei Negima" (yeah really stupid to say that...but considering that this girl is "Kazumi" and the main heroine in AiKora is a Sakurako...and the "Sakurako" in Negima is that memorable to me...I'll shut up now) But yeah...at least it wasn't a voice fetish.

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