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Desire 30


+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Sep 20, 2009 02:12 | Go to Desire

-> RTS Page for Desire 30

The following script is approved only for English usage by "tarahbee scans". Any other usage must have approval by the translator and can not be done without such.

When involved in certain physical endeavors, the line of "man" and "woman" can blur leading to problems. When Takashi encounters a manly-woman from his past, can he help her cope with...both sides of who she is!?


Voice: I'm not going to be mocked by what anyone thinks!!
Takashi: It suddenly happeend as I entered the brewery.

"Short-Hair": If you don't want to drop out, then please leave immediately!!
"Hit Girl": I...get it. Don't yell at me!!
Takashi: .........
"Short-Hair": Since I hadn't seen you here today, go straight home!!
"Short-Hair": I'll lend you my chit, I'll pay for this.
Takashi: I quickly realized that she was a kouhai who was called the "riotous swordsman of Joushuu".
(TN: "Joushuu" is in reference to an ancient Japanese province which is today considered Gunma Prefecture...where we already know Takashi is from)
Man: Well, an acquaintance!?
Takashi: Yes.
Woman: Aren't you concerned with slapping a student!?
"Short-Hair": That's the way I do things!!

Takashi: Um, pardon me. Are you YUUKI Shinobu-san?
Takashi: I'm Fuji from the high school kendo club. Do you remember me!?
Shinobu: .........Fu...Fujii-san!!
Takashi: In those days, when we were in the same kendo club, I was in 12th grade, and she was in 8th grade. Her ability was above everyones, taking the Kantou Middle-School Championship in 8th grade.

Shinobu: Huh......you saw that? I suddenly sent my hand to her since I'm in charge of her.
Takashi: YUUKI Shinobu, 23, Private Girl's School Teacher
Takashi: Seems you haven't changed even now in the merit of authority.
Shinobu: ........
Shinobu: I always thought I would have been much stronger if I was born a man back then. Therefore, I persuaded myself to be manly.
Shinobu: Middle-school club students, shouldn't we be practicing? We look like the girls in the high-school club.

Shinobu: I want to practice with the captain!!
Students: ......
Takashi: The captain is on break today. If you ward me off
Shinobu: Fujii-san, No. 2 of the high schoolers?
Shinobu: You did lose in the first round of the inter-HS individual tourney, but that guy did win the prefecture tourney if that makes it up.
Takashi: ......
Takashi: My physical condition was a bit off then.
Shinobu: Well...you were fine in it.

Shinobu: Hey hey
Shinobu: Your attack is soft. You're not taking even a round from me.
Shinobu: I told you to attack--
Shinobu: KYA

Shinobu: No...not yet!! That was a round, that's not the match!!
Takashi: When you've become a bit more mature, then we'll have our match.

Takashi: Well...it was suddenly serious then.
Shinobu: I had regrets and inevitably had to endure my tears.
Shinobu: But...that one thrust budded a feeling that I hadn't had until then: My feelings as a woman...I sealed away those feeling without confessing to you as you were drawn in to your exams for Tokyo U...
Takashi: Kendo...!!
Takashi: It's been a while since I've wanted to hold a shinai.
(TN: A "shinai" is the actual Japanese name for the bamboo wooden stick used for kendo)
Shinobu: The school dojo is empty tonight. Shouldn't we have practice!!
Takashi: I want to!!

Takashi: That day......after my meeting was over, I visited her school.
Takashi: I remember those days of the Kendo club.
Shinobu: Please us the protection of the boy's coach.
Shinobu: Heh--now they have masks where you can see faces. It's better since you can read your opponent's facial expression. We're not permitted to have the championship matches yet, but provisionally they're using our school.
Takashi: Since it's been a while, I'm asking you to hit my softly.

Takashi: Immediately as the practice started, our difference in ability was evident with her as an active advisor of a kendo club. (out loud) OYA
Shinobu: IYAA
Shinobu: YAAA
Takashi: However, as we moved through our mutual practice, my intuition was ressurected in reading her movements.
Shinobu: Uh

Takashi: Thanks, it's been a while since I've worked up a good sweat. We'll do this again if we have the chance.
Shinobu: That match from then......Do you remember entrusting me with it? Your movements are already the same as before...you should fight evenly with me.
Takashi: Huh...?
Shinobu: I want to clear away my regrets of that day...!!
Takashi: .........
Takashi: Understood! It's so you can clear away your feelings.
Shinobu: Three-round match, no time limit. Only a valid strike read by both of us will be a round.

Shinobu: ......

Takashi: Got your forearm......!! That's round.
Shinobu: .........
Takashi: ?
Takashi: Is the match over? Have you cleared up your feelings yet?
Shinobu: Not yet. Please wait here a bit.
Takashi: !?

Shinobu: Thanks for waiting!!
Takashi: ......
Takashi: Wh...what exactly is that appearance......

Shinobu: It's useless to stop your activities!!
Takashi: .........
Shinobu: Start round 2!!

Shinobu: IYAAA
Shinobu: MASK!!
Shinobu: If you're tenacious to not stop your heart on these things, then you can't use the stolen power from there freely. "You shouldn't forget to stop your heart"!!

Takashi: Were you resigned to dress like that when you lost?
Shinobu: .........
Shinobu: I don't care, even if I've come to this.
Shinobu: Begin the 3rd round!!

Shinobu: IYAAA
Shinobu: ORIYA

Shinobu: ...!!
Shinobu: ......
Shinobu: TORSO

Shinobu: Kya

Shinobu: Round with a stab...that's match!! I've lost.

Takashi: Yuuki-kun...you're a fascinating woman swordsman.
Takashi: It's been many years since I've done kendo, but this is the first I've had such an exciting match. I think I won't ever forget this in my life.
Shinobu: .........

Sign: Locker Room

Takashi: Wi...with that, the emotions of the woman sealed from then were settled...
Shinobu: AH
Shinobu: Thanks, Fujii-san...

TN: I was sort of afraid that suddenly Shinobu was going to take her shinai and put it up her privates and get off with that...but luckily this chapter didn't go that far. You can't tell in this series...but with that stupid thought out of the way, this was a really good chapter. For some reason, stories which draw back to past situations leading to present problems for the most part become great storytelling means. (OK for the most part, I'm more talking about chapters like this and "Hatsunode", not nightmares like "Aunt" or...or...or........."Tandem") I guess some would call strange her motive of using her womanly side to stop Takashi, but it was all or nothing: considering that it was her female and male sides colliding between being a woman and being a kendoist, it was a crucial matter that sort of had to be addressed...and in this sort of series, it could have gotten kinkier so luckily it didn't! (then again I sort of wished we got a bit more with the girls that she teaches...I mean, what was with that one in the bar at the start!?)

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