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Desire 31


+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Sep 20, 2009 14:20 | Go to Desire

-> RTS Page for Desire 31

The following script is approved only for English usage by "tarahbee scans". Any other usage must have approval by the translator and can not be done without such.

In groups of females, some just seem to exhibit less emotion or feelings compared to others. When Kazuki ends up taking a trip with several, the manipulations of one may end up driving him towards discovering more about another!

File: 31: SHY GIRL

Caption 2: FUJII Kazuki (23): Younger cousin of our typical-familiar Takashi
Kazuki: A party.........?
"Smoker": Right! We rented a villa in Izu for the weekend; it's a gather of my kouhai...they're college girls, but can't you help me out if I had an opening, Fujii-kun?
(TN: Izu is most likely in reference to the peninsula extending out as part of Shizuoka prefecture but may also be in reference to the city on the peninsula)
Kazuki: Ah...you're permitting me!! (internally) A...college girl party!!?
Kazuki: YAMAGUCHI Miki (22), Showa Women's graduate. Entering the company the same time as me, she works making arrangements of social events for the newcomers.
(TN: It was rather tough figuring out what "S Women's" was considering I figured it was tied to Kazuki's past in Hokkaido, but in actuality it refers to Tokyo-area university "Showa Women's University", a prominent women's school that actually goes from kindergarten to university level for females in Tokyo itself)

Caption: SATURDAY, 6:30 AM
Kazuki: Yamaguchi-san appeared to be the president of the golf club when she was in girl's school.
Girl 1: I'm Chi--e. This is Mami, nice to meet you~~~
Miki: This is Fujii Kazuki-kun, our dr-i-ver.
Kazuki: The gathering was 6 girl college students from her golf club.
Miki: Go ahead, Maho-chan! You're sitting next to the man.
Maho: Huh...well...it's better that I sit in the back.
Girl 3: Yamaguchi-senpai doesn't mind; ride! Ride!
Kazuki: Crowded in with six females, we headed towards the Izu vilal.
Girls: YAY~~

Miki: Fujii-kun, since your specialty seems to be an outdoor-style barbeque, it's best that we leave that to you.
Takashi: Since I did train in a part-time job in college, please leave me with all the cooking!!
Girl: Wow, how enjoyable~~!!
Girl: As expected, Yamaguchi-senpai, you're great at handling men.
Miki: Since he seems safe in his seriousness, it's useless to anticipate him to be perverted.
Girls: AHAHA
Kazuki: You're CHIKURA Maho-san.....they seem to be raising a ruckus behind us. Shouldn't we talk of something too?
Maho: I...I'm sorry. I'm...not good at talking to men...
Kazuki: Well~~~she's shy...

Caption: --IZU--
Voice 1: Hurry up everyone, we're starting at 10----!!
Voice 2: Hold on, the bathroom water isn't coming out~~
Voice 3: Does anyone know where the sunscreen was put?
Voice 4: Ah, Yuuko was using it earlier.
Miki: Please drive us to the course immediately! Then don't forget to open the 2nd floor window when you come back.
Kazuki: You only have to say it once.
Maho: .........

Miki: I've written up a map to the supermarket where you'll buy for the barbeque.
Kazuki: Then I'll pick you up at 4.
Maho: Uh...um...shouldn;'t we invite Fujii-san to golf too? Somehow he seems like our servant...
Miki & Kazuki: ......
Kazuki: Ah...I don't mind! I can't golf.
Miki: Huh, Maho-chan, aren't you a nice girl? Do you want to have a round together with him?
Maho: No! Th...that's not what I meant...
Miki: You're spending two days with 7 beautiful girls, so you have enough, Fujii-kun!
Kazuki: Right, right.
Miki: Well, let's go, let's go!!

Kazuki: We~~ll......shouldn't they fold what they've taken off?
Kazuki: .........

Kazuki: .........
Kazuki: !!
Kazuki: ......!!
Kazuki: That shy girl...
Kazuki: No way: if they find out, it'll be suicide......

Kazuki: Well, here you go--the meat is cooked up---!!
Girl: Please do scallops and shrimp later--
Girl 2: Huh---!? Senpai, aren't you going out with him now?
Miki: He seems like a nice guy who broadcasts with MHK. This is the first time I've gone without sex for a half-year.
Girl: Then you're frustrated. How about eating Fujii-san tonight?
Miki: Ahaha, stop it. He's not my type.

Kazuki: How did you do with golf today?
Maho: I hit a 130, that's really bad. I feel like a burden to all of them.
Kazuki: Maho-san, you seem like a different type than all the others.
Maho: Eh...right. My senpai are clearly just good, sociable people; they're all good at golf, they've really studied in it.
Voice: KYAA\

Girl: Senpai is drunk---!!
Miki: That felt great---!!
Miki: Everyone, let's go skinny-dipping!!
Miki: Here, take it off, take it off!!
Girls: NO--
Girls: WA~~~

Kazuki: Somehow without hesitation, they became naked in front of a man. Were they asleep on me?
Girl: Maho, Maho, this feels great--!!
Miki: Take your clothes off.
Maho: I...I'm fine...!!
Miki: Enough~~what makes you alone so pure?
Girl: Right, you're just so sly!!

Miki: If you're so shy in stripping yourself, we'll strip you.
Maho: Eh...hold on...!!
Miki: That Maho, she didn't appear to have such a big chest from the outside--
Maho: How about showing those big boobies to Fujii-san.
Kazuki: .........

Maho: Kyaa
Girl: Wow, she's mortified!!
Girl 2: Wow, she's still such a cute girl.
Miki: Well, help out!
Maho: Noo...!!

Kazuki: They didn't stop: this may have been a situation they shouldn't have done.

Kazuki: But by becoming naked without hesitation by the girls
Maho: NO...
Kazuki: I remember being aroused by CHIKURA Maho as she was being stripped.

Maho: It's...ticklish......No
Kazuki: She's...smiling!! Doesn't she hate this!?
Maho: Ah...!!

Girl 1: What, you have feelings for me?
Miki: She'll feel great around here.
Girl 2: A bit further up, a bit more!!
Girl 3: Ah~~doesn't Yuuko feel like a lesbian?
Kazuki: .........
Girl: Maho is feeling this...
Girl 2: Right...
Miki: .........

Miki: Please stop already, this isn't a lesbian party!! We'll do karaoke next, karaoke!!
Maho: .........
Girl: Well, while we're at it, there's just one person who didn't get naked...
Kazuki: ......
Girl 2: What shall we do?
Kazuki: Well...we ran out of beer, I'll buy some.
Kazuki: Yamaguchi-san, help me!

Caption: 0:30 AM
Miki: I've been without sex for over a half-year...isn't that why I'm awake?
Kazuki: Ha---...I can't sleep...

SFX: CLICK.........
Miki: Fu...Fukii-kun, are you still asleep?
Miki: I...somehow should sleep......
Miki: ......? Huh, where did he go?
Kazuki: ...!?

Kazuki: .........
Kazuki: !!

Maho: Ev...everyone's asleep, so it will be fine.
Kazuki: Wh...why would a shy girl like you be...?

Maho: Bu...but, it's because everyone did that...
Kazuki: Right...!! The fire of her desire...it was thanks to those women!!
Miki: Fu...Fujiii~~~!!!

Caption: --Early Morning--
Voice: Fujii-san went home without giving a greeting; how rude--
Miki: Somehow his dad is critically ill!!
Maho: Uhuhu, good! They don't seem to realize what happened last night.
Kazuki: .........
Kazuki: !?
Kazuki: .....................!? (Wh...where am I!?)

TN: Well we learned a major lesson in this chapter: pick the wrong girl (regardless of shyness, cuteness or bustyness)...get bound, gagged and left on waves and rocks by the one who loses! Yeah, some could probably say that Maho was the one who left Kazuki there, but the previous page suggested it was obviously an angry Miki who found out about how his lust was used for another girl and, with nothing left in the tank after the shy girl, decided to get back at him! (it's disturbed to see him like that...I just hope it didn't get even more disturbed on what happened) Maho was more impressed in succeeded in at least getting a bit more over her shyness...maybe the whole lesbian situation was a tad much in doing so, but I guess it was more a shock to her system...that or it's "Sapphism" all over again. (yeah, girls schools always seem to lead to lesbianism in these sorts of series) Once again I sort of wished we got more data on the other girls but it probably would end up making things more complicated.

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