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Desire 32


+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Oct 3, 2009 03:01 | Go to Desire

-> RTS Page for Desire 32

The following script is approved only for English usage by "tarahbee scans". Any other usage must have approval by the translator and can not be done without such.

Everyone goes through failure, whether it be in a venture or in love. When Takashi goes through one of his biggest failures yet, his turmoil may open him up to new and...interesting experiences.

File: 32: BLOW LADY

Voice: While you do have the position of being in charge, shouldn't you have truly grasped the information over there!?
Takashi: I'm really sorry for this.
Takashi: We were notified just when we were on the verge of obtaining a contract with a popular documentary series on BBA, one of the three big networks in America that it was unilaritally annulled by the other party. With triple the premium of IMPAC TV, our rival, ELEC TV, finished the contract.
Section Head: Executive Director Itou, who has been watching you, will be dissapointed!!
Caption: Information Industry Department: Sattellitte Broadcasting Section Head
Takashi: The anger of the boss was natural. This lost channel wasn't an extremely hard blow, but I remembered the deep shock of losing an information war, which is the merit of worth for a firm.

Takashi: Without worrying about going straigh home, my feet naturally headed to a friendly shop...
Takashi: ......... (to himself) Workers at Marubishi. Even with familiar faces...
Takashi: I couldn't drink with them tonight.
SFX: Click......
Takashi: Anywhere would be fine. Be suitable...
Takashi: Amusement Club...
"Owner: Welcome~~~
Takashi: An...okama...!!
(TN: Considering I really don't know if "okama" here means "gay person" or "transvestite", I decided to go with the Japanese term due to my One Piece following. Whoever proofs and scanslates this can make this how they want)

Takashi: On the contrary, I may need to slip into this sort of club. (out loud): Ah...I'll take a counter.
Voice: Che--ers, for the anniversary of our lost love!!
Takashi: For the moment, today I'm commemorating my failure.
"Voice": Do you have a mili of Mild Seven?
(TN: Mild Seven is one of the most popular brands of cigarettes in Japan and the second biggest brand in the world while the third widest in distribution after Marboro and Camel)
"Female": ............
Takashi: Heh, she's pretty...these transsexual girls really are a type that don't hold distinctions.
(TN: Compared to my prior comment of "okama", here Takashi specifically calls "her" a "newhalf", which is a nickname for transsexuals or transvestites)

"Woman": Huh...!!
"Woman": If I thought you were someone, you'd be Fujii-san from the information department!!
Takashi: !!
Hitomi: Nice to meet you, I'm director NAKAYAMA Hitomi!!
Takashi: A...director...!? (she works for Marubishi!?)
Hitomi: Heh~~Fujii-san came to this sort of place alone...I'm shocked.
Takashi: Ah, no...actually

Hitomi: I don't mind! I don't plan to complain on a person's hobbies.
Hitomi: Let me introduce you!
Hitomi: This is elite worker Fujii Takashi-kun, who stands out among those at Marubishi!! Moreover, he's the No. 1 favorable among the female workers!!
"Female 1": What, she already got a younger man on her love-lost anniversary!?
"Female 2": Well, he is my type!!
Takashi: I was mostly forced to sit there. Well...I retired there, getting along with them and drinking lightly.

Hitomi & Females: A TO~~~AST TO MARUBISHI!!
Hitomi: Hey, SHAZNA!!
(TN: SHAZNA is a notable visual kei band, starting off in hard rock but moving into pop in the late 90s)
Hitomi: Well, go out, have a turn.
"Female 2": Fujii-san, we'll do it together later!
"Female 1": Let's do "Sumire September Lo~~ve".
(TN: "Sumire September Love" is a single released by SHAZNA in September, 1997; it actually is a cover of the song originally done by the band Ippuudou in 1982)
Hitomi: I occasionally come here when it gets too crazy to cheer myself up. Isn't an okama bar simply fun!!

Takashi: Actually, I really failed at a contract...I'm here since I dived right in being really sad.
Singing: Tomorrow is tomorrow Lailalaila Lailai
Hitomi: ......
Singing: Is~~this~~a dream. An~~ill~~usion.
Hitomi: I only know about your failure from my position, but it's severe being on the front line.
Hitomi: I've failed at love at 29!! Let's drink, drink!! By tomorrow you'll forget about your stupid worries!!
Takashi: It may have been right to go into this place.

Hitomi: He's been immoral for five years, really since he's been promoted.
Takashi: You--can't be joki--ng!!
Takashi: What position does he have? I'll knock this guy down in one blow!!
"Female 2": This man who has come here is always being prided on. You've made an impression in "there" in Hitomi-chan!!
(TN: The "that" is in reference to "are", which is slang for the genital area)
Hitomi: Stop, stop!! Stop telling him that story already!!
Takashi: An impression "there"......
"Female": Hitomi-chan, Fujii-san, thanks for waiting~~~

Takashi: I had a memory that I continued to drink until close to 4, but......I really didn't remember when I came home what happened last night.
Caption: Next Day

Takashi: Excuse me.
Takashi: ...!!
Hitomi: Tomorrow is (note) tomorrow. Lailalalai Lailai (note)
Takashi: Um, do you have stomach medicine?
Hitomi: AH...!! Eh...wh...what!?

Takashi: Is the director here?
(TN: I couldn't exactly find a brand tied to this so I sort of just inferred based on the box)
Takashi: This is bad: I've been drunk for two days...Nakayama-san, are you alright?
Hitomi: Um...I can say I drink heavily.
(TN: Hitomi uses an expression of "uwabami", which is slang for "heavy drinker", but is typically read as a type of long snake akin to a boa constrictor or a python)
Takashi: You weren't better in your mood, but it has cleared up!!
Takashi: There was something I would say thanking you for last night, but if it's alright, how about a meal this Saturday.
Hitomi: If I have to make the forecast for the female workers, it will be a problem. So then...!
Hitomi: If it's a meal, I'll make it.
Takashi: .........

Takashi: Saturday...I visited her apartment.
Takashi: Amazing. Did you make all this by hand?
Hitomi: Ufufu, that's the wisdom of an old woman.
(TN: The expression Hitomi uses here is actually "toshinoko", which is "the wisdom of an old man". I made appropriate adjustments)
Takashi: Ah...I'll take that.
Hitomi: Taht's a famous wine. Wasn't that expensive.
Takashi: This is good! With this, you'll be a hit even if you open a shop.
Hitomi: I'm happy that you say that.

Hitomi: ...I thought that If I could peel of your mask of being the most favorable, you'd be a gaudy elite...but
Hitomi: The years have slanted my character. In truth, you have a refreshing pheromone from you.
Takashi: That's from over time......
Hitomi: You're clean and not sultry...you're not even high-prided; I reckon that you seem honest, different from the typical Marubishi male......

Hitomi: To those entering the company, I'm a senpai who also can teach.
Hitomi: For you, don't you just have the plays of an honors student in sex?
Hitomi: Don't you think you want to be taught play that you haven't experienced until now?
"Female": This man who has come here is always being prided on. You've made an impression in "there" in Hitomi-chan!!
Takashi: Of course, I have an interest. Shall we go study?
Hitomi: You're cute in your honesty...

Hitomi: There...first, gently rub it up and down.
Takashi: ......
Hitomi: No, it's still too early for me to be stimulated. It hurts there.

Takashi: This was the first time I had instructed play with a female.
Hitomi: Slowly go inside......
Hitomi: I'm fine with you going much deeper...in there, move your finger pads up and down...
Takashi: I became a student in pleasing a woman, each time my fingering changed, she was pleased in the way she reacted in sensitivity.
Hitomi: Use two...go in like you're drawing a circle...

Takashi: Her fluids were flowing out and the sound was resounding through the bedroom...
(TN: Silly comment to mention but "fluids", which obviously mean "sexual fluids", have the reading of "aieki", which literally translates into "love fluids")
Takashi: These heated, intense caressings until now were...!!
Hitomi: Go much deeper...much stronger and faster...!! Much faster...!!
Takashi: Even my own arousal were aiming straight for the top...!!
Hitomi: Aah, good...!! With this...

Hitomi: Good...don't stop...
Hitomi: AAH AH...

Takashi: ......!!

Hitomi: Have you experienced until now a whale spouting?
(TN: I really don't know if I really should just call it "a spouting" by how HItomi is stating it, but considering that the Japanese word here, "shiofuki", is the term for the spouting of a whale, I decided to keep it as is with a poetic metaphor)
Takashi: N...no. Th...that was a study!!

Caption: Monday
Takashi: ......!!
Hitomi: That man.
Takashi: Huh!?
Hitomi: He's being promoted, but he's a baldy that I'll be kicking!!
Takashi: He's bald...!?

Man: UWA
Takashi: We struck at our period of lost-love and failure, heading towards our respective position.

TN: OK, let's make a check before we continue: was Hitomi actually a man...or a woman who had replacement surgery...or just...sorry, you have to be a bit paranoid after this sort of chapter. Yeah, it was obvious she was female through and through, but with the crowd she hangs out with, you have to make sure. (then again it was that...or have Takashi spend his chapter with that other person...and who knows what direction this series would take with THAT!) In a weird way, the chapter sort of felt disjointed, but probably it's mostly due to how it was presented. In some ways, the sex scene just felt tacked on just to have a sex scene (since, well, that's what this series has) and to have Takashi coated in Hitomi's love juices. But prior to then, I found Hitomi to be an interesting character who has learned to cope with her age and with failures and successes. I guess if this was another series, it probably could have gone in another direction than fingering...but that's what Desire is. (besides, if Takashi went back to Club Lei like he contemplated at the start...she could try to start on him again...and without Kazuki around, he may actually be more than just a target)

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