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Desire 33


+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Oct 4, 2009 00:46 | Go to Desire

-> RTS Page for Desire 33

The following script is approved only for English usage by "tarahbee scans". Any other usage must have approval by the translator and can not be done without such.

There are certain desires that last through a life and beyond...regardless of circumstance. When Takashi gets lost in the mountains, he may discover one that may be stranger than he can ever imagine!

File: 33: NUN

(TN: Before I begin, let me just try to clear a quick matter up: no, the chapter is not about a typical Christian nun who has to take a vow of chastity before joining her order. If it was that, then the series would push into bizarre territories...but then we've seen what this series has done so far. In actuality, the "nun" in this title and in this chapter is in reference to a "Bhikkhuni" (known in Japanese as "ama"), a nun of the Buddhist order. So with that matter cleared...let's begin)

(When you see a nun bathing like that, it will ultimately lead to...well...)

Nun: AH
"Peeper": .........

Takashi: --N Prefecture, Shiogiri Hot Springs--Hearing what was said about eliminating summer fatigue, I visited Yunosato, a hidden away secluded river town.
(TN: First of all, "N Prefecture" is actually "Nagano Prefecture" and there is a Yunosato in Nagano. However, there is no actual "Shinogiri": the actual town in Nagano is "Shinojiri" and, based on the name and the kanji used, makes me think that this is probably a fictional version for the sake of this tale)
Takashi: For a time until dinner, I had planned to take a bit of a stroll through the mountains, but I was suddenly concealed into a haze......
Takashi: This is bad. I've seemed to have lost my way in this fog.
Takashi: Regardless of it being summer, this is a plight of camping in the mountains...

Takashi: !!
Takashi: A...bear!!
Takashi: Without being able to fight the bear at all, the only thing I could do was run.
Takashi: I'm fine with running from my hardship, but that may me completely lost.

Takashi: !!
Takashi: A temple...!!
Takashi: In these mountains...
Takashi: .........
Takashi: !!

Takashi: A priestess......!!
Takashi: Um...are you with this temple...
Nun: Yes...
Nun: You appear that you've come really out of breath. How did you get here?
Takashi: In...truth, I've came from Tokyo for a hot spring resort, but while strolling through the mountains, I encountered and ran from a bear and lost my way.

Nun: A bear...!! That's disturbing.
Takashi: I do want to be told how to get back to the foot of the mountain but...
Nun: How about you spend tonight at our hermitage and descend the mountain in the morning?
Takashi: Huh...!?
Nun: The sun will be setting real soon. I"m afraid you'll meet that bear again on your way back...
Takashi: .........
Takashi: Th...that's fine too. Well, you're benevolent in your words. (to himself) It was from...that bear that I'll remember my interest in the young, beautiful priestess that was in that lonely mountain temple.

Takashi: The mountain temple was filled with silence, with only the sound of bugs echoing through. Heading into a room, I was introduced to the only male.
Nun: Since it's the two of us with my master here, you can take it easy without worrying about needs.
Takashi: Well, thank you very much.
Shoujaku: I am Shoujaku. This is Tsunetoki, who the odd jobs at this temple is entrusted to...
Takashi: I'm Fujii. I work for a firm in Tokyo.

Takashi: Um...I don't mean to pardon, but since I want to call the inn, can I borrow the phone?
Tsunetoki: Phone...
Takashi: .........
Shoujaku: ......?
Takashi: .........(to himself) As I looked, it seemed like they didn't have electricity or a phone...
Takashi: Um...it's fine. I'll tell the inn the situation tomorrow.
Shoujaku: So then, take it easy Fujii-sama. Tsunetoki will prepare dinner...
Takashi: Of the many mountain temples, this one lived it's life separated from the transient world...
Takashi: Besides, it seemed that just the duo of the young priestess and the temple worker were living here for some reason.

Tsunetoki: A ways from here we've installed a boiling spring that we've drawned up, please use it at any time.
Takashi: A boiling spring...it's a hot spring.
(TN: A little bit of explanation for the conversation here: Tsunetoki refers to the drawn hot water spring as "wakiyu", which is just a spring of boiling water, but Takashi infers from it from "boiling spring" (wakiyu) to "hot spring" (onsen). It was a bit tough but I tried to make it work.
Tsunetoki: Here's your yukata.
(TN: A "yukata" is a traditional summer bath robe)
Takashi: Finishing my meal, I went to use the 'boiling spring'. It's not bad to soak in the influence of the mysterious quiet that you can't get in Tokyo.
Takashi: ......!?

Takashi: A...Tengu mask......!?
(TN: The reference made here is to the yokai known as the "tengu", which in many places are represented as "humans with really long noses", though other places are defined as birds-like creatures)
Shoujaku: I truly understand......your painful feelings. It's the same as me...
Tsunetoki: Shoujaku-sama, if my crime is how it came to be before...
Shoujaku: .........
Tsunetoki: I will satisfy you.

Shoujaku: AH

Shoujaku: Fo...forgive me...!! For having these feelings for you...AAH...
Takashi: In...this place...are they aware that I'm watching this!? This truly isn't an experience of a typical master and servant.
Takashi: ...!!
Takashi: A...pelt......!! It can't be that then...
Takashi: This is a cover...what exactly is going on!?

Takashi: I didn't catch the situation well, but
Takashi: The form of the writing priestess stripped of her priest's outfit was stilll scorched in my eyes.
Voice: Fujii-san.
Tsunetoki: Would you please come to the main temple?

Tsunetoki: Shoujaku-sama wants you inside...it's her unsilenced womanly ways that had ended when she entered the priesthood......can't you cool it down?
Takashi: .........
Tsunetoki: Please go ahead.
Takashi: Um...uh...
Takashi: ......

Takashi: ...!!
Shoujaku: Fujii-sama, show compassion...a deep desire has developed in me......
(TN: This was a really hard part to translate but basically Shoujaku is specificially saying "Gou no fukai ama to oboshimeshite". "Gou no fukai" is typically translated as "a deep want" or "a deep desire", but the "gou" can also be used in Japanese to talk about "an action done karmically" or in a previous lifetime. While we're going to take the main translation, the "gou" could have a multiple meaning about a "desire" that awakened from a previous existance (either prior to being a nun or, in Buddhist terms, a previous reincarnation) that she wants to eliminate. The "ama to oboshimeshite" part has her literally saying that "I've developed feelings as a nun"...which makes sense in some ways since that's what you have to suppress in the priesthood of many religions, but just felt sort of strange to say so I just said it developed in "her". I hope it didn't turn out too confusing and is scanslated properly)
Takashi: .........

Takashi: So I was pulled to this temple to be a guide to Buddha...that's what you thought.
Takashi: I don't intend to disobey the will of Buddha.
Shoujaku: I'm so happy.

Takashi: ...!!
Takashi: I'm...being watched!!

Takashi: Just one of them had come to understand.
Shoujaku: HA...
Takashi: Tsunetoki had entrusted me with his feelings.
Shoujaku: HAA!! AAH

Shoujaku: ......!!
Shoujaku: AH

Shoujaku: It's...so hot and hard...
Shoujaku: For me, th...this is......!! AH
Shoujaku: This is...AAH...

Caption: Next morning
Shoujaku: We're indebted to you for many things.
Shoujaku: So then, we'll be here...
Takashi: Thank you.
Takashi: ......!?
Takashi: Arriving at the foot, deep within the mountain... I asked about the legend of the mountain temple and it all was confirmed. (out loud) THEY...DISSAPPEARED...!!

Takashi: Two hundred years ago............and older sister and younger brother originally born to a country samurai had fallen due to an abnormal experience.
Takashi: Their angry father lopped off his son's penis. The older sister shaved off her hair and joined a convent......
Takashi: The younger brother whose life was ended chased after his sister and became her temple man. They cut themselves off in relations to the world and spent their lives there together......

Takashi: They've overcome space and time, and even now those two
Takashi: Continue to live in that mountain.
Takashi: While resorting to the love and desire that can't be healed by travelers who sometimes visit......

TN: Well folks, we've learned our lesson for today: never commit incest. Ever. Especially with your manhood at stake from the blade of an angry samurai and your sister throwing it all away to the priesthood (well not really) and spending two hundred years resorting to weird masks to satisfy her...that and the wandering traveler. I've seen strange chapters before...but this one is probably one of the strangest yet! I don't mind ghost stories and the ambiance of the old Japanese style was rather set up well...at least before "the tengu mask" scene, but it was just one giant freak-out Takashi got caught up in having sex with Shoujaku just because she can't have baby brother Tsunetoki, let alone while still in her nun habit and probably bald underneath...and the sooner I forget what just happened, the better.

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