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Desire 34


+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Oct 5, 2009 00:54 | Go to Desire

-> RTS Page for Desire 34

The following script is approved only for English usage by "tarahbee scans". Any other usage must have approval by the translator and can not be done without such.

There are some connections that will remain with you for your entire life, including connections of friendship and love. When Kazuki makes a chance encounter on a shopping trip, memories of a bittersweet relationship may come back with it...

File: 34: KYOUKO
(TN: The title spells it with the proper English reading with the "long o", but for the purposes of the script, I will be using "ou" in it's place)

Voice: You seem to be free.
Caption: FUJII KAZUKI (Takashi's younger cousin)
(TN: I tried to translate the book Kazuki is reading, but all I could make out was "Outdoor Bath and (not sure) Trips"; the bottom set was a bit harder to read and I left it as is)
Miki: We ran out of the boss' Russian Tea. Can you go buy some at the Meihin-Ya in Aoyama?
(TN: Though it sounds surprising, the Russians have a tradition of tea since they first received it from China in the 17th century and it's considered the second drink of the nation...after vodka. They usually drink it strong with heavy sweetning. Meanwhile, Aoyama is notable for it's industry, it is more known as a shopping and entertainment district within Tokyo)
Caption: YAMAGUCHI Miki: Came in the same time as Kazuki
Miki: Make sure you don't mistake the brands of black tea and jam. Well, please do this!!
Kazuki: This market had a line of foreign cars within the parking lot, seemingly from upper-middle class patrons.
(TN: A bit of cultural information: the Japanese usually buy national brands of cars, while foreign cars, primarily German but occasionally American ones, are seen as a luxury invested in by the upper class, therefore leading to Kazuki's discovery)
Kazuki: Cucumbers are a thousand yen for a three-pack~~!?
(TN: The kanji above the notice is the exact same: Special Organically Grown)
Kazuki: It's exorberant because it's a very high-class market. At most, I want see the face of the people who would pay a ridiculous amount of money to eat these cucumbers.

"Woman": .........
Kazuki: Oh no...did she hear me?
Kazuki: I get it: they're eaten by beautiful, refined girls like her.
Kazuki: So wha--t's she like...between her legs?
(TN: Kazuki actually says something much cruder here: "omata no okuchi", which literally is "a mouth crotch". I think the expression I used is rather similar without losing the context)

"Woman": I don't have those cheap cucumbers...
Kazuki: !!
"Woman": Ehehe
Kazuki: ............
"Woman": You haven't changed.
Kazuki: Huh...?
Kyouko: You haven't realized it yet!? I'll hit you for forgetting your old childhood friend Kyouko-sama!!
Kazuki: Na...NAGASAWA Kyouko!!

Kazuki: My memories of her were resurrected like a revolving lantern. Those bittersweet scenes of growing up are vivid even now...
(TN: A "revolving lantern", also known in Japanese as a "soumatou", is a lantern with a revolving cylinder under the main shade allowing for images to be seen, either underneath on the shade or on a wall. In some places, the "soumatou" phenomenon is more acknowledged as an expression of a "life passing before your eyes" in modern Japan. Also, Kazuki makes mention of "juudai", which in particular is the teen years of a person between 10-19. Since some of his memories of Kyouko seem to be from a bit prior to the teens, I changed it slightly to merely "growing up")
Kyouko: Kazu-chan, I love you because you're so kind. Let's get married.
Kazuki: I...I love you too, Kyouko-chan. I'll marry you.
Kazuki: Kyouko-chan, you're a nice beauty if you look closely. You're a person who doesn't understand what she has.
Kyouko: Well~~it's because I don't care. I didn't notice it until I entered middle school!!
Kazuki: I"ve heard that you were together with the really bad crowd at the game center, but are you hanging out with them?
Kyouko: I was just there by chance. Don't talk like my parents.

Kazuki: Is...this makeup or something!! We take the exams next year. You won't be getting into high school by hanging out with delinquents.
Kyouko: You're annoying!! Don't concern yourself about me anymore!!
Kazuki: Yes!! Kyouko passed!!
Kazuki: (modern day) But did she study for that exam?
Kazuki: Kyouko as a high-schooler grew in beauty and became well known even at other schools...
Kazuki: Um...hi...
Kazuki: ......

Kazuki: When she reached her 17th birthday, she transformed into a voluptuous woman.
Kazuki: I have no connection to Nagasawa.
Glasses: That's fine! Last night she had another man!!
Kazuki: She wasn't in my reach anymore. She had become a distant being......

Kazuki: Though Kyouko had become that
Kazuki: Somewhere, I would continue to have feelings for her forever.
Kazuki: ---It was the summer of senior year...after school, I had come back to get what I had forgotten.
Kazuki: There was a sports bag by Kyouko's desk.
Kazuki: I can only say that I was bewitched by it. (out loud) .........
Kazuki: Bl...bloomers...(internally) It was dimly emitting a bittersweet aroma; was this from sweat?
Kazuki: Cough

Kyouko: Kazuki, do you still have an interest in me?
Kazuki: Kyo...Kyouko!!
Kyouko: It's fine. We're going to graduate soon, so I'll give you a memory.
Kazuki: .........
Kyouko: You're taking the exam for Hokkaido University...not Tokyo?
Kazuki: Huh? Um...yeah...
Kyouko: .........
Kyouko: Come here a moment.
Kazuki: ......?

Kazuki: If this is about earlier, I apologize. I was bewitched.
Kyouko: Don't make up that you were bewitched by it!! It's because you love me...Speak honestly!!
Kazuki: .........
Kazuki: It's....because I love you. My feelings haven't changed since kindergarten.

Kazuki: !!
Kyouko: Touch me......
Kazuki: Huh...
Kazuki: ......

Kyouko: It's fine. Here...touch here...
Kyouko: Haa
Kyouko: Haa
Kazuki: Ah...

Kazuki: Haa haa
Kazuki & Kyouko: Haa...
Kazuki: ......!!
Kazuki: You do want me......
Kyouko: Stop that talk......when I graduate, I won't see you anymore since I'll be going to Tokyo.
Kazuki: Eventually, we graduated high school without completeing a man-woman experience.

Kazuki: Kyouko's prediction of "not seeing me" was off.
Kyouko: I'm sorry. The parking lot is here.
Kazuki: No, I"m surprised. You were a beauty long ago, but I couldn't judget that you would become even more polished.
Kazuki: Ah...no good! I forgot to buy the Russian tea and jam.
Kyouko: If you want jam, then you have an excuse: since I'm filled with them, I'll share.
Kazuki: EH~~~you drive a Ferrari!!
Man: Ah...I'll open the trunk now
Kazuki: ...?

Kyouko: Ah...my husband, Keisuke!! He's huge because he played American Football. He works as a dentist.
Kazuki: SHE'S...MARRIED!? (out loud) .........
Kazuki: A dentist...!! And to make things worse, a nice guy...
Keisuke: Heh--he's your childhood friend?
Kyouko: Yes, he was in the store by chance. He's working for MHK.
Kazuki: .........
Kyouko: Fujii-kun, how about the three of us have tea?
Kazuki: Ah...no. I'll stay here since it's on my way to work.
Kazuki: Kyouko has steadily captured happiness...that's good...

Caption: Next Day...
Voice: Fujii-kun, line 3.
Kazuki: Hello, this is Fujii.
Kyouko: It's Kyouko. It's about that jam I told you about yesterday but...if you're not troubled, can you come to get it at my house? If you can, it will be alright around today at 3 but
Kazuki: .........
Kazuki: I never thought that call would come. The jam and such was fine, but I was curious in peeping into her life.
(TN: Hiroo is in reference to an upmarket district of Shibuya Ward, prominent for the higher-class people living there. Surprisingly, there is actually a "Forest Hills" apartment complex in Hiroo)
Kyouko: Enter
Kazuki: Ah...pardon me.

Kazuki: Even if I somehow worked my entire life, I wouldn't be able to live in an upper-class apartment in Hiroo. It really is great that he's a dentist.
Kyouko: It was still great when my husband was in the practice with his parents, but it seems he's had various problems since opening a new practice.
(TN: Duerr's, also known as "F. Duerr & Sons", is a notable British jam and marmalade company locally owned in Manchester)
Kyouko: Here...it's a bit heavy, but will it do?
Kazuki: It is...thanks.
Kyouko: .........

Kyouko: Ah...
Kazuki: Are you alright!?
Kyouko: I'm fine, it's sliding off.
Kyouko: Can you wipe it...
Kazuki: Huh......

Kazuki: ......
Kyouko: Kazuki...how am I? Compare me to before.
Kazuki: Well, you haven't changed. You're really pretty then and now.
Kyouko: Thank you. But it's because it's you.
Kazuki: Huh...?
Kyouko: For a woman...somewhere there is a person who continues to feel for themself and will always say that they're pretty. In my case, that is you.

Kyouko: That halfway-incomplete feeling that I had for you in high school...I really regret them.
Kyouko: Therefore, I'm settling that thing from then...
Kyouko: Because I didn't call you here specifically just to give you jam.
Kazuki: ......Kyouko...

Kyouko: Don't stop halfway today. It's fine to give me your feelings!!
Kazuki: KYOUKO......!!


Kyouko: Ka...Kazuki, we're together......!!
Kazuki: Ah

Kazuki: And so, the first and last secret between me and Kyouko had ended......
Kazuki: It was sweet and painful, a personal experience as if it was like Russian Tea, filled with the sweet and bitter.....I won't forget that moment for the rest of my life.

TN: It's really hard to speak regarding this chapter...because I guess we all have something like this in our lives. The girl who just enters your life at such a young age that sometimes you may just never have her due to one reason or another and then she leaves...only to return and finish something even with the potential you'll never have her regardless of what happens. I really do feel for Kazuki with what happened this time and his relationship with Kyouko: if something had just gone differently, whether it was her going to the right side or him going to Tokyo U instead of Hokkaido, then maybe things could have turned out differently. Maybe he could have had his beloved Kyouko instead of being lonely while she goes straight, refines her beauty and marries a dentist. I know she did try to finish what she started back in high school with the sex sequence, but this chapter seemed to actually use the sex scene in a way that worked as a culmination instead of merely just "let's just do it because that's the series" and more just seemed like both were trying to get something out of it: she wanted to clear away her past relations, Kazuki just wanted to have Kyouko for himself, even just for one moment of physical contact. At least it didn't go in a direction regarding those cucumbers...but trust me, something about "that" will be coming up much sooner than you think. Let's avoid that stuff for the moment and just contemplate on the Kyouko in our lives...

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