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Desire 35


+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Oct 11, 2009 03:25 | Go to Desire

-> RTS Page for Desire 35

The following script is approved only for English usage by "tarahbee scans". Any other usage must have approval by the translator and can not be done without such.

Recollections of past events may be deceptive, but they can be true for those who believe they happen. When Takashi returns to a spot for the first time in forever, he may spark memories of someone who may or may not have been there...

File: 35: FANCY GIRL

Takashi: Since I had come near Tokyo U for business, I seemed to aimlessly drop on in.
Takashi: This campus that I hadn't visited since graduation was filled with the scent of nostalgia.
Takashi: .........

Takashi: She can't be...
Takashi: My memories of campus are many, even now they're being vividly revived, but just my memories of "that woman" are now vague.
Takashi: 10 years ago...I was in the midst of strain and anxiety that attacked me with the entrance exam in front of my eyes. That incident could have been my delusion or...

Takashi: It was finally the day before the exam...I was heading to Hongou from the hotel so I could reaffirm my journey to the test hall.
"Girl": I'm sorry.
Takashi: Ah...no. (internally) In front of my eyes was a cute girl who looked like she slipped out from a gravure photo......!! I was instantly paralyzed!!
(TN: The "photo" part wasn't there before, but considering gravure idols are usually photographic ones, I made it as such)
Takashi: .........

Takashi: Though I said I had the test tomorrow, I was shaking by this strange girl......but......she was enviable.
Takashi: I felt jealous of the man who would make her his lover. That man would touch her silky hair, steal her lips
Takashi: And could caress that body hidden beneath her coat...

Voice: Kya
"Girl": It's a molester!!
"Girl": .........

Takashi: The scene has dissapeared in white......had I become unconscious!?
(TN: Ochanomizu Station is a station on the Chuuou Line)
Officer: This station...doesn't normally have those who state they're taking tomorrow's Tokyo U exam.
Takashi: .........(internal) We...well, if I wasn't going to take the exam...
Officer: If they let in to Tokyo U some molester guy, then it wouldn't be to the advantage of Japan. I don't have a reason to overlook this!
Takashi: .........
Officer: You his lover!?
"Girl": Yes! I got in a fight with him, I was a tad unkind.
"Girl": I'm already satisfied on this.

Officer: It's fine for you to fight if you're lovers, but be careful with those false-alarms.
"Girl": Right, thanks. I was causing the trouble.
Takashi: .........
Takashi: !!
"Girl": Let's go.
Takashi: Th...thanks. But why did you say "lover"......
"Girl": Are you taking the test......for Tokyo U?
Takashi: Yes...!?

Takashi: Y...you're taking the test too...!!
"Girl": Yep. My reason was our fate to cooperate.
"Girl": .........
Takashi: Hey......from tomorrow until the exams end, how about we be fellow lovers for just these three days?
"Girl": Wouldn't it be fun to be like that?
Takashi: .........
Takashi: Well...if I avoid physical contact. (internal) I didn't just look like that...an unusual feeling had easily...we would pass together as true fellow lovers.....(would we)

Takashi: Ah, I'm......Fujii, nice to meet you.
Miri: KAYAMA Miri, nice to meet you.
Sign: EXAM HALL: No Entry Ahead Without Permission
Takashi: This...feels a bit wrong!!
Miri: It's fine, it's just for a bit.
Takashi: !!

Miri: You were being stared at on the train, but it'll be alright here...
Takashi: Huh......!?
Miri: If we're fellow lovers, then we should do it at this time.
Takashi: .........

Miri: Haa Haa...
Miri: Haa
Miri: Haa haa...

Man: He...hey!! What are you doing!!
Takashi: !!
Man: You can't enter in here!
Takashi: Eh...really?
Miri: Run!
Man: You can't be.........aren't you an exam-taker!!
Takashi: Gulp
Takashi: N...no! I'm Fu...Fujiyamayama Ichiro of Literature I! (internal) She...ran so well.
Takashi: Pardon me!
Man: He...hey, wait!

Takashi: Where did she run to?
Takashi: .....perhaps...she went home?
Takashi: Was she really taking the Tokyo U exam?
Takashi: That reminds me: the surrounding scenery earlier dissapeared, becoming completely blank......my memories of the moment have dissapeared.
Takashi: The incidents on the train and under the desk...I have a feeling that my dreams and reality have become mixed up. It may have been from the excitement of my mind. Tomorrow I take the entrance exam. I should forget everything that happened today.

Caption: NEXT DAY
Takashi: At the time, the two exams for Tokyo U occurred split into two days. The first day we had language and math, with a lunch break in between.
(TN: "Language" is in Japanese "Kokugo", which is the study of the Japanese language itself in Japan)
Takashi: I was doing well from the start, with yesterday's incident not in my head anymore.
Takashi: I'm fine even saying that I was perfect in language.

Miri: How are you doing?
Takashi: Ah...well, Kayama-san. Have you been tolerable? (internal) She really was an exam-taker.
Miri: No problem!
Miri: What happened yesterday? I was looking for you.
Takashi: Eh...I well....was really waiting for you at the water fountain in the plaza.
Miri: Well! Isn't that great. So then, we've met again. Shouldn't we go to some quiet place?

Miri: It's quiet...I didn't think it would in hte middle of the exams.
Takashi: Well, though it's winter, it's not cold...in reality, it feels like we're in another space.
Miri: This may not be reality...if you think that, then we can do anything.
Takashi: .........

(Oh no...here she goes)

(Yep...nothing to say here)

Takashi: HA...
Takashi: Haa

Takashi: Ah.......
Takashi: That girl waving her hand with the smiling face has been raised within my conscious dimly. That was the last I had seen her on the campus of Tokyo U.

Takashi: ...Thinking about it now, I can't be convinced that she existed.
Takashi: Wasn't that girl a "delusion" that I had manufactured so I could avoid the pressure of taking the Tokyo U exam?
Takashi: .........

Takashi: Um...
"Woman": What...?
Takashi: I'm of the exam-takers of '88...Fujii. Is there a chance you're KAYAMA Miri-san...?
"Woman": .........
Okamoto: Ah...I'm Okamoto.
Takashi: Oh well, but I mistook you.
Takashi: Ah, pardon me. That's all.

Takashi: She really was a delusion.
Takashi: Even though she was, KAYAMA Miri is a person whose memories are only in me. It's best that she continues to live forever within myself......

TN: I sort of had a bit of a "hard time" with the title of this chapter: when I saw the word "fancy" in the title, I sort of expected Miri to be a girl of higher society or some high-class snob, but the "fancy" is more about her potentially being a figment of Takashi's imagination. (or maybe not...pay attention to Okamoto at the end) But to tell the truth though, aside from some of the explicit moments (the blowjob on the roof), this is probably the best thing to happen to Takashi in a long while in this series. After the last couple of chapters have taken him into weirder and weirder scenarios (while his cousin gets great tales in "Shy Girl" and particularly "Kyouko"), this one actually is one that feels deceptively strange but turned into a sad, touching tale about him coming to grips with the faults of memory and figuring out whether or not Miri truly existed aside from his own recollection of what happened. I actually was going to compare this chapter to one movie, but in a way another movie sort of personifies it stronger: a line from "Citizen Kane" about a man who saw a woman once, and yet whose beauty haunted him for the rest of his entire life. Even though she exists and he just doesn't realize it, Miri will always be that girl for Takashi...

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