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Desire 36


+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Oct 12, 2009 03:54 | Go to Desire

-> RTS Page for Desire 36

The following script is approved only for English usage by "tarahbee scans". Any other usage must have approval by the translator and can not be done without such.

If you could, would you look into other people's private lives, regardless of the risks? When Takashi is given an opportunity, he will learn both of the opportunities...and the dark sides this fetish can provide!

File: 36: PEEP

(TN: First of all, Hokuriku is in reference to a region that is west of Tokyo along the Sea of Japan, including the prefectures of Niigata, Toyama, Ishikawa and Fukui. Considering that the prefecture is "F Prefecture", then it is easy to say that this is supposed to be Fukui. Finally, the "O city" could actually refer to one of two cities in Fukui Prefecture, either the seaside city of 'Obama' or the mountanous city of 'Ouno'. With no real reference showing which, I can't specifically say where of the two this is supposed to be)
Takashi: It was my last day of a media operations inspection trip circling through the "Hokuriku Three". I was tired and had left early from a drinking party with those involved, on my way to returning to my inn.
(TN: The "Hokuriku Three" are Toyama, Ishikawa and Fukui, the main three prefectures of the area and commonly thought of as Hokuriku without the inclusion of Niigata)
Takashi: My eyes had stopped at the brightness of an old Zakkyo Building facing the park.
(TN: A "zakkyo building" is a building with a variety of shops and businesses inside of it; I probably could have said "building complex", but I think the Japanese speaks for itself)
Takashi: Regard Judas. It's a peeping hole...
(TN: This was really hard to figure out but basically Takashi says "Regard Judas" in English, then says it again in Japanese with "a peeping hole" below that part. I tried to make it work by having him just say "Regard Judas" once, then just say "it's a peeping hole" so he wouldn't repeat the first line twice)

Takashi: Holding an interest in the building's name, I went to peep inside for a bit. Since it was an old building, there was no elevator and I used the stairs to the 4th floor.
Takashi: .........
Takashi: ...!!

"Mustache': Welcome. Come in.
"Mustache": The peeping hole in the door...you're goot to have noticed it.
Takashi: ......
Takashi: It was a small in size counter bar that I knew from a gaze that had an interest in antiques.
"Mustache": Sir, this is the first I've seen you.
Takashi: Well...yes. I work for a firm in Tokyo and I'm on a business trip...
"Mustache": It's a pity I don't have an elevator. There are so few who specially confer that they've particulary walked their way to the 4th floor for me.
Takashi: I was tempted in the interest of your shop's name...
"Mustache": .........

"Mustache": Sir...do you know of the French author 'Christian Musee"...?
Takashi: I've read about him recently. Do you have a deep interest in him by chance? Is the name of this bar is actually a work of Musee?
"Mustache": Yes, you're the first customer to have come to understand.
"Mustache": Musee's "Regard Judas", where he had tested his sharp observations towards the sexual urge called "peeping", is a classic of French Literature...it was thought that this work rivaled "120 Days of Sodom", which must be said as an index of the sexual perversions of the Marquis de Sade.
"Mustache": If you have an interest in the works of Musee, then I'll show you a neat thing later.
Takashi: A neat thing...what exactly is it?

Takashi: What is that......?
"Mustache": It's a night scope, which is used in patrols by the Israeli army.
Takashi: I was lead to a small room, that was created with a window within the shop.
"Mustache": In front is the park...You understand that already.
Takashi: .........
Takashi: At any rate, as fellow Musee readers, I seemed to be mistaken as a man of similar tastes with a hobby for peeping.
"Mustache": Shall we change our point? Perhaps you'll be interested over here...

"Mustache": Switch it to "Daylight Mode". Look in the second floor apartment. Please slowly zoom in.
"Mustache": That woman is a new high school teacher, coming out of a Tokyo university in the spring. Beyond that, she seemed to be on the lookout as is done in Tokyo at first, but now even she leaves her curtain as such like the tranquil locals...
"Mustache": She's a beauty.
Takashi: Um...yes, but why are you telling me her history?
"Mustache": She's one of my very few guests. Since today is Saturday, I think she'll come for sure.

Takashi: 30 minutes later, she entered the shop as the master predicted...
"Woman": Good evening.
"Mustache": Welcome.
"Woman": Ah...the usual.
"Mustache": Right.
Takashi: A beautiful high school teacher......she truly is a woman I have an urge to want to peep on.

"Mustache": You've returned quickly. I'm quite glad.
"Woman": Ye...yes.
Takashi: The two of us...were enlivened by the master. Tilting her Campari soda, the reading woman nicely became like a drawing.
(TN: "Campari soda" is an actual alcoholic soda from Italy using "Campari" brand alcohol, which itself is an aperitif made by infusing bitter herbs, aromatic plants and fruit in alcohol by ways of a still secret family formula)
Takashi: I've come from Tokyo on a business trip, but this is a good place for tasty seafood.
Takashi: I'm going home tomorrow. I thought it was borning to drink alone at the inn.
"Woman": I'm originally from Tokyo too...I go back and forth to this bar since it's got a smell that's similar to Shimokitazawa. The other bars don't have this taste anywhere......and there are many people who call out over-familiarly even if I want to read a book.
Takashi: .........

Takashi: I wasn't intending to intrude on her reading. That paused our conversation.
Takashi: Close to 30 minutes passed...though I thought of slowly getting to the inn, the returning master...
"Mustache": Pardon me, I've bought a bit. Shall I make you a special supper?
"Woman": Master, I'm full. I'll be going here.
"Mustache": Haha, were you rejected? There are many frivolous females these days...a stoic woman like her are the greatest as peeping targets.

"Mustache": Don't you think you'd want to peep on her soon? For the truth of the female teacher?
"Mustache": Musee said it like so: In this world, the ultimate virtue is having a libido; the ultimate vice is cowardice and hesitation!
"Mustache": The apartment owner for the woman is me. I'll guide you.
Takashi: Wh...what exactly is this master...
Takashi: No matter how he's the ownder, it would be a crime to sneak into her apartment and peep on her.
"Mustache": It's alright. If you don't lose your reasons and attack that woman...
Takashi: .........(internal) But the master's invitation held a bizarre persuasive power; I quietly obeyed him.

Takashi: ......
"Mustache": Since this was made with a concrete-style structure and a steel frame, it's pre-eminent for sound insulation. We won't have to worry, even if we make a lot of noise.
Takashi: With our abnormal reason for suddenly sneaking into an attic of an apartment, I had to go back. If by any chance we were discovered, there would of course be police...I'd be fired from my job too. I was burdened by the risk...
"Mustache": This hole is used for a down light, but with just this socket crooked, I couldn't put a light bulb in there.
"Mustache": There she is...she's seemed to have finished her bath.
Takashi: .........

Takashi: ......
Takashi: She's removing unwanted hair.
Takashi: This scene may be the only experience I'll be peeping.
Takashi: She's defenseless. Those limbs are more erotic than those park relationships.

Takashi: The....master isn't here. Did he go back!? (to himself) .....??
Takashi: I hadn't perceived this......he seemed resigned to abandon me.
Takashi: AV...!!

Takashi: Her sweating skin...her respiration seems to smell of it. It was a liveliness you can't flavor in an AV.

Takashi: !?
Takashi: Wa!!
"Woman": ............
"Woman": .........

"Woman": I know your tru identity!!
"Woman": You're the leader of that delinquent group...it's you. This isn't the place for an explanation; this is expellable!! Now quietly get down!!
"Woman": ......!?
"Woman": It's...you...!!
Takashi: She had misunderstood me as some student......at any rate, this was a worst-case scenario...whatever the result came to be, I was highly aware of the risks.

Takashi: It's becuase you're an attractive woman......That's just it. I don't plan to defend myself with anything else.
Takashi: It was my responisbility. The master hadn't given me his name.
"Woman": .........
SFX: CLICK......
"Woman": I'm not reporting this to the police.
Takashi: Huh...!?
Takashi: ......!?

(Yeah, abuse him through violence, that'll get a message across)

Book on Right: The Battlefield Called Education
Book on Left: The Cornered-Down Clergyman
Takashi: Of...course: a teacher holds a high position; she can handle this. She may have collected her frustrations that she can't bare on her students.
Takashi: I left the situation for her to do what she had to.
Takashi: !!
Takashi: Of...course: this is also a drawback to "peeping", but if she heals me from her womanly frustration......!!

Takashi: She pushed me like a wild cat, lusting after my lower half.
(TN: Takashi refers to her not as a "cat" but as a "Felidae", which refers to all members of the cat family including big cats like lions and tigers)
Takashi: The other side of that stoic expression I saw at the bar were hidden the fangs called desire.

Takashi: She had a lover in Tokyo...? It's a long-distance relationship between Fukui and Tokyo...she was unfamiliar to this locality...
Takashi: Her loneliness not being with her lover...she had frustration with sex..........!!
Takashi: She had resorted to me. I embraced this timid woman.
Takashi: Thus, she pushed her body to me like she was satisfied.

"Woman": AH...

"Woman": AAH HA AH
"Woman": AAAH
Takashi: She became exhausted and closed her eyes, unmoving as if she had died. We didn't exchange words............I had a feeling that I helped out a bit.
"Woman": ZZ.....
Takashi: ...

Takashi: ........
Takashi: No...this isn't the exit.
Takashi: .........
Takashi: Was the source of that woman teacher's actions really frustration? That's all I guessed, I couldn't grasp her true intention.
Takashi: Only at the end did the woman I saw from the "peeping hole" felt a smile from her mouth; a peaceful face of sleep.
(End of Vol. 4)

TN: You know there are probably a million lessons one can take away from this chapter. A few that immediately come to mind:

-Peeping is illegal and you shouldn't do it.
-Always secure your property of any holes to prevent peeping.
-Teachers are masters of discipline
-You can take a city girl and put her in the country but you can't take the city out of them.
-Long-distance relationships make women go for anyone

But I think the main lesson that should be taken is actually a weirder one: never trust a man who reads French literature. If it weren't for that nutty bartender getting Takashi head over heels into that peeping scenario and drawing him in with a title to a book about peeping (looked it up but that name, nor does "Christian Musee" exist that I know of), none of this would have happened! He just dragged him in, ran off and Takashi paid for it by getting beat up and pseudo-raped (except he accepted her so it was consensual) Aside from having her fix up her house and maybe learn of better ways of dealing with frustration, I think she (heh, really wished she had a name considering it would be easier to vent) needs to find this bartender and do a bit of what she did to Takashi. He paid his price but it was him that forced all that happened. Therefore, my ultimate lesson as the volume draws to a close: don't trust men who read French literature...just be happy it wasn't deSade like they mentioned too.

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