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Kinnikuman Lady 4

I Wan~~na Represent Japan

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Oct 23, 2009 02:53 | Go to Kinnikuman Lady

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The good news: Meat is starting to figure out this strange new world he's found himself in where Kinnikuman and the other Choujin are female. The bad news: Lady K. and Terry have been expelled from the Choujin Olympics! Now what!?

Chp. 4: I Wan~~na Represent Japan

Middle Box: This is intense.
Narrator: The Choujin Olympics is where superheroes selected from every nation of the world compete with mutual techniques. This is the first and possibly last tournament that is said to decide the greatest Choujin in the world, but how could Kinnikuman and Terryman be removed from participating?

Meat: I’m sorry…this is from a super-huge misunderstanding……(to himself) I was careless…! I was aiming for them with that much prudence……I judged them from their normal position in my former world…!
Lady K.: You’re not bad, Meat—the actual rioters were us…
Terry: But they were completely suspicious. From what appears usually, we thought they were going to attack.(–though it’s bad that they’re colleagues with villainous mugs.)
Terry: Well then it’s fine. I’m not interested in this tournament at all. (It’s a habit)
Lady K.: Huh--!? You’re already giving up--?
Lady K.: I…I want to take part in……the Choujin Olympics…!
Lady K.: My mama was the Champion of the 10th Tournament—even if I don’t become the champion…I want to challenge it as a warrior of Planet Kinniku…
(TN: Don’t ask who her “mama” is from this pic: she did mention before that Mayumi is the name of the king, but for all we know that could either be a female Mayumi…or Sayuri)
Meat: Princess…
Terry: Kinnikuman…

Terry: …Ah, hello, is this Specialman (female)?
Special: Ye~~p. Who is this? Terry?
Terry: Well, you’re now handing me over your participation ticket for the Choujin Olympics.
Special: Wha~~what time do you think it is…Are you in Japan…Huh? What? What are you saying?
Terry: OK, thank you.
Special: Huh? What? Hey, hold o…
Terry: Alright, Kinnikuman, please be the American Representative! (Since we’ve got an opening)
Lady K.: Thanks Terry…But if I could, I want to represent Japan…this is my 2nd home……
Terry: Oh…right…
Meat: Aah…I’m merely warping history…………History…?
Meat: N…no! History won’t be warped by this! Even then, Prince didn’t have a participation ticket at first! If I remember…(out loud) PRINCESS!! LET’S GO TO THE TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE HEADQUARTERS!!

Kinkotsu: …As I feel, you should issue the player oath.
Robin: You’re so insistent. I’ll understand it if you asked it once.
Robin: …but what did you say? There was some noise.
Kinkotsu: Huh?
Meat: CHAIRMAN---!
Meat: That’s him…! Robin Mask-san (perhaps)……!!
Harabote: What’s with all of you--!!!!
Robin: What, Terryman?
Terry: Ah, Robin.
Lady K.: Huh? Who is that?
Terry: Aah…she’s the champion of the former tournament…
Robin: …

Terry: As you can see, her alias is “Robin Mask” due to being expressionless.
Robin: Don’t touch me…
(TN: Robin actually says “tatakuna” which is more “don’t strike me”, but I think the peeved expression on her face makes it work better as “don’t touch”)
Lady K.: So—that’s who you are--!!
Lady K.: Nice to meet you! I’m Kinnikuman Lady! Hehe…please regard this fellow Lady!
Robin: …
Lady K.: ?
Kinkotsu: So then…what has this come to…you all had that scandal when facing me and have been suspended from participating in the tournament…
Lady K.: Uh…so then…Huh…
Meat: Dang…It seems we’ve come for the moment to where I think Robin Mask-san did something, but…
Meat: Her personality seems like it’s a bit different…
Robin: …
Meat: …She’s may be kind…

Kinkotsu: WHAAAAT!? (Uhyoui)
Meat: WAI
Robin: Your expression is super-perverted. I think you don’t have the capabilities to be a director.
Kinkotsu: HUH? (What!?)
Kinkotsu: Robin-kun…what are you doing suddenly?
Robin: I demand a dismissal of the Kaijin…and charge them of sexual harassment, by order of the current champion.
Kinkotsu: NO

Lady K.: AH--…now you mention it, my butt was touched by Kinkotsuman last time—
Robin: Well, you’ve done further crimes.
Terry: Alright, let’s kill him. (Kuwa)
Kinkotsu: Hold….o….(OWA--)
Robin: That’s done. Next I’ll reinstate these two.
Harabote: Fi~~ne. However, the framework for the participating fighters was already decided on this morning.
Robin: That should have been a frame for my sparring partners and recommendations. Add this girl on there. (For the moment, put her in with Gania)
Lady K.: Huh!? (It’s alright~~?)
Harabote: Hmm…
Terry: Ah, now you mention it, Specialman (female) has refused to take part, so I’ll fit right there. (If Kinnikuman’s taking part, I am too--)
Harabote: Muu…understood. I’ll deal with those two participating again.

Meat: How…great~~
Harabote: Lady Robin-kun…
Harabote: Are you alright with today’s strife? In truth, wasn’t today the first you’ve used your authority?
Harabote: Mainly, you’ve brought back in two rivals…
Robin: …I “want to stand at the summit of all Choujin”……that’s why.
Lady K.: I really thank you—Robi—n
Robin: ……
Robin: That’s just…all.

TN: And the moral of the story is: when in doubt, screw Specialman. (even if his female version isn't physically in the story yet) Makes about as much sense as anything else (besides, it somewhat matches what happened in the original...but I'll get into that next time. Aside from that moral, we get Meat using his knowledge of the original scenarios to make sure history remains somewhat similar (the rule being "somewhat")...and more importantly, we get Lady Robin. And yes...she may be a bit kinder but not when it comes to perverted skeleton Kaijin. (but we all knew something would screw up with Kinkotsuman sooner or later...but at least he tried) So with the formalities done...next time, the Choujin Olympics get underway! (and be prepared for more female Choujin...)

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#1. by AmeftoWriter ()
Posted on Oct 23, 2009
Nice Job! :D

I did like Lady Robin here, but I did notice when she gets serious and angry he removes her robe.

I agree about Specialman though. lol.

Kinkotsuman didnt reeally have much role ever since the appearance of the Choujin Olympics.

I cant wait for more! :D
#2. by StrangerAtaru ()
Posted on Oct 23, 2009
I'll probably be explaining the matter as why the Specialman removal was funnier next chapter, but remember that this is sort of a weird modification of the original. Kinkotsuman was rather prominent until probably the America arc, so unless they find a way to keep him around, we may not see much of him past then. (though at least he got the respect he deserves as Kinnikuman (and Lady's) first real villain.

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