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Desire 39


+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Oct 25, 2009 03:47 | Go to Desire

-> RTS Page for Desire 39

The following script is approved only for English usage by "tarahbee scans". Any other usage must have approval by the translator and can not be done without such.

When it comes to love, there are some matters that one doesn't know the answer until before it's too late. Of course, there are some matters that not even Takashi can really control on these matters...particularly if it's a family matter!


Man: Responsibility and Accountability: your "duty to operate" and your "duty to explain"...
Man: With the "duty to explain" as a defense to those who support your own existance, this matter of "accountability" is lacking amist your general duties.
Man: Those who see useful making this excuse towards the people has a possible limit!! Somehow Mr. M, the former undersecretary of General Affairs, has said this, but...
"Woman": .........
Man: If I could speak from the standpoint of the active bureaucrats.
"Woman": It's another two weeks until the ceremony......Do I really want to marry him...

Takashi: I may be cursed with being overworked with three overseas business trips to New York, L.A. and Singapore over these three weeks. I went to take a medical exam for my unending stomach pains and vomiting I've had since two days ago.
Caption: Fujii-san, please go to internal medicine #2.
Mutsuki: What's wrong?
Caption: FUTABA Mutsuki, 27, Internal Doctor
Takashi: I forgot my pain in front of the beautiful doctor as I unintentionally gazed at her.
Mutsuki: Well...you look terrible...
Takashi: Ah...

Takashi: Appendicitis......?
Mutsuki: Yes, that's the result of the exam. With a bit of minor surgery, you can leave the hospital in around a week. For the moment, we can give you a means to give you medicine but...
Takashi: This Futuba is at this Futuba Hospital...
Takashi: When she had completed her first stage of work, we decided to have the surgery tomorrow.
Mutsuki: Fujii Takashi, 28...
Mutsuki: Ehe, he's my type.........

Takashi: The next day......I started my week of a life in hospitalization from today.
Voice: The surgery will be held from 2.
Caption: FUTABA Satsuki, 28, Surgeon
Takashi: I met the doctor in charge of the surgery and was gazing once again.
Satsuki: After the surgery, we'll be cutting off the anesthetic; you'll be left with a bit of pain for 2-3 days...
Takashi: She was the sister of the Internalist!? Now that you mention it, it's in their eyes...I've been hospitalized in a hospital with beautiful dcotor sisters......was it a blessing within misfortune...

Satsuki: Prepare the IV.
Assistant: Right.
Satsuki: Is this your first surgery?
Takashi: Yes.
Takashi: There isn't any reason that this really isn't like the reality in novels and TV dramas.
Satsuki: Is it...?
Takashi: A beautiful surgeon only exists in the worlds of fiction...
Satsuki: .........
Satsuki: So, we shall begin.

Takashi: The surgery was over in a short time and by three days into my hospitalization, the pain of the cut was healed.
Satsuki: .........
Satsuki: How does your body feel?
Takashi: Well...the pain has somehow
Satsuki: Your progress is doing well.
Takashi: The Dr. Futaba of Internal that gave me my first exam, are you her sister?
Satsuki: Yes...with one difference.

Takashi: So, will both of you have this hospital in the future......
Satsuki: It seems our director father thinks so.
Takashi: Are you...getting married?
Satsuki: Ah...this, is an engagement ring.
Satsuki: ............
Satsuki: This scenery of late autumn. Somehow it gives me the feeling of the marriage blues...
Mutsuki: Ara...big sister Satsuki-san!!

Mutsuki: You're making rounds without even bring a nurse.....how unusual.
Satsuki: Ah...what's wrong with you!? This is the surgery ward!!
Mutsuki: It seems the type we like is the same...!!
Takashi: I'm honored that you've come to make the rounds as a set.
Mutsuki: We're matching, bosom buddy sisters. (aren't we, big sis!)
Mutsuki: We've fallen many times going around for the same men......!! Until now, we're 2-2 in the competition!!
Satsuki: Mu...Mutsuki, what are you saying...!!

Mutsuki: But you're getting married in a week. You had resisted this political marriage to some partner decided by father but...typically a beaurecrat from the Ministry of Health really isn't your type.
Satsuki: Enough! That's too much. I want you to seam a bit of your big mouth!!
Takashi: You've fallen going for the same man...the men who get pulled by you two are really going to pay for being too blessed. But, I want to be one of those lucky fellows.
Mutsuki: Well, if Fujii-san is a lucky fellow, then which would you choose....me or big-sis Satsuki?
Satsuki: Mu...Mutsuki!!
Takashi: Eh...

Takashi: Even if I said my choice...
Satsuki: Excuse me, please don't mind her. So, we'll be going...We're going to a conference from here. You're not in a position to loaf in here either.
Satsuki: Ah...if you have any requests, please ask for anything.
Takashi: Of course.
Takashi: If you can...on the night before I leave here......can either of you doctors attend......a leaving party here?
Mutsuki: .........
Mutsuki: Wh...what was that? I was joking.

Takashi: It was a verbal slip......of all things to a woman before her marriage.
Takashi: ......Since then, those two really didn't come around on their rounds...
Takashi: Isn't Dr. Futaba going on her rounds?
Nurse: That seems to be asked by all the male patients. She's busy.
Takashi: Caught up in the moment, I had wanted to apologize for blurting out too much, but.........
Caption: 6th Day of Hospitalization: Night Before Release
Takashi: Can I sleep...
Takashi: .........

(TN: Not going to TL the letter at this time, it's essentially an invitation for Satsuki's wedding)
Satsuki: ......!?
Satsuki: Ye...yes...
Voice: My conversation with father...ended long ago. Is he still there?

Satsuki: Ah...Are you on duty tonight?
Mutsuki: No. I'm checking a bit on something...
Mutsuki: You're not eager in getting married...you have a week until the ceremony. Honestly I wouldn't do it myself, I'd regret it the rest of my life.
Mutsuki: Do you still remember what Fujii-san said?
Satsuki: Yes......!?
Mutsuki: The night before he leaves...in short, tonight, he wants to have a leaving party with either of us...I've realized it: you're his type too.
Satsuki: .........
Mutsuki: I'm planning on going to his room from here. I'm winning this final battle!

Satsuki: I can't sleep anymore...
SFX: Gulp~~
Mutsuki: Alright!!
Mutsuki: From where we stand, we can't offer alcohol to our patients.
Takashi: No, cola will be fine. In truth, I didn't think we were going to have my leaving party.

Mutsuki: I can't really talk since I was late tonight but, since you're leaving, let's take it easy...
Voice: Mutsuki! What is the competition!?
Mutsuki: !!
Mutsuki: Big sister...!!
Takashi: ......
Mutsuki: .........
Mutsuki: Well hasn't this become interesting...you've been drinking.
Satsuki: That stench is you!!

Mutsuki: Fujii-san, who do you wish for at this leaving party: me or my sister...which is it!?
Takashi: No...not really; even if I don't decide, we are together...
Mutsuki: I don't want that!! I want a battle!!
Satsuki: .........
Mutsuki: Wh...what are you...!?
Satsuki: Get undressed!! Whichever he's pleased with.....he'll embrace!!
Mutsuki: Right...here......!? Isn't that interesting!!

Takashi: Th...those two were drunk......
Mutsuki: I hadn't thought it would go this far, but if this is how big-sis want it!!
Takashi: I've got it!! So, get on the bed for the moment.

Takashi: Since my pain is increasing too...whichever of you ends up accepting me fastest...will be the one.

Takashi: It was like a secret from childhood days...the world where we'd play "doctor".
Takashi: I could clearly judge the difference of the sisters in their sensations and, of course, the quality of their fluids.
Mutsuki: HAA...
Satsuki: AH...
Takashi: Their timing was together in getting wet! I was surprised that they would be as sisters.

Satsuki: AAH...TH...THERE...!!
Mutsuki: HA...HAAA
Girls: AAAH...
Mutsuki: Ah...how sly!!

Takashi: I embraced the big sister...
Takashi: And then the little sister...
Takashi: Sister woman doctors...I was satisfied in their differences. I'm truly a lucky fellow...!!

Takashi: OWW!!
Takashi: I went it and spent another week sleeping after another surgery......
Nurse: What exactly happened...you're being watched uninterrupted starting today!!
Takashi: It hurts...hurts...hurts...(to himself) A lucky fellow like this ended up realizing he had divine punishment coming down on him.
Mitsuki: How do you feel about breaking off the engagement?
Satsuki: Well, the best!! This contest was a tie!

TN: There really needs to be a medical clause about preventing people from having sex after surgery. With Takashi's reputation, it really would keep his hormones under control for a while...but it's not his fault that he was merely a tool between Mitsuki and Satsuki's little sisterly rivalry...or that he helped the elder Satsuki wake up and realize that a political marriage without love is rather ridiculous! I sort of feared this chapter considering a lot of it involved medical practices, not to mention the first page was hell with all that talk by Satsuki's fiancee. But the chapter turned out to be fun to do after that, mostly driven by the Futaba sister's interactions both with one another and with Takashi. Besides, Takashi still got to do two girls again...even if it aggravated his wound. (and made him stuck with the ugly one at the hospital)...

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