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Desire 40


+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Oct 25, 2009 14:28 | Go to Desire

-> RTS Page for Desire 40

The following script is approved only for English usage by "tarahbee scans". Any other usage must have approval by the translator and can not be done without such.

Trauma is a major problem in leading to trouble, including in sexual contact. But sometimes, the only way to solve the problem is by conducting an experiment...sadly, Kazuki is caught in one he may not be able to stop!


"Woman": Haa haa
"Woman": .........Haa
"Woman": NOOO

Voice 1: Ahahaha, a turtle...!?
Voice 2: Enough...it's not funny.
"Black Hair": Understood...
Miki: This would be a bit rough but...how about we use an experimental subject?
Caption: MHK Broadcasting: YAMAGUCHI Miki, 22; Showa Women's graduate
(TN: Don't trust her, she was the one who left Kazuki on the beach bound and gagged...we have proof, go back to chp. 31)
Kazuki: Go...to a movie with me!?
Miki: This Saturday...anyhow we have time. I've put it in my schedule!!
Kazuki: You're as pushy as ever.

Kazuki: Saturday, PM 7:00: I'm always being treated like I'm that woman's maid, but unexpectedly I had an interest in it...---I pondered what it was, but I was thinking too much.
Yuri: Nice to meet you, I'm Shiina.
Caption: SHIINA Yuri, 23, Housewife
Miki: She's a friend from my college days; she's a newlywed, married one year. This feels like a break for her since her husband is on a business trip! I invited her to come with.
Kazuki: Ah...she's married.........
Kazuki: What...she's married? Even though she had gone to the same sister university, she was exactly the image of a woman.

Miki: Doesn't this look interesting!!
Kazuki: You serious!? This looks really perverted. (How about some Speilberg or something...)
Miki: I'm not like those sweethearts, in spite of your like of them.
(TN: Miki makes a mention of an attribute of a Japanese term called "kamatoto", which is a woman who acts sweet, innocent and naive, usually in pretend)
Kazuki: This wasn't a movie that would be seen together with a young wife, newlywed for a year. What exactly was Yamaguchi thinking?
Miki: .........
Yuri: .........

Kazuki: ......!?
Kazuki: !!
Kazuki: Wh......What!?
Yuri: ......
Kazuki: .........

Caption: PM 9:00
Miki: I don't know if she's going to get a call from her husband on his business trip, but I was going to have a drink at her house...want to come with?
Kazuki: Would she mind me being there?
Miki: It's fine! He's safe.
Yuri: Go ahead, please come with.
Kazuki: What exactly was she planning...
Miki: Yuri, how about we have a snack?
Yuri: It'll be done soon. Wait a bit longer.

Miki: Your husband works at the research lab at Tsukuba Science City; isn't it genetic engineering? He's intelligence.
(TN: "Tsukuba Science City" is in reference to a planned city in Ibaraki developed in the 1960s as a coordinated attempt to "accelerate the rate and imrpove the quality of scientific discovery")
Kazuki: Well~~
Yuri: Since it's delicate work, it's terrible paying attention to all those things.
Miki: Did you know that Kiyomi Toda, who was part-timing as a model, had been proposed to by someone connected to Arab royalty?
Kazuki: I was still worried.
Yuri: Eh---!? I didn't know, no I didn't.
Kazuki: She had an alluring sleepiness and didn't have an attitude......She can't be seen as a female as a woman who would tease a man.
Miki: Huh...with Fujii!? I'm not like that with him~~~He's my ser-va-nt!!

Miki: Let's do that art and do it quickly. That's why we invited him.
Kazuki: Art...
Miki: Huh...
Miki: Sorry, sorry!!
Kazuki: Hey, hey, aren't you drunk.
Yuri: .........
Yuri: I'll get a cloth......
Miki: Ahaha, I can't control myself now.
Kazuki: That's not an "ahaha"~~~

Miki: Alright, take it off, it'll be fine. You're not ugly.
Kazuki: St...stop that~~~
Miki: Yuri, put that in the dryer.
Miki: Ara, over than that you're hansome......!!
Miki: How's this compaerd to your husband?
Kazuki: Wha...!!
Yuri: ......!!

Yuri: Miki...St...stop that already!! I really can't do it!!
Kazuki: ......!?
Yuri: Fujii-san, I'm sorry.
Kazuki: An...experimental subject......!?
Miki: Well...that's what you were. It was so she could personally tame her man.

Miki: Miki is in a couple......Miki has an origin for how she came to be sexless.
Kazuki: An...origin......?
Miki: ......She can't have oral sex.
Miki: Yuri is shy by nature. Her husband's from a good family too. I understood that her feelings from being raised in her home and hasn't demanded anything more than a normal life but.........other than that, this matter seems to be fuffilling her desire. Right, Yuri!
Yuri: ......He secretly goes to sex shops...I won't be unfaithful and will tolerate it if he goes to those shops but...
Kazuki: .........
Yuri: But I'm fine already.

Yuri: I think that being a couple isn't completely just about sex.
Miki: Well...it seems like that too but.
Miki: What! Well then, don't go consulting with me with such a serious face.
Kazuki: That night, me and Yamaguchi ended up staying over.
Kazuki: It wasn't much but the mystery of us going to the movie theater was solved; it was a bit dissapointing......(out loud) Z...
Kazuki: Ah...sorry, I need a cup of water. Huh, you can't sleep?
Yuri: That woman went home by taxi 30 minutes ago early this morning.
Kazuki: Huh...she went home!? Then I'll go too...
Yuri: It's another hour before the first train, so it'll be a while. Would you like some coffee?
Kazuki: Eh...well, don't mind it.

Yuri: I'm really sorry...for what happened at the theater.
Kazuki: I'm not worried anymore.
Yuri: Let me say this frankly: I haven't been touched flat-out, even by my husband.
Kazuki: .........
Kazuki: The common way of saying that I think is "if there is love", but...
Yuri: .........
Yuri: Actually, I...came across a molester when I was in middle school.
Yuri: That man cornered me and it was before my eyes not even touching my body...Since then, I've had a phobia of sex...

Yuri: Even if it was just oral sex............
Yuri: Ah...I'm sorry, I'm telling that tale again...
Kazuki: Actually, the genitals of men and women are never beautiful things.
Kazuki: They're made to be grotesque as a challenge of God. If it weren't for that, we would just be having sex, without the spirit for other things.
Yuri: Well, that's an interesting example. Saying those words have come to help my mood a bit.
Yuri: Here you go....I'll stop talking about it already.
Kazuki: .........

Yuri: ......!!
Kazuki: I...I've thought of an experiment...Shall we take the risk for just this hour?
Yuri: Huh...!?
Kazuki: I remember that you were brave at the movie theater...I may have seen you in a different world until now if you had taken it just a step forward...
Yuri: What exactly are you.........

Kazuki: It's because you don't have pushy feelings. If you don't like this, please say clearly that you don't.
Yuri: ......!!

Kazuki: Ahem...
Yuri: Uh...

Yuri: Uh...
Kazuki: Are you embarrased......?
Yuri: Please, I'll endure a bit more.
Yuri: Does this feel bad?

Yuri: Ah...!!
Kazuki: It's oral sex............men have similar feelings with it too.
Yuri: .........
SFX: Click...
Kazuki: Th...this time to me......risk it without thinking that it's disgusting.
Yuri: .........
Kazuki: What was I doing until now disgusting...n...no, this is a lesson!!

(Well...yeah, there goes her trauma)

Kazuki: Ye...yes!! Ah...your mouth is......really great.
Yuri: .........
Kazuki: A...wife is......the best!!

Kazuki: Two days later...a month of sex was demanded from her.
Yuri: This is a bit early, but this is
Yuri: A Christmas present from me...
Yuri's Husband: Huh...?
Yuri's Husband: Yu...Yuri!
Miki: "It was an example of a problematic solution"; wh-at are you croaking about? It seems that matters of couples aren't things that strangers should intrude on!!
Kazuki: Hehe. (internal) "I DIDN'T KNOW ANYTHING": I resolved to drench myself in her superiority complex.

TN: EVIL SMIRKING TURTLE!!!!! RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah...that turtle, particularly once it covered up Kazuki (and even in Yuri's dream before we knew what exactly it was) was...disturbing. I get that she was traumatized by some pervert who wanted oral sex, but to symbolize it through an evil smirking turtle means she really has a lot in her that she isn't really telling us about herself. With that aside, I think that Miki's interventions always seem to cause problems before they solve them...whether or not there is a problem. (remember: she was the one who invited Kazuki in "Shy Girl" probably as a means to get him herself...before he fell for someone else...and there was her sending Kazuki on that "errand" in "Kyouko"...) I guess though that after that chapter (and seeing that Kazuki got away from being bound and gagged in front of waves and rocks...I still think Miki did it), she decided to bring him in with Yuri due to being a similar but slightly different woman...and yet again ends up being so nosy that Kazuki can't solve it until she's gone! At the rate she's going, Miki's nightmarish involvement has lead her to be as infamous as Mulder...well maybe not that bad yet: Mulder's encounters have lead to nightmares, Miki's has lead to dreams with her being the nightmare! One of these days we need to send that evil smirking turtle after her...

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