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Kinnikuman Lady 5

The First Preliminary

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Oct 27, 2009 01:51 | Go to Kinnikuman Lady

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After a bit of coaxing (and a really angry accusation by Robin), Lady K. (and Terry) are finally taking part in the Choujin Olympics! But who knows what bizarre events...or bizarre competition, they'll have to face!

Chp. 5: The First Preliminary

Narrator: And so…finally the 20th Choujin Olympics opened!!
Robin: An oath: we pledge to capture the hero’s spirit by fighting fair and square! Lady Robin, representative of the fighters.
Terry: Well, they’ve gathered some amazing members.
Lady K.: Huh?
Terry: Female Canadianman, representing Canada. Kinta Kunta, representing Africa.
(TN: Yeesh, here we go again with that: why the heck do they need one to represent all of “Africa” instead of just going nation by nation in Africa? BTW: considering that the original “Kintaman” was probably a reference to Alex Haley’s “Roots”, which was popular even in circa late-70s Japan, I would have Kinta Kunta representing Ghana)
Lady K.: Somehow they’re names that were very hard to think up.

Terry: And there’s Una Skyman of Mexico.
(TN: “Una” is the Spanish feminine version of “one” or “a”, so basically it’s a female Skyman…but her translated name is “One Skyman” or “A Skyman”…)
Terry: Mutter Brocken of Germany.
(TN: “Mutter” is German for “Mother”…I wonder whose mother she is…hmmm…nope no clue [chibi female Brocken Jr. beats him up])
Terry: Kani Beko of Italy.
(TN: Yeah, though she’s Italian, like “Kani Base” before her she has a Japanese name. “Kani” is Japanese for “Crab” and the “-ko” is a typical ending for a female name)
Special: WHY---!! WHY CAN’T I BE IN THIS---!?
Guard: It’s as we said: your player registration was erased.
Caption: (Former) Representative of America (North Division) Specialman (Female)…
Terry: (Chi) she showed up…
Terry: Let’s go, Kinnikuman, the preliminaries are starting. (Ah—ah—I shouldn’t be he—eard from)
Special: Terry! You should say something! Terry? Terry!
Lady K.: Huh~~
Caption: Specialman (Female): Eliminated from the preliminaries
Harabote: Well~~with that, the preliminaries will begin. The eight who win through this will go forwards to the finals. First, before we have our contest, I want you to make teams of two.

Kani: Hehe…I can do this, even if it’s a brawl…
Lady K.: Um—I’m not going to like brawling with you, Terry—
Terry: If it’s you, Kinnikuman…
Harabote: Fine then…the first event is…
Harabote: A match of Janken!
(TN: Janken = Rock/Paper/Scissors)
Meat: Phew.
Harabote: …Where the losers will continuously lift a one-ton Kaijuu and the winners will go to the moon to pick up a rabbit. (the first four teams will pass)
Kani: What is this incomprehensible match!
Kinta: Each of us should be tested individually--!!
Harabote: But the rules were unknowingly altered! Thanks to former Director Kinkotsuman!
Voice: Fix them immediately, immediately!
Harabote: Once they’re revised, we’ll need to get the approval of him himself! (And didn’t we expel him already!)
Voice: What, who was the person who expelled him!
Robin: ……

Robin: Those who don’t like this shall leave from here!!
Robin: I will fight my way through this sort of Choujin Olympics…
Robin: Pardon me, chairman. So then, please start.
Harabote: Ah…well, fine! (She did well deceiving them…)
Harabote: Right: Jankenpon.

Kani: So then…
Lady K.: I’m on the rabbit…can you lift with those hands--?
Kani: Fu, don’t be stupid. My left hand is on par. Watch me lift it with one hand. On the other hand, can you fly into the sky?
Lady K.: Hiee~~~
Meat: Doing it that way, the tournament will end immediately and I can’t urgently teach her a different method of flying…however…this is some strange development…

Choujin Olympics Preliminary Event: “The Friendship of the Moon and One Ton”.
Rules: The winners of Janken on the two-person team will go on a marathon to the moon and return back bringing a cyborg rabbit that has been arranged. While that occurs, the Janken loser must continue to hold up a one-ton Kaijuu. You’re eliminated if you don’t continue to hold it up until the runners return; you’re eliminated if runners don’t bring back the rabbit in the allotted time.
Lady K.: You’re in the lifting group—
Terry: Yep…though it was difficult, I wanted to team up with you…
Terry: Be careful of the rest, Kinnikuman. If these are Kinkotsuman’s worsening rules, then he may be setting up something with this event.
Meat: …!
Lady K.: Don’t worry—fight, fight!

Announcer: So then, please take your places.
Harabote: Prepare the ton.
Lady K.: Huh?
Lady K.: Owa~~that’s sly~~!
Announcer: Will everyone within the tournament ground be quiet as space becomes the setting as this dome’s aerial plasma monitor allows us to enjoy the activities of the player’s activities. Please pay attention to the ceiling.
Terry: It’s fine if we could pay attention to the ceiling but…how about us lifting already? (huh)
Harabote: Aah, go…
Choujin: Well then—that’s adequate.
Announcer: Well, Robin’s gotten there so quickly!

Robin: We—ll…no one’s here.
Robin: N…there’s one. (come come)
Robin: Oh—there there. (…you shivering?)
Robin: …There’s a bad ambiance. Let’s go back quickly.

TN: Well you have to give them creativity: the easiest way to get through the three preliminaries of the Choujin Olympics...is to fuse them all together! Somehow the fusion of "Janken", "Kaijuu Lifting" and the "Moon Marathon" worked in a bizarre manner only this series can pull off...though it is obvious where Terry swings with her "obsession with being with Lady". (but we could have known that from chp. 2) Probably aside from the weird fusions is all the weird but cool homages to the original series (and future events) coming up in this chapter, from Specialman getting kicked out of the Olympics (instead of being crushed by a Kaijuu...though it was hilarious they kept the "random American flag" bit) to Kani Base's problems with "hands" (remember: in the original, Kani Base actually replaced his claws with hands between Olympic appearances...therefore why having both a "claw" and "hand" worked) to even weird feelings towards future events (two words: Mutter Brocken...if that doesn't give away the future I don't know what will!) Of course we got more work cut out for us next time, particularly with...the killer rabbits on the moon! (RUN AWAY)

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#1. by AmeftoWriter ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2009
well at least those 2 prelims competitons are there.

I was really expecting the rock, paper, scissors part. It always makes me laugh. lol
#2. by StrangerAtaru ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2009
They all were: the rock/paper/scissors started it, then they fused the Kaijuu Lifting and the Moon Race as the Janken duo working together on it. (therefore, Lady K. is stuck with Kani Beko for this instead of just her doing the Janken)

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