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Translations: Gintama 656 (2) , One Piece 881 by cnet128
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Kinnikuman Lady 6

The Final (Formerly the First) Preliminary

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Oct 27, 2009 23:24 | Go to Kinnikuman Lady

-> RTS Page for Kinnikuman Lady 6

The Choujin Olympics have become utterly insane: with the fusion of Preliminary events, Lady K. must now go to the moon and return back with a rabbit...just for winning against Kani Beko in janken! (and oh yeah, Kinkotsuman's waiting...)

Chp. 6: The Final (Formerly the First) Preliminary

Lady K.: Huh? Meat!
Meat: I’m coming with you presumptuously!
Lady K.: Yes--! With you, I’m really relieved!
Meat: I shouldn’t intervene as best as possible, but…it’s a different story if this is Kinkotsuman’s trap…If I don’t protect you…!
Meat: Princess, there’s the moon.

Rabbit: OAA
Meat: WHAAA---!?? I can’t protect her a bit from that—(That’s a G-level menace)
Kinkotsu: Fu…so they’ve come: nikuman boobs and tiny glasses…
(TN: “Nikuman” is a manju bun with meat filling)

Kinkotsu: It was great that I messed up the tournament rules for something like this…I can smash on a feast of Choujin who’ll be outcasts.
Kinkotsu: Yep!
Iwao: We really can’t hold on to that—
Meat: Calm down, Meat…I can support Princess with calm judgment…! (Ah)
Meat: Prince! There are some safe rabbits over there! Find a gap in that kaijuu and get one of those quickly…
Lady K.: DON’T…
Lady K.: TORMENT ALL OF US----!!!

Meat: Princess!
Lady K.: MUMUMUU~~!!!
Ramen: Now-aru!
Canadian: Ah, she’s sly!
Ramen: Hmph, fights are callous-aru.
Ramen: Farewell-aru.
Canadian: DAMN YOU~~~~
Meat: I had thought of that too…! No, everyone thinks that in a match…unconditionally, it can be a preference for the safety of people…
Meat: And that’s what Kinnikuman Lady thinks! (out loud) PRINCESS---! THROW IT TOWARDS THE ROCK MOUNTAIN!!
Lady K.: THAT’S A ROGER--!!

Lady K.: TARYAAA----!!! (Tarabaa~~~uawaiua!!)
Iwao: Oh no.
Kinkotsu & Iwao: GOAAAAA (GYAA—DAWASA--)
Lady K.: (Haa—haa--) Are all of you…alright--?

Canadian: …Yep.
Kinta: Well…that was something.
Sky: ……
Lady K.: Really~~? From what happened, you should be toasted~~
Kinta: We’re fine…for the moment, we’re all Choujin…
Lady K.: Really—then I’m relieved~~
Sky: ……Take this…Japan representative. (The last one)
Lady K.: Huh?
Sky: You’re the most suitable to go to the finals among the Choujin that are here. So I say…we think that we want you to go there.
Lady K.: …!
Meat: Accept it and say thanks, Princess. All of them feel that way.
Lady K.: Right…Thanks, everyone…
Lady K.: I’LL DO MY BEST…!!

Meat: Huh…
Terry: She…was squashed 5 seconds after it started…
Lady K.: Huh…so then…I…failed?
Robin: Yes, however…
Robin: From your rave reviews from the audience who watched your activities on the Moon from the monitor……they’re currently in the midst of a consideration since they don’t want to easily serve failure together.
Harabote: The point is that only six passed…
Meat: ……
Meat: Well~~how about this…
Harabote: Hmm…Mhmm……
Harabote: Right…we’ll go with that! Special eligibility for Kinnikuman Lady!
Harabote: And with us not being filled to fixed regulations…you pass in this case!!

Lady K.: I—DID IT--!!!
Ramen: …Hmph.
Voice: But chairman…with that, we’re still at seven…what are we going to do?
Harabote: Hmm…there’s still exactly one person who has continued with the weight lifting…Give her special eligibility (pass).

Brocken: That Ramen Nyan…The enemy of my mother!
(TN: Yeah…assume that’s Brocken Jr, folks)

Broken Item Talk from the Age of Kinnikuman
(TN: I assume the title of the omake is based on the manga series “20th Century Boys”, but there is a weird pun that won’t be picked up in English: The “ki” in “Seiki” (the Japanese word for “era”…or in this case, “century”, is also used for the first “Ki” in “Kinnikuman”)

Panel 1: I think I want to talk for a moment on Kinkeshi; it’s been 15 years since that seal was broken. (Ooh…)
(TN: “Kinkeshi” is the famous rubbery Kinnikuman toys that were really popular in Japan and released in the US as the M.U.S.C.L.E. line)

Panel 2: I can confirm that (my collection was):
-I had stopped with Part 16; split with 70% Bandai, 30% Amada (and others)
-My Dekakeshi for some reason was only a Neptuneman in a Kinniku Buster
-(A person who stretched it opened it in front, it’s already melting)
(They stand out in being dirty and yellow…)

Panel 3: Aah, now that I mention it, I remember in those days the kids of the neighborhoods always came to my home—(they were here for this or that). But then, as I think of it, I didn’t have a deep organization system~~they were somehow mixed up…Well~ a no-brand!! (N?)

Panel 4: HUH—WHAT’S WITH THIS SUNSHSI—NE!! (Why was it swelling; this stitching is rough) IT’S ARCHAIC---!!
(His forehead is dented) / On Reverse he’s a 27-Hole Type

TN: Well at least Lady K. handled the rabbit her own special way...special being just destroying the giant one and crushing Kinkotsuman and Iwao under it! Though the weirdest aspect of the chapter is pretty much post-rabbit, particularly considering that we have two Choujin who were in the final 8 in the original Kinnikuman (Canadianman and Skyman...there was also the female Kintaman but that essentially was revenge for main continuity's Kintaman for not crossing the finish line and allowing Suguru to make the final 8 in that world) giving the rabbit up to Lady K just because she saved them! Although I could make a comment about how solemn face Una Skyman is...at least it makes some sense...but not quite. (then again I find it bizarre that they let Lady K. in though Kani Beko failed...and at the same time we have no idea who Carley Cook's partner was yet she got in for putting a rock on her head) So now we're moving on to the final eight...and of course, now we should be prepared for anything (particularly since...well...Koubellman and Sphinxman never fought in main continuity so who knows how they'll fight now!)

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#1. by AmeftoWriter ()
Posted on Oct 28, 2009
I didnt really like this chapter much but it was interersting about how the prelims are made in this manga.

The appearance of Brocken Jr. there was sudden. But it was a bit funny though. I really like Brocken Jr. :D

Well the fight is about to begin. I cant wait! :D
#2. by StrangerAtaru ()
Posted on Oct 29, 2009
I sort of wonder about that Brocken at the end: having seen the female Brocken Jr, I don't think that's her...either it's an early concept of her or the original Brocken Jr. as if Mutter Brocken is his mother and therefore he hates Ramenman/nyan too.

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