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Kinnikuman Lady 7

The Real Battles Start

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Oct 29, 2009 02:35 | Go to Kinnikuman Lady

-> RTS Page for Kinnikuman Lady 7

Somehow or another, Lady K. has made it to the final brackets of the Choujin Olympics! But of course, the brackets may be more difficult than she realized...particularly after she sees the first match!

Chp. 7: The Real Battles Start

TV: Some time ago, the final pairings for the Choujin Olympics have been announced!
Brackets: (left to right)
(TN: This is sort of a bizarre but interesting turn: though the Sphinx can be either sex in Egyptian mythology, the reading for the “Sphinxman” in this series is the kanji that represent “lion-woman”; as a further note, the most famous non-Egyptian Sphinx is a female one who appeared in the myth of Oedipus who gave the famous “Riddle of the Sphinx”. [Though some suggested that the Sphinx only became Egypt’s guardian when they were encountered by later civilizations like Greece, particularly the massive one at Giza] Therefore, this allows for Sphinxman to essentially keep her name without any weird or silly additions, not to mention allows for a more appropriate “Sphinxman” in this world over the one in the original universe)

Lady K.: Wawa~~that’s a terrifying combination~~
Meat: Mumu~~this has really…slipped a bit…?
Lady K.: N~~? Did it warp a bit~~?
Meat: Ah! N…no no, that was merely talk! (to himself) Oh no, oh no…Once again I had a history-stressed thought of my former world…here’s my decision…!
Meat: I shouldn’t be staying in this world as a bystander…I can use my experiences and knowledge believing that the broad flow of history will go in the same direction…I have a “duty” in existing now to resist against the worst-case scenario…
Meat: My “duty” is to serve diligently for her!
Lady K.: Aren’t those fireworks pretty—
Lady K.: Huh!? I don’t get this well, but somehow you have great spirit~~! Go fight!
Meat: Pardon me, Princess!
Meat: This is Meat!
Space Police: Ah, Meat-kun? This is the space police.

Space Police: Well~~as you predicted, that Kinkotsuman was caught buying a Remodeling Rifle!
Kinta: KORAA—
Kinkotsu: Kyaaa
Space Police: Currently, the Choujin who fell in the Choujin Olympics preliminaries are cooperating to chase him down with their free time
Meat: Thanks for the effort! (Best regards on everything)
Kinta: URAA---NOW DIE!
Kinkotsu: Hiiiii, they’ll rip me to pieces!
Meat: Princess! You should please concentrate only on your fight!
Lady K.: Oh? RIGHT---!!
Lady K: O—K, So first, I’ll research Robin’s first match—
Meat: !

Announcer: Well—here at the dome we will be starting the match of Lady Robin vs. Koubel-louman, the first match of the Choujin Olympics!
Announcer: Robin, the champion of the previous tournament, is in a dignified relaxed state as expected!
Announcer: Her opposing combatant, Koubel-louman, said this in an interview before the match! “I’m honored to have been picked to fight the former champ suddenly. This person who I was drawn to face in my match I can’t merely take down, damn it. I’ve perfected my Robin Counter-Measure. Will I win if I can pull this off? I can’t even imagine but…” That’s all! (So which is she?)
Announcer: At any rate, the 20th Choujin Olympics of the era will finally begin!!

Koubel-lou: Fu
Koubel-lou: I don’t need…
Koubel-lou: THIS!!
Announcer: Koubel-louman has thrown away her attack-designed shield--!!
Special: Is…she crazy? She’s thrown down her personal protector…!
Canadian: Is this her final stand…?
Koubel-lou: And so!! Now I’ll shall unleash my prided copper!!
(TN: “Cu” is the periodic abbreviation for “copper”)
Announcer: Koubel-louman is suddenly showing her final secret--!!

Special: This is a final secret where the copper-like Koubell becomes real copper…Koubell…can’t be…..
(TN: A bit of trivia: “Koubell” is Japanese for “copper bell”, but usually is used for a copper-like object that appears like it is copper but is not literally copper)
Canadian: Is she going to die in this fight…!
Robin: ……
Koubel-lou: Ku
Koubel-lou: Just hold out a bit longer……my life!
Koubel-lou: LET’S GO, ROBIN MASK!!
Koubel-lou: KOUBELL DRIVER!!!

Koubel-lou: To stop this rush would need two times my Hardness 3…that is, you would need a defense power that matches hardness 9: Sapphire--!
Koubel-lou: THIS MATCH IS MINE---!!
Announcer: Koubel-louman his headed towards Robin with her speed as is---!!
Robin: …
Robin: What was that………sorry. (It’s Hardness 9)
(TN: Bit of a reminder that actually was revealed later: Robin’s chestplate…or in this case, breastplate, is Hardness 9…as you can see)

Meat: Hm~~m…Princess…there’s not much more to be consulted on…
Lady K.: …Robin is cool~
Lady K.: Even if I’m not match for her, I want to be seen fighting as imposing like Koubell~~Haa~~~
Meat: ……It’ll be fine, Princess will win grandly against Curry…Carley…And then you’ll fight Robin-san fair and square and win that…!
Lady K.: Huh~~you’re saying some weird things all of a sudden…why are you thinking that?
Meat: Hm~~mm…Ehehe…it’s nothing…really…!
Lady K.: ……But would it be fine if it came to that~~


TN: Let me say it now: I like Koubellman...but it took this series for me to realize it. Of the original Choujin Olympics participants, he was one of the weirdest designs and, in some ways, a sign of some of the more bizarre Choujin to come. (or in another way, a bit of a "proto-Warsman" in it's faceless, metallic nature) Thing is that in the original series, Koubellman was more or less a BG Choujin...not one of those who obviously got attention from that initial Choujin class (see Ramenman, Brockenman...and even Canadianman and Kani Base), but not one who was created and promptly not used at all like some get (the obvious two being Zoroman or Gokuman...yes there was a Gokuman), more part of the group that was "there" but wasn't that prominent at all (you can say Amazonman and Lupin personify those...though one quick note: am I the only one who likes how the female Lupin is a weird fusion of Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Moon with her pigtails undone...though she's hard to see unless you look closely in a few chapters) But luckily, Koubellman (and in a way Sphinxman a few chapters from now...and even some silly moments like Kintaman hunting down Kinkotsuman early on) finally seem to escape from obscurity and gets a moment in the spotlight with these chapters, ones that Yude never really gave them due to preference...(well that and probably because we don't want a rerun with Canadianman and Skyman in a weirder series) It is too bad that Koubel-louman did lose (for one thing it was Robin...for another, they did bring in Choujin Hardness already...and of course unless Koubel-louman makes a deal with Akuma Shogun to learn Hardness 10, she'll forever be merely copper), but I liked her moment in the spotlight. (and next time...OK, hold off until next time but let's say I have a thing for Indian girls...so Carley Cook should be fun)

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#1. by AmeftoWriter ()
Posted on Oct 29, 2009
I liked this match as well. It seems like Robin knew she's gonna win so it's really one-sided.

I like the part where Kintaman hunts down Kinkotsuman earlier. I just laughed out loud. lol. She even used her spear. :D

Well i'm excited about the next match. Nice Job! :D
#2. by StrangerAtaru ()
Posted on Oct 29, 2009
Kintaman is another of those Choujin that got lost in the shuffle (aside from him being the main reason why Suguru made the Choujin Olympics brackets in the first place) so having his female equivalent prominent is a fun thing to see, complete with spear-hunting Kinkotsuman.

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