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Kinnikuman Lady 8

Curry vs. Gyuudon

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Nov 25, 2009 00:16 | Go to Kinnikuman Lady

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As the Choujin Olympics continues, K. Lady finally has her turn facing off against the mysterious Carley Cook of India...but will this be a match that leads to bloodshed...or indigestion!?

Chp. 8: Curry vs. Gyuudon

Announcer: Well—today we will be reporting the events of the bout of the second match of the Choujin Olympics: Carley Cook vs. Kinnikuman Lady!
Broadcaster: In the broadcasting booth we have in place Terryman Girl-san. Terry-san, do you have a word about this match!

Announcer: …At any rate, begin the match!
Meat: Princess! Don’t forget the operation!
Meat: Princess! Carley Cook’s weakness is (probably) the curry on her head! Please break that to pieces!
K. Lady: I’ve got it, Meat!
K. Lady: But…if I act rough with food, it would be inexcusable to this commoner.
Announcer: Kinnikuman Lady is grabbing on to Carley Cook’s head--!

K. Lady: Huh?
Announcer: Is it spicy--?
K. Lady: It’s just right~~(delish~~)
Announcer: It was just right!
Broadcaster: Terry-san, what is this development…?
Terry: This is an ideal stage for the match, as expected of Kinnikuman. Her biting power and even speed are unforgivable: she’s a first-class FOOD FIGHTER.
Announcer: Gee—it’s been consumed just like that—does this mean a victory for Kinnikuman---!?
SFX: Tente~~tete~~Tentente~~
Announcer: Another helping has appeared--!! Is this the great secret art of Indian Yoga----!?

Announcer: Kinnikuman Lady is challenging the second-serving--!
Announcer: She ate it—
Announcer: It’s yoga—
SFX: Rere~~Re~~
Announcer: A third serving----!!
K. Lady: Uu~~h, Carley-san…if you can, I want some water~~
Announcer: Kinnikuman is making a natural request—
SFX: Te~~rerere~~Rererere~~re~~
Announcer: Adding in water, a service of a steaming potato has appeared----!!

Brocken: How could that potato appear…
Ramen: Carley Cook…we have to watch out for her.
Announcer: We’ve received this information of the interview with fighter Carley Cook which occurred before the match: “When I heard this year’s Choujin Olympics was being held in Japan, I immediately researched rice curry. I ended up with one that agreed with the likings of the Japanese, up through dishing its taste, the quality of rice and a series of services.
Terry: She’s a formidable enemy……!
Announcer: Kinnikuman in the ring appears that while she’s quickly reaching her 20th serving, her pace is finally slowing down!!
K. Lady: U~~h, it’s tasty. I’m getting numb within my mouth~~
Meat: Mumu…this is again another development…!
Meat: Even so…there should still be something I can do…!
Meat: During her interview, Carley Cook mentioned “research” and “ending up”…So that is, it means that her own curry…has a limit!
Meat: THAT’S IT! (out loud): Aah…By seeing that somehow I’ve gotten hungry~~(in monotone)

SFX: Tererere~~
Announcer: Meat-kun has started to really eat it with vigor as well--!!
K. Lady: MEAT!!
Broadcaster: The two of them have started to eat but…is that fine, Terry-san?

Announcer: The three of them are recklessly eating--!
Announcer: And yet, the yoga as expected isn’t enough eith—er!
SFX: Tererure Rerere…
SFX: Reren…
Carley: Haa haa…
K. Lady: AH
Announcer: Dessert has appeared--! She’s already run out of the curry rice!

Carley: I’ve lost.
Announcer: Carley Cook said this afterwards…“I’ve heard that the Japanese really love curry, but I honestly miscalculated that it was this popular. The 100 servings I prepared were not enough and from now on, I think I’ve reconsider my outlook on the allotment that I make along with looking again at having a menu with variety while adjusting the spiciness, since I want to expand the stores managed by my family.”
K. Lady: Meat, Terry, thank you~~
Terry: Hehe…for what? (I really hate it spicy)
Meat: How great…I was useful!
K. Lady: SO NOW…

TN: It's strange but poignant seeing Lady K. facing off against the same initial opponent as Suguru in the main continuity (especially after seeing Robin take on a resurgent Koubellman instead of...Canadianman) If you think about it, Curry Cook was probably one of the first true gimmicky Choujin in the series...and you know that Suguru really couldn't hold on against his food choices. But Lady K...well, at least she likes curry, no matter how hot and spicy, making one major difference. (then again you do have to wonder how long curry has been a Japanese staple considering it is originally one of the main delicacies of India, but it probably has grown in popularity in the nearly thirty years between periods) Though one matter you have to wonder about crying foul about: should she really get the win considering she used Meat and Terry to help eat all that curry? Well...it's not like she could eat it all by herself and STILL have room for gyuudon, huh?

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#1. by AmeftoWriter ()
Posted on Nov 25, 2009
The one thing that gave me an instant reaction is when Terry said, "Kinnikuman is my bride."

I just said, "Shut up Terry! You lesbian idiot!" Lol Sorry about that.XD

Anyways, I know she can still eat gyuudon even after those servings of curry. Now looking at this is maing me hungry. *stands up and goes to eat breakfast*

Nice job! XD
#2. by StrangerAtaru ()
Posted on Nov 25, 2009
Terry is awfully possessive of K. Lady in this version...who knows what will happen when Geronimo comes around. Oh...I still think she let Terry and Meat join her so she'd have room for gyuudon...not like she could eat a 100 bowls of curry, then add in a gyuudon bowl, can she? (she's a big eater but she has to leave some room)

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