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Holiday Madness

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as news on Dec 20, 2010 14:02 | Go to

-> RTS Page for

It's been a long time since I've done one of these...a really long time. I'm going to have to touch base on a few things to make sure we're all on the same page regarding it:

*First of all, regardless of all my other projects and everything else that I'm going to do, Sakigake! Otokojuku will be done by the end of the year. I've been getting rather bogged down in life to prevent me from getting to it on some days, but I will personally make sure the series is over before the year is out. Regarding Akatsuki! Otokojuku...I sort of hope I can find or someone can provide a full-series run of it (it did finish up in Super Jump recently) so maybe I can eventually get to it but it won't be in the near future. The same goes for Tenka Musou: Edajima Heihachi-den...which I sort of want to do more than Akatsuki!...because it's the story of Edajima.

*I've been meaning to do a certain chapter of Hell Teacher Nube that is the next one due to it being one of the cuter/sexier/more infamous ones...but that too has been bogged down as of late regarding my work and my desire to get Otokojuku done before the year's out. The series will continue to go on regardless though.

*After I finish Otokojuku, I actually want to cool down with a few one-shots. One of my big plans is trying to get to Osamu Akimoto's recent one Succeed (and yes, KochiKame will return, but only after Nube's done), but I also have anothe recent one I promised someone...and a one-shot that is in the final Otokojuku volume that I probably will place with Otokojuku. (so I don't screw people up like when I did that one Obata one-shot at the end of Cyborg Grandpa G.

*After all the one-shots are done, we're moving onwards and upwards to another new project. I can't quite say what it is yet but I do have a couple clues: it did run in WSJ (like a lot of the others I've done)...but it's source and base may actually come from popular fiction...but then, popular fiction didn't have this character like this! Get ready to run to the "jungle" as a comedy "king" of late 80s Jump gets swinging soon!

I have a couple other ideas too but that should be enough to alert you for the moment.

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Bomber D Rufi, Nintakun

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#1. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2010
Good luck on Succed, man.

I'm probably gonna start Nube soon, since I just caught up on Sket and Beelze raws. Since I don't watch anime much nowadays, all I can do is read. (And dance. Gorillaz reference FTW.)
#2. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2010
Good luck on Succed, man.

I'm probably gonna start Nube soon, since I just caught up on Sket and Beelze raws. Since I don't watch anime much nowadays, all I can do is read. (And dance. Gorillaz reference FTW.)
#3. by Nintakun ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2010
Good Luck with Succed, i really wanted to read it^_^.
And this new project is going to be awesome!!!!

Keep up the good work with the final chapters of Otokojuku!!

PS: Do you have plans to the Usuta's One-Shot too? (I think the name is Poh)
#4. by StrangerAtaru ()
Posted on Dec 21, 2010
Ah neat to hear. Hope you like my work on it.
#5. by StrangerAtaru ()
Posted on Dec 21, 2010
Don't have any hands on the Usuta one. I have another recent one-shot but aside that, Suceed and the one in the final Otokojuku volume, that's sort of all I got planned for the moment...aside...you know, that "jungle king" series.
#6. by Nintakun ()
Posted on Dec 21, 2010
Yeah, i know very well XD.

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