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The Time Has Come...

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as news on Apr 10, 2011 12:22 | Go to

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Good day to all of you reading this. For a while now, I've been really busy with all sorts of stuff in life that sort of was going to affect this place. My work in translating has gone down as a result and it probably has affected those of you that have been reading these works. Some are probably wondering "what is Ataru up to that is preventing these manga from coming on the page?" or "will he ever get back to these projects?" Sure one series has sort of kept coming even with all that's been going on, but the next words I am about to say are going to change where I currently stand with translating...and may or may not change certain perspectives and projects on this page:

As of 4/25/11, I will be accepting a promotion at my real job. While I can't say how or why that is important, I will say that this promotion will mean I will have much less free time. And with less free time, I will not have as much time to translate manga like I had in the past. So effectively, my content will be greatly lessened and will have to be adjusted accordingly...hopefully I will get some stuff done on weekends (like I did with Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo), but my scripts will be greatly reduced compared to where it has been for the longest time.

With that said, here is my current status on what I feel will be happening to my projects:
-As it stands, the biggest and most important project that will probably stay on my docket as of right now will remain Hell Teacher Nube. That's sort of been my pet project and, considering I'm close to 3/4 of the way through the series finally (well not there yet but close to it), I'm not abandoning it. If I just do one series on the weekend, this will probably be the one and the only one over any and every other one I want to do. Until that day, though, I will use the remaining two weeks before the new position starts to further myself along in this series so that my weekend burden will be reduced.
-The series that probably will be biggest affected from my decision is Jungle no Ouja Ta-chan, which I only just started back in January. Sure I'm still essentially in the comedy section and nowhere near the "Shin" segment, but this will either have to wait until Nube is over or may be dropped altogether. I can't specifically say yet what will happen and may have to talk to the benefactor of the project but we'll hopefully come to some agreement.
-As for after Nube (and/or Ta-chan), I still want to work on a couple other projects but they will probably be weekend-only translations...or maybe not even done at all. I really don't want to ever give up translating manga, but that's all based on priorities and the world that I now find myself in.

Again, a major apology for recently and hope for understanding of what's been going on. I will keep updating in case things change though...and of course pay attention to what is going on and I will give the same respect and care.

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c_k, Freezer, Katimusha, aspd, Relma

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#1. by Relma ()
Posted on Apr 14, 2011
I am glad to hear you got a promotion in your work, as from what I see you are really a great hardworker guy that deserve all the best.
I am bit saddened that your output is going to be greatly affected, but I can't be selfish. I don't follow Nube as much with Jungle no Ouja, so that's one more thing.
but I think the fans of Nube is more, and as you said you have finished more than what remain in the series.
I hope you best in life!
#2. by StrangerAtaru ()
Posted on Apr 16, 2011
Thanks for that. I don't really want to drop Ta-chan but for the moment, with the whole matter regarding how much I can handle in real life, I think that Nube is the only series I want to concentrate on for the moment. I just want to see a complete script of the entire series out there for the fans who have waited all this time to have something to read from this series. If Ta-chan is still available, I may pick it back up again after Nube is over.
#3. by Freezer ()
Posted on May 22, 2011
Waw it's been a while since i've last visited Atalu's profile... As you know, i'm the original Sakigake fan... Maan it felt great reading the first volumes! Had a great time. Heh eventhough the manga wasn't as great towards the end, it was a fun ride... Thank you.

I'm glad about you Ataru. Real life is what counts... Too bad you're going to have less time to translate for us - the ungrateful bastards :P. Heck 30 people read nube and yet no one commented??? But i'm sure that won't stop you, cause you love what you do and you don't mind that only a fraction of the people that read your stuff come here and comment...

So is the Edajima saga available for... you know :P?

Just curious what's your job? It's okay if you don't want to talk about it.
#4. by StrangerAtaru ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2011
Otokojuku was a great ride I admit...yeah the Seven Tusks arc was a massive letdown considering how condensed and rushed it felt by then but prior to then it was a winner of a series. Just sort of a massive ride that sort of felt like it peaked storywise early on with the Date and the 3rd Years, but it had a lot of fun with the tournament arc and sort of rode that to the end. I do want to do Akatsuki maybe someday (and the Edajima series) but if someone else takes them then that's beyond my control and, frankly, fine by me.

Nube I admit at this point is all about sort of finishing off some unfinished business at this point. I get it isn't something people want to read now or some hip new series or the darling of the internet, but it's always been one of my favorite Jump series and Ive always just wanted to have the complete story out there in English for those who want it. (sort of like how/why I stuck with Bo-bobo to the very end, even if I had to be sort of reminded and pushed to finishing Shinsetsu after a while away from it) The fact it's been untranslated for so long shocked me and makes it such a shame but somehow the fact that it's the series that started me manga translating all those years ago and is the one that I still can get the chance to bring out there to the people sort of just makes me happy to do it.

As for my job...it's state government stuff, doesn't pay as well as some would hope but I'm happy with it.

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