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Hell Teacher Nube 224

Formation! The Doumori Youth Spiritual-Assault Association The 1st: The Day Nube Dissapeared

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Aug 25, 2011 00:54 | Go to Hell Teacher Nube

-> RTS Page for Hell Teacher Nube 224

What if there was a day where everyone had to be saved...and yet your greatest ally and hero can't handle them? For several 5-3 students, the greatest threat they've ever faced is about to emerge...and yet they may not have their greatest ally to help them out!

#224: Formation! The Doumori Youth Spiritual-Assault Association
The 1st: The Day Nube Dissapeared

SFX: Ji--...
Narrator: Right now, there surely is the hand of a dreadful demon extending out to we, the children of Doumori town.
SFX: Nyari
Sign: New Software
Narrator: However...with our greatest crisis this time...how could it be Nube would come to not be there...
SFX: Kotsu kotsu
Narrator: And it would come to must be fought by merely us...
SFX: Shu | Zazaza~~~

(Title page...I'm not going to spoil anything but we're going to begin a really, really great arc from here on out...and probably the longest story in Nube! But...if Nube's not around, why is Hinokami Akira!?)

Sign: Night-Watch Room
Right: V-Media
Left: Jump
SFX: Guga
SFX: Ban! | Doya doya doya
Game SFX: Acho-- | Bishi bashi

Nube: You all---Can't you go home if you want games---
Hiroshi: Yeah...we seemed to think that but
Kyouko: We were scared of the cursed software.
Nube: Cursed software?
Miki: You don't know? It's extremely famous. Currently, a black-suited man has been loitering into software shopes in towns in the vicinity and distributing strange software.
Miki: The software is a popular new game just on the cover; inside is inserted the dreadful cursed software.
Miki: When you begin the game, a strange character and an eye appears on the screen; If you see this, then already you will die in three days.

Kyouko: In the rumors, there are tales that five people have already died.
Miki: It is scary. Therefore, the software that we bought today will be played here. (Ah--scary, scary)
Nube: Is that really so? You wanted a place and you came?
Hiroshi: You're going to play it too, Nube. It'll be fun.
Nube: No, I'll die in one second.
Katsuya: You won't with this guy. Here, here.
Game Voice: Ready, Fight
Caption: Nube
SFX: Byu | Gyaaa
Game Voice: Ring Out. You Lose.
Katsuya: Well--well--that's because each game is difficult...
Kyouko: How about this?

SFX: Dogan | Gasha | Gya gya gya
Nube: Fuga~~~
Hiroshi: He seems no good at operating the controller. (Hiso hiso...)
Katsuya: That's not it, he's poor at driving too...
Makoto: Nube is tone-deaf to games. (Ahaha)
(TN: Makoto's expression here is rather strange: he calls Nube "game onchi", with "onchi" being Japanese for "tone-deaf" or "having no ear for something")
Nube: Shut up, shut up.
Miki: At any rate, these software we've bought aren't the cursed software.
Nube: That's why I said no and yet...
Kyouko: By the way, what's the matter with Akira?
Hiroshi: Oh--he had his coaching school.
Kyouko: Hm--m
SFX: Ta ta ta

Akira: I ended up being late with the coaching school, really...I wanted to play these from during the day like everyone...did they sell out of that new Enokears game...
(TN: The game that Akira is trying to buy is a parody of the popular 1998 Square role-playing game Xenogears, which was notable for both its science fiction concepts and it's concepts of memory and psychology. However instead of being "Xenogears", the title instead refers to "Enoki", or "Enokitake", a long, thing white mushroom popular in Asian cuisine; thus why "Xenogears" ended up becoming "Enokears")
Akira: That's good, just one was left.
Cashier: Thank you much---
Sign: Yamaguchi Dentistry
SFX: Waku waku (Excited excited)
Akira: Hyo---cool---
Akira: Huh
SFX: Ga----

Akira: Waaaa
Akira: Th...this can't be...U...uwa, how do I clear this?
SFX: Katsu
Akira: Uwaaa, Nube

Sign: Doumori Hospital
Nube: Akira!!
SFX: Dadada!!
SFX: Ba---n
Nube: Akira!!
Voice: !! Kyaaaaa!!

Kyouko: Ha...half of his body has become stone...
Hiroshi: What sickness is this?
Tamamo: This is a curse. If the stone changes reach his heart, he'll die. It will be in three more days...
Kyouko: Akira!!
Hiroshi: Damn, who would do this...
Hiroshi: Nube, can't you do anything?
Nube: It's a powerful curse...if I don't know it's true form, then meddling with it will...
Kyouko: Akira...
Kyouko: !?
Tamamo: Nueno-sensei, just a moment...

Tamamo: In truth...I've discovered this software in his home.
Nube: It can't be...Are it's contents...the cursed software!?
Tamamo: If we use this, we may know of a way to save him.
SFX: Kacha
Tamamo: Are games...your specialty!?
Nube: ......
SFX: Za----

SFX: Oooooh
Nube: The screen has changed.
Tamamo: It's an eerie action game.
SFX: Oooh...oooh
Announcer: Please avoid the dead and walk.
SFX: Oooh oooh
Nube: It's linking to reality.

SFX: Ooooh | Kaji kaji kaji
Tamamo: Nueno-sensei! It said to please avoid them! Why are we particularly going towards the dead!!
SFX: Ooh | Ooooh
Nube: No, well, um, I'm
Tamamo: I'll do this!
Tamamo: This town...Haven't we seen this somewhere?
Nube: Eh?
Tamamo: The hospital...the school...the station...and the park: all of these locations are
Nube: It can't be
Tamamo: It is.

Nube & Tamamo: Doumori Town
Tamamo: We've driven away the dead and seem to be going to a building on top of a hill.
Nube: What are the meaning of the characters on the walls of the town?
Tamamo: I don't know, they appear to be characters of an extremely ancient period but...
Tamamo: ---We've arrived.
Nube: ...Let's enter...
SFX: Gii---

"Screen": Don't get in the way---

Nube: You! You're the true identity of the curse...
SFX: Ba!
Nube: Huh
SFX: Bishi
Tamamo: Nueno-sensei! I got it: the characters on the wall are...a spell for casting the stone-changing curse. We were sent the entire spell into the bottom of our subconscious by waking through the town...
Tamamo: We've...lost...
Hiroshi: Nube!
SFX: Shuuu
Kyouko: What's wrong, did something happen?
SFX: Ba---n
Hiroshi & Kyouko: !!

SFX: Guooooo
Hiroshi: Nu...Nube, it can't be: have you truly been defeated!?
Kyouko: You can't die, Nube!! Answer me---
Hiroshi: Nu...
SFX: Gura
SFX: Goto
Hiroshi: ......
Kyouko: ......

Hiroshi & Kyouko: Nube!!
Hiroshi: If this is a curse, then there should be some method to undo it.
Kyouko: What do we do!? Both Nube and Tamamo have come to be like this!?
Kyouko: Our key is this paper that Akira was grasping. He was drawing a map while playing the cursed software. There's something here on the hill of Doumori Town.
Katsuya: It...it can't be: something has to be done by just us? You can't be saying what you are.
Miki: Don't talk stupidly. This is an opponent of the extent that it's defeated Nube and Tamamo!
Makoto: What can we, without even spiritual abilities, do?

Hiroshi: Then what do we do? Watch Akira die in three days!?
Hiroshi: ----We can't cry anymore.
Hiroshi: This will only be settled by just us.

Voice: Hahaha, give up, give up, you'll lose your life.
Hiroshi: Hinokami Akira
Nube: This isn't an opponent that can be managed by your hands.

The Always Familar Coloring Corner

Color it in the colors by consulting the cover of the manga. (Since we haven't been using markers with CG coloring recently, we can't color name designations. Sorry)

A clone Nube creates with his "Youshin Jutsu". Nube comes to be based on his form from his grade school period.
He was created when we appeared to hear somehow "A child on the outside, the brains of an adult!" Yep.

TN: First of all, a massive apology on my part. I've been rather bummed with real life stuff the last few weeks, to the point that I've translated a good chunk of this really great, fun and important arc...and yet haven't had the time, patience or whatnot to put it up! Personal admission: I've been really bummed and saddened by my current condition and the current state of the manga and anime community and have been drifting a bit away from it as I've just started going back into being a wanderer getting interested in things I like than trying to buy the hype that manga and anime have become as of late...make that "nothing but hype". I'm still into Japanese culture and still want to be into manga and anime, but I just wonder if I'm starting to hit a crossroads for my future. Of course, that won't affect Nube: I'm with that to the end no matter how long it takes!

So with that side stuff out of the way, let's get into this arc! It probably is one of my favorite arcs in all of "Hell Teacher Nube", probably due to it feeling like the most complete story and because of the interesting twists and turns that are brought about. It isn't the typical Nube one-shots that the series is best at, but it's a nice and fun diversion that is well worth the effort. The key to this arc is definitely the "main five" (as I like to call them) of Doumori Elementary: while we've seen Hiroshi, Kyouko, Miki, Katsuya and Makoto handle threats and a lot of supernatural weirdness throughout the run, this is probably the arc they're put to the ultimate test. We have a threat that has already taken Akira (or in the midst of doing so), has frozen Nube and Tamamo and that only they have any real clue regarding how to handle and face for the time being. (not counting Nube as Hinokami) Their mentors are gone, and all they can do is face whatever did it or else watch others suffer the same. Of course, what I find most interesting even if it's minor is that even though it is those five who end up having to head forth into battle potentially, it is Akira who gave them the only clue they have so far in getting to whatever is doing this. Even though Akira has sadly been underutilized and sometimes questionable as a character for a while now, this shows that even though he is out of it, he's sort of still with the group as they go forth to face the madman behind these cursed video games. In a weird way, Akira has become the 6th member of the team considering...he was supposed to be one of the five at first, but it sort of further emphasizes what we're getting with this arc: no matter what happens, it's the students who must solve it, not the elders.

BTW: Nube just sucks at video games but...we knew that already. It just makes us have levity with the insanity that has begun.

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