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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128
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Hell Teacher Nube 225

F! TDYSAA: The 2nd: Infiltration! The Cursed Hyakkokukan

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Aug 25, 2011 01:03 | Go to Hell Teacher Nube

-> RTS Page for Hell Teacher Nube 225

With their friend falling under a bizarre curse and their two greatest allies sealed in stone, Hiroshi and the others must take on the strange maker of the cursed games on their own...well not quite on their own...

#225: Formation! The Doumori Youth Spiritual-Assault Association
The 2nd: Infiltration! The Cursed Hyakkokukan

Nube: The resolution of this case by all of you is impossible!
Hiroshi: What's that!?

Kyouko: Hinokami-kun...he always comes whenever we're in a crisis...that mysterious man...
SFX: Doki doki doki
Hiroshi: Chi...that Kyouko, she's becoming spacy again...
Miki: He's appeared again. Hinokami Akira, you're truly an elusive one. Are you really human? What is your true identity?
(TN: Miki's "elusive one" comment is actually in Japanese "shinshutsukibotsu", which is a term for a person who always appears unexpectedly at an unexpected moment)
Katsuya: Ah--it's as he said. Let's quit sticking our necks into this dangerous situation.
Makoto: We can't help out? If it's from Hinokami-kun, that would be reliable.
Nube: Well, leave this case to the police; all of you go do your homework and wait at home.

Hiroshi: Shut it----!!
SFX: Bakii
Kyouko: Hiroshi!
Hiroshi: How can this be understood by you? The police and the adults don't believe in the cursed game. Only we can save Nube and Akira.
Hiroshi: Can this be understood by you? Our friend and our teacher are just that important to us...you...

Hiroshi: Chi, let's go. The time to just be concerned with this guy is useless!
Nube: Hiroshi...
Kyouko: Sorry...I do understand. I'm certain that you intented on settling this alone again. I don't know what being you are, but this is reckless.
Kyouko: If you can, I want your cooperation...
Miki: In spite of being struck with all his might that much... (He's not swollen at all...)
SFX: Ji~~~
Nube: Uo, it hurts, hiii (Geho)
Caption: Acting
Miki: Suspicious, too suspicious...

Sign: Doumori Hospital
Voice 1: For the time being, let's hide the stone-changed Nube and Tamamo somewhere.
Voice 2: Right: these may be discovered by unknown people and be sent out to the bulky garbage.
(TN: "Bulky garbage" is strangely a type of garbage disposal in Japanese culture, known as "Sodaigomi", with the "sodai" standing for "coarse" or "rough")
Nube: That time...I escaped my physical body at once with the Youshin Jutsu but...Tamamo wasn't saved...
Kyouko: Nube, hnhnhn
(TN: The "hnhnhn" here is my attempt to translate the "shikushiku" used for Kyouko's sobbing)
SFX: Gan gon baki
Nube: He...hey hey, do it much more carefully...you'll break it.
Hiroshi: Akira, we will save you for certain. Wait for us...

Phone: Boop---hey, this is Yu--kime. I've gone up to Hokkaido for a skating tour--nament. Please leave a message after the beep...
Sign: Tobacco
Kyouko: Yukime-san's away from home.
Katsuya: Chi, at this moment...
Kyouko: What do we do? Can this really be done by just us?
Hiroshi: Can we pull back now? At any rate, let's supply ourselves with weapons. I've got a good idea.
Sign: Doumori Temple
Oshou: Well~~they're cheap, they're cheap. If you're fighting youkai, then have the
spiritually powered items of Doumori Temple!
SFX: Doro doro doro doro~~~

Nube: Hey, stop this. Where are these bogus goods a good idea, hey.
Students: Uwaa...
Oshou: Shut up---
Oshou: These are pickles that were said to create a hero of good luck by just eating them long ago. With the costume, it's 10,000 yen.
Outfit: Inukichi (Dog's Luck)
(TN: The thing that Oshou is referring to here is the first of a few manga references he uses as "special powers" here. In this case, he is referring to fellow WSJ series "Tottemo! Luckyman" by Hiroshi Gamo. Weirdly the outfit, which originally had "Daikichi" due to Luckyman's super-luckiness, has "inukichi" here instead...)
Makoto: I'll buy it.
Oshou: This is called the "Nara Cutter", long ago a legendary man used this as his strongest weapon. A rare item: 20,000 yen.
(TN: The "Nara Cutter" strangely is a move utilized by a character from the gag/sports WSJ series "Makuhari", by Kita Yasuaki)
Miki: I'll buy it.
Oshou: These long ago were called "Charm Point", when you put them on your arms, a mysterious power will gush forth; 30,000 yen.
Hiroshi: Uwa, my hair is growing. (Ooh)
(TN: These strange hoops that Hiroshi is wearing is in reference to another WSJ series: this time "Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoi-yo, Masaru-san" by Kyousuke Usuta. Weirdly enough the hoops work the same way in that manga in that it immediately promotes hair growth, but it's other power is weirdly the interference with electronic devices)
Nube: He thinks we're kids and ripping us off.

Nube: N? That is?
Oshou: Ah---over there is junk that is--n't useful at all.
Nube: Hey hey...I can still use these.
Hiroshi: Alright, the preparations are arranged. Let's go!
SFX: Paku paku
(TN: Regarding the last two "weapons" acquired by Nube's class:
-Katsuya's possession of a puppet is yet another WSJ reference: this time to "Karikurizoushi Ayatsuri Sakon", a short series written by Masaru Miyazaki and drawn by Takeshi Obata about a puppeteer detective.
-And Kyouko...well, she's once again using the Sailor Moon SS wand...yeah, she's never going to get rid of that connection, huh?)
Hiroshi: What, you're still coming along?
Nube: Not really...the direction I'm going in is just the same.
Hiroshi: Chi, do whatever you want.

Hiroshi: According to this map left by Akira
Hiroshi: It's near the Doumori Ruins where we discovered the OOPARTS previously.
Caption: Hyakkokukan
(TN: The setting for this arc, the "Hyakkokukan" literally translates into "Hundred-Carving Mansion")
Nube: !...It's the same! The mansion that appeared in the game...

Hiroshi: That western-style house? In here may be the person who created the cursed game...
(TN: "Western-style home" is a term in Japanese known as "youkan", which refers to a larger building home like a mansion that is not like those used in Japan)
Nube: ...This is bad. It's as if I can feel a stabbing youki...
Miki: Nara Cutter, Nara Cutter
SFX: Saku saku saku
Nube What--are you doing?
Miki: Ye---p, no blood appeared. You may not be human after all.
Nube: Stupid...
SFX: Oooooh...

"Masked Man": ...Verokira Fuyurayura Totonikura...
"Masked Man": Rorotonura Ayunufura...
SFX: Kiiiii...n
SFX: Dooooo | Pigyaa!
Nube: Huh!?

Katsuya: Kya---
SFX: Doo---doo---
Nube: Yo...youkai from the sky!?
Nube: Those are..."Tsurube Otoshi"! It's a youkai that attacks people from the tops of trees, sucks their life energy and turns them into mummies...why are they in this place!?
Caption: Refer to Manga Vol. 11
Makoto: Wa--
Nube: Makoto!!
SFX: Doo
Makoto: Hi...
Nube: Ku
SFX: Shuuu...
Makoto: Hi...Hinokami-kun
Nube: Outside is dangerous! Get into the mansion; I ask that of you, Hiroshi-kun!
Hiroshi: Ye...yes!

Hiroshi: Da---
SFX: Ba---n
SFX: Dodo!
SFX: Bata--n!
Miki: It won't open...
SFX: Gacha gacha
Kyouko: Even the windows have iron bars.

Nube: ---it seems the master of this mansion is giving an invitation of a warm welcome to us.
Miki: Your hand?
SFX: Ji---...
Nube: Guwaa, it hurts!
Makoto: I'm sorry about that...
Nube: No, what? This isn't a great thing. I just temporarily had my energy sucked. It will return to normal immediately.
Makoto: It would be better if you didn't come for me...I've just become a burden...
Nube: Makoto...
Nube: That isn't so. You came thinking that you wanted to save Nube-sensei, Akira and others. If you had courage, you will be useful.
Makoto: Hinokami-kun...

Makoto: Thank you...Hinokami-kun is like Nube-sensei.
SFX: Giku!
Nube: A...am I? Ahahaha....
Nube: At any rate, the key to undoing the game's curse seems to be seizing the owner of the mansion. Shouldn't we search for him and ask him to talk?
SFX: Gii...
SFX: Gishi...gishi...
SFX: Giro
"Masked Man": Fuyura Totoniruroma Mamarurura...

SFX: Kiiii...n
Katsuya: Uwa
Kyouko: Kyaaaa!
SFX: Ooooooh...

Nube: Shoukera...Why is that youkai...suddenly...everyone, ru...
Hiroshi: Come on, youkai!
SFX: Haaaaa...
SFX: Dogaa
Students: Uwaaa
Hiroshi: Hiii~~these items weren't effective at all---
Miki: We were deceived---
Nube: Watch out!
SFX: Zun!

Nube: Run! (to himself) This is bad...I can't used my spiritual powers in this form...we'll be defeated!
SFX: Baki baki
Nube: !!
SFX: Batsu
Nube: !? What!?

"Huge Hat": Though you can't sufficiently use your spiritual power, stop acting reckless. Hinokami-kun.
SFX: Shuuu

Students: !!
Nube: Th...this ki...it can't be...!?
"Huge Hat": From that, its better that those outside myself and Hinokami-kun escape from this mansion. I've come to know from investigation: here the youkai are being manipulated at will.
"Huge Hat": It's the mansion of the Youkai Doctor.
(TN: The title that the "antagonist" of this arc possesses is in Japanese "Youkai Hakase", with "Hakase" usually being used for a "doctor" referring to a learned person (as in one with a doctorate in something as opposed to a medical person). Thus I make him as the "Youkai Doctor"...probably because "Dr. Youkai" would make him sound like he was "Youkai-Sensei" like how Tamamo is)

A clone Youko Tamamo created with the "Youshin Jutsu". Since he isn't familiar with the technique to the extent of Nube, the quantity of his ki is few and, due to that, he's shorter than even Hinokami Akira.

TN: Don't try to be deceived by the sudden appearance of this "new character" or by Nube as Hinokami running amuck...I do have to somewhat get into what they're doing here. In a weird way, both of them appear to be allies as well as hindrances of the main five of the arc in dealing with the strange Youkai Doctor. But if you think about it, this is to be expected: Nube, even in his youshin form, sees this as something he and he alone can handle and doesn't want to see his students get hurt by the threat that is tempting them to go in and get themselves killed. Nube is just acting like his typical teacher self and doesn't wish to see his students get hurt. But of course with Nube powerless (and acting weird considering...it is his youshin self) and with the personal mission, this really is something his students are the only ones that can deal with. Nube may help, but as it stands the situation remains that these five are the ones who can take the Youkai Doctor down and save their friend and teachers. Though...it is weird that past "youkai" like the Tsurube Otoshi and Shoukera have suddenly returned...but there is a reason behind that which we'll get into soon enough.

BTW: no matter what other obscure weird weapon the others get, Kyouko will forever be tied to Sailor Moon. I guess Hiroshi's comment about it being passe a few volumes back is wrong in her case.

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