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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128
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Hell Teacher Nube 226

F! TDYSAA The 3rd: The Secret of the Youkai Doctor!!

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Aug 25, 2011 01:19 | Go to Hell Teacher Nube

-> RTS Page for Hell Teacher Nube 226

At the top of a hill near the Doumori Ruins sits Hyakkokukan, a cursed mansion owned by a mad Youkai Doctor who has issued cursed games for a strange purpose. But who is this man...and what does "big hat" know of him!?

#226: Formation! The Doumori Youth Spiritual-Assault Association
The 3rd: The Secret of the Youkai Doctor!!

"Huge Hat": Here is the mansion of the Youkai Doctor. You should escape quickly.
Hiroshi: Huh!? The Youkai Doctor!?
Kyouko: Wh...what are you?
"Huge Hat": I am...Nagumo Keita, Hinokami-kun's, well, friend.
(TN: Considering it was spoiled with the last coloring section, I kept the "quoted" version of the name since the real identity is rather obvious by now)
Everyone: !

Hiroshi: Is he?
Nube: Ah...yes. Oh well.
Nube: Fu, however I hadn't had the thought that you would also use the Youshin Jutsu, Tamamo. (whisper whisper)
Tamamo: You engulfed your soul in ki and changed it into a fixed form...I saw you do it earlier and copied it, Nueno-sensei.
(TN: The "fixed form" part is a weird translation for "Koteika", with "kotei" being a "fixed" or "standard" form, while the "ka" is the "change" or "transformation" part to emphasize that he changed his soul into a fixed form akin to what Nube did becoming Hinokami)
Tamamo: However, since the moment we were attacked by the cursed game was too sudden, I only had the time to knead my ki into a child form. It seems you did so too, teacher.
Nube: Yes.
Nube: However...fufufu, you...kukuku, in knickerbockers...upupu...that really suits you, Ta--ma-chan. (Hi---)
Tamamo: Impolite!
SFX: Gon gan gon
Miki: They're bad fellows... (whisper whisper...)

Tamamo: At any rate, all of you will leave this mansion as before. What remains will be me and Hinokami-kun solving the mystery of the Youkai Doctor in the mansion.
Hiroshi: He...hey, wait!
Hiroshi: What you said, what Hinokami said: why are you treating us as hinderances? It seems as if we can't do anything...
Makoto: We're the same grade schoolers as you two.
Kyouko: Right: let's have everyone join their power together and resolve this.
Tamamo: Fu, join our power togethers? Worthless, that is funny.
Hiroshi: What's that!?

Hiroshi: Are you saying that the true power of us and you two is different?
Tamamo: Right.
Nube: Hey, stop!
Hiroshi: You, don't mock class 5-3...
Nube: Wait!
Hiroshi: ?
Tamamo: That's!

Youkai Doctor: You...why are you all...making noise in my mansion...
Hiroshi & Kyouko: Th...that's...
Nube & Tamamo: The Youkai Doctor...

Youkai Doctor: Kukuku...as long as you're in my mansion, you won't live...
Nube: You! You made that game! The cursed game that's taking the lives of children!
Youkai Doctor: Kukuku...of course. Over 100 children have died throughout the country already...it is said the cause is unknown...but for my plan, the lives of many, many more children are needed...
Youkai Doctor: Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Hiroshi: Ku
Hiroshi: S**t, your'e unforgivable. Youkai Doctor! Face us in battle.
Nube: Cut it out, Hiroshi.
Youkai Doctor: Ku ku ku...a battle...?

Hiroshi: Here we go!
SFX: Da!
Nube: Stop
Hiroshi: Hyousube!!
(TN: A youkai we never encountered in this manga, Hyousube is a variety of kappa from Kyuushu generally seen as a creepy, laughing bald man who goes after eggplant)
SFX: Kuwa
Katsuya: Daidara Bocchi!
Makoto: Nenekogappa!
Miki: Nurarihyon!
Kyouko: Betobeto-san
(TN: Another youkai I believe we never encountered, "Betobeto-san" is a strange being that makes footsteps while you're walking, yet doesn't seem to appear to you any time you turn around)
Hiroshi: Kuchisake-Onna!
Hiroshi: How's--that? Give up? We're the Youkai Doctors!
Makoto: So then, you're not to the Nube class.
Miki: Watch and falter considerably.
Kyouko: Yep!
Katsuya: Ha ha ha ha ha
Tamamo: Hiroshi-kun...I didn't say he was the Youkai Doctor for that meaning. He's...
Hiroshi: Eh?

Youkai Doctor: Kukuku...right? A request for the Kuchisake-Onna?
Youkai Doctor: Verokirasusuma Ayanufuramamani Chichichikakafu...Fuyurayuramani Ramenuruyorura...
SFX: Kiiii...n
Tamamo: Look! That equipment on the floor: he's revealing a means to manipulate youki from research of a super-ancient civilization.
Hiroshi: What's that?
Tamamo: The youki in the air is condensing very quickly...

Youkai Doctor: Kukuku...my hatred, take form! (Hahahahahah)
Kuchisake-Onna: Shaaa!!
SFX: Bari bari bari bari bari

Kuchisake-Onna: Am I pretty~~~?
Makoto: Hiee
Katsuya: Uwaaa, he made the Kuchisake-Onna!?
Hiroshi: And further she's huge! And strong!
SFX: Gusha
Kyouko: Wa--
Hiroshi: Pomade, Pomade
Tamamo: Hinokami-kun
Nube: Right!
Nube: There were several weapons I could use within the Doumori Temple junk. It would be nice if they were real but
SFX: Gasa gasa

SFX: Gatsu gatsu gatsu
Kuchisake-Onna: Gugee
Tamamo: My Youshin Jutsu form is a consistant 1/20th of my youryoku. But this sasumata, which has been handed down for generations in the youko family, has the power to defeat small youkai.
(TN; I may have explained it before but a "Sasumata" or "War-Fork" is a traditional Japanese weapon usually used for catching things and is generally used today for law enforcement to catch crooks)
Youkai Doctor: ......What are you?
Nube: Out of the way!
SFX: Kiiiiin

Nube: A Reisatsuseki Sphere. It presents a physical attack to spiritual bodies.
(TN: I don't know if we ever encountered it yet, but "reisatsuseki" literally translates into "spirit-killing stone")
Nube: Further if I increase the hitting speed, the destructive power will increase to the extent of it's quickness...!!
SFX: Gyurururu...
Caption: Stretching his finger (Youshin can stretch their body freely)
SFX: Dogaa

SFX: Pashi! | Bashuu
Hiroshi: Amazing...
Miki: Those two may not be human after all.
Tamamo: Clearly understand our true power.
Hiroshi: Sh...shut up!
Youkai Doctor: ......
SFX: Tata
Tamamo: Mu!
Nube: Are you running? Hold on.

SFX: Kachi
SFX: Paka
Nube & Tamamo: Waaaaaaaaa
Hiroshi: Heh?
Katsuya: Hey hey, manga these days don't do that.
Kyouko: Hi...Hinokami-kun!
Katsuya: Wasn't that our true power?
Hiroshi: It's fine. They won't be dead guys with that.
Katsuya: But with that, it's come to be just us.
Miki: What~~do we do, what~~do we do~~~!?

Hiroshi: Weren't all of you know--ingly acting stupid to them? This mystery will be solved by just us!
Katsuya: Se...seems so...
Makoto: It--will, it--will. We're the Nube class.
Kyouko: Hold on, everyone, is this serious?
Miki: It...it seems so---. I'm stretching my neck out and---
(TN: I find it funny Miki is saying she's "stretching her neck out" while using her Rokurokubi powers...)
Hiroshi: We'll come to that simply.
SFX: Kiiii...
Hiroshi: Cool--ness, cool--ness.
SFX: Paaa...
Hiroshi: Cool fart of a kappa--.
(TN: The part here about the "cool fart of a kappa" is a joke continuing from the previous panel: Hiroshi kept going on and on about "heiki" which is "coolness", but then suddenly says "kappa no he da" which is "the fart of a kappa" using the same "he". Strangely I decided to keep the pun by using "fart" while likewise keeping the "cool" from the "heiki")
SFX: Hyuuu...
SFX: Zowa zowa zowa zowa...
Kyouko: Right~~~~...

SFX: Zowa zowa zowa
Everyone: !!
Everyone: Uwa-----
Students: Th...they've come out~~

Tamamo: ...We were unprepared.
Nube: If we didn't have these Youshin bodies, we would have died instantly.
SFX: Muku
Nube: This is untimely. We've been separated from Hiroshi and the others.
Tamamo: It's because those children are ordinary humans...how many minutes can they live in this youkai mansion...
Nube: S**t, we have to return quickly.
Tamamo: Youryoku can't be used sufficiently. This is a completely inconvenient body.
Nube: We'll escape from the that tunnel.

Nube: By the way, you said you've investigated the Youkai Doctor.
Tamamo: Yes, the owner of this Hyakkokukan was found in records of the science world.
Tamamo: His real name is Nakiri Kyuusaku. Ten years ago, he moved into this mansion with his wife to investigate the Doumori Ruins. The Doumori Ruins are, as you know, the ruins of a super-ancient civilization.
Tamamo: According to his research, the super-ancient civilization captured "Ki" as a scientific energy; they were said to utilize this and built a civilization that was completely different from the present.
Caption: Refer to Manga Vol. 20
Tamamo: He had wanted to publish this to the scientific world...but "Ki" can't be seen by the eye. What he had thought of there was a device that gathered from the air "youki", which comparatively is easy to see with the eye and make youkai...

Tamamo: However...
SFX: Bari bari bari
Scientist 1: Th...that thing shouldn't be possible!
Scientist 2: Unscientific.
Scientist 3: A trick! We've decided you're a fraud!
Scientist: Look! These things are mere stones!
"Mrs. Nakiri": Watch out! This device is still in operation...
"Mrs. Nakiri": Kyaaa!!
SFX: Pishaa
Kyuusaku: Keiko!!
Kyuusaku: Gyaaaaa...
SFX: Goooo...
Tamamo: ---His wife died...he himself bore great injury...and...

Kyuusaku: And he came to be called the Youkai Doctor...and his form dissapeared to the people.---That's as far as the records left to the world go.
(TN: Since he has a proper name now, I'll just go with "Kyuusaku" for here on)
Kyuusaku: The deepness of my resentment...do you understand it?
Nube: I don't undestand it...with that, you've been taking the lives of children with the cursed game...how is that related to it?
Kyuusaku: Kukuku...There isn't a need to ask that. Those brats that came together with both of you are already dead...And both of you, who are stubborn just a bit, will die here.

Kyuusaku: This stone is a military weapon of the super-ancient civilization. It's best that it's called a thing like a kind of armor.
Kyuusaku: But this stone is always continuing to absorb the youki of the atmosphere and possesses a dreadful attack power and defensive power with this power. The one who wears this will become the strongest youkai soldier.
Kyuusaku: ...Hekito!
SFX: Bushu---
Nube: !! Amazing youki!
Tamamo: He's coming, Hinokami-kun!

Kyuusaku: Ku ku ku: realize the power of the Youkai Doctor!!
Hiroshi: It's...it's too late~~~
Everyone: Ha ha ha ha
Kyouko: ...We're dead.

The names of Hiroshi and Kyouko are those taken from Hiroshi and Kyouko of "Dokonjou Gaeru", which was serialized in Jump long ago and became a TV anime twice.

For that reason, Nube's special yomikiri edition had the line "You have guts" when a newt, not a frog, was attached to his back, not his shirt. (were there people who realized this...?)
(TN: Without looking at the original chapter, I tried to pull up the section and approximated it but...considering that a newt is an amphibian, I sort of now understand the "parody" aspect they were trying to for with Hiroshi in the second pilot, considering I probably mentioned more than once already the "connection" Hiroshi and Kyouko had to "Dokonjou Gaeru")

TN: I just have to chuckle seeing what Tamamo is reduced to in this arc. That tiny frame and huge hat...oh how the mighty youko has fallen.

After all of the build-up of the first couple chapters, this one really gets into the meat of the battling while at the same time begins to answer some questions regarding Kyuusaku and why the heck he hates everyone and is using all this spiritual power. It was strange seeing the Kuchisake-Onna again considering she isn't that bad from what we saw of her before, but...remember, this isn't the Kuchisake-Onna, merely just a collection of youki mutated into her form. (if this was really her she'd really be pissed...just as I imagine Tamamo was if he ever found out about his "clone" in that haunted house all those years ago) The way we saw the two Youshin boys handling things so far (before things get really messy as they will next time) was a lot of fun, even though the students...well, what can you say: if you buy it from Oshou, 9 out of 10 it will be junk. Meanwhile, I do find it interesting finding out about the tragic tale of Kyuusaku and Keiko that it does seem to finally link back (well the whole arc) to that really weird one-shot with the pager that was some time ago. I know I mentioned to remember all of the matter regarding the ancient tech, but somehow I just wonder how the heck Kyuusaku would be able to find out and control devices that can create actual youkai and turn him into an ancient-tech warrior...and not a silly pager advertised by Ryoko Hirosue's ancient clone. But of course it's all for the plot so lets just leave it at that...though at least it's convenient that Nube and Tamamo are Youshin now considering how many "killing blows" they've taken thus far and may just keep taking with the way this arc is going...

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