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My Current Status

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as news on Aug 25, 2011 01:35 | Go to

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Hey there everyone. I know I haven't said much as of late but I've been going through things, both personally and just trying to figure out things in my life as it stands. Personally there have been some hard times I'm trying to get through with new things in my life, which I think I am trying to handle but it just keeps getting harder with everything going on seeming to mess up all the time.

How does this affect my position in the community? Well as it stands I've really pulled back for a while now, at least since I ended up just stopping all translations other than Hell Teacher Nube as it currently stands. (and yes, I apologize to a lot of people on this project, mostly because I just wanted to see the series get translated and somehow admit to being impatient with a couple things because of trying to match up my priorities with others. If you're reading this, I'm sorry and no hard feelings...and if not, i'm probably just talking to air as usual) Personally, I admit somehow that the manga and anime scene has just not been what it's cracked up to be in my head. I still love Japanese culture, but it just feels like everything is utterly and completely driven by hype and that people just can't just sit back and discover what is good, even if it's way older or even if it's something that catches your eye somewhere down the line. Let alone everywhere I go and everything I see just seems to be tied to either some kid who just doesn't seem to know what they want and just latches on to the most popular series...or some super-snobby elitist who seems to take a "better than you" view of the scene and just seems to make it like "if you don't read what I read, you're trash". I'm not either and really don't want to be. Yet with the way manga and anime have become, I just don't feel myself fitting in...maybe I never had, but I just tried to make it work for so long until I realize finally that it just never will. It's not merely on this board but a few others as well: I always feel like the outsider and everything I say just makes me come off stupid or like I know nothing compared to the brats and the snobs and the elites and the ultra-perfectionists.

So where does this leave me now? Well, I guess I have a few more things to say:

  • I know I want to finish Nube, but I don't know if or whether I'll be doing another manga series after that. I sort of get my scripts aren't that good and I just cause more grief than help to the community. I may want to do a few series I personally want to see done but, unless I have something that just jumps out at me and says "THIS MUST BE DONE", I may be fading out of the scene perhaps...

    On the other hand, I do want to maybe be a bit more adventurous on translating Japanese. I've been really getting into Super Sentai lately and want to get one of those series translated to see if I'm any good at all at TV shows.

    I'm still going to be around, probably hanging around in the WSJ thread but that's all I really do on this board outside translating.

I'll still be here if needed but who knows if I'll be giving any other news beyond this outside my script updates...

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Nintakun, aspd

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#1. by rajin ()
Posted on Aug 25, 2011
right said brother . even past 1 year i didn't read any series or watched it except scanlation of your translations of TAA-CHAN and i forced myself to read naruto.

complete the "NUBE" . that's really you want .

my suggestion why not try some short JAPANESE stories . i mean move to literature .
#2. by The1 ()
Posted on Aug 25, 2011
Lol, at least you didn't get tired of the leechers attitude "It's our right to get the releases because we read it","Fuck you, we won't thank, it's our right!", "I'm so sick of your whining, just quit someone will eventually pick it up"

The rest of us are of course laughing them in the face because we know that when we "die" there's no one to pick up the titles.

So you are still fine, I agree with rajin, no need to do something you don't want to. Doing Nube is great. The stories these days are mostly the same in the shounen genre, maybe that's the reason why I moved to seinen.

The titles that are shounen and not alike aren't that famous...well if people don't got taste, what can we do about that? :p

About the people who think they know better than you...screw them. We are all different as long as we don't bash each other there's space enough for us all. Otherwise punish them by not translating their titles or quit after you are done with that you want to do :P
#3. by StrangerAtaru ()
Posted on Aug 26, 2011
Literature? Could work but dunno what to do if I did do it. Somehow it's just easier to get into something I know I want to do...
#4. by StrangerAtaru ()
Posted on Aug 26, 2011
I guess I can't move to seinen because that is part of my own problem. People who brag "well I read seinen, nya" seem to be part of the "elitist" problem that exists a lot in manga cultures and probably why I rather just find series I find interesting and read/watch them, regardless of age or time. Besides, it's all in the story, presentation, characters, etc: if I can't get myself into it, I won't read it no matter how much acclaim and notability it has. (which I somehow why I rather stick with a good shonen: yeah it gets childish but they have really cool ideas when done right...nothing against seinen but I haven't really found any that has interested me since my collection of "Ai Yori Aoshi" which sort of fell apart halfway anyway...maybe "Pluto" but more because it was a mature "Astro Boy" and just looked cool even if I never really read it and just had vol. 1 at home)
#5. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on Aug 26, 2011
You should do whatever you feel best. Don't let the fans/leechers dictate what you want to do~ If you only want to TL Nube, then do that at your own pace. Everyone has different tastes so disregard what others say.

I hope that whatever problems you're going through in RL will get better and it's best to face those problems than to waste time TLing since it's just a hobby, but if you feel like TLing, then go for it~

Anyway, good luck~
#6. by The1 ()
Posted on Aug 26, 2011
True when a shounen is done right, it's great. :D

The reason I like seinen more than shounen (well more titles in seinen than in shounen) is that the genre plays with me and my mind by giving me knew ideas, just like how you find them in shounen....plus I'm old...yes, lemme alone, you young-ins or I'll hit ya! D: ...I like the ideas. AYA was wonderful, that's also the reason why I bought it. Now I just wish for Umi no Misaki to get licensed too <3

A good story is a good story no matter what everyone else say. Just because it's not original, doesn't mean it's crap, or just because it's different it doesn't mean it's crap.^^

I still all my 42 volumes of Dragonball and I'd give a damn about people telling me that it's only about fighting, eating and training! :P

Still I look forward to more Nube (sorry, but no pressure from me) from you^^
#7. by Nintakun ()
Posted on Aug 27, 2011
I like both Seinen and Shounen equally, i'm not so selective with demographies when i choose something to read, I pick a manga i think it's interesting and read it.

As for translations, well, if you want to only do Nuube, go for it! The world needs more classic WSJ manga there! If it wasn't for you, we could never read some awesome manga classics like Kinnikuman or Sakigake!!Otokojuku, so i'm really grateful for your work!
#8. by Oliver Twist ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2011
Of course, we wouldn't be able to read Kinnikuman or Otokojuku if it weren't for him... except, you know, Hokuto no Gun is redoing them both.

Please, sir, I want some more.
#9. by StrangerAtaru ()
Posted on Sep 25, 2011
Yeah I heard about that. Heh...I know what you mean by that but it just feels like I've been probably so drained with everything that's been going on in life that it sort of came out like that and I didn't mean it to. I sort of want to get through this but its really, really hard for the time being on me.
#10. by StrangerAtaru ()
Posted on Sep 25, 2011
I may get back to more but it all depends. I've just been really drained with everything going on in my life as of late and I just worry I'm taking it out on things I like.

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