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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128
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Hell Teacher Nube 227

F! TDYSAA: The 4th: Menace of the Youkai Soldier!!

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Sep 21, 2011 23:20 | Go to Hell Teacher Nube

-> RTS Page for Hell Teacher Nube 227

With Hiroshi and the others running for their lives from an army of artificial youkai, Hinokami (Nube) and Nagumo (Tamamo) are alone to take on the Youkai Doctor...who possesses a mighty power to challenge the spirit warriors!

#227: Formation! The Doumori Youth Spiritual-Assault Association
The 4th: Menace of the Youkai Soldier!!

SFX: Go go go go go go
Kyuusaku: This is the Youkai Soldier---...the form of the super-ancient warrior!
Nube: A human clad in youryoku armor?
Tamamo: We can't seem to overlook this on a moment's notice.

Kyuusaku: Kukuku, are you prepared...? Let's go!
SFX: Gotsu
Kyuusaku: This armor takes in a large amount of the youryoku in the atmosphere and makes it energy. If a human was clad in this, they can obtain the same power as a strong youkai. Yes...the equivalent power to an Oni or Tengu!!
(TN: Just because the chapter brought it up: tengu are generally considered powerful youkai originally seen as demons or war harbringers but today are considered kami of Shinto and are even worshiped in Shugendo. They are commonly youkai with human and avian characteristics, but can also take on a characteristic of merely being a "human with a long nose" in depiction)

SFX: Gushaaa | Puki puki
Kyuusaku: Fu...it's over already...I'm relatively dumbfounded...
Kyuusaku: !?
SFX: Nyoro | Nura
Nube: Ah~~that was surprising.
Tamamo: Somehow if you think that these bodies can't die, then we can take an opportunity to defend.

Kyuusaku: Ku...
Kyuusaku: Understood: these two have physical bodies that are made with kneading ki. I saw of this in literature...is this seemingly "Youshin Jutsu", that is used by only advanced spiritualists...
SFX: Kashan kashan
Tamamo: Hinokami-kun
SFX: Kacha
Nube: Right!
Nube: Reisatsuseki! This stone presents damage to the extent of the acceleration reached facing a youki body.

Nube: Otto! I was off.
SFX: Byu
SFX: Zuba
Kyuusaku: Gu...a combination?...
SFX: Baki
Kyuusaku: You small fry!
SFX: Dogaa!

Kyuusaku: Fu, ultimately you were no match for...
SFX: Hyu---kun!
SFX: Dogaa
Nube: Earlier I was off on purpose, because I was reaching force through hooking it to the pillar.
SFX: Zugagagaga

Tamamo: Youkai Doctor...you too would have realized it if you are a scholar: our bodies can do anything simply similar to clay.
Nube: Bley ca~~n.
(TN: Nube ended up using "dayo~~n" here, finishing off Tamamo's sentence but at the same time making that weird face. I tried to make it work by having him go "bleh" but fusing it with "they can", thus ending up with that weird expression)
SFX: Nyoro nyoro
Tamamo: On the other hand, your prided armor did take just a bit with our attacks but it has taken damage. If you continue as is...
SFX: Gara
Tamamo: You don't have a chance!
Kyuusaku: Fu
Kyuusaku: Stop with the child's play bluff. (Hahahahaha)
Kyuusaku: I'm sorry but this armor has regenerative power.
SFX: Shuuu

Kyuusaku: However, if you two took an attack of this armor that has youki, there would be a collision of ki and ki...
Kyuusaku: Your ki would scattered around a bit and decrease...wouldn't that increase the damage...?
SFX: Zuki zuki
Kyuusaku: Well then...with that, let me show you the true power of this armor in this vicinity. Vyurarura Uriruramu Hekitomu!!
SFX: Zuryuu!
Nube & Tamamo: !!

Nube: Wh...what, a youkai in his shoulder!?
Tamamo: Wrong! That's the super-ancient civilization's destruction weapon...
Kyuusaku: Shiryoudama!!
(TN: "Shiryoudama" = "Dead-Spirit Ball")
SFX: Dooooo

SFX: Dogooon
Tamamo: Th...that's...what he released was a ball of aura of the dead...?
SFX: Oooh | Uuh... | Hiiii...
Nube: Further, it's a great number...
Kyuusaku: Right: in the air, thousands to tens of thousands of spirits that aren't resting in peace drift about...I gather up those spirits and fire them. The ghosts now were the aura of a hundred people.
Kyuusaku: Further, the Shiryoudama has many varieties by their grudge. Now was the ball of spirits that died by a physical power like an accident.

Kyuusaku: And this are!!
SFX: A Shiryoudama of spirits who died in fire such as in a fire accident.
(TN: Weirdly Kyuusaku ends up saying in Japanese "Kaji na do Hi", which actually stands for "fire such as in a fire", but the "hi" is regular natural "fire" while "kaji" is a "fire incident" such as an accident or arson. Thus I had to make it sound like the two "fire" here are different)
SFX: Dogaa
Nube: Uwa
SFX: Gooooo
Spirits: Its hot---... | Save me---...
Nube: A...amazingly hight temperature.
(TN: The term actually used here isn't "high temperature" but "kounetsu", which usually is used as a prefix for "pyro" or a "high fever". I made it "high temperature" to go along with the concept of the heat they're fealing with the power of this Shiryoudama)
Kyuusaku: And these are the spirits of those who starved to death!
SFX: Gagagagagaga
Spirits: Feed me | I'm hungry---

Nube: S**t, he's mocking us.
Tamamo: We don't have the time to get on with your street performance!
Kyuusaku: I won't be defeated by you two! Take this! The Shiryoudama of the strong grudge of dying by murder!
SFX: Doshu Shuba Bomu Goba

Kyuusaku: Direct hit!
SFX: Doguaa
Tamamo: S...s**t...being defeated to this point by one like a human is...
SFX: Gara...
Nube: Damn it...Even in this interval of doing this, Hiroshi and the others are...
Kyuusaku: I will...not lose...for the one that I love.
SFX: Haa haa haa

Voices: Wa---kya---
SFX: Dododododo | Oooooh
Kyouko: It's...it's a dead end!!
Miki: What--do we do, Hiroshi---

Hiroshi: Whatever we do, however we do it... (Haa haa)
Hiroshi: They can only be fought by us. Everyone, make use of each of your personalities!
SFX: Pera pera pera
SFX: Hore hore
Makoto: Let's be friends.
SFX: Niko niko
Kyouko: You all--!
SFX: Pun pun
Hiroshi: Let's panic, let's panic.

Katsuya: Wa---
Kyouko: Sa...save us---
Hiroshi: Damn it, we're powerless...! Are...we children who aren't useful at all, just as Hinokami said...
SFX: Giri giri
Hiroshi: Nube...Akira...we're sorry...
SFX: Giri

Voice: I'll lend...you power...well...
SFX: Zazazazaza
Miki: The youkai...are running...
Kyouko: Was it the light coming from the painting...?
Makoto: This painting opens up. There's a room inside.
Hiroshi: Eeh?
Hiroshi: What exactly is this...
SFX: Gii----

Hiroshi & Kyouko: !!

Nube -sensei's
#48: Yo-yo

The yo-yo was said to be an object that the aborigines of the Phillipines used as a weapon for hunting purposes. Just like the boomerang that is used by the aborigines of Australia, it was a useful weapon that would return to the palm of your hand if it didn't hit the prey. The name that made it "yo-yo" has a meaning of "Come, come" in Tagalog.

However, compared to the boomerang, the yo-yo's usage as a weapon seems to be a pretense of being used as a weapon in manga and anime due to it's image as a toy being strong.

The usage of a yo-yo as a weapon in manga perhaps was introduced in "Sukeban Deka". Asamiya Saki, the main character, had a special model that inserted lead into a hard-plastic model and was attached not by string but by a chain (to make matters worse, there was a crest of sakura on it) and batted around to defeat enemies who stood in lines. (After this manga, there came to be a three-part TV drama, and each of them starred Saitou Yuki, Minamino Youko and Asaka Yui.)

Also in the TV Anime "Choudenji Robo Combattler V", a 57m in height, 550 ton in weight giant robot joined together the parts of both shoulders and both hips making two yo-yos (perhaps their diameters were greater than 5m) and utilized an amazing attack called "Choudenji Yo-Yo" that struck enemies hard.

With just these two works as the famous ones, there haven't really been found other main characters that battle with yo-yos.
(TN: A few things:
1. The truth on whether or not the yo-yo is actually an ancient Phillipino weapon is somewhat in doubt. Some say it was, others believe the story is a fabrication that just gained traction over the years.
2. "Sukeban Deka", as stated prior and with the literal translation of "Delinquent Girl Detective", is a popular and notable franchise originally published in shoujo magazine "Hana to Yume" between 1976 and 1982. In the original manga, she was a delinquent who ended up going to prison with the government giving her a chance at redemption by making her a cop with her trademark yo-yo weapon. Three dramas emerged between 1985-1987 usually utilizing the major J-pop stars of the times as the main heroine, as stated prior as Yuki Saitou in the first, Youko Minamino in the second and Yui Asaka in the third. There have also been three movies about these characters.
3. "Choudenji Robo Combattler V" (also translated as "Super-Electric Robo Combattler V") was a giant robot anime from 1976 created by Toei animation and is notable as the first of the three "Robot Romance Series" anime that changed the storytelling aspects of giant-robot series adding further maturity to them. The "Choudenji Yo-Yo" was the giant robot's most notable of it's many weapons. It is only known in the US as "Combattra", a robot released as part of the "Shogun Warriors" toy line of Mattel)

TN: First of all, I guess I have to start this entry with another apology...I've been doing that a lot lately, huh. This time, though, my apology comes with a bit more sense: considering that the Youkai Doctor arc that is being put up is probably the longest story arc in the entire run of Nube, I figured that for consistency's sake (and even then I doubt it is that consistent) that I figured to finish the entire arc and make sure I don't keep running back and forth to various websites to keep track of what I translated terms as before putting the meat of the arc up. Yes...the arc is fully translated, and hopefully will all be up within the next few days...but knowing my lazy streak (and my own recent feelings and situations), I sort of hope it does get up at all.

With that said: this was an interesting chapter that sort of moves the story along by the end but at the same time more introduced the threat that Kyuusaku held in his power even if it doesn't quite reveal yet why he's doing it. The Youkai Soldier weaponry he possesses really are scary if you think about it, with him pulling in the youki and the dead within the air and using it as fuel and ammo to fight back against the two youshin fighters. Yeah, it probably is lucky Nube and Tamamo aren't using their real bodies to fight against him, but at the same time the mere factor that Kyuusaku is able to think outside the box to figure out a way to fight against the Youshin while Nube is continuing to think of ways to fight back against this strange armor really shows that the two aren't taking the other for granted and this is going to be a long drawn-out ordeal. As for Hiroshi's group...yeah you could say it was lucky that they found 'that room', but they were guided by someone to it...which we'll get more info about next time! (don't you love/hate cliffhangers?)

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