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Hell Teacher Nube 228

F! TDYSAA: The 5th: The Youkai Doctor's Wife

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Sep 21, 2011 23:33 | Go to Hell Teacher Nube

-> RTS Page for Hell Teacher Nube 228

Hopeless, powerless, and trapped within the mad mansion of the Youkai Doctor, the 5-3 quintet have been lead into a hidden room by a mysterious voice. Who is behind this sudden lead...and what do they want with the students!?

#228: Formation! The Doumori Youth Spiritual-Assault Association
The 5th: The Youkai Doctor's Wife

Kyouko: Those terrible wounds...is she dead?
Katsuya: Is her bust an 85?
Hiroshi: What is this ball!?
SFX: Tsun tsun
Makoto: It looks like it's covering.
"Ball": Don't touch me!

Keiko: I am...Nakiri Keiko. The Youkai Doctor's...Nakiri Kyuusaku's wife.
SFX: Shi~~~~~!?
Kyouko: If the husband is the husband, then the wife is the wife, huh. (Whisper whisper whisper)
Miki: Their marriage ceremony would have been incredible, huh!
Keiko: ......
Kyouko: Ara

Keiko: ---We were a scholar couple who were researching the Doumori Ruins. And we had announced at the academinc meeting the super-ancient device that we've discovered there.
Keiko: You've seen it too: its that device that creates youkai...however...
Scholars: Bogus! A trick!
Keiko: Please stop, it's dangerous...
Kyuusaku & Keiko: Gyaaaa!
SFX: Goooo

Keiko: ---My husband carried my dead body home, used ancient techniques and present science
Keiko: And somehow I returned to life. I have no idea how. However my soul couldn't return to my physical body anymore.
Kyuusaku: Uuh...Keiko...
Keiko: And then...my husband changed...
Kyuusaku: Uuuh...Ku...ku...hi...hi...

Kyuusaku: Fuhahahaha...it's fine you saw that, people of society! I make an oath: that I will have revenge on all of you...and will bring my wife back to life, even if I sell my heart to the devil.
Keiko: From then on, my husband continued to decipher the ancient records like he had gone mad...
Keiko: And finally...
Kyuusaku: Ku ku ku, I've found it, I've found it. This...if I used this...
Kyuusaku: The Ultimate Ancient Youkai: Orochi!!
(TN: A bit on Orochi will be spoken of...but it won't be until the end of the arc)

Keiko: Orochi, the strongest artificial youkai that the super-ancient civilization brought forth. If he were to use it's overwhelming youryoku, he could return to life me, his wife and...use it as the ultimate weapon of destruction...
Keiko: My husband finally started to make Orochi.
Keiko: First, he made the giant Orochi Origin Device under the mansion...
Keiko: He created the cursed game for gathering young, fresh souls that will become Orochi's core and started to steal the souls of children.
Keiko: That is the true form of the cursed game.

Hiroshi: Ku...with that, Akira and many children were...
Kyouko: Made into sacrifices for making the soul of Orochi.
Keiko: It isn't just children...if Orochi is born, with it's overwhelming youryoku
Keiko: Japan will be ruins in 3 days.
Hiroshi: Huh!?

Hiroshi: Even so---auntie, why are you, the wife of the Youkai Doctor, tell us of those things?
Keiko: Aun...
Miki: Stupid---they have various things as a husband and wife. (They're bad fellows, he may have committed adultery...and is going to get an insurance payout...)
SFX: Whisper whisper
Keiko: .....
Keiko: Wrong...I want to save people. Those pitiful people...
Kyuusaku: Haaa~~~you won't interfere with my plans~~~~!!
SFX: Dodododododo

Nube & Tamamo: Gua
Kyuusaku: Even if you small fries run here and there, you shouldn't have a hand to strike anymore. Prepare yourselves.
SFX: Gogogogogogo
Tamamo: What do we do, Hinokami-kun?
Nube: Ah.
Nube: Nothing we can do. Shall I release my second shot of the suspicious items of Doumori Temple?
SFX: Goso goso

Nube: Exorcism Flames: These are goods that can exterminate evil spirits with flames even if you're not a spiritualist with gunpowder that is put inside the seal of Fudou Myouou, the god of flames.
(TN: While we may have spoke of Fudou Myouou before, he is actually a Buddhist deity that does have a strong connection to flames: he possesses the flames that burn away all worldly desires and purify the mind)
Kyuusaku: ?
SFX: Poi
Kyuusaku: !?
SFX: Booo | Pigyaa!
Kyuusaku: What is this poor flame. Ha ha ha
SFX: Pa pa
Tamamo: It seemed useable.

SFX: Kuru | Ta ta ta...
Kyuusaku: Wait, you can't run!
SFX: Pita
Nube: If I attached the Exorcism Flames to the Reisatsuseki...You'll see, Youkai Doctor.
SFX: Gui gui
Kyuusaku: Wait!!
SFX: Pyon | Dadadada
SFX: Be---da

Kyuusaku: Though I say to wait! It's useless even to run!
SFX: Kikiki----
Tamamo: That's enough. Look behind you.
Kyuusaku: What?
Kyuusaku: !?
Nube: The--re
Kyuusaku: Wha...!?

Nube: Fire!
SFX: Shii
SFX: Boko
SFX: Byu
SFX: Byu byu
SFX: Byu byu byu
Kyuusaku: Wha?
SFX: Byu
SFX: Byuuuu...
Nube: It's over.

SFX: Gyururururu
SFX: Dogagagaga
Kyuusaku: Guwaaa

Nube: You're one where being unprepared is the greatest enemy.
(TN: Nube uses the expression "Yudan Taiteki", which is literally "being unprepared is your greatest enemy", but he connects it by saying he's a "guy" who did it, thus the translation I used here)
Kyuusaku: Y...you---
SFX: Shuuu...
Keiko: ----I...want to save him. Before he becomes the greatest villain in history...
Keiko: Please, can't you stop his plan...
Hiroshi: Eh?
Kyouko: Wh...what can we do?

Keiko: There is just one way. If the ultimate youkai of evil youki is Orochi, then there is an ultimate youkai of righteous youki that can oppose it.
Keiko: It was created...to defeat the super-ancient Orochi...the other ultimate youkai...that will be made by all of you!
Keiko: It isn't difficult: that will be made with the Orochi Origin Device that my husband has made underground. All of you should stand on top of the device, make your hearts into one, and chant the formation spell of the ultimate youkai.

Hiroshi: Al...alright, if it's enough, then we can do this.
Kyouko: Yes, we'll do it.
Makoto: Will it be fine with whatever we chant?
Keiko: It is...my husband hid the spell in the study safe.
Keiko: The study is on the top floor of the north building.
Hiroshi: Uh...it's far...
Hiroshi: Even so, we'll do it! If we can save Akira and Nube with this
Miki: Yes! Let's do it, let's do it!
Keiko: Thank you, good children...
Keiko: There are ancient charms in the desk drawer. Please take those...I'm certain they should be useful.
Hiroshi: Huh?
Hiroshi: I'm certain we'll
Kyouko: Resolve this.

Hiroshi: Thank you, auntie.
SFX: Gabi---n...
Keiko: A...aun...

There was a TV Drama that was made about 20 years ago called "Magical Class 5-3" (Creator: Ishinomori Shoutarou's original work). For that reason (what reason?), Nube's class is 5-3. Within "Nube" is included various other parodies as well.

Everyone should look for those!
(TN: A couple things:
1. Shoutarou Ishinomori is notable as one of the most famous and important manga author, creating many of the most important concepts in Japanese media, including "Cyborg 009", and the "Kamen Rider" and "Super Sentai" (well "Himitsu Sentai Goranger") series.
2. "5-nen 3-gumi Mahougumi" (which I translated as "Magical Class 5-3") is a tokusatsu series from 1976-1977 that aired on TV Asahi and created by Toei, ironically being a Tokusatsu created during the period between Ishinomori's two notable sentai works, "Goranger" and follow-up "J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai")

TN: This chapter I say is a major and important turning point in the current arc, mostly due to explaining a lot of things and setting up a lot of what is going to happen later. First of all, this is the chapter that introduced the "other half" of the whole situation with the Youkai Doctor Kyuusaku: his wife Keiko. Keiko's situation ends up adding an interesting layer regarding Kyuusaku, both in good and bad ways. In the bad ways, it is because of her that he went insane, with the shunning of their research by the mainstream and the accident that ripped her body and nearly killed her leading to him wanting to take his revenge the way he is. But at the same time, the fact that Kyuusaku wants to destroy everything in order to save Keiko brings a bit more tragedy and nobility to his character. Sure what he wants to do is insane and may end up harming more than helping, but he's doing it driven by this passion he has for his wife and that he thinks that she needs to be brought back even if millions have to die in the process. Obviously Keiko not only knows this isn't true, but has set up a back-up plan using Hiroshi and the others in order to enact it. Obviously it would be telling to say what it is and how they are to be used, but the "ultimate good youkai" is one major key behind it...and likewise, those charms that were left in the desk. What they do...well, that's for next time. As for Kyuusaku and the Youshin's fight...well, it was neat to see Nube get that maneuver across using something else he knew worked (that Oshou, as stupid as he is, thinks is junk), but it was more to show the progress of the battle while the class gets the real meat of the story this time. The back-and-forth between the characters is necessary and we will get a bit of that until they reunite...so just bare with it.

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