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Hell Teacher Nube 229

F! TDYSAA: The 6th: The Great Counteroffensive!!

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Sep 21, 2011 23:50 | Go to Hell Teacher Nube

-> RTS Page for Hell Teacher Nube 229

With a new mission given by the tragic wife of the Youkai Doctor, the 5-3 students head forth within the mansion to get the key to stopping him. But how will they make it there...the answer may lie in their strange new charms...

#229: Formation! The Doumori Youth Spiritual-Assault Association
The 6th: The Great Counteroffensive!!

Kyuusaku: You~~~in spite of being kids, you've pushed a good thing too far~~~
Nube: We're not kids. In truth we're
Tamamo: I'm 400 years old.
Caption: Unpleasant Brat

Kyuusaku: You...you~~~Haaa~~~
Nube: Ge...He's absorbing youki again. He'll regenerate...this will get endless...
SFX: Goki goki
Nube: Huh?
Tamamo: What?
SFX: Shuuu
Kyuusaku: It should be...this stone is the super-ancient weapon: it absorbs youki and acquires attack power...it can put together the circumstances of the battle and can also transform!

Kyuusaku: Shiryouhou! (Ghost Cannon!)
SFX: Dododododo
Tamamo: Ku...he's increased his hit percentage...
Nube: Chi...
Nube: Damn...even amidst doing this, Hiroshi and the others are...those children don't have spiritual abilities; if I can't save them quickly...

Nube: Those children are...helpess...!
Hiroshi: Haa haa haa
Hiroshi: Alright, we'll do it. We'll solve this case. We'll show you, Hinokami. (Haa haa)
Kyouko: Hey, Hiroshi, have you thought of and run down the exact path? Hiroshi!?
Hiroshi: Let's go---!
Kyouko: Are you a wild boar? Though in addition we're in a mansion that's like a maze!

Kyouko: First we'll search for stairs that go up to the 2nd floor! And then we'll move to the next building with that passage. The spell for the ultimate youkai of righteousness is hidden on the top floor of that north building!
Hiroshi: Hoo hoo.
Hiroshi: Understood, the stairs. Those stairs,well then, let's gyo---
(TN Yeah, Hiroshi does speak rather silly when he says "ikimahyo", as in he doesn't literaly say "let's go" but something like "lets gyo" as I translated it)
SFX: Hera hera
Katsuya: He's optimistic~~~
Hiroshi: Well then---naturally we've already won with that hint we were given by the Youkai Doctor's wife, right?
Kyouko: Enough! Why are you settled in being calm!
SFX: Kyuuu~~~
SFX: Zuzuzu...
Hiroshi: !!

Hiroshi: Waaaa
Kyouko: We've forgotten: youkai are emerging in this mansion!
Katsuya: Isn't it ultimately that nothing in our situation---has changed---? It's impossible for us...let...let's run.
Hiroshi: Hold on!
HIroshi: We're always, always just running here and there. We can't do anything; that is as Hinokami said.
Hiroshi: Can we come to this point and go in reverse? We have to fight and break through with force!
Katsuya: Do...don't talk stupid--ly!

Katsuya: You're always like that! Being so haphazard---! I've thought that since a long time ago; I can't foll--ow you!
Hiroshi: What? You're fine even if we don't save Akira and Nube?
Katsuya: It...it's fine...if I were to lose my life...I...I'm different from you.
Kyouko: Katsuya...
Hiroshi: You dummy---
SFX: Kuwa

Katsuya: I won't follow---you.
SFX: Tata
Hiroshi: Katsuya!
SFX: Zuzu... | Kuru
Hiroshi: It's movements are dull...alright, since I'm going to hold it back, slip through the opening and advance to the front.
Kyouko: Hiroshi.
Hiroshi: Let's go---
SFX: Da!

SFX: Pin! | Dogaa
Kyouko: Hiroshi!
SFX: Zugagagaga
Hiroshi: Go quickly! I'll be playing for a bit and immediately run after you from behind.
SFX: Muku
Miki: Kyouko, let's go.
Hiroshi: Uaa~~~
SFX: Doga | Gusha | Baki

Nube: Hahaha, give up, give up, you'll lose your life. This isn't an opponent that can be managed by your hands.
Tamamo: Fu, join our power togethers? Worthless, that is funny.
Hiroshi: Damn you---We are not...
Hiroshi: Helpless---!!

Caption: Courage

SFX: Gushaaa!
Kyouko: !
Miki: Amaz...
SFX: Zan!
Hiroshi: ......
Miki: Wh...what's the matter, Hiroshi, that's
Hiroshi: I don't know. Suddenly the charm shined...

Kyouko: It seems that's like a super-ancient weapon. You carry it on you and it transforms with some impetus.
Hiroshi: Ah.
Miki: Impetus?
Kyouko: Hey, before was that OOPARTS that was discovered at the Doumori Ruins. Didn't that move from reading the ki of the hearts of humans? I'm certain that it operates by strongly thinking with the heart.
Miki: Al--right, I too will have Miki-chans' Gorgeous Armor!!
Makoto: Let me trans--form--
Miki: It won't change--won't it--that's sly, it's just Hiroshi.
Makoto: Let me borrow it---
Hiroshi: Heh, it's no good for dirty guys.
Miki: What---please hand that over---
Kyouko: Don't be quarreling---
SFX: Gya---gya---

Kyouko: Well, let's move ahead.
SFX: Shuuu...
Miki: Ah, it returned to normal.
Hiroshi: It changes just when it's necessary.
Miki: Where did Katsuya get to?
Kyouko: I'm worried.
Hiroshi: Leave him alone. He's hiding somehow.
Miki: Ah, look: those aren't the stairs but it is an elevator.
Miki: Let's go up in civilized convenience.
Kyouko: Ah, Miki, you can't be alone carelessly...
Miki: Ara? There isn't a switch or anything...
SFX: Gakon! | Giri giri giri
Miki: ?

Kyouko: Kyaaa! The ceiling!
SFX: Goton goton goton
Miki: We'll be squashed---
Kyouko: A fence!
SFX: Gasha--n
Miki: It's a trap!
Kyouko: Hiroshi, slice it in half with your weapon!
SFX: Gasha gasha
Hiroshi: No good! Though it cuts youkai well...
Miki: No~~~I don't want to die---
Kyouko: Miki! There is a cavity for one person in the floor. If you go over there, you'l be saved!
Miki: Ah.
Miki: O--K, I'm---in...so, what will you--do, Kyouko.

Kyouko: It's no good. It saves just one person.
Miki: Do...don't talk stupid. Kyouko!
Kyouko: Miki...you're stupid. I'm begging you for those young men.
Miki: He...hey, what are you saying, Kyouko? Why are you doing it this far, Kyouko!!
Kyouko: What...you're my close friend...it's because you're the most important thing to me...
Miki: Kyouko...

Caption: Friendship
SFX: Gua | Bari bari bari bari

Kyouko: Mine is like a barrier.
Miki: A~~ww, I want one too~~I want that--
Kyouko: Fu, you want this? He--re, he--re.
SFX: Pata pata
Caption: Friendship...
Miki: Ki----!
Hiroshi: Alright! Let's go to the North Building!
(End of Vol. 26)

The Newest Vol. 27 is Scheduled for Release in November!!
Ai: Do your best, everyone; the saving of Doumori town can only be done by all of you.

She utterly hasn't appeared at all recently but she is Makoto's girlfriend (?) Incidentally, her voice actor in the anime was Oikawa Hitomi-san.
(TN: Hitomi Oikawa is a VA mostly known for her role in the anime "Katri, Girl of the Meadows")
(TN: Poor Ai...it's sad she really only has had two chapters and a couple cameos here or there, the next of which won't be until...eww, I don't even want to think of the next cameo Ai has that I know of. I know the series isn't about 6th graders, but Ai is different: she's connected to Makoto, so she could have been a good connection to the upper grades! But hey, we get her here so it isn't too bad...I think)

OVA-edition Nube is now for rental!

#1: Decisive Battle! Youshin Jutsu vs. Kabeotoko
#2: The Mysterious Great Mystery Bukimi-chan
(The voice of Bukimi-chan is the famous Miwa Katsue of "Perman" etc.)
(TN: Miwa Katsue is another VA who had been active since 1960, most famous for her acting as the lead in the anime rendition of the Fujiko F. Fujio manga "Perman" (Paaman), a series that parodied/homaged the American comic book hero Superman)
Nube: The videos of the TV-edition is sucessively being released! (Same goes for the movies!)

TN: Well this is the one for the end of the chapter in case you were keeping track...

This chapter...and the next I sort of consider a bit of a breather that allow for the students to get what they need in order to make their way through to the end of this arc. Well yeah, they're still trying to escape an army of youkai that all want them dead (even if they're all artificially manufactured by Kyuusaku's ancient devices), but here we sort of see the characters get the weapons that allow for their further survival in this hellhole. As for the weapons...Hiroshi getting a giant metal gauntlet befits him, though Kyouko getting wings that create a barrier tries to play off her angelic nature...I think considering shes still somewhat a monster if pushed too hard. (she's been like that since day one though: cute but with an edge) Though one interesting factor, whether or not it's for drama or merely in general, was seeing Katsuya chicken out and leave the group for the time being. I know some would probably consider him weak for doing it, but it sort of goes along with his character: there are many moments he seems to show cowardice in facing up to things but ultimately shines through. Its tough to really say how that is going to be here in the mansion but that's for the future to define. And as for Nube and Tamamo...well, considering Kyuusaku probably has a few more tricks up his sleeve, they probably have to really work this one out somehow or another. (though one hopes it will be resolved somehow...well first we need to find out Miki's power but we know how she is by now regarding these sorts of things)

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