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Hell Teacher Nube 230

F! TDYSAA: The 7th: Stone, Shine!!

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Sep 25, 2011 10:28 | Go to Hell Teacher Nube

-> RTS Page for Hell Teacher Nube 230

In order to save the town, Nube's students are headed to find out the true identity of the youkai that could save everyone. But with troubles along the way, they may finally have gained the means to fight back against the Youkai Doctor!

Volume 27: Mari-san
#230: Formation! The Doumori Youth Spiritual-Assault Association
The 7th: Stone, Shine!!

Captions: (top to bottom; right to left)
-North Building Top Floor: the spell for the creation of the ultimate youkai of righteousness is hidden here!
-North Building
-Hiroshi's Group is wandering around this area...
-Hyakkokukan (Main Building)
-Hidden Room of the Mansion Floor: Wife of the Youkai Doctor...
(TN: There is an expression used here for where Keiko is hidden as "ikkai", which generally is "first floor". But since that isnt the first floor, I made it "a floor" of the mansion to make more sense to the readers)
-Hinokami Akira (Nube)/Nagumo Keita (Tamamo)
-Youkai Doctor (Nakiri Kyuusaku)
-Maze tens of feet below: Hinokami - Nagumo vs. Youkai Doctor: in the midst of waging battle!

Caption: Courage
Caption: Friendship

Kyouko: This is a super-ancient armsI. It feels the strong feelings of it's owner and transforms. They are amazing weapons.
(TN: Weirdly Kyouko refers to the power of the charm they possess as both "heiki" and "buki", which both stand for "weapon". Thus, I ended up making "heiki" as "arms" here and kept "buki" as "weapon")
Miki: Are---they?
Miki: Inconceivable. Then why hasn't mine transformed? Kyouko and Hiroshi's have transformed. Naturally Miki-chan, the first F-cup grade school idol in history would have transformed first, but are you fine--this plot---!?
Hiroshi: Well--well--
Kyouko: Fu, God is just.
Kyouko: I'm certain that it just transforms for people with clean hearts.
Miki: What is that, you----
Katsuya: ...It absolutely won't transform for someone like me. I became scared and ran away...I'm a coward...

Kyouko: Look, stairs. We can get up to the 2nd floor with these.
Hiroshi: OK, if we can get across the passage, we'll be in the north building.
Hiroshi: Ah!
SFX: Boro...
Kyouko: We pass through here?
Miki: If we fall, there are sharp rocks below us. We'll die.
Hiroshi: Heh, what's with you? Wouldn't it be reasonable if we go with the idea of hopscotch--... (Ju--mp, ju--mp...)
(TN: In Japan, "hopscotch" is known as "Kenkenpaa"/"Kenkenpar". He ended up saying "ke--n ke--n par" here, but I tried to make it work by having him state 'hop hop hop' instead)

Hiroshi: Jum...
SFX: Baki
Kyouko: Dummy.
Kyouko: How about it? Go with discretion.
SFX: Gishi gishi
Makoto: Ah! It's mouse-san. It has many children.
SFX: Chu--chu--
Miki: Please ignore those things.
Voice 1: Hey, the floor over there is rotting.
Voice 2: Hi
SFX: Kyuuu...

Electric Youkai: Gieee!!
Hiroshi: !!
SFX: Bari bari bari bari
Kyouko: Uwaa!
Kyouko: S**t...on this floor...
Hiroshi: We can't fight on that floor!
Miki: Shine, shine.
Kyouko: Quickly pass to over there.
SFX: Hi---

Miki: Makoto! What are you doing?
Makoto: Mouse-san...
Makoto: I can't ignore mouse-san. Any small life is important.
SFX: Da!
Miki: Makoto!
SFX: Guwa---
Miki: Makoto---
Caption: Kindness

SFX: Gi...
Makoto: Stop.
Makoto: Don't torment small children.
Makoto: Everyone, be friends.
SFX: Uru uru uru
Electric Youkai: Kuuu~~~n.
SFX: Pero pero

Hiroshi: Hee...Makoto has the power to emotionally attach to youkai...
Kyouko: It's a peace weapon, that's like Makoto.
Makoto: Wow---I can also understand the words of animals.
Mouse: Thank chu--thank chu--
(TN: In Japanese, the mouse ended up saying "arigachu"...I think "thank chu" is the perfect translation)
Miki: And mine?
Makoto: Live as friends.
Hiroshi: With that, he can spoil any strong youkai.
Miki: And mine~~~
Makoto: Miki-chan doesn't have strong emotions that would invoke her stone.
Kyouko: Seems so: she doesn't possess some pre-eminent thing such as courage, friendship or kindness.
Miki: What's that, you shrimp~~~!
Miki: Alright, if we climb this spiral staircase
Kyouko: It's the top floor of the north building.

Hiroshi: Let's go!
SFX: Goron!
SFX: Goron goron goro goro
Hiroshi: Huh!?

Makoto: Wa---!
SFX: Goro goro goro goro
Kyouko: Th...there are gadgets here too!
Kyouko: Miki! What are you doing!?
Miki: What? Fufu, next is naturally my turn for a stone to shine.
Miki: Please come: here is my turn.
Kyouko: Miki!
Hiroshi: Wh...what is she saying!?
Miki: Well, please shine my stone. Enter the star performer! The birth of a heroine: the descent of the messiah!
SFX: Bika---!

Miki: ......
SFX: Shi---n...
Miki: What's--the matter: this is the scene where you shine. Since it's me, it should be the strongest, the coolest and the flashiest. Well, shine. Shine, shine, well shine----
Hiroshi: Miki----
Kyouko: No---she'll be smashed.---
Miki: Shine---shine! Can't you shi---ne! Sh---shine. Shishishi...
SFX: Goro goro goro goro

SFX: Pika pika pika pika
Caption: Vanity
Miki: Hohohohohohohoho....

Miki: Ho---hohoho.
SFX: Pishaa! | Dogaa | Bari bari bari bari
Kyouko: It...it seems that stone seems to shine even without a particularly just heart...
SFX: Bika bika bika---
Hiroshi: That's extremely flashy...Is she Kobayashi Sachiko...
(TN: Sachiko Kobayashi is a notable, popular enka singer who is famous not just for her singing but for her loud, gaudy and outlandish performance appearances)
Katsuya: Miki's stone has shined too...

SFX: Doka
Katsuya: She destroyed the wall---what an excessive attack.
SFX: Shuuu
Katsuya: ...! I can follow this tree outside and run away...
SFX: Hyuuu
Katsuya: Just me...can escape from this place.
SFX: Goku... (Gulp...)
Kyouko: Stupid---! Didn''t these stairs become crumbling!
Miki: Well~~~sorry, sorry, put that aside!
SFX: Sukkiri (Clear)
Hiroshi: You can't control your power that's just flashy.
Hiroshi: Nothing we can do: shall we only climb this?
SFX: Gi gi...
Kyouko: Be careful.
Kyouko: ?
SFX: Kyuuun Kyuuun...

Kyouko: Wh...what? Th...there are sounds from above...a large number...
SFX: Zaza---
EVeryone: Uwaaa~~~~

Hiroshi: Ca...can we fight this number of them!
Kyouko: I can't mark off a guard.
Makoto: They won't be our friends.
Miki: Mine won't shine again---
SFX: Suta
Katsuya: Well, do your best everyone.
Voices: Gya---! Wa---!
Katsuya: Wh...what? Are they being hurt?

Katsuya: Did...did you know? That has nothing to do with me---...
Katsuya: Everyone...
Katsuya: They...have been buddies all, all along even to me, a coward...and...Nube...Akira...
Katsuya: S...s**t...I can't move my legs. Something is restraining...me...
SFX: Paaa...

Kyouko: It's no good...this barrier can't hold.
Hiroshi: As is, we're mice who've fallen in a lake of pihranas.
HIroshi: S**t...is this the end...
Miki: No--I don't want to---die.
SFX: Zugaaa!!

Katsuya: Sorry I was late.
SFX: Hyuooo
Caption: Responsibility
(TN: Katsuya's element is actually "Sekininkan" or "Sense of Responsibility", but the "kan" sort of just emphasizes that it is responsibility so it didn't need to be repeated)

Hiroshi: Katsuya----!!
Kyouko: That is too cool---!
Miki: Yo...yours stands out more than mine... (We'll exchange later)
Katsuya: Let's go: hold on tight!
Hiroshi: To the top floor at once.
SFX: Hyuuu----n
Kyouko: Let's find the spell for the ultimate youkai in the Youkai Doctor's study!
SFX: Hyuuu---n

Coloring and Secret Stories of Character Births

He wasn't planned to be changed into a regular character originally, he was a person among the "other crowd".
However, one of the assistants was pleased with him and he became a regular from when he ended up getting up to a character settei.
Even though the proposal power of an assistant like that is strong, that is a characteristic of this manga. Oh brother...
(TN: A "settei" is a type of drawing used in manga and anime that sort of allows for an artist to have a background and set-up to drawing a character for usage, including aspects of their expressions, how they look, costumes, etc)

TN: Well at least Miki finally has the power she well deserves...I think. Mind you, hardly anyone would ever imagine that someone's vanity would end up leading to a power awakened and probably was more due to Miki's own stubbornness, but...it's Miki, of course she's stubborn...and vain...and obsessed with her own power, importance and bustiness.

Mind you, this chapter for the most part was for the awakening of the remainder of the there protective charms that the students got from Keiko, so of course we would get her as well as Makoto and Katsuya. Katsuya is probably the one that needed the most development, but that was more or less a continuation of the previous chapter. He's always had these issues of taking responsibility, either it be for himself or for others, and that is just something that became natural for his own power...which lead to that awesome bike he just received. And Makoto...well, he just has a way with making friends and seemed to always get the weirder, friendlier youkai throughout the series. But hey, that helmet...is still rather strange considering the power he did receive. At least with this whole process done (and Miki really happy...for the moment), we can go forward with the story...and maybe seeing where Nube and Tamamo are with their fight with Kyuusaku!

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