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Hell Teacher Nube 231

F! TDYSAA: The 8th: Fever Attack!!

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Sep 25, 2011 10:45 | Go to Hell Teacher Nube

-> RTS Page for Hell Teacher Nube 231

Having survived many difficulties, Hiroshi and the others are finally closing in on their goals to stop the Youkai Doctor. However, can Nube and Tamamo hold him off long enough to allow for this power to be found and used!?

#231: Formation! The Doumori Youth Spiritual-Assault Association
The 8th: Fever Attack!!

Hiroshi: You've returned well, Katsuya.
SFX: Hyuu
Katsuya: Hehe...so eventually all of you were no good if I hadn't returned.

Katsuya: Is this the Youkai Doctor's study...
Kyouko: She said that the spell was hidden within the safe.
Miki: Where is the safe?
Hiroshi: Ah!
Kyouko: You have it!?
Hiroshi: Look, these books were in the Youkai Doctor's bookshelves.
Magazine: Sukebe (Lecher)
Katsuya: Amazing, he has a big porn collection.
Miki: Look, secret savings, secret savings!
Makoto: Ahaha: "The Love-Love Diary of Me and My Wife"!
Kyouko: Love-Love...
Kyouko: Really, whatever that is private of the Youkai Doctor is fine---. N?

Kyouko: There it is!
Kyouko: Everyone, step back. I'll destroy it with the power of my stone.
SFX: Katsu
Miki: Why is she posing...
Kyouko: There. In that file is the name of the ultimate youkai of good that will defeat Orochi...
SFX: Shu---
Kyouko: "Revealed from the slate..."...u--m, I'll abridge this. Here it is: "The Ultimate Youkai of Evil: Orochi. And then opposing is the Ultimate Youkai of Good..."

Kyouko: It's name is...
Katsuya: Th...th...that's...!?
Miki: It's...it's that...
Book: The Ultimate Youkai of Good. It's name is
(TN: I don't know whether or not you want to write the "shielded off symbol" that is by Miki's head here, but in case you do, just write a blocked off "K" or "Ke"...I rather we keep the mystery myself)
Miki: Is...isn't that a word that we all kno---w well...
Caption: Resolved to be in the way

SFX: Dogaa
Kyuusaku: Fuhahahaha: what's wrong, what's wrong? The two of you don't have your heads anymore!!
SFX: Gogogogogogo

(TN: I think that Kyuusaku was making a silly pun here when he said the "don't have your heads anymore". Before looking at this page, he says "mou kubi ga tunagatte nai!!", which literally is "don't have your head connected on anymore", which is an expression he probably is using to say they're not "acting smart" any further in the battle...which is why the next page both Nube and Tamamo are headless.)
Nube: S**t...it's regretful but a large amount of ki is scattered about and the physical body of Hinokami is getting hurt. I've come to not being able to regenerate.
SFX: Zubo
Tamamo: He's absorbing the youki in the atmosphere...his power is inexhaustable.
Kyuusaku: Kukuku, you finally understand.
Kyuusaku: In that case, die!
SFX: Doo
SFX: Gua

Nube & Tamamo: !!
Kyuusaku: Ku...damn it...did I thoughtlessly lead them here...

Nube: This is...a giant youkai origin device...!?
SFX: Suta suta
Tamamo: No...this isn't an ordinary youkai origin device!
SFX: Zaza--
Kyuusaku: Kukuku...well, since you've seen it, let me explain...
Kyuusaku: This is...the origin device of OROCHI, the utimate youkai of evil.
Nube: Orochi!?
Kyuusaku: The super-ancient...ultimate weapon left to civilization that manipulates ki. It is a weapon of destruction that far surpasses even modern nuclear weapons.

Kyuusaku: I will make Orochi with this device...and the entire world will be destroyed by my hand.
Nube: Ku...he's a mad guy...
Tamamo: Hinokami-kun...that's
Nube: !
Nube: It's...a giant soul that was made by gathering the souls of children! The mechanism beneath it...perhaps is the device that collects these souls...

Kyuusaku: Of course: this soul has become the nucleus of Orochi. And this device absorbed the souls of the children, being linked to the cursed game.
Kyuusaku: That's all for the explanation. Disappear!
SFX: Dogagagagaga
Nube & Tamamo: Guwaa!
Nube & Tamamo: Haa haa haa...

Nube: Right...however, we heard your explanation now and our hopes have gushed forth a bit...
SFX: Shuuu...
Tamamo: For the time being, if we destroy the device, then the curse will reasonably dissapear...we'll use our trump card.
Kyuusaku: ?
SFX: Sasasasasa...
Kyuusaku: Oh!?
SFX: Baba!
Kyuusaku: Eh.
Nube & Tamamo: F...
Kyuusaku: He...hey, just a moment, that's...it can't be...
Caption: I'm frequently sorry for this, Toriyama-sensei...
(TN: Obviously, the "Toriyama-sensei" apology here is tied to the belief that this is tied to the "Fusion" move of "Dragon Ball", where two people do a particular fusion "dance" before putting fingers together and fusing together. The move even begins with a "Fu", which I had to change into an "F" because in actuality...)

Nube & Tamamo: Fever Attack!!
SFX: Dobabababa

Kyuusaku: Wh...what~~~~!?
Nube: How's that! Even though we're small, if we keep close to you, then you can't attack!
Kyuusaku: !
Kyuusaku: You impertent! However with this, you two can't attack either!
Tamamo: That's right: we have bodies like clay. Since there are mere cracks in your armor...
SFX: Nyuru

Tamamo: We can go inside and attack. Because the contents of your armor is a mere human.
SFX: Giri giri
SFX: Girigiri Gigigi
Nube: Oraora
(TN: I think Nube's "Ora ora" here is a parody of the "Ora Ora" of Jotaro Kujoh of "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure", so I'll leave it as is here)
SFX: Chiku chiku gabu
Kyuusaku: Owowow.
SFX: Gorogorogoro...
Kyuusaku: Guaaaa~~~
Kyuusaku: Hii...

Kyuusaku: Uoooo Gaaaa (Geho...)
SFX: Gigigi | Giri
Nube: The--re, destroy the curse device!
SFX: Doga | Wa--wa--| Bachi bachi | Wa--
Tamamo: With this, we'll save Akira's life!
Sign: Doumori Hospital
Nurse: Doctor---the patient's condition is...!

SFX: Shu----
Kyuusaku: Sh...s**t...I can't forgive you two. You've gone too far with your pranking! (Haa haa)
Tamamo: Give up.
Kyuusaku: Guaaaa!
SFX: Gabaa
Nube & Tamamo: !!

Kyuusaku: Haaaa~~~~
SFX: Doshuuuuu
Nube: Ku...
SFX: Zazaza---
Nube: Chi, though we had a bit more...
Tamamo: He instantly released the youki and shook it off...
Kyuusaku: Veroza Zazareno Namure...
Nube: He...is he gathering youki again...
SFX: Gogogogogogogo
Tamamo: No...it's a bit different from up to now...

Youkai 1: Gigi---
SFX: Zaza---
Youkai 2: ??
Youkai 3: Hi----
SFX: Zazaza
Youkai: Gi---!
SFX: Hyu
Nube: He's...absorbing the youkai in the mansion!?
SFX: Guoooo | Zubozubo
Tamamo: Ridiculous...if he's absorbing that much youki, then the human inside won't be able to withstand it!

Kyuusaku: No one will stop my Orochi Production Plan! Even if my body gets destroyed!!
Nube: That's dangerous power.
Tamamo: Is this his final measure?

Previously, within the feature "These Manga are Amazing!" of "Betsusatsu Takara()", "Nube" was in the "Huge Breast manga Best Five"
Perhaps the reason is her. (Arrow)
(TN: "Betsusatsu Takara()" refers to "Betsusatsu Takarajima", a special-edition magazine published by publisher Takarajima that usually collects a lot of information usually about opinions, popularity and such. The "Kono~~ ga sugoi" or "This ~~ is Amazing" series is one of these collections, as stated here being a manga edition where Nube was mentioned...and made infamous thanks to our busty beauty)

TN: This is what I love about Nube as a series: the cast is in a life-or-death, possibly apocalyptic situation where the fate of the entire town is at stake...and we have the love diary of the evil mad doctor and an attack that seems to begin like the Fusion Dance from Dragon Ball. Even with the whole nightmare and hopelessness, the series always seems to find a way to remember who these characters are and give them quirks and silly moments like this instead of just getting all angsty and troublesome like...well, most of the other manga I know of that get serious like this. (honestly, whenever a series gets so battle and combat heavy, it forgets its sense of humor when it happens in shonen) Admittedly, I really liked the "Fever Attack" that Nube and Tamamo used that allowed for them to face off against Kyuusaku from the inside instead of the outside, bringing up a vast flaw in the whole "Youkai Soldier" armor that he had been touting for a good chunk of the arc now. Sure a lot of the youki in the area had to be used to get at it, but of course no one really figured that he would be desperate enough to use that final option that may kill him for the next chapter. And as for the students: well while they have their work cut out for them (seriously, Kyuusaku's going to be impossible to stop with him absorbing all the artificial youkai and in the room where Orochi is going to be created), at least they have the means to stop him with what they got, even if...well, they need to get through a lot to even use it with the plan of Orochi's revival so closed to fruition!

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