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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)
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Hell Teacher Nube 232

F! TDYSAA: The 9th: Start Up!! Orochi Origin Device!!

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Sep 25, 2011 11:11 | Go to Hell Teacher Nube

-> RTS Page for Hell Teacher Nube 232

Though appearing they were near in finally taking him down, Nube and Tamamo have instead pushed Kyuusaku into the limits of awakening the maximum power of the Youkai Soldier...while within the heart of the device to create Orochi!

#232: Formation! The Doumori Youth Spiritual-Assault Association
The 9th: Start Up!! Orochi Origin Device!!

Hiroshi: What exactly is happening here!!
SFX: Byun byun byun
Makoto: The youkai are getting drawn in.
Kyouko: It can't be: is that the Orochi Origin Device!?
Hiroshi: At any rate, let's follow behind them!
Students: Right!!

SFX: Gogogogogo
Keiko: Dear...enough already...your revenge...it's barren...
SFX: Oooooh | Zubo zubo
Nube: The youkai are being absorbed!!

Nube: Stop that, Doctor!
Tamamo: If you absorb youki any further, you won't have the body of a human inside the armor.
Kyuusaku: Guuu...Nuooooh...
Kyuusaku: Gahaa!
SFX: Gashaa!

SFX: Shuuu~~~... | Piku piku piku...
Tamamo: Fu! Foolish! He self-destructed as he was absorbing too much youki and becoming stronger.
Nube: He's dead as is...let's get him out of the armor.
Kyuusaku: Ku...ku...ku, I was not...self-...destroyed....
Kyuusaku: A bit too much power entered in and I was just dizzy...
SFX: Gara...gara...
Nube: Stop, don't move. You'll die! Take off that armor.

Kyuusaku: I do not mind: even if I die...
SFX: Yoro...
Kyuusaku: It will be best...to confine you two
Kyuusaku: Until Orochi is complete.
SFX: Kasha kasha
Nube: !?
SFX: Bashu
Kyuusaku: Fufu...the soul that will be it's nucleus is still small but...it's enough to create Orochi...
SFX: Hyu----

Tamamo: Stop!
SFX: Da!
Kyuusaku: Don't get in the way!
SFX: Baki
Tamamo: Gu...
Kyuusaku: ...The method to start up the Orochi Origin Device is...first, stand in the center of the device...release all of the hatred in one's heart...and call it's name...

SFX: Sha
Kyuusaku: I pray for one that I love to return. I pray for death to the world...
Kyuusaku: God! I cannot forgive you!
SFX: Batsu

Kyuusaku: Orochi!!
SFX: Dooooo
Computer: Start Orochi Production: 30 minutes remain until birth. 30 minutes remain.
Computer: 30 minutes remain.
SFX: Bi--bi--
Nube: Y...you---

Kyuusaku: Don't get in the way!
SFX: Kasha
Kyuusaku: Nuu! Oooooh
SFX: Goki goki goki
Kyuusaku: Ugoaaaah
Nube: He's fully releasing that earlier power!
Tamamo: He's like a dragon!

Kyuusaku: Hyoooooh
SFX: Batsu
Nube: Gu...
SFX: Zazazazaza
Tamamo: U...uwa...

SFX: Dogaa
Nube: Gyaa...
Tamamo: S...S**t...
Nube: Ow--what an attack.
SFX: Zuru zuru
Nube: He's come to almost not have an ability to think.
Kyuusaku: Jirurururu...
Tamamo: He's completely a beast.
Tamamo: Take this!
Nube: Monster.

Kyuusaku: Hoiyo---!
SFX: Gyuaaaah | Zaku zaku zaku
Tamamo: Uaaaa!
Nube: Hes come to not have thinking ability and is fighting with just instinct. He's now in a berserker condition!!
SFX: Gashi gashi

Kyuusaku: Hai----
SFX: Gushaa
Kyuusaku: Hai, hai, hai---
SFX: Bita---Bita---bita---

Tamamo: N...no good, this speed and power...we can't counterattack!
Nube: The scattering of ki is furious! We can't maintain my Youshin body...we'll die...!
SFX: Gi | Puran...
Tamamo: Gya~~~~
Nube: Uwaa~~~
SFX: Bari bari--|Bori bori

SFX: Pun
SFX: Nya
SFX: Byurururu | Nyororo...
Nube: !!
Tamamo: Huh...
Nube: Uaa...
SFX: Juru juru juru juru
Tamamo: He...he's...sucking the ki...

Tamamo: How stupid...it's as if a human is
SFX: Zu...zuzuzuzu
Nube: No, we've been defeated...I'm sorry...Hiroshi...Kyouko...everyone...
Computer: 20 minutes remain until the birth of Orochi. 20 minutes remain.
SFX: Bi--bi--bi--
Nube: With this, the town of Domori will...
SFX: Bi---bi---bi---bi---
Tamamo: Will it end with this...

SFX: Kiiiiiin
SFX: Dogaaa
Kyuusaku: Guooooh...
Nube: !?

Hiroshi: Soldier Hiroshi!
Kyouko: Goddess of Protection Kyouko!

Miki: Strongest Destructive Excellent Huge-Busted Beautful Witch Miki!
Makoto: Youkai-User Makoto!
Katsuya: Flying Soldier Katsuya!

Students: The Doumori Youth Spiritual-Assault Association has arrived!
(TN: Now that we finally have our title of this arc mentioned, I can finally go over why I translated it as such. The original Japanese name of the team that Hiroshi and the others take is "Doumori Shounen Yougekidan". "Doumori" obviously is the name of the town, while "shounen", while usually used as "young males", can also have a more general meaning of "youth" or "juvenilles". And since we have two girls, it didn't feel right using the typical meaning of "shounen", thus I went with the "youth" one. "Yougekidan" on the other hand had the hardest of meanings to figure out but I made do the best I could. Typically, there is a Japanese word of "yougeki", which is "assault" or, in another set of kanji, "ambush attack". The "assault" made the most sense, but there was a catch: the "you" is the one we typically see as in "youkai" or "youki" and is typically translated as "bewitching", "attractive" or "calamity". However since it usually has some sort of spiritual connection as mentioned, I made it "spiritual-assault" to make both meanings fuse. Finally, "dan" could either be "group" or "association", the latter seeming to make more sense for a group of fighting warriors for some reason. Thus...why we have the name of our team...and arc.)
Nube: You're kidding?

His inspiration was the masterpiece of Umezu Kazuo-san, "Makoto-chan".
Also, the role of his sweetheart has the name of Ai, but the reason for that is to parody "Ai and Makoto", the original work of Kajiwara Itsuki

TN: I think in some ways that this chapter really seems to outline Kyuusaku as very much a tragic villain, even though we sort of had that impression and feel with a lot of what came before this moment and with Keiko's obsession with saving her husband. While everything said before seems to show he's only doing this because of the woman that was taken away from him and the world that has shunned him because of his bizarre research, the speech that he gives where he seems to even shun "God" just so he could give birth to Orochi with the stolen children souls just furthers that aspect. Yeah, many consider Kyuusaku a monster and rightly so, even down to his deformed appearance and the monstrous armor he uses for combat. But at the same time, he was pushed into this because his research was shunned and his wife was killed and ripped apart by the idiots. Now yes, punishing the human race and maybe even the gods for doing this is probably a tad extreme but Kyuusaku's just been pushed beyond all matters of sanity, thus why he thinks doing something as extreme as bringing about Orochi is going to end up giving him long-sought justice. With that said, the utter change in strategy from trying to utilize the best of the Youkai Soldier armor to the Berserker Mode he has that mutated him into a dragon is just sick, particularly with Nube and Tamamo nearly out of youki to the point that they nearly were hurt by all that was going on. But of course, with the students finally there to protect and help them, maybe things will change for the better...but yeah, there is still the whole "stopping Orochi" matter.

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