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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128
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Hell Teacher Nube 233

F! TDYSAA: The 10th: Strong Hearts

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Dec 18, 2011 13:49 | Go to Hell Teacher Nube

-> RTS Page for Hell Teacher Nube 233

#233: Formation! The Doumori Youth Spiritual-Assault Association
The 10th: Strong Hearts

Computer: 20 minutes remain until the birth of Orochi. 20 minutes remain until the birth of Orochi.
SFX: Guon...guon...guon...
Kyuusaku: Gi...gi...
Nube: Hi...Hiroshi...everyone...
Tamamo: What are those weapons...?

SFX: Katsu
Kyuusaku: Those are...
SFX: Shuuuu.
Caption: Released his Berserker Mode
Kyuusaku: Those are ancient weapons that I've excavated...The super-ancient warriors had fought by wearing this armor and possessing these weapons. Where exactly did those brats get those...?
Makoto: Who is that? That mystery person...perhaps it's...
Nube: It's the Youkai Doctor. He's armed in super-ancient armor.
SFX: Yoro...
Kyouko: Hinokami-kun.

Kyouko: Those terrible wounds...You've fought until you've reached this point...
Nube: Don't worry. All of you...you were safe and well in this Youkai mansion.
SFX: Yoro...
Hiroshi: Hmph, in that state, it's best you don't fight anymore. Leave the rest to us.
Nube: Fu, what are you saying? You all don't have a reason to fight. Thanks for saving us, but it will be dangerous beyond this. Hide yourselves.
Nube: He will...be defeated by us...
Hiroshi: You...

Hiroshi: Don't you believe in our power yet---?
Nube: Obviously. Draw back.
Kyouko: Quit that, Hinokami-kun!
SFX: Ba!!
Hiroshi: Kyouko...
Kyouko: Hinokami-kun...I understand that you're always protecting us but...you've made a mistake!!

Kyouko: If Orochi is created, then our important people will completely die! Our fathers, mothers, teachers, everyone at school...we want to stop this with our own power!
Kyouko: We aren't weak like that.
Miki: We're--not, we're--not.
Hiroshi: Right, we want to protect them, even if we risk our lives!
Nube: ......
Tamamo: Hinokami-kun, it's sink or swim. If we don't gamble on these children...these children will...

SFX: Guon...guo--n
Hiroshi: We've kept you waiting.
Kyuusaku: !
Kyuusaku: Fufun, what? You're my opponents this time? Fools, the super-ancient arms are weapons that are operated with the strength of mental power. They're not things that can be handled by children. You can't win against me.
Hiroshi: Fu, really?
SFX: Gasa goso
Kyuusaku: ?

Hiroshi: Ja---n, wh---at about this?
Book: Me and my Wife's Love-Love Diary
Kyuusaku: Ah---th...that's...
Hiroshi: "O-Month, Day-X, today, I saw the panda at the zoo together with my wife Keikocchi. Of course we looked at her as a pair. (Kukuku...) Me and Keikocchi are always in love-love. (heart heart heart)"
(TN: The "Keikocchi" is the usage of "cchi" at the end of the name to make a cutesy pet name for someone.)
Kyuusaku: Uwaaa, st....stop that. Hii~~~
Hiroshi: Keikocchi's devotion is like a marshmellow.

Hiroshi: Afterwards, the two of us kissy-kissed on a bench in the evening sun. (heart)
SFX: Dododododo
Kyuusaku: Guwaa, hiii, sto...stop it, hey, stop...
Hiroshi: Keikocchi's lips were tasty like pudding~~
Miki: Vanity Thunder
SFX: Bari bari bari bari bari bari bari
Kyuusaku: Huh!?

Kyuusaku: Gua. Guaaa
SFX: Baki baki baki baki
SFX: Dogoooo
Nube: Huh!?
Hiroshi: Huh, she...did that!?
Kyuusaku: S...s**t, I was careless...
SFX: Batsu

SFX: Kiiiiin...
Katsuya: You shouldn't have jumped into the air.
Katsuya: Responsibility Vulcan
SFX: Dogagagaga
Kyuusaku: Guwaaaa

Nube: That...was wise, Katsuya...
Kyuusaku: Guaa!!
Makoto: Youkai Friend Attack!
SFX: Byu byu byu

SFX: Pi~~piki | Geshi geshi geshi geshi
Kyuusaku: Ow ow stop stop---
Kyuusaku: S**t---
SFX: Jaki---n
Nube: Ah, that was bungling, Makoto. He'll be attacked!
SFX: Gobaa
Makoto: Uwaa----

Kyouko: Friendship Barrier!
Nube: Amazing, Kyouko has a barrier?
Hiroshi: Take this---

Hiroshi: Courage Slice!!
(TN: This was the only one that was all in kanji and didn't quite know if I should keep in Japanese or not but didn't since the others were in English. Besides, the kanji used for the "Zan" in "Yuukizan" was the one that is usually used for "behead" or "murder")
Nube: They...did it!
Tamamo: What powerful weapons.

Nube: No...the power of the weapons...that's not just it.
Kyuusaku: You, you~~~th...those brats.
Nube: Isn't this...their pre-eminent teamwork...

Nube: And their strong ambition to protect their important things even in exchange for their lives over anything, but
Nube: They have hard feelings from their bodies, one by one.
Nube: They...

Nube: Became such strong children in the time I didn't know...

Kyuusaku: S**t---you, you, you~~~kuha---
SFX: Babababababa
Tamamo: This is untimely! He's becoming Berserker mode again.
Hiroshi: Hold steady! A bit more!
Kyouko: Hold him down---

Katsuya: Da...damn this, we can't move like this.
Miki: Qu...quickly someone finish this. Make a move with amazing power...
SFX: Gigi...
Hiroshi: Waa...
SFX: Gigi...gigigi...
Computer: 10 Minutes Remain until Oroch's birth.
SFX: Kitsu
Nube: ...
Computer: 10 minutes remain until Orochi's birth.

If Hiroshi and Kyouko were from "Dokonjo Gaeru", then Miki and Akira were those taken from "Devilman".
However, Akira came to completely not stand out since he had a plain personality...
He does have many female fans but...

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