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Hell Teacher Nube 234

F! TDYSAA: The 11th: The Reviving Orochi!?

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Dec 18, 2011 13:50 | Go to Hell Teacher Nube

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#234: Formation! The Doumori Youth Spiritual-Assault Association
The 11th: The Reviving Orochi!?

Narrator: The Cursed Mansion: Hyakkokukan! Eight hours have already passed since Hiroshi, Kyouko and the others entered this mansion!
Narrator: And now...within the dome of the Orochi Origin Device made tens of meters underground...their final battle with the Youkai Doctor is unfolding out...
Kyuusaku: Ha~~~

Kyuusaku: Uwaaaa, s...s**t---
Kyouko: Hinokami-kun! Quickly deliver the finisher! He's returning to life again!
SFX: Cha

Hiroshi: It's none of your business, Hinokami----what power can we borrow from you!
Kyouko: What are you saying, stupid Hiroshi, if we don't defeat him, Orochi will be born!!
Hiroshi: Sh...shut up--!
Kyouko: Kyaaaa!
Makoto: Kyouko!
Hiroshi: He...he's moving!
Nube: Hiroshi-kun!!
Hiroshi: Da...damn it---...

Hiroshi: Hinokami! Nagumo! I beg you! Finish him----
Nube & Tamamo: It's the end!! Youkai Doctor!!
Kyuusaku: Oh...oh...oooooh

SFX: Dogaaa

Kyuusaku: Guhaa
SFX: Bara bara bara
Kyuusaku: Stupid...this stupid~~~! My...my super-ancient weapon have been defeated~~~
Tamamo: It seems that it reflects the heart of the one who uses the weapon.
SFX: Zatsu!
Nube: Your will is weaker than ours!

SFX: Shuuu~~~...
Kyuusaku: I...I've died!? No, I've just lost ki....however the power to fight doesn't remain anymore...because a large volume of youki of that extent is showering down like radioactivity...
Miki: We've...won, we did it... (Aha...aha...)
Makoto: Ye...yes.
Katsuya: We can go home with this...
SFX: Su...
Hiroshi: Hmph...I'm glad that you delivered that last blow...
Kyouko: Hiroshi.
Hiroshi: You still have a face of "Just all of you can't do anything".

Nube: No, it's the reverse...Hiroshi-kun.
Nube: All of you are incredible...sorry for being so stupid up to now. You all are super children that possess courage and strong hearts.
Nube: If Nube-sensei saw this...I think he'd certainly give you a perfect 100.
Nube: Well, Nagumo.
Tamamo: Ye...yes...

Hiroshi: You two are too amazing.
SFX: Bashi!

Kyouko: That's good, that's good.
Makoto: They've gotten to get along.
Miki: Seems---so huh---if you speak of how it was originally, their relations were bad because you had an interest in both of them.
Katsuya: Hey, hey.
Computer: 8 minutes remain until the birth of Orochi.
SFX: Bi--bi--
Nube: Hey, we can't have that. We must stop that device quickly...
Computer: 7 minutes remain.
Nube: Eh?
Computer: 6 minutes. 5 minutes. 4 minutes. Entering the final stage.
SFX: Bi--bi--bi--bi-- | Piki paki
Nube: Huh...it's too quick!?
Nube: Youkai Doctor!
Kyuusaku: Ku ku ku...

Kyuusaku: Kukuku...you were negligent. I've switched it to Abbreviated Mode and hastened it's birth...Orochi's energy has already gathered to greater than 90%...it can be born even without waiting to be 100%...
SFX: Bi--bi---
Nube: What?
Kyuusaku: Now Orochi's birth cant' be stopped by anyone. Hahahahaha.
Hiroshi: Damn it---
SFX: Ba ba
Computer: 2 minutes remain until the birth of Orochi.
Computer: 1 minute.

SFX: Pishaaaa
Hiroshi: Uwaaa
Kyouko: Kyaa
Orochi: Gyaaaaa
SFX: Piki

Computer: Orochi is born.
SFX: Bi---bi---|Baki baki baki
Tamamo: No...the ceiling is collapsing.
Kyuusaku: Hahahahahaha, how cute. Well, Orochi, let your first cry roar out on Doumori!
(TN: Weirdly Kyuusaku's line about Orochi's first cry is actually involving the term "ubugoe", which is Japanese for "baby's first cry")
Nube: It...it was born. It's the worst scenario.

Nube: As is, we'll be buried alive being crushed beneath the rubble. We can get outside from this passageway.
Hiroshi: What do we do about Orochi!?
Nube: The priority is to escape!
Nube: OK, everyone ride on Katsuya's airbike. Run away while being protected from the stones with Kyouko's barrier!
Kyouko: And you two!?
Nube: We're running by a separate route!
Hiroshi: Wait! Where are you going?
Kyouko: Hinokami-kun!
Hiroshi: Uwa
SFX: Dodododododo
Nube: Alright! Now we'll return to our original bodies!
Tamamo: However...our forecast for winning against that monster when we've returned to normal is...

Caption: Within the underground shelter
SFX: Kacha kacha kacha
SFX: Giri giri giri | Gogogogo
Kyuusaku: Well, Keiko, I've done it. The time has finally come where you can be revived.
Kyuusaku: I've waited long. Now...give me comfort.
Keiko: Dear...well...you couldn't be stopped, even with the power of those children.
Kyuusaku: !

Kyuusaku: Ri...ridiculous. You presented the ancient weapons to the children!?
Keiko: I did, dear.
Keiko: You are mistaken. Quit your revenge already...you've commited a great crime of eternity due to short-term hatred.
Kyuusaku: Ku ku ku...ha ha ha...
Keiko: Dear...
Kyuusaku: Keiko, you're too gentle and can't see anything.
Keiko: ...
Kyuusaku: Remember that setting sun of that southern island with the two of us. Remember the Christmas of just the two of us where I first handed you the ring...

Kyuusaku: I love you, Keiko...Well now I'll regain those times with the power of Orochi.
Kyuusaku: And have revenge on the people who took them!!
Miki: Kyaaa
SFX: Gogogo | Gara gara
Hiroshi: The mansion is collapsing!
SFX: Dodododododogua | Baki baki baki

Nube: Th...that's Orochi...
Hiroshi: It's...huge!

SFX: Guaaa
SFX: Dododododododo
Nube: ! The town!
Tamamo: Th....that's the ultimate Youkai, Orochi! There isn't a situation it can be defeated!

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