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Hell Teacher Nube 235

F! TDYSAA: The 12th: The Final Word

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Dec 18, 2011 13:51 | Go to Hell Teacher Nube

-> RTS Page for Hell Teacher Nube 235

#235: Formation! The Doumori Youth Spiritual-Assault Association
The 12th: The Final Word

Announcer: This is a state of emergency!! A giant monster has appeared around the mountains on the outskirts of the town of Doumori! The city is under attack!
Police: Don't panic! Please calm and find shelter!
Child: Mama---
Voice: Save us---

SFX: Zzu...n... | Gogo...
Sign: Doumori Hospital
Voice 1: Is no one...there?
Voice 2: Yes...everyone is taking shelter.
SFX: Zatsu
Nube: We can return to our bodies at last.
Tamamo: Let's hurry, Nueno-sensei.

SFX: Katsu
Nube: The problem is from here on.
SFX: Shuuu
Tamamo: What do we do about that...

(Title page...yeah, giant 8-headed monster attacking the town...just another day for the citizens of Doumori...multiplied)

SFX: Dogoooo
Voice: Kya---
Tamamo: What destructive power...it's like watching a monster movie...it'll look foolish if that thing destroys the world...
Tamamo: Nueno-sensei, that thing isn't a youkai now. It's a natural disaster that will herald the end of the world. This can't be won by us.
Nube: Understood...however...even so, those children will fight even if it's life or death.

Nube: As one who protects students by betting his life...I will protect them with by my hands!
Tamamo: Teacher!
SFX: Doooo
Tamamo: !!

Nube: It's too much...
(TN: Nube ends up saying here "keta ga chigasugiru", which is based on the expression of "keta ga chigau" or "there's a difference in units". I sort of figured that "it's too much" is close enough in translation for it's purpose here)
Tamamo: It's over.
SFX: Gogogogogogo | Kasha kasha
Kyuusaku: Haa haa
Kyuusaku: Ridiculous; this is strange...weird...(Haa haa) Orochi can't be controlled... (Haa...) In the ancient documents, Orochi can be manipulated by the will of it's manufacturer...I should be able to revive my wife...
Keiko: It's futile.
Kyuusaku: Keiko...
Keiko: That is a monster that reflected your mad heart, dear...you shouldn't be able to control it...

Kyuusaku: Do...don't talk foolishly! That is...the only way we can be res...
SFX: Gara
Kyuusaku: !!
SFX: Dogagagaga
Kyuusaku: Gyaaa!!
Keiko: Dear!!
Kyuusaku: Ugu...gu, is this the end...however, my revenge is achieved...The world...will be destroyed...

Keiko: You are pitiful, dear...enough already. Stop adding to your crimes...it'll be fine, it will be stopped by those children...
Kyuusaku: Those brats...what are they doing? Didn't they run?
Keiko: They're reciting a final spell...to save you, dear.
Kyuusaku: It...it can't be...
Hiroshi: Alright? Join our hearts into one. And then shout out that spell.

Keiko: Orochi is the ultimate youkai of evil. However, they can bring forth the ultimate youkai of good that will destroy Orochi by standing in the center and calling it's name just the same with the same device...!
Kyuusaku: !!
Kyuusaku: It can't be: they have the name of the ultimate youkai of good...
Keiko: Yes...those children know it.
Keiko: And they possess the courageous and just hearts to use it.
Hiroshi: This is our final chance.
Kyouko: Already we're the only ones who can save Doumori town.

Katsuya: It's an important responsibility...
Makoto: We'll protect them.
Miki: It's only us.
Hiroshi: Come, ultimate youkai of good.
SFX: Kyuiiiin...

Everyone: Kesaran Pasaran

SFX: Paaaa
SFX: Gaka
Voice 1: Wh...what is that?
SFX: Zawa zawa zawa...
Voice 2: What's happening?
Nube: What exacty is...

Kesaran Pasaran: Mo
SFX: Gogogogogogo
Kyuusaku: Th...that's the ultimate youkai of good. Kesaran Pasaran.
Kyouko: Amazing...it truly is.
Miki: That's a huge---Kesaran Pasaran.
(TN: She should know...)

Orochi: Gyaaa!!
SFX: Gogogogogogo
SFX: Zushaaa | Buchi buchi
Nube: Orochi's been!
Tamamo: Swallowed in...

SFX: Dobaa~~~
Nube: That's right...Kesaran Pasaran are...a synthetic youkai that the super-ancient civilization produced...they've remained even in the present and are taught as hairballs that bring people good fortune.
(TN: The term "kedama" here best translated as "hairball" but is a specific term in Japanese for a small ball of wool that has clumped together in a round form)

Kyuusaku: They're warm......this warmth...had already been forgotten by me long ago somehow...
Voice: Dear...
Kyuusaku: ! Keiko...ho...how!?
Keiko: Fufufu, and you dear...
Kyuusaku: Eh? Ah!
Kyuusaku: Right...this is the power of the Kesaran Pasaran. Did they...heal my wounds...

Keiko: No...what the Kesaran Pasaran healed was the wound in your heart.
Kyuusaku: ...Right...I remember...this warmth...
Kyuusaku: My father...and mother...whom I loved when I was a child...and...Keiko...I always felt it with you by my side...this warmth...
Kyuusaku: I was...mistaken...I can't be forgiven anymore...
Keiko: No...it's fine...well.
Keiko: Let's go...

Akira: They're resting in peace...
Nube: The power of Kesaran Pasaran cleansed his soul...
Kyouko: Nube!
Hiroshi: Akira!

Hiroshi: Great...you've returned to normal.
Hiroshi: Teacher! We all earnestly fought together!
Nube: Yes, I know.
Miki: I beat over 100 youkai.
Makoto: I made youkai into my servants.
Katsuya: I rode on a bike unlicensed.
Nube: Yes, yes, even if you know this, all of you are the greatest students.
SFX: Gyu

Miki: Listen to this: these ancient charms transform--...huh?
SFX: Paki
Nube: Those are tools of conflict that are too powerful. The Kesaran Pasaran destroyed them.
Miki: Wha?
Nube: That's alright: even without those things, all of you are strong enough.
SFX: Niko
Nube: Even the town lights have been returned to normal.
Miki: The Kesaran Pasaran fixed them. It's returned to being the peaceful everyday again.

Miki: Somehow they're extremely beautiful.
Nube: This is the town all of you fought for and protect.
Nube: Well, let's go home.

Nube -sensei's
#49: Yamata no Orochi

Yamata no Orochi is of the greatest class of youkai even among the youkai introduced in Japanese myths. Everyone has heard it's name.

Possessing eight heads and eight tails, it's large to the extent that its body is hidden in eight valleys and eight peaks. It's eyes are red and it's can breathe flames from it's mouth. It's form truly is what's called a giant monster.

According to "Nihon Shoki" and "Kojiki", this youkai is called an existence of evil that lives in the vicinity of Idzumo and devoured young maidens as sacrifice. However it was cut up by Susanoo no Mikoto (published as "Takehaya Susanoo-no-Mikoto" in Kojiki), a god who came from Takamagahara and died. At the time, this emerged from within the tail, but afterwards it was called "Ama-no-murakumo-no-Tsurugi", one among the Three Sacred Treasures that came to be symbols of the succession of the Imperial Throne of the Imperial family. (This legend has been explained previously as one that draws the history of the conquest of the Santetsu People according to the Yamato Imperial Court)

By the way: there are also people who think "Isn't it correct that if it had 8 heads then it had 7 "groins" and that it is "Nanamata no Orochi?" as a simple question. "Nube" dealt with it by not letting out a question like that. Namely, if you separate the heads by their radiation condition like as introduced in this story, since there are 8 heads and also 8 "groins", then there is~~n't any problem! (In truth, even when they weren't in radiation condition, there completely wasn't a problem Japanese-wise with their 8 groins but...)

(TN: A few things:
1. The comment about the two different "pronounciations" of "Susanoo-no-Mikoto" has to do with the way the god's name was written in various Japanese literature. In 'Nihon Shoki', he is merely known as "Susanoo-no-Mikoto", with at least two different set of kanji used for his name. A different set of kanji was used for his name in 'Kojiki', but there he is also known by an even longer name of 'Takehaya Susanoo-no-Mikoto', which I used to try and differentiate between the two here.
2. As stated here, the "Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi" (Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven) was a sword that was found within the tail of Yamato no Orochi after its tail was cut, locked within it's fourth tail. It was given from Susanoo to the goddess Amaterasu to settle an old grievance afterwards and later became one of the three great Imperial Treasures of Japan. The sword also has a name of "Kusanagi", given to it by Yamato Takeru, a legendary warrior who originally used the sword to cut grass before discovering it's divine power.
3. The whole "7 Groins" bit was mostly tied to the word "mata", which has a Japanese translation of "groin" or "crotch". I sort of had a hard time with it but at least it sort of makes sense if you think about it...)

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